Breakup, Respecting Elders, & Discrimination | Stand-Up Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu

Random & Unrelated Jokes

Also, I am touring with my stand-up show "Thoda Saaf Bol" across various cities in India from April 2017, where I perform 1 hour of jokes. Tickets Link below.


Shot at - Canvas Laugh Club
Edited by - Nanak Bhatia & Abhishek Upmanyu
Sound Mixing & Mastering - Sohail Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Written & Performed by - Abhishek Upmanyu

Special Thanks - Aditi Mittal

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Runtime: 5:29
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Author amit kumar ( ago)
great upmanyu bhai

Author Bhanu pratap ( ago)
awesomely harami.... grt

Author Neeraj Bhardwaj ( ago)
hahaha Abhishek you are superb fun/treat to watch you performing.

Author Akash Verma ( ago)

Author Ankita singh ( ago)
Hey pls upload more videos..its awesome.. 😂😂

Author Indrajeet Patil ( ago)
are yaar tera comedy karne ka sense jabrdast hai😆😆😁😁😁

Author Abhijit Bhattacheryya ( ago)
He's just gifted....Amazing!!

Author EktaTech ( ago)
Papa idhar aao.. idhar aao.. baitho.. baat Karna hai hahahaha

Author Abhishek Pandey ( ago)
bhai gazab... daanto me keede.......hehehe

Author Abcmathew Def ( ago)
seriously better than comedy night with kapil..

Author Aditya ( ago)
The Next Best Indian Rising Stand Up Comedian...!!

Author Random Things. ( ago)
Is that Sorabh Pant in the audience?!

Author Akash Mhaskar ( ago)
Some quality comedy rather than shitty topics

Author dhairya gupta ( ago)
Awesome 👍

Author Piyush khemka ( ago)
4:52 usne mujhe kaala bol diya 😂😂

Author Krishna Bharadwaj ( ago)
of all the Abhishek's in the industry i think he is the only one people will remember

Author Juhi Modi ( ago)
I just loved it...😂😂😂plzz upload ur more videos...😍👍

Author mehak jasrai ( ago)
discrimination is not calling someone black, discrimination is when you treat someone darker differently on the basis of their skin colour. Nice video. Loved all the jokes. ✔

Author Shubhangi Sharma ( ago)
Damn!!!! I am a big fan of this upmanyu :D he looks so adorable when he laughs on his own joke :D

Author Manav Sharma ( ago)
bro we r dying to see ur next video...

Author Sourav Misra ( ago)
i don't agree in the last part..

Author Sahl Ebrahim ( ago)
subtitles would be great please

Author Swapnil Palande ( ago)
Akela hai.....

Author Mrutyunjay Mishra ( ago)
awsm bro...

Author Kiran Bisht ( ago)
Man, aren't you the best!! 😂

Author Anil Patel ( ago)
Man, you are too good!!! Tumhare masoode bahut acche hain :P

Author Xenon Spark ( ago)
The best stand up comedian I have ever come across!

Author Aa Pa ( ago)
I'm watching this for the 4th time and still laughed as much as i did, during the first time xD
You are my fav. stand-up comedian, bro!! :D

Author Pratyaksha Singh ( ago)
He looks a lot like Sumeet Vyas.

Author Raj Kumar Kurmi ( ago)
mast bhai

Author sanjucta paul ( ago)
Kolkata too plz😛

Author sanjucta paul ( ago)
U are superb👻

Author Harsha Pore ( ago)
waiting for your next act.. 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂

Author Ravi Chauhan ( ago)
Bhai delhi bhi aaja

Author Pracheth Bacholla ( ago)
the way he talks is diff

Author Sunali Sunil ( ago)
You're just naturally funny man!!! Good job!!! XDXDXD

Author anirban mondal ( ago)
wants more

Author Christina Maharjan ( ago)
you are too good!!! please upload more videos..

Author Bharat Borse ( ago)
u r superb

Author Gaurav chaudhary ( ago)
gadi marr jaegi nikal yha sai. awsm man. the girls in the audiences laughed like anything.

Author Shreyansh Harsh ( ago)
abhiskek Bhai.... more videos plzz😊🙂

Author Hema Chettry ( ago)
Is Rohan Joshi in the crowd Kay???

Author Shabnam Pathan ( ago)
watching it 5th time

Author Ashish Ganesh ( ago)
too good man.. waiting for more videos

Author Akshay Gaikwad ( ago)

Author Thomas The Bergkamp fan ( ago)
You Sir, are a Legend.

Author bhupinder pal singh kataria ( ago)
papa idhar aana jara ..., awesome

Author Palash Priyanshu Dutta ( ago)
oh man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author manoj hirway ( ago)
Abhishek......all tickets sold out man....i didnt get a single one....I m ur die hard fan...

Author FUZZY VIDEOS ( ago)
Ek week me ek video to banta ha bhai
Hit like if u agree

Author Ranjita Priyadarshinee Sahu ( ago)
you're awesome 👏👌

Author Bandita Panda ( ago)
rising star..

Author priya singh ( ago)
hahahahahahahahah he is so funny...great.

Author Paramjeet Singh ( ago)
why did you asked your friend 'ki tu akela hai'?😂😂😂

Author Samin Momin ( ago)
bhai kya MASOODE hain!!
Oh man i am laughing so hard!!!

Author SD Singh ( ago)
you are aur awesome

Author SD Singh ( ago)
we want more video

Author naga Subramanian ( ago)
10 days and 1+million views.................

Author sandipan aich ( ago)
congratulations on 1 million views. that was pretty fast and very well deserved.

Author Tanyut Huidrom ( ago)
When did papon start doing stand up

Author zaki roshnaiwala ( ago)
why you are not uploading your more videos... please upload new videos... you are best....dude..

Author Harsh Nagpal ( ago)
Plzz upload more videos .awesome!!

Author HETAL PATEL ( ago)
ur just amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

Author deepa g ( ago)
u are soooooo awesomeeeeee Abhishek. truely talented. The way he talks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author r00 ( ago)
" hum pehle paida hue the "........... awesome

Author Anjali Makhijani ( ago)
Keep uploading more videos Abhishek. :*

Author srjt grt ( ago)
Come to Delhi yaar.... ur way of delivering jokes is hilarious.. I subscribed and liked ur video (nahi to daat me kide pad jayenge).. :)

Author Nikhil B ( ago)
Too good.

Author Abhinav Shastrakar ( ago)
Man you are awesome !!!!! You have amazing skills. Please upload more videos soon.

Author Praneeth Nayak ( ago)
shutup audience .. ur irritating

Author gaurav bhadauria ( ago)
हा सियाचिन में हमारे जबान लड़ रहे है और आप के जैसे लोग इसी बजह से स्टेज पर खड़े होकर मस्करी कर रहे है। और जो आप के घर के सामने जो गू है बो तब तक रहेगा जबतक आप tex देने के बाद सारी जिमेदारी गवर्मेंट की मान लेंगे।

मुझे बस एक बात समझ में नही आयी की बाबा राम देव अगर आगे बढ़ जाये और पैसे कमाने लगे तो पेट में दर्द और केडबरी आप के जीबन में खुशियां ला रही है

दोस्त jnu में खड़े लोग आप के देश को तोड़ने की बात कर रहे थे और आप को अगर बो गलत नही लगता । आप के दिए tex के पैसे से खाते है रहते है और आप के और हमारी पहचान को खत्म करने की बात करते है। आप को घर के सामने पड़े गु की चिंता है। समझ नही पा रहा हु इस मसखरी को क्या कहूं।

गौरव भदौरिया
सहायक प्राधापक
dr. k. n. modi university

Author Evali Kira ( ago)
but you just had 10k subs and now 130k

Author Evali Kira ( ago)
that 'alone bahot' joke was aweosme

Author Evali Kira ( ago)
amazing deadpan bro, you have such good delivery and that too with lisps

Author Amey karpe ( ago)
usne tuze kala bola
qki tu kala h 😂😂😂😂✋

Author Dhruv Patel ( ago)

Author ashmit galav ( ago)
Meki papa idhar aao idhar...😂😂

Author Kavita J ( ago)
Looking forward to watch more are AWESOME!!!!

Author Gantavya Arora ( ago)
man surely one day u will be the face of indian comedian community

Author Atul Explains ( ago)
awesome man , too good

Author Sagar Rawal ( ago)
Simply Wow.....!!

Author Ramesh Sorathia ( ago)
All three videos are great! Just keep on doing the great work.

Author Sachin Yadav ( ago)
Hey man just tell us when you are uploading next video..... That's it

Author B-Boyer Abhishek ( ago)

Author Mayur Dave ( ago)
Where can we get tickets for the mentioned shoe dated 8th April in Chennai?

Author Danish SNS ( ago)
More entertaining than BB

Author Akram Arabiyani ( ago)
awesome script

Author Nidhi Dubey ( ago)
Fly to Delhi ya. And 500 bucks is so genuine. Have a show here please.

Author priyanshu jakhmola ( ago)
Come to Dehradun too...

Author Manish Thapa ( ago)
Amazing man...

superb man☺

Author neeraj chinwal ( ago)
like the video otherwise dath me kide pad jaege

Author Suraj Kondagurla ( ago)
Issko TVF valo ke sath kam karna chaihye....

Author be a human. ( ago)
bro! you will be the next best comedian of your country.... best greetings from your fan number 1... Shoaib from Pakistan😊🙋🙋

Author Raunak Kondalwar ( ago)
just keep that accent , and thank you for making us smile

Author Zishan Ahmad ( ago)
atleast 10 times I have seen this video...

Author Ankit Bhowmick ( ago)
hey bro when u will be comming to delhi.....

Author Rahul Pakhare ( ago)
I am on youtube since 9 years.. First and the only channel I have subscribed to.. Don't change dude.. Have fun.. Cheers

waiting for more

love your videos

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