Clever Sponge Life Hacks You Need To Know!

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  • Windkisssed
    Windkisssed 10 hours ago

    A few new tips!! Thanks!

  • Nazeeb Alam
    Nazeeb Alam 11 hours ago

    nice watch man

  • Teddy Watson
    Teddy Watson 3 days ago

    arm Does anyone know one's better than this vauiant

  • blackrabbit_ 757
    blackrabbit_ 757 3 days ago

    accidentally got stuck in the line for McYoutube, think I'll go here instead.

  • Adiyan Abdur
    Adiyan Abdur 3 days ago

    sponge the sponge and sponge the Sponge then sponge sponge sponge BOOM, you got sponge.

  • Xp Panther
    Xp Panther 4 days ago

    guys he uses clips in his previous videos like the ice pack sponge was on the dollar store hacks

  • Jamistic.
    Jamistic. 8 days ago

    not meaning to hate or anything but i wouldnt recommend the cleaning the rims with a sponge since mwater creates rust so i would just clean rims with a low leant tawol and achoal

  • Jessica Lin
    Jessica Lin 9 days ago

    It's so satisfying to watch the magic erasers rubbing off the dirty stain!!

  • Lego Builder
    Lego Builder 12 days ago

    I'm surprised no said nothing about that he put his hand in the toilet

  • Phệ Gummie
    Phệ Gummie 13 days ago

    Could you tell me any life hack that help to clean crayon off the wall please? :-/

  • lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other *

    Spongebob Squarepants!

  • David Cardona
    David Cardona 15 days ago

    that just takes the fun away waterballons

  • AverageRei
    AverageRei 16 days ago

    "Sprinkle in salt into the water"

    *Poors a truck load of salt into water*

  • Im bob 15457
    Im bob 15457 16 days ago


  • DonutAthlete donut forget

    DIY Shelf

    What you need

    -Cardboard strips (any size)
    -Things to add to shelf
    -Paint Or Markers (optional)

    Color or decorate cardboard.
    Tape to wall.
    Put things on shelf


  • Joe Schafer
    Joe Schafer 17 days ago

    for the softener one use viniger instead of water

  • Nuno Tiago
    Nuno Tiago 17 days ago

    i like very much your channel but it would be more useful if translated to portugues (portugal) thank you

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph 17 days ago

    place sponges on the bottom of your crisper drawers to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

  • Littlebox cat
    Littlebox cat 17 days ago

    What if you don't have a dishwasher?

  • FudgePugs 17
    FudgePugs 17 18 days ago

    I have a question. How many spongebobs are there

  • Trevor Holmquist
    Trevor Holmquist 18 days ago

    Do not put sponges in a dishwasher, that will cause a fire.

  • happy_kitty
    happy_kitty 18 days ago

    "SPONK" Life hacks.

  • Ben Pasceri
    Ben Pasceri 19 days ago

    Try using a fabric softener sheet to clean your tub. Just get it wet and it takes all scum off right crazy fast.

  • Milostar123
    Milostar123 19 days ago

    Put your sponge in the dishwasher, it will kill 99 percent of the bacteria! Me, dies from remaining 1 percent,

  • ODST zomb1e
    ODST zomb1e 20 days ago

    Instructions not clear,got my dick stuck in a garbage truck

  • MegganAngela
    MegganAngela 20 days ago

    Darn, those sponges had bad reviews 🙁

  • Erick Marcelino
    Erick Marcelino 20 days ago


  • suitandty6ft5 FTW
    suitandty6ft5 FTW 20 days ago

    What type of watch is that? Its awesome!

  • Dude Trash
    Dude Trash 20 days ago

    Please do more summer life hacks

  • jovan Zivanov
    jovan Zivanov 20 days ago


  • A god damn cunt
    A god damn cunt 20 days ago

    Just some life hacks with spongebob

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 20 days ago

    I have literally been sitting here for 20 minutes waiting for the video to begin and reading the comments because it won't load 😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 20 days ago

    its a sponge. its used for cleaning. it soaks up liquid. yay.

  • Jullien Vigil
    Jullien Vigil 20 days ago

    Damn sawn just get a toilet wand 😬😝

  • XD FlareCat
    XD FlareCat 20 days ago

    I love waiting for my windows to get reeeeally nasty and then cleaning them with a melamine sponge
    it is so satisfying

  • Sterling20073
    Sterling20073 20 days ago

    HH, the originals, not many channel's as old as this, i been here since it was a joke with the tin foil speakers

  • Emma56967
    Emma56967 20 days ago

    I'm supposed to be doing my APUSH homework. Why am I watching this.

  • KG-Virus
    KG-Virus 20 days ago

    you can make a sex doll out of sponges and one glove , search youtube for it (for scientific reasons xD )

  • Eradicatorc
    Eradicatorc 20 days ago

    I just realized this guys house must be amazing to live in.
    It's always clean and you have hacks to make things easier all over the house!
    This guy just does chores, uploads it on YouTube and makes a bunch of money while doing it. Amazing!

  • Armando Manuli
    Armando Manuli 20 days ago

    Im 14. Why do I watch this?

  • Emma Griffin
    Emma Griffin 20 days ago


  • Glen Kusuma
    Glen Kusuma 20 days ago

    wubba lubba dub dub

    scrab bala dub dub

    JUNGKOOK LOVER 20 days ago


  • Aqua Marine :3
    Aqua Marine :3 20 days ago

    Find the odd emoji:

    Level 1: 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️😊😊😊😊😊

    Level 2: 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😲😵😵😵😵

    Level 3: 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😫😫😫😫

    Like if you found all of them :)

  • Josh B
    Josh B 21 day ago

    if comet or ajax wont clean it your a dirty mofo 😷

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 21 day ago

    I had a feeling that ice pack one would show up.

  • Caitlin Haggin
    Caitlin Haggin 21 day ago

    Or you could just use carbon fibre brakes...

  • BajiBunny
    BajiBunny 21 day ago

    You still have to look for the sponge in the dryer.

    If you have a dish washer why do you have a sink full of dirty dishes?

    You actually pick up the busted balloons after a water balloon fight?

    Why not throw a tiny amount of fabric softener into the dryer instead of wasting it and a sponge by letting the excess run off on your hands that you will wash off.

    Who orders bulk sponges online? The reason they sell you typically 2 or 4 to a pack is because you don't go through 100 sponges in a month, You have a dish washer after all so you don't need a sponge in your kitchen.

    HouseholdHacker? More like HouseholdSlacker.

  • El Gamer300
    El Gamer300 21 day ago

    Did he just did a Rick and Morty reference? Or am I just going crazy?

  • Bobby Booshay
    Bobby Booshay 21 day ago

    I thought everything was mad of chemicals

  • EverydaySniper
    EverydaySniper 21 day ago

    Why does this just sound like a commercial for mr clean...

  • iCsaur
    iCsaur 21 day ago

    The sponge hack about the waterbaloons are in my opinion, quite bull shit , water balloon fights are used with 'water balloon" not a damn sponge lmao wtf

  • Gav Art
    Gav Art 21 day ago

    4:44 thank god you used a glove

  • Kelly Liu
    Kelly Liu 21 day ago

    If only these hacks came out before spongebob got canceled

  • Rico Garcia
    Rico Garcia 21 day ago

    put a wet sponge in a sandwich bag that has been poked with a pin to replace an expensive guitar humidifier. Just leave it in the guitar case.

  • chifan7
    chifan7 21 day ago

    Some Really Great info!!! Thanks so much.

  • rojoshow13
    rojoshow13 21 day ago

    I have to say, those Magic Eraser sponges are the shit. I worked as a janitor for awhile and I was trying to find something, anything, to remove those black scuff marks from the bottom of doors from when people's shoes hit them. Nothing took them off and I was at the hardware store trying to find some harsh chemical that would remove them and the lady recommended the Magic Eraser sponges and I said "yeah right" but bought them anyway. And I was shocked at how easy they took the marks off. Just like erasing a pencil mark from paper. But they do act just like an eraser and little pieces fall off as you use them.

  • Don't Ask Productions

    Hmm, a few times you sound like this other youtuber Pan Pizza from Rebel Taxi... ... ... ...

  • Elan Pillay
    Elan Pillay 21 day ago

    if you have a dishwasher, y would you have a sponge to clean dishes

  • Lego Nator77
    Lego Nator77 21 day ago

    Or sponges are made of SPONGE! BECAUSE SPONGES ARE ANIMALS!!

  • Cheeki Slav
    Cheeki Slav 21 day ago


  • soulstrenth crusader

    alternative to dryer sheets...great idea! especially since I'm almost out of sheets! :0

  • Serai3
    Serai3 21 day ago

    After you wring out your sponge, just lean it against your window so the sun (or whatever light your window gets) shines right on it. Not only will it dry your sponge, the sunlight will help to disinfect it. No need to use clips.

  • KamenRider Decade
    KamenRider Decade 21 day ago

    make a video about how to make a fidget spinner with hot glue please I need to make it

  • shinnam
    shinnam 21 day ago

    Melamine should not be used on any area that is in contact with food, and you should use rubber gloves when you use them. The fibers accumulate in the kidneys and cannot be excreted. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)" scientists explained that when melamine is absorbed into the bloodstream, it concentrates.... crystallizes and forms large numbers of round, yellow crystals,
    which in turn block and damage the renal cells that line the tubes,
    causing the kidneys to malfunction"

  • ABeeGal Werner
    ABeeGal Werner 21 day ago

    I love the car one

  • ميتاتون ٦٠٠٠ mettaton 6000

    scrub a dob dob

    (rick and morty refrence)

  • JustaT1nyRake
    JustaT1nyRake 21 day ago

    do turpentine life hacks

  • Ella Mella
    Ella Mella 21 day ago


  • Ben Vallo
    Ben Vallo 21 day ago

    Isuzu? Who the fuck drives an isuzu?

  • Dysphem
    Dysphem 21 day ago

    when you're that 0.01% of germs


  • Chase Campbell
    Chase Campbell 21 day ago

    #scrub a dub a dub dub

  • John Dee
    John Dee 21 day ago

    Iam poppy

  • Babor Shah
    Babor Shah 21 day ago

    u need two sponges, hard plastic cup, baloon, lube. u know the rest

  • Barnesrino Kripperino

    if you have a dirty sponge, please throw it away, a sponge shouldnt be reused for more than a week

  • BananaramaxTV Banans

    But how to clean it if you dont have dishwasher

  • hardie the hobo
    hardie the hobo 21 day ago

    who lives in a pineapple undef the sea?

  • Moe Bros
    Moe Bros 21 day ago

    Maybe you can use it to clean the dishes

  • Harshil Verma
    Harshil Verma 21 day ago


  • Hacklife Dude
    Hacklife Dude 21 day ago

    can you help my channel to grow

  • Toad Stool
    Toad Stool 21 day ago

    If you have a Dishwasher why would ou need a sponge😐

  • DJDragonMaster
    DJDragonMaster 21 day ago

    SPONGEBOB :D !!!

  • Gabriel Miricinschi
    Gabriel Miricinschi 22 days ago


  • Bella Naolu
    Bella Naolu 22 days ago

    Why wash your dishes when u have a dishwasher

  • Mohsen gillani
    Mohsen gillani 22 days ago


  • Fozzy Bear
    Fozzy Bear 22 days ago

    Good effort in making this video!

  • Next Gen Production
    Next Gen Production 22 days ago

    he use impack transition :v

    XSAVIOR 22 days ago

    Who else saw him squeezing the sponge and started squeezing hands and wanted a sponge to wring out lmao

  • san kitty
    san kitty 22 days ago

    The water bomb life hack by making the sponge bombs hurts AF!

  • yogita suri
    yogita suri 22 days ago


  • Manpag
    Manpag 22 days ago

    I often use melamine sponges as dish sponges. I cut them into thirds so they last longer, and I try not to get them soaking wet so they don't fall apart. The finer foam means a little bit of washing-up liquid goes much further, they're gentle enough but abrasive enough to clean even non-stick pans, and because they do wear out more quickly I don't have to worry about disinfecting my sponge since it's changed every few days anyway. They also polish cutlery much better than standard sponges.

  • Tee Doogy
    Tee Doogy 22 days ago

    God damnit I was gonna make a clever comment about a flesh light but OF COURSE someone beat me to it

  • Jamie Willis
    Jamie Willis 22 days ago


  • Alyzee Yvon
    Alyzee Yvon 22 days ago

    I read the thumbnail...
    "Songebob Life Hacks".

  • Yadhu Gopal
    Yadhu Gopal 22 days ago


  • 9Bains
    9Bains 22 days ago

    Get the air out of a ziploc bag: place item in bag you want to vacuum seal, then dunk bag in water keeping the open side out. The air should be forced out of the bag by the water leaving your contents sealed in there air tight.

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson 22 days ago

    So most of these "hacks" are "use sponge to clean stuff."


  • Jacob Tizel
    Jacob Tizel 22 days ago


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