Everyone would love to travel the world and get paid to do it, so here are 10 jobs that actually pay you to travel the world!

1. Not technically a job but getting a working holiday visa can allow you to legally work in another country and pay for your travels!

Check out my Australia playlist for tips:

New Zealand playlist:

2. Pick up freelance work, a good site is peopleperhour where you can work from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection!

3. Set up your own business!

4. Drop shipping

5. Become a travel blogger

6. Try travel vlogging!

7. Teach English abroad

8. Become a tour guide

9. Work on a cruise ship

10. Take a job that already involves a lot of travel eg. Cabin crew, photographer, writer etc.

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Author PsychoTraveller ( ago)
As promised, the video on sponsored videos on YouTube is now live 😝

Author ElbanoParilli ( ago)

Author Travelling Pinoy ( ago)
I have been contacted by a company to review one of their products for free and this was 2 weeks ago and tomorrow will be receiving the product that I choosed from the 4 options they provided. Since you mentioned about doing product reviews what can you advise they just sent me the product with no strings attached. Since I am still new to Youtube your input would be very much appreciated.

Author xraydog2011 ( ago)
or marry someone in the merchant navy ;)

Author Raw Wildling ( ago)
Just stumbled upon your page and I'm so PUMPED!!! I'm gonna be a digital nomad in no time with these tips!

Author B Sinita ( ago)
I got a question how😞 can you get paid to travel to and review Resorts, Hotels, Vacation homes, Restaurants and even motels etc around the world and the U.S. also decide what weeks out the month you work with an hour salary and benefits.? what's the title description for that job? thank you nice Channel😊✌💜

Author burano peach ( ago)
my brother teaches in Vietnam and he is like a fucking millionaire there. lives like a king. he's my idol

Author Zero Waste Harmony ( ago)
My friend just moved to South Korea to teach English!

Author BIG WILLY ( ago)
who needs to work whwn you have a rich dad..... he works with oil HAHAH

Author Jenny Chelsea ( ago)
and where to apply??

Author My Laptop Lifestyle Design ( ago)
Since last year been getting into affiliate marketing! Absolutely love it! Not constantly traveling around the world just yet, but getting there :)! Love your list, thanks for all the tips!

Author Lucky Valera ( ago)
Ang gulo teh

Author Levi Chavez ( ago)
Just be a flight attendant

Author bluedough ( ago)
I love your accent!

Author Aaron Chek ( ago)
So how did you get started actually? I'm actually going onto the freelance route and hoping ultimately to have enough skills to start an online business, however it seems that vlogging/youtube is such a non-technical way to earn all that money while travelling that I'm considering making a side-project on vlogging

Author Luke Makris ( ago)
Thanks for the tips! I myself am trying to use my YouTube page and gain a following. I like to combine long term very minimalistic travel. Keep up the great work!

Author CallmeK ( ago)
I am thinking of teaching english in China for a year but I am a bit scared to do that on my own.

Author Thenuka Sumithrarachchi ( ago)
I love photography... but in Srilanka.. a photographer is known as a person who photographs wedding only... Nothing creative... but I want to travel the world... how can I get into national geographic or something like that... please help me out here.

Author Thenuka Sumithrarachchi ( ago)
I love photography... but in Srilanka.. a photographer is known as a person who photographs wedding only... Nothing creative... but I want to travel the world... how can I get into national geographic or something like that... please help me out here

Author Ronn Kenan Toboso ( ago)

Author Holiday Travel Network ( ago)
Excellent video and tips for those who love to travel

Author Jaco Slabbert ( ago)
I worked on Carnival Cruise lines as a photographer.... It was kwl but a lot of hard work.

Author Skull Mania ( ago)
How about welders?

Author Amanikins ( ago)
thanks for the great tips! defo will check out your australia working visa videos

Author David Castle ( ago)
head moves a lot

Author Valerie Jean ( ago)
There are plenty of companies that hire based on languageskills. I know people who have worked in Manila speaking Swedish. I worked in Ireland speaking Norwegian. Spain, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria... Mostly it-support and customer service. You do work a lot, but you get the opportunity to experience a new culture and use your freetime traveling.

Author 2schnuersenkel ( ago)
If you are obsessed with a certain area/country but do not have the money to spend time there, I really recommend a receptive travel agency in that destination as work place. They specialize in certain travellers eg. from USA or Europe and really need native speakers to communicate with their clients. You will be able to travel the country (because you need to know what you are talking about) and share your passion with other travellers. For me it's a dream job :) If you want more infos, ask me

Author crellth theunicorn ( ago)
I'm pretty sure that most schools in japan just require a degree. There's also jobs that you can get there to teach English at like a café or on the side where you don't even have to have a degree.

Author dark angel ( ago)
hooking is a good one, good money and cash in hand no tax, almost all brothels in australia mostly filled with girls with visiting visas, no language requirement as well, no kissing or you can charge extra $30 or more for kissing if you want, its illegal not wear condoms, they earn $500 a day minimum, 100% safe!!!

Author dark angel ( ago)
working holiday visa is just for countries with white skinned people, not for colored skin countries these governments are racist and ageist

Author Youngmac2008 ( ago)
My skills is tourism. Started travelling long term again. Check out my adventures

Author Gina Gamao ( ago)
Cheers ❤️❤️

Author J. Anne ( ago)
You're freakin amazinnn

Author zine el abidine Chiguer ( ago)
You forgot to mention being DJ

Author Mariana Duma Alban ( ago)
i know another great way to travel for free and even get paid,
pls ask me at mariana . duma @ gmail. com :)
all the best

Author Shaddia Morris ( ago)
I'm actually from Barbados lool

Author Simply Agnès ( ago)
I just revamped my channel and started posting holiday vlogs on my first time travelling to Ireland, I am currently studying Communications to get a degree, and this is exactly what I want to do, be some kind of travel vlogger/blogger, I know its kinda farfetch but hey I'll try :D

Author The dreamer who acts ( ago)
I'm working as a holiday representative on destination

Author rcnkvtunise ( ago)
Online trading (stock, forex, etc.) is an another job that pays you to travel the world!

Author KaritaDeÁngel94 ( ago)
you're one of my biggest inspirations. i love you content. I'm on a journey to becoming a Digital Nomad and you have helped me so much. just thought i'd put that out there

Author Jennifer Gowran ( ago)
Check out Danny D Vlogs for some awesome travels Vlogs.

Author Amanda Motivacion ( ago)
Thank you for the advices!

Author Katryna Ohryn ( ago)
some accountants travel a lot

Author star seroja ( ago)
I like your YouTube channel. It's educated! Love it!!

Author Musa Umut Akdeniz Dogan ( ago)
My dream <3

Author Joeblad Wright ( ago)
This was boring as fuck

Author Celine Douet ( ago)
Or work at Club Med! I am living in the French alps spending days off in the mountains :)

Author Irene Della Grotta ( ago)
Love your channel!!
I'm just finishing two years of au pairing in the US and I've never travelled so much in my life!!

Author Chatty Travel ( ago)
You keep popping up in my suggested. You must be doing something right. Anyway, good vid and you have a new subbie ;)

Author Ellis M ( ago)
what about an activities instructor? after you get your qualifications you can move abroad and on your time off your likely to have the equipment and knowledge to explore local area.

Author fei xu ( ago)
really helpful

Author Victor Beigelman ( ago)
This is the perfect video for travel addicts!

Author Brittany good ( ago)
I'm planning on being an au pair this summer. It is a more short-term travel for about 2-3 months but it gives a place to live, eat, and extra pocket cash.

Author Lina Khodr ( ago)
so glad I found your channel thank you for the video it's very helpful since I'm thinking of traveling to work

Author J U ROB ( ago)
yes we are interested

Author Ivis Oliva ( ago)
I just saw this video in my recommended and decided to watch it because the career I'm going for requires a person to travel quite often and, in some cases, even live in a different country for up to four years. I noticed that you did not mention foreign service (this mainly applies in the U.S., so I can see why it might not be ideal for people that live in other parts of the world). The only requirement for this job is a high school diploma and you must go through a two part exam and an extensive medical and security check. If you pass all parts of the exam, then you will be considered an official foreign service officer. You're paid to travel and associate with other diplomats and leaders of other countries. All travel and living expenses are paid for by the government and are even paid to learn a foreign language. Your salary depends on your level of schooling and how many years you've been working as a foreign service officer. If you have a family, you are allowed to take them with you on trips, however, that depends on the place you are assigned (i.e. if its a war zone, dangerous place). The main point of this job is to promote democracy and peace between nations. Just thought to add this here. :)

Author Patricia Black ( ago)
I worked on a cruise ship for while and loved it. For the most part its a set route till you change ships so it's not seeing much, but I loved it. I worked four hours in the morning I was off work for about four hours and worked the evenings. I got to see every port. We only had one super long day a week and it was Sunday

Author Tracy Johnson ( ago)
Whats on your t-shirt? I curious white stain? lol

Author Lily Hoffman ( ago)
I worked on a cruise ship that's true but it's truly Slave work and the pay is shitty but you save it

Author Anja Möst ( ago)
network marketing is also a great way! :)

Author Diana Rodzi ( ago)
Stumbled upon your channel and i see your profile picture is of you in front of the petronas twin towers. Much love from Malaysia! xx

Author Isa ( ago)
omg I can"t hear anymore how easy it is to teach english abroad. I would do it right away. I would life in korea with my boyfriend...we would finally have a plan for our future.... but you're not allowed to work as an english teacher abroad when you're not from an english speaking country...... it's so unfair T__T

Author Criss ( ago)
If you want another profesion that allows you to travel, that's archaeologist. Although it doesn't specifically let you go 100% tourist, you can travel A LOT! and enjoy like a tourist in your free-time while you're doing research.

Author ClairReads ( ago)
You can also get a job that is usable all over the world - I am a teacher and I've just been offered a job in an international school in Bangkok - I move over in August!

Author lauren X ocean ( ago)
I teach English in Thailand, and I have fun and during my holidays I can travel Asia which is where I love!

Author HeathersBlueFeather ( ago)
I've thought about teaching english before... maybe that's what I will do this summer?

Author Mayra Cazarez ( ago)
You are so adorable! I definitely enjoy watching your videos! :) ❤️

Author Ana M. ( ago)
My mom worked on a cruise - Celebrity, which is Royal Caribbean's upscale brand. She said the same thing - they overwork you. You're "on the clock" almost 24 hours a day, and spend your day off sleeping all day.

I am an engineer, so I don't know what it's like in other lines of work. But whenever I worked for companies that sent me on business trips, it was lots of overtime hours. One time, I got to work on a winery in California for a month. We were working 13 hour days, 6 days a week. Most people slept in their day off. On my days off, I drove to Yosemite, went cave rappeling, and hung out with friends in San Francisco and San Jose. Each of those places was a 2-3 hour drive from the winery, which was in the desert and miserably hot. But usually my trips were to places most people would never visit for fun. Rural Arkansas. Rural South Carolina (seriously, 20 minute drive to the nearest starbucks or mcdonalds). Actually, Arkansas seemed pretty cool. They were doing zombie 5k runs before anyone else. But I didn't really have time to do anything outside of work.

Author Savannah Thaanum ( ago)
you could join the peace corps

Author Ana M. ( ago)
Please do a video on how to get into affiliate marketing.

Author Peigh Bomb ( ago)
I'm teaching in South Korea and it's absolutely fantastic!! I encourage people to experience this... Great way of traveling especially South East Asia and a lot more places when you have a long enough break! Easiest way to save money...probably the easiest that life ever really gets!

New subbie! Great video!

Author Carly Fleischer ( ago)
This video is soooo helpful thank you!!

Author Gwendolyn Arvidson ( ago)
I taught English in South Korea for two years and did one year in France through a program called TAPIF. It was excellent. I'm dying to go again, somewhere, anywhere.

Author Myles O'Howe ( ago)
Some people in countries can't find a job but people can travel to those countries and get jobs? I can't afford to travel and make travel vlogs I make regular vlogs, best content on YouTube, I just released the full documentary Overpriced. Not enough people watch my documentary or vlogs to make any money worthwhile to pay for my camera, how am I supposed to travel to other countries when I can't afford new clothes?

Author Kelly O ( ago)
Definitely do a video on your experience doing sponsored vlogs!

Author marcio francisco ( ago)
thank you so much, I've been looking for something like that, I really appreciated it !

Author Ric D ( ago)
please make a video about working with companies

Author Famz1st ( ago)
yes Aly can you please make videos on sponsorship as a blogger and vlogger. Thank you.

Author The Sage Traveler ( ago)
Thank you for your video! I have started my own travel blog and YouTube channel and would love for you to do a video on getting affiliate links and sponsorships or any advice for getting started. I need all the help I can get!

Author Kat ( ago)
Great video! Coaching is a good one too. Health coaching, life coaching, business coaching - you can do all of them online :) I got my health coaching certificate at IIN and the SWIHA for life coachng but there is the School for Psychology of Eating and endless number of life coaching programs out there. I guess you can become a mentor or consultant of something too :) Also, as a yoga teacher you can travel too. And scuba diving instructors and kite surfing instructors get jobs abroad. You can work as animator entertainer at hotels or work on a cruise ship too. Workaway and wwoofing doesn't pay but gets you room & board. I've personally started as a grad student for my thesis research then working as a social researcher in my field, then turned English teacher, health coach online and freelance writer. Also lots of workaways.

Author RockefellerSecurity ( ago)
aly please sit on my face .

Author Harry Atay TV ( ago)
These are such good ideas

Author الحمد لله ( ago)
can you do pls a vd about international scholarship?? love u 😊👍👏

Author Paulina SanchezNavarro Keller ( ago)
Is a 'Round the World Ticket' worth it?

Author ClickAnna ( ago)
Thank you so much! It was really useful, please do a video on working with companies :)

Author Eden Barel ( ago)
you sound so arrogant

Author Amanda Round the Globe ( ago)

Author The Minimalist Ninja ( ago)
I would love for you to do a video on your favourite websites for online work. I know you mentioned a couple, I'd just love to hear which ones you prefer and have used the most! :)

Author Dusty Dave ( ago)
Spent most of my working life as a musician on cruise ships and hotels. The better you are at reading music the more openings you will have. Depending on your status your port days are your own, sign up as a tour escort for the passenger tours and you get the best of all the ports, over night stop are a real bonus. Good luck.

Author Robbie Heslop ( ago)
I'm an ESL teacher. I've been teaching abroad for 4 years in Thailand and Taiwan. I'm back in the UK for now but I'm going to work in Japan from April 2017 to March 2019 - first time I ever got a two year contract.

Author bunny m ( ago)
Yes to the affiliate link video ;)

Author robert medlicott ( ago)
I've been watching more and more of your videos and learning alot! when you said you were from Birmingham. my mum and dad are from Birmingham as well, living in telford now. I have a working visa set for australia and I'm looking to fly in September time (just keeping an eye on prices at the moment). it will be a solo journey and your videos are brilliant in helping the nerves settle about solo travelling. thanks! (I'm 28 years old so left it a bit late to start enjoying the backpacking travelling but better late then never lol)

Author Kaitlyn W ( ago)
I've been binging your videos for the past few days now, I love your on screen personality, your wit and humour make watching so enjoyable (and welcoming to a newcomer to your channel). Can't wait to travel more!!!

Author Dale Watson ( ago)
Hey ally, from Sri Lanka, an awesome book on how to become a digital nomad, you might have heard of it, is the four hour work week

I've been using it the last few months and am building a business back home in Australia while taking some much needed time off from Uni.

Thanks for making such great content.

Author PassionforDreaming ( ago)
I have done some of these myself including teaching English abroad and travel blogging and vlogging. The only one I got paid for was tutoring for Spanish (which came from the English teaching internship, ironically enough). I would love to have my own business dealing with teaching languages!

Author Rebecca Lockley ( ago)
In regards to picking up freelance work, I would caution people to make sure their visas allow it - For example, in the UK, if you get stamped in as a visitor (for 6 months), your stamp in your visa states that you are not allowed to work. This work includes volunteering, virtual work, and even stupid things like babysitting a friend's kids! Now, chances are you would never get caught....but some people are stupid (hah!) and when an immigration officer asks them "what are your plans while you are here" and you answer "I'm going to write for an online magazine", they're going to tell you nope. I vividly remember back in 2008 when Tim and I were just dating and I was active on forums that were basically designed to help Americans obtain UK visas (work, student, spousal, etc) there was a post from a girl in her early 20s who had been detained for 24 hours and then ultimately sent back to the US.....and the only reason was because she got flagged by the I/O (due to her age and length of time she wanted to stay) and when they searched her belongings, they found her paper diary where she had written in it "babysit for [boyfriend's sister]"...and even though she wasn't going to get paid and she was doing it as a favour....the I/O considered it "work". There also was a story recently about a young science writer who was coming to speak at a convention in the UK and she was denied at the border because she was going to be doing "Work". However, I do think many other countries are more lenient about that sort of thing.

Author Shannon Doheny ( ago)
did you get vaccinations before you travelled asia?

Author Dan McQuoid ( ago)
heading to thailand from NZ in 2 days ! , haha been following for awhile now and am taking alot of information from your channel ! , me and my GF are excited and want to says thanks for your vids !< be sick to met you !, samui, tao, chaingmai?

Author Mariah Lee ( ago)
How do you all handle the excitement leading up to a big trip? I'm leaving in a month, and I can't focus on anything else. I can barely handle working every day, but obviously I still have a whole month to keep up my normal, boring day to day life. Help!

Author Stacey Lupton ( ago)
yes! please do a video on it!

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