Higher Education - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 58

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  • holistic nature
    holistic nature 1 hour ago

    Is there any comments here that are not from triggered college graduates in debt?

  • Lazurus The Black
    Lazurus The Black 12 hours ago

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  • Yvanne Lo
    Yvanne Lo 1 day ago

    hahaha!!!! Good one JP ;-)

  • Nathan Shabazz
    Nathan Shabazz 2 days ago

    It couldn't be more obvious that you aren't wearing pants in this video.

  • christinamforte
    christinamforte 2 days ago

    This cuts deep. I'll be hiding under a pile of Sallie Mae bills if anyone is looking for me.

  • Rockabilly Rambler
    Rockabilly Rambler 3 days ago

    i let tai lopez ads play al the way through so he can pay up.....

  • John C. Reid
    John C. Reid 3 days ago

    That is depressing. Truly depressing.

  • angeladq
    angeladq 3 days ago

    lmfao, there was a college ad before this

  • zachary roper
    zachary roper 4 days ago

    In the United States, every state requires some level of higher
    education to take the FE exam, which is the first step in becoming a
    licensed engineer. A degree from an accredited university (I'm not sure
    if 4 year is always the minimum required degree in every state, but I
    don't know of any exceptions) is required.

    Similarly, you can not practice law or any sort of medicine, from
    surgeon to nurse without some college education and specialized

     So yes, if you want to become a licensed engineer or pursue many other
    career paths you have to earn a college degree. No, the price you pay
    for it has nothing to do with how successful that achievement will make
    you. The cost of education is widely inflated and student loans can
    become crippling for some graduates. Even after becoming a licensed
    engineer, for example, there is no guarantee you will find success.

    He relates to tech companies not hiring graduates, specifically
    programmers. The tech market doesn't necessarily require degrees, but
    degrees actually do prepare you for the tech industry. Universities make
    a lot of money as active resource pools for companies to find
    employees in every field they offer. Generally speaking, smaller
    universities won't offer a degree path of specialization unless there
    are local or state demands that they can get paid for supplying.

    This video is wrong.

  • Michele the Trainer

    Linked to you here! Brilliant! https://steemit.com/money/@micheletrainer/preventing-the-blues-for-blue-collar-will-robots-take-our-jobs-5-in-a-series

  • David B. Wright
    David B. Wright 5 days ago

    Don't forget that because student loan debt is non-bankruptable, by incurring massive amounts of it, you're showing potential employers your irrevocable commitment to your career and success. :)

  • Tim Goodwin
    Tim Goodwin 6 days ago

    I never went to college, seemed like a waste of money.

  • Brian Pellegrino
    Brian Pellegrino 6 days ago

    Make how to be a Republican and how to be a Democrat

  • Connor Skehan
    Connor Skehan 8 days ago

    Normally you're really on point JP, but there are definitely careers where you do need a degree.

    Being a surgeon, doing physics research, etc...

    I know that I'm part of a small minority, but my passion is physics. It's what I love and what I do. It's what I wanted to do since I was a child. And there is, in the modern world, next to zero chance of doing physics, chemistry, biology, or other hard sciences without a degree.

    Hell, you can't really get a job doing physics with anything less than a masters.

    What a graduate degree says is three-fold. It says you 1) have a general background knowledge of the subject. 2) have specific knowledge in a very niche sub-field of a sub-field. and 3) that you are able to communicate effectively enough to finish long term and short term projects, as well as have the drive and ability to conform to world-place requirements like showing up on time and on a regular basis, etc...

    To be honest, it is really hard to find someone willing to vouch for those qualities who carries the same weight as a university. A degree is like a recommendation from someone who is an expert at judging people. These institutions are huge, and far-reaching, and have a lot of experience making people jump through hoops to prove themselves. The degree says "Hey look. I proved myself - and a giant institution is willing to back me up on that!"

    I feel like you were going to do a totally different video... I know a lot of "ultra-spiritual" people that never did school because they were lost stoners wandering around too irresponsible to show up to class. They all said "I'm really smart and could be really successful - I just don't believe in institutions man..." But they can't be really successful, because they lack the drive and ambition and motivation to do so.

    I thought you were going to satirize the people who find higher education worthless. I never expected you to satirize the people who find it essential.

  • IronMongoose1
    IronMongoose1 9 days ago

    I guess this video might have been funny if the average college graduate didn't make 80% more in wages over their lifetime than the average non-graduate.

  • Yury Katkov
    Yury Katkov 9 days ago

    Man, how I was shocked when I learned about student loans in America.

  • L Upton
    L Upton 9 days ago

    You're my ginger spirit animal.

  • Ronnie Scherer
    Ronnie Scherer 10 days ago

    lol. that is what the world wants us to believe. we can't be a success without college time and $37,000+ debt.

  • Nisorgoi Sworgo
    Nisorgoi Sworgo 10 days ago

    Celsius and Fahrenheit are both measured in degrees, though!

  • Quite Izzzy
    Quite Izzzy 10 days ago

    Why not purple shirt, JP? ^^

  • KingFreakinTut
    KingFreakinTut 10 days ago

    I think the best thing you could do is return to school and become a professor so you can pass on your academic knowledge to the next batch of students. That way you can perpetuate the cycle and work on your doctorate at the same time. And through this you will gain tenure so that you can give lectures and have graduate students grade your student's work. Thereby not participating in or contributing directly to a successful society or economy, but certainly being able to accurately diagnose their ailments. Success!

  • 30secondfail
    30secondfail 10 days ago

    The important thing is to do your research before making your educational or career choices--know the trends, developments, and requirements for the career path you want to head down. Make sure there is opportunity there, not just immediate, but long term. And always have a back-up plan.

    University Education can provide a lot of excellent opportunities---but you have to know what those opportunities are, and often, you have to work to get them. Sadly, many people (and I count as one of them--read my story below) head off without looking into where things are heading with their desired career path, and find themselves with an education that is no longer applicable because a number of factors (some foreseeable, some unexpected) drastically changed the work environment.

    At the same time, the fluid aspect of many jobs do not demand a specialized education, but instead a breadth of experience that can only be acquired through doing it--and what it is is changing so fast that the education system cannot adapt. Thus, someone who has been involved in those fluid career paths without a "narrowed" education are much better at adapting to the changes and evolving with them (thus remaining on the cutting edge), than someone who did spend three years learning how to do it (while the "it" they were learning became outdated). Hence, it is more desirable to hire someone not "educated."
    I think the future of education, specially with technology and design, needs become more modular and work-shop oriented, with intensive two month courses aimed towards the current basic demands of the job, and others as refresher/builder courses to bring the latest developments to people already involved. Employers need to return to the art of training their work force in the job they are expected to do, instead of demanding 5 years of experience for an entry position, and should work at continuing their employee education so the employee can advance in their skills and abilities to do the job.

    Sadly, the "bottom line" and, for large companies, the "shareholder's pockets" makes that model impossible, even though it would, in the end, enrich both.

    My Story:
    I went to university with aims on becoming a teacher, because when I finished high school, there was a lot of potential demand for teachers in my province (Ontario) due to retirement obligations of existing faculty, and guidance councillors and career councillors guided me in that direction ("You're smart, articulate, know how to lead and present. Become a teacher. Don't bother with the technical courses such as shop or mechanics").

    When I was in university, the government changed the retirement requirements, and consolidated classroom sizes. Suddenly, the several thousand teachers expected to retire, weren't required to retire, and the several thousand people who were in teachers college or planning to go there, no longer had the forecasted employment opportunities. I think only 10% of my graduating class found sustained employment as teachers in their first two years after graduation, and a majority, 15 years on, are not working in an education field.

    Me: I ended up skipping on teachers college because I couldn't afford it without a fairly immediate job opportunity. Instead, I taught English as a Second Language in Eastern Europe for a few years (which paid off a decent piece of my educational costs) and have since spent the better part of the last ten years doing construction, truck driving, and now transit driving. Not the ideal, but its been an okay living.

    But that's an example of how sudden changes in trends can cause your plans to collapse--and also how you can be steered by the "wise people" at your school in a direction you may not want to go, or may not lead you anywhere. Had I known where I would have ended up, I would have likely followed a more technical and trades career. But that's hindsight. And, had I known more about international teaching opportunities, I may have continued with teacher's college and be teaching at an international school (but, that was never even hinted at, ever, by any of the colleges that sent me packages on their teacher's education courses).

    I don't regret what I have learned, but I do look back at times and wish there are things that I had done differently.

  • Trish Hays
    Trish Hays 11 days ago

    I love this guy!

  • Aaron Curl
    Aaron Curl 11 days ago

    "Because 30 years ago college education set you apart, it means it still does today" LOL "because there is no way to find information for free" This guy is hilarious!!!!

  • wavey61
    wavey61 12 days ago

    This video is partially true. A degree can definitely get you places, but only if you pick the right degrees. So many people expects a good job after getting a useless degree, which is exactly what this video is making fun of.

  • buru kenge
    buru kenge 12 days ago

    In your face I have a degree in lesbian dance theory, I graduate in a month then it's big bucks from there!

  • buru kenge
    buru kenge 12 days ago

    LOL 95 butt hurt graduates

  • videopostrrr
    videopostrrr 14 days ago

    i think i think that there i think i think i am?

  • 30 Seven
    30 Seven 15 days ago

    The Cantillon Effect is pretty much the only game in town - and if you want to benefit from it later, you have to let it take advantage of you now; and just hope that you're not the one who's left holding the bag.

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 16 days ago

    So smooth, and yet so savage. Well done JP.

  • Umang Jain
    Umang Jain 16 days ago

    Who's that at 1:39? The one before Zuckerberg

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb 17 days ago

    For some, a college degree is a stepping stone to a successful career. For some it's nothing but putting themselves in massive debt. Can't just put blind faith in the institution anymore. Probably safer to get your foot into your chosen career first and maybe they will pay for any school you'd need to advance.

  • Isaac Gordon
    Isaac Gordon 17 days ago

    but you should pay for other people to go to college

  • rickbrown03
    rickbrown03 17 days ago


  • Alla Organics
    Alla Organics 17 days ago

    Brilliant! As usual. I went to "Shift your butt and go to work" College.

  • Judd Black
    Judd Black 18 days ago

    Some people have the opinion that school is counterproductive.

    I'm kind of on the fence myself.

    • Marina Liteyears
      Marina Liteyears 13 days ago

      School is what you make of it. Sometimes people get lucky and get a job w out a degree...and sometimes they don't. Its a crap shoot and gamble like most things in life. If you can afford it and enjoy the subject; there is no limit to what you can do. Now time to follow my own advice haha...best of luck.

  • Scott Yeager
    Scott Yeager 18 days ago

    Alright dad.

  • skirts365
    skirts365 18 days ago

    You look boundlessly gross! Was your daddy a buzzing red wasp?

  • Matt Bates
    Matt Bates 18 days ago

    LMAO that sounds about right...

  • Courtney Sierra
    Courtney Sierra 18 days ago


  • Mike Parella
    Mike Parella 18 days ago

    You're apparently running out of "spiritual" subjects. I think the comments defending higher education in STEM (and in general) form a consensus here.

  • vladeckk
    vladeckk 18 days ago

    The real question is, why does a basic college education cost so much? It used to be a time for young adults to broaden their horizons without having to fit into a full time job. Now it's a place to saddle yourself with ultra-educational curriculum and debt....

  • Dobromir Manchev
    Dobromir Manchev 19 days ago

    Move to Europe :)

  • Modestas Petrelis
    Modestas Petrelis 19 days ago

    You made me laugh. Thank you for this. Please, keep it up.

  • Pecarrie
    Pecarrie 19 days ago

    Well the issue is usually the quality / content of higher education, not its existence. If the universities offered more applied learning and expected students to exercise their knowledge rather than spit out memorized answers---- then it wouldnt be so easy to mock education.

  • Edmund Friedman
    Edmund Friedman 19 days ago

    Did you have a numerolgical moment at 123,456 views?

  • Indwelling Royalty
    Indwelling Royalty 19 days ago

    Oh my goodness!!! Just what I needed right now😂 I am so upset that I failed two classes and still have to pay. But I went to college because I think that because I am an immigrant I can't get any job without degree. Except cleaning

  • Kim Brce
    Kim Brce 20 days ago

    ahah LOVE it!!

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 20 days ago

    My abs just got a workout laughing so much. It wasn't the intensity that did it but I was laughing the entire last 3/4 of the video.

    Thanks JP

    With love


  • Lux Chevis
    Lux Chevis 20 days ago

    I hate the American college and university system. After spending a number of years at one dead end job or another, there has come a point, at least for me, I don't have a future without a degree. Even the future with a degree looks pretty bleak. I do wish there were more opportunities to make a living wage without the blood, sweat and tears getting a degree is for some of us. I also know what I want to do with myself, and I can't accomplish that without at the very least obtaining a bachelors. I just hope that trying to work and go to school at the same time doesn't burn me out first. I love being in the classroom again. I don't love the quality of life price I have to pay for it.

  • Diara Laurino
    Diara Laurino 20 days ago

    Interesting. I noticed that in all his satirical videos he has his hair loose with the headband. But in this one he's not wearing the headband. It's like he's being satirical yet perfectly serious at the same time.

  • Benedict O'Shea
    Benedict O'Shea 20 days ago

    This ones not funny it's just scary

  • rollthelosingdice
    rollthelosingdice 20 days ago

    nigger you a bitch

  • andi le
    andi le 20 days ago

    too real

  • Weight Free Wellness

    Hahaha... yup! #entrepreneur

  • FreeThinker
    FreeThinker 20 days ago

    LOL.....................anyone reading this do a search for eviction notice or millennial college girl temper tantrum after getting eviction notice to see a real life college grad with no future

  • Nat S
    Nat S 20 days ago

    In my country the University is free. :P

  • Sandra Dee
    Sandra Dee 20 days ago

    omG I am laugh/crying over here! I love this guy!!

  • Joshua Petruna
    Joshua Petruna 20 days ago

    amazing stuff thank for all you do!

  • Mary Lee DeMedal
    Mary Lee DeMedal 20 days ago


  • Rebekka Swan
    Rebekka Swan 21 day ago

    ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :-D

  • Charisse Renee
    Charisse Renee 21 day ago

    Some of us have to get a degree to practice our chosen careers. It's a felony for me to practice my medicine without a degree and a license.

  • Ana Sanreig
    Ana Sanreig 21 day ago

    Actually this saddens me a lot

  • KingOfShadows1500
    KingOfShadows1500 21 day ago

    ...aaaaaand time to tear this bullshit apart!

    1) 100 000$?! What kind of college did you go to?! One where the walls are made of solid gold or something? I don't live in the US (education is rather cheap here in Canada, fortunately), but I'm pretty sure that the only degrees that cost anywhere near that amount are extremely prestigious degrees from extremely prestigious institutions (a law degree from Harvard, for instance) that will get you and extremely high-paying job.

    2) Well, there's a reason why people have degrees: it's because most decent jobs fucking REQUIRED them! If you want to be an engineer, you'll need a degree. A teacher? Degree. A doctor? Degree. A lawyer? Degree. An architect? Degree. It's really logical when you think about it: how else would you receive certified training for the job? A degree isn't necessarily meant to set you apart (at least not a bachelor's); it's meant to train you and turn you into a qualified professional while also guaranteeing that you have acquired and mastered certain skills so that you future employers know that they're hiring someone who know what the fuck he or she's doing.

    3) No, you didn't earn it by paying for it. You earned it by studying and passing exams, which makes it a legitimate source of validation, because you basically indicates that you possess certain qualities and a certain potential which you have developed by training and becoming a specialist of your field.

    3.1) No one said that there are no other ways; it's just that college is a particularly widespread and efficient one.

    3.2) So innate brilliance, creativity, potential, ability, etc. can somehow give you knowledge and training? No. These qualities that you enumerated need to be honed, and college does just that. Otherwise, they're nearly useless in the professional world. I'd rather have my house built by a real, certified architect rather than by someone who's really creative and brilliant but never went to college.

    4) Fucking strawman... I wish you went to college to learn what logical fallacies are. Look, no one says that college is the ONLY way to be successful, but it INCREASES your chances of success because it opens more doors for you. Again, ''hard work, vision and creativity'' can't make you a doctor. Only a doctorate of medicine (a.k.a. formal training) can.

    4.1) Logical fallacy #2 - great! You can think of a handful of people who became successful without a degree, therefore a degree won't help you achieve success. Brilliant logic right there! I can think of successful people who are blind; does that mean that I should pour bleach in my eyes? Or maybe it means that sight can absolutely not help you become successful? Because, you know, being blind does totally not leave you with limited options or anything!

    5) Again, I don't know where that ridiculously large number comes from, but I'm pretty sure you can get a degree for far less even in the U.S. (no rhyme intended).

    6) I've heard this argument a lot and it's fucking bullshit. First, many university professors/lecturers actually DO work in their respective fields, and those who don't have done it for a long time. Besides, their job is to train students in their field and teaching actually makes them better at that than simply working in said field would.

    7) Well, this load of shit wouldn't be complete without the typical hippie argument: ''That's what society wants you to think, man! Fuck society!'' Look, the reason why you were directed towards academic success is because, as I said, academic success leaves more doors open for you; that's a fact! That's not to say that you absolutely CAN'T have a successful career without a degree, but you'd simply be much less likely to have one. The same goes the other way: a degree doesn't guarantee a job, but it makes you more employable and a better competitor in the professional world (plus, as I said, many jobs require degrees).

    8) Two things here. First, getting random information from random sources by yourself isn't the same as being taught in a methodical and structured manner by professionals who know what they're doing. Teachers/professors can explain the subject matter and make sure that you'll understand it. Also, there are things that you can't learn on your own. How the fuck would you gain access to a fully loaded chemistry lab, for instance, in order to learn chemistry?

    Second, when you take classes in college, you also have exams. When you pass the exams, it shows that you actually understand the subject matter. Therefore, whatever knowledge/skills you gain in college is formally recognized and certified by your institution, which (again, as I said) allows your future employers to know that you're actually qualified for the job. You can't just show up and say: ''Well, I read a bunch of shit online and I borrowed some books from the library, and that's why I think I'm 100% qualified to work as an accountable in your company.''

    9) I don't know why you're still explaining that a college degree doesn't set you apart; not only is it irrelevant to your argument (most people go to college in order to get professional training, not because they think college will ''set them apart''), but it's not even true: a lot of people still don't have degrees. Plus, depending on the prestige of your degree, it may very well set you apart. Get a Ph.D. in astrophysics from a prestigious university and I can guaran-fucking-tee you that you'll be the only one in your neighborhood with one. Master's degrees are not that common either. It feels like your entire video is addressing shitty useless degrees, like history of art or women's studies.

    10) That probably the most absurd fiction scenario anyone's ever imagined and thought it'd be realistic. Seriously, how many 18-year-old tech entrepreneurs do you know? All these anti-college arguments are always based on extremely rare exceptions for some reason. I'll tell you what: go to college and do your degree, and if that one brilliant idea crosses your mind and gives you the opportunity to succeed without a degree, then drop out and start your own company. But in the meantime, just study and try to pass your exams, for fuck's sake!

    • holistic nature
      holistic nature 1 hour ago

      Hah I agree that response was majorly triggered this person obviously has to much pride to admit it

    • KingOfShadows1500
      KingOfShadows1500 13 days ago

      Marina Liteyears 1) I wouldn't really call it a ''triggered response''; more like a pwnage response, really. 2) I did understand the ''humor'' in the video - it seems like you didn't. Let me explain. There are two possibilities here: a) he's using satire to make fun of the way people think about college, and b) he's emulating the people who are anti-college by using their arguments, thus making fun of them. The reason why I know that a is the right answer is because I've seen most of his videos and there appears to be a consistent pattern among them. Therefore, the ''humor'' of this video is based on making fun of college and those who support the idea of it. Yet, I'm curious to hear what you thought it was; go ahead!

      P.S. Why ''Liteyears''? Why not ''Lightyears''?

    • Marina Liteyears
      Marina Liteyears 13 days ago

      Thats the longest triggered response I have ever seen. Congrats on not understanding the humor in the video.

  • Nurse at Night
    Nurse at Night 21 day ago

    "All the interest I have to opportunity to pay" :D just perfect.

  • Eric Stillman
    Eric Stillman 21 day ago

    Things JP searches for on Google:

    how much does tony robbins make a year?
    how much is the average student loan debt?
    how to fight the illuminati
    how to recover a deleted note from iPhone
    how to raise capital for a business

  • Amir Marat
    Amir Marat 21 day ago

    Do you imply that MBA is outdated? :D

  • Danielle Pate
    Danielle Pate 21 day ago

    I've seen this video shared quite a few times, and people are very bipolar on this issue.

  • Hallie Cantor
    Hallie Cantor 21 day ago

    I'll never forget an employer saying he didn't want to hire college students because they had ego problems.

  • bryan millayes
    bryan millayes 22 days ago

    Hahahahaha!!! This man's sarcasm level is over 9000!

  • azzymj
    azzymj 22 days ago

    Satire too close to home omg

  • TreeDee71to75
    TreeDee71to75 23 days ago

    I must say, that your sarcasm whelms me.

  • Christian 78
    Christian 78 23 days ago

    $100,000 in debt? Try $300,000 for many college students.

    As a former high school teacher, I used to advise my students to go to a community college for prerequisite classes unless they had a scholarship. Secondly, I recommend only moving on with a bachelor's or higher if they knew exactly what they wanted to do and that profession required a certain degree. If they were absolutely positive that they wanted to be a doctor and had the grades/skills to do it, then bite the bullet and go to the best school available. Other than that, get a job, go to trade school, etc. There are a ton of hair dressers, mechanics, etc., who make a good living and enjoy what they do. Higher education, by and large, has become a scam to get money from naïve young people who've been told their whole life that they have to go to college. Go if necessary, otherwise stay away.

    • Marina Liteyears
      Marina Liteyears 13 days ago

      Exactly...go if you know what you want to do. Well put...but so many people think that college will show them what

  • Valente Zapata
    Valente Zapata 23 days ago

    School gives you structure & accountability: the two most difficult things to do on your own.

  • Gary Lee Hutchings
    Gary Lee Hutchings 23 days ago

    Grand master of sarcasm. Love it :D

  • Joe Tracy
    Joe Tracy 23 days ago

    College was not only a complete waste of my time and money it left me delirious from the Communist indoctrination it rammed down my throat.

  • Marc sukit
    Marc sukit 23 days ago

    Dude! you such a good actor im dying haha

  • Sounders_Fan _4_Life

    No you fool! Talking pictures will never take off! Opening a music store is a safer bet.

  • elevensixty
    elevensixty 24 days ago

    probably thinks in Celsius

  • Mechazoid5116
    Mechazoid5116 24 days ago

    College not only isnt for everyone, its for no one in its current state.

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 24 days ago

    Because after being coddled for 22 years, and given a world class education, you failed, it's societies fault.

  • Caleb Palmer
    Caleb Palmer 24 days ago

    I'm actually a Physician and I never went to college. Who needs a colonoscopy?

  • Desastr
    Desastr 24 days ago

    Considering I want to be a doctor of some sort, I need to go to college. Does everyone else need to? No. Trade schools need more emphasis in our society.

  • John Allan
    John Allan 24 days ago

    he nailed it!

  • Jan Van Biljon
    Jan Van Biljon 24 days ago

    Hahaha right in the feels 🙈

  • Paul Gorman
    Paul Gorman 24 days ago

    4:04, degree not found.

  • Mr Stiel
    Mr Stiel 24 days ago

    This just made my day.

  • Tony Chapman
    Tony Chapman 24 days ago

    This started out funny and then became too real. Now I'm just angry.

  • Coach Emily The Triumphant

    Dude, where's your flower?!

  • Krystal Star
    Krystal Star 24 days ago

    I fucking wish this kind of stuff existed before I wasted so many fucking years on a worthless piece of paper.

  • p.f. blackmon
    p.f. blackmon 24 days ago

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • valerie thomas
    valerie thomas 24 days ago

    I was what you'd call a "lifestyle" student. I decided early that I could work really hard and get "A"s and a degree, OR work not very hard at all..and get the same degree, but with lower marks. Adults I knew didn't seem to be asked about their grades, just their degrees.
    I am now 64 years old and I am please to announce that my experiment has been a huge success. Even more so when you take into account the fact that my college hobby..radio..ended up being my career. I could have just gone to broadcasting school for a year and ended up it the same place I am now..semi retired.

  • Amer Aljabr
    Amer Aljabr 25 days ago


  • Angelina Suazo
    Angelina Suazo 25 days ago

    You are right JP. My adopted sister graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, and basicly she looked good on paper, intellectually speaking, but she soon discovered that she had to enroll in yet another college, business,(to be trained for executive secretary), so that she'd actually have a career that would pay the bills. So times have changed, it's not just for snobby upper class intellectuals to go to college , it's for job training.

  • Nicely
    Nicely 25 days ago

    This is the first time I disagree with JP. He assumes the primary purpose of education is making money, rather than enlightenment. My university education got me a job - a better, higher-paying job than I could have got otherwise. But even if I didn't get a job from my education, I would still get one, and I would still go in debt for it. University opened my mind, challenged my closed-minded, indoctrinated mindset, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Yes information is freely available via google, but confirmation bias tells us that you will only learn what you want to learn, while university teaches you things that you could never know otherwise.

  • realtotherealest
    realtotherealest 25 days ago

    Laughs in 🤑 rich people !

  • Eric Lloyd
    Eric Lloyd 25 days ago

    You nailed it.

  • Destination Darie
    Destination Darie 25 days ago

    Omg! I love you,,,you always make me smile, laugh, and put things, like EVERYTHIng in perspective,,,😘😘

  • Jacob Pearlstein
    Jacob Pearlstein 25 days ago

    Funny, but not very applicable throughout most of the world.

  • michael bryant
    michael bryant 25 days ago

    Oddly enough, this morning I had a dream where you were my teacher.

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