27 PERFECT Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games 2017-2018 [ PS4 PRO/PC/XBOX ONE ]

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  • In this video we take a look at the 27 PERFECT Upcoming OPEN WORLD NEW Games 2017-2018 [ PS4 PRO/PC/XBOX ONE ]
    New Gameplay & New Trailers Full HD 1080p-60FPS...
    NOTE-THUMBNAIL upcoming 2018 PS4 PRO Game -YAKUZA 6-THUMBNAIL-21:25
    27 AMAZING Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games 2017-2018 List

    #-00:00-Rise Of The King


    #-03:36-Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

    #-04:37-Dark And Light

    #-05:22-Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    #-07:15-Escape From Tarkov

    #-08:48-Stalker: Noises of the zone

    #-10:00-Hunting SImulator


    #-11:52-Edge Of Eternity

    #-12:54-Claw Hunter

    #-14:18-Ashes Of Creation

    #-15:37-Die Young

    #-17:24-Lost Region


    #-20:49-Yakuza 6



    #-26:07-Kingdom Come Deliverance

    #-26:40-Sea Of Thieves

    #-28:21-Star Citizen

    #-30:07-Vestige Of The Past

    #-31:24-Spider Man


    #-34:02-Shadow Of War

    #-35:19-Days Gone

    #-37:14-Freeman Star Adge

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    27 PERFECT Upcoming OPEN WORLD NEW Games 2017-2018
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Comments: 413

  • chris purdie
    chris purdie 1 day ago

    clawhunter looks familiar stomping land :(

  • le1vrai1chil
    le1vrai1chil 2 days ago

    and thanks for the clickbait title... PERFECT GAMES? come on, stupid idiot

  • le1vrai1chil
    le1vrai1chil 2 days ago

    20 of these games will die very young or never be released. Everybody came up with this shitty idea of open world/ crafting/housing with shitty graphics and generic universe.... how could people devote themselves into making such lame games? can t they see that an indie developper cannot develop something that big and keep it interesting?

  • Dogmaguy74
    Dogmaguy74 2 days ago

    36:36 Ether im high or blind but he looks like james franco

  • Jexorz86
    Jexorz86 3 days ago

    Taking a realistic approach to GET STR TO MAKE GUN BETTER....pass

  • Jexorz86
    Jexorz86 3 days ago

    I havent watched this yet, but im guessing 18 of these 27 stay in early acess forever.
    also whatever the first game is, is ugly as sin. just bad all around x.x as of a month ago the stalker game dosnt even have the money it needs to finish...hard to call it upcoming....what in the world are the animations on die young... they overdid it with the whole flying horizontally through the air when you hop a short wall

  • Fabio Ryver
    Fabio Ryver 3 days ago

    """Perfect""" ?...

  • Biest
    Biest 3 days ago

    5:21 im crying!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Ryan Fro
    Ryan Fro 3 days ago

    Identity please come to console

    • Jexorz86
      Jexorz86 3 days ago

      That trailer was from 2 years ago with a total of 2 videos released by them since then. Dont even expect the game to exist. whoever made this video did not do any research on the state of these games before slapping a video togeather to get easy views. For example, That stalker game, isnt even a game, its a fan made mod for another game.

  • Kyng
    Kyng 3 days ago

    hunting simulator :')


    lol i would play identity just to be a criminal and fuck everyone elses shit up lol

  • CarlTheHuman
    CarlTheHuman 6 days ago

    I see the fighting in yakuza still sucks

    • CarlTheHuman
      CarlTheHuman 4 days ago

      +Golden Fantasy looks fine but the controls of the fighting sucks. It's like your character can't even focus on who their fighting the fighting controls in gta 5 are better. The fighting style is great but besides that it still needs some work

    • Golden  Fantasy
      Golden Fantasy 5 days ago

      What do you mean it looks fine.

  • zachary G
    zachary G 6 days ago

    stalker just looks like they made it dark so they could devote less time into enemy movement and graphics... making it seem more realistic or better than it actually is.

  • Distant Light
    Distant Light 7 days ago

    fuck hunters.

  • Paul Ok
    Paul Ok 7 days ago

    Hi my name is Jon Dick and i show you how skills work in sCum

    • angry cock
      angry cock 4 days ago

      what is hell like?
      did you meet grifith?

    • Paul Ok
      Paul Ok 5 days ago

      The three silver coins were totally worth it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • angry cock
      angry cock 5 days ago

      you raped guts...

  • Infinite LFA
    Infinite LFA 7 days ago

    Thumbnail time?

  • Koragh
    Koragh 7 days ago


  • Leonardo Torres
    Leonardo Torres 7 days ago

    most games are for pc

    • zyn1818
      zyn1818 7 days ago

      Leonardo Torres but they will probably also be for xbox

  • Gazer Gaming
    Gazer Gaming 7 days ago

    Will scum be on xbox

  • chypres89
    chypres89 7 days ago

    How do you know they are ''AMAZING'' ? ? ?

  • PiQniN
    PiQniN 8 days ago

    Sounds like i'll have to get a new job to spend all my money. Otherwise I'll be starving hahahaha

  • d kell
    d kell 8 days ago

    identity sounds lame

  • NikeHead216
    NikeHead216 8 days ago

    All these games well for sure all these games are gonna be free psn games

  • dampsalt
    dampsalt 8 days ago

    identity is going to be a huge flop, just like nms

  • Davíð Stefánsson

    why ohh wy with all that power can't they make the plants move when you run into them?

  • Demented One
    Demented One 9 days ago

    guns, fighting, hunting, killing....fukin` sick of these types of games. don`t we have enough of this shyt in real life.

    • Nepsin Feila
      Nepsin Feila 3 days ago

      Demented One er.. bro your name is demented one. isnt that up your ally?

    • elock1277
      elock1277 8 days ago

      Well action is one of the most favored genre, everything will change if the sales begin to drop and the game industry realizes we want something more whatever in the world you are into. But yeah I do agree, I don't like FPS all that much unless its BF. But I wouldn't mind playing a 3rd person puzzle solver/mystery/story rich/exploration ect game.

  • Nathan Lu
    Nathan Lu 9 days ago

    FFVII great game to remake, it's gonna be awesome.

  • Gamegirl19
    Gamegirl19 9 days ago

    12:54 Ark is that you?

  • Oink ards
    Oink ards 10 days ago

    Identity is the Matrix. A simulation within a simulation.
    Why I say it twice?
    Because our reality is just a simulation through electrical information that our minds perceive as something. Identity is like 1/billionth like that of our simulation.

    • Kris
      Kris 7 days ago

      i think in so 50-60 years we will creat our own matrix becaus vr reality

      ps: srry for my bad english :D

    • Oink ards
      Oink ards 7 days ago

      da hell
      ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

    • Kris
      Kris 7 days ago

      me too

    • Oink ards
      Oink ards 8 days ago

      I want to wake up! ARGHH!

    • Steven Kelly
      Steven Kelly 9 days ago

      calm down elon

  • Mike Kornic
    Mike Kornic 10 days ago

    i still can get over "hi My names John Dick"

  • JonnhyCZG
    JonnhyCZG 10 days ago

    Rise of the king = Rise of the tomb raider.. REDICULOUS.

  • dogsof war
    dogsof war 10 days ago

    Wolf attacks lmao what a waste of time

  • Tronhampus
    Tronhampus 10 days ago

    yaaakuuuuuza !!!!

  • TechNomad
    TechNomad 10 days ago

    Is Die Young just a Mirror's Edge mod? UI and animations look to be directly from Mirror's Edge.

  • M I Ș U
    M I Ș U 10 days ago

    Where's​ mah Gawd of War?

    • Chubby Poptarts
      Chubby Poptarts 10 days ago

      M I Ș U thats been prolonged to 2020 for GTA: 6. At least thats what skeptics and leaks say.

    • M I Ș U
      M I Ș U 10 days ago

      Chubby Poptarts or Red Dead Redemption 2 hmmm??

    • Chubby Poptarts
      Chubby Poptarts 10 days ago

      M I Ș U not an open-world shooter/game.

  • Kay Elliott
    Kay Elliott 10 days ago

    Wait wait wait so ancestors is an evolution game? Does it just keep going as humanity progresses? Because that's a badass concept for a game.

  • Keks
    Keks 10 days ago

    ARK looks way better than Claw Hunter. Claw Hunter. Looks like a Ripoff

  • TheScubaDragon
    TheScubaDragon 10 days ago

    Bro identity you can do ANYTHING. I hope it's not a let down like no mans sky because that sounds like the perfect game

  • uppercut grandma
    uppercut grandma 10 days ago

    In SCUM you play as a character who has a car cigarette lighter in the back of his head! lols

  • Yanis Charpentier
    Yanis Charpentier 10 days ago

    Infant fate basketball wggua experiment advocate tradition video electrical outside stretch

  • SavageGamingProductions

    Identity is Arma 3's Asylum life on steroids.

  • Tony Scolpini
    Tony Scolpini 10 days ago

    I love how they made escape from tarkov look like another run and gun game if anyone is interested in it look up an actual gameplay video it's a great game

  • ItzFoxz
    ItzFoxz 10 days ago

    rise of the son = bad skyrim but better then elder scrolls online i mean pirate 101

  • jhon alex
    jhon alex 10 days ago

    that Asian game though

  • EliteRiflemanOnPs4
    EliteRiflemanOnPs4 10 days ago

    The combat looks baaaad for Rise of the King.

  • HappyWheelsgamer123
    HappyWheelsgamer123 10 days ago

    cant wait for Days gone

  • StabHimNotMe
    StabHimNotMe 10 days ago

    Mafia 1 and 2

    CHAIZY 10 days ago

    why am i watching this when i can't afford minecraft

  • Reyes K1ng
    Reyes K1ng 10 days ago

    GTA for me still tHe best open online world

    • Andrew Gibbons
      Andrew Gibbons 10 days ago

      gta online is the best one by far it's got fresh content like once a month. the free roam with other players and interactions is insane

    • ball shoes
      ball shoes 10 days ago

      Jasontv then which is the best u cock nose

    • Scarbro
      Scarbro 10 days ago

      Reyes K1ng what's the best to you?

    • Jasontv
      Jasontv 10 days ago

      Reyes K1ng if you think gta is the best open world game you seriously have brain problems

  • Renato Nunez
    Renato Nunez 10 days ago

    If anyone is interested in Star Citizen keep in mind it is still in alpha. although star citizen is fun and has a decent community. It has a lot of issues the big ones being the network connection, which also is also quite brutal on those that dont have the best internet speed. Hell, even people with gigabytes speed still have issues. Although there are some guides to somewhat fix these issues, they recommend incredibly shady third party software. Another issue is that, although you can pay $45 to get into the action, you may as well put yourself at a disadvantage since there are people throwing around thousands of dollars to get the best ship.

  • Simday8
    Simday8 10 days ago

    sooo for Star Citizen, the beta isn't even out yet and wont be out till the end of 2018 or 2019, for the full game, we will have to wait till 2019 or even 2020. Make some researsh before postiong, and also, you didn't choose a good trailer.

    • Simday8
      Simday8 10 days ago

      Saaaame, soo good

    • Korey
      Korey 10 days ago

      Simday8 best trailer for me was " imagine."

  • agent 47
    agent 47 10 days ago

    i think the game identity seems pretty cool

  • More Weight
    More Weight 10 days ago

    mere forest wolves my ass i would been runnin up a tree

  • More Weight
    More Weight 10 days ago

    why tf are these videos over a half hour long

  • Luis M. Escobar
    Luis M. Escobar 10 days ago

    Dynasty Warriors 9

  • Alonzo Moore
    Alonzo Moore 10 days ago

    let's just hope they announce gta 6 in 2018

    • Jake
      Jake 10 days ago

      Just wanna know he hopes it doesn't get announced

    • Richie Vallin
      Richie Vallin 10 days ago

      Jake they're releasing red dead redemption this year if I'm correct lol. But gta 6 isn't till 2020. GTA 5 is still thriving well, and they're still releasing DLC content so it's not happening for a while.

    • Jake
      Jake 10 days ago

      Why not?

    • Richie Vallin
      Richie Vallin 10 days ago

      Nick Gray Sr. ummm whattttt???? Let me just leave 🏃🏽

    • Nick Gray Sr.
      Nick Gray Sr. 10 days ago

      Richie Vallin u sound like u know....u work for rockstar????

  • ThatPixelGuy
    ThatPixelGuy 10 days ago

    Ancestors looks so dope

  • GoldKingLion
    GoldKingLion 10 days ago

    grand theft auto 6?

    • Castielh
      Castielh 10 days ago

      GoldKingLion and if they don't bring air hockey back I'm not playing it😒

    • Castielh
      Castielh 10 days ago

      GoldKingLion that probably won't come till about 2020.

  • Yann Faure
    Yann Faure 10 days ago

    FF7 😵🌏 wow

    ÅWKWÅRD NINJÅ 10 days ago

    can't wait for identity

  • Dive Dodge
    Dive Dodge 10 days ago

    I hope these games will be playable on the original ps4

    • kapil busawah
      kapil busawah 10 days ago

      All PS4 fans work on any PS4. I got my PS4 in Dec 2013.

  • acg1092
    acg1092 10 days ago

    Rise of The King: Geralt's Fart Edition

  • FileExplorer
    FileExplorer 10 days ago

    Rise of the King looks like more of a down syndrom version of skyrim

  • Louis Faeth
    Louis Faeth 10 days ago

    rise of the king looks like skyrim I hope that it gets all the mod support that skyrim had

  • thebeardless
    thebeardless 10 days ago

    Star Citizen, coming to a game box summer 2230

  • ZerO Again
    ZerO Again 10 days ago

    First one looks like a Skyrim.

  • emilios 145
    emilios 145 10 days ago

    Date of lost region??

    • emilios 145
      emilios 145 10 days ago

      I hope some day the day z come on ps4

    • emilios 145
      emilios 145 10 days ago

      Ohyawellfuku😂😂😂😂 true

    • Ohyawellfuku
      Ohyawellfuku 10 days ago

      Been out for several years now...

      google DayZ

  • Sidney Duverneau
    Sidney Duverneau 10 days ago

    WEAVE! at 0:43

  • Mad Sin
    Mad Sin 10 days ago

    Shadow of war!!!!!!

  • GrEySkElL
    GrEySkElL 10 days ago

    Greedfall featuring "I AM MOOSE"

  • The Original Meatball

    Lol Identity is the definition of not going outside you're just living life in a virtual world

    • Dope Smoke14
      Dope Smoke14 10 days ago

      The Original Meatball pretty sure it will get boring after a while

  • LulzRoyce
    LulzRoyce 10 days ago

    that first game looked like SHIT. The wolf animations lmao. A wolf would be all over your ass it wouldnt just stand there getting shot with arrows.

  • maxulic
    maxulic 10 days ago

    Perfect? I'm seeing a lot of crap and let's not mention Star Citizen. I can't wait for the fanbois to realize that this game is a complete fraud...

  • czesiek77PL
    czesiek77PL 10 days ago

    Daubt that Star Citizen will be even in 2018

  • Matt Weatherford
    Matt Weatherford 10 days ago

    Final fantasy is soo gay smh

    • You Tube
      You Tube 10 days ago

      Retrowarrior ayy I like that comeback. well played 😂

    • Retrowarrior
      Retrowarrior 10 days ago

      he who protests too much is normally the problem he complains about

  • Nick Anonymous
    Nick Anonymous 10 days ago

    Survival gun games are always on PC, midevils dragon nerd shiii is always in consoles wtf is dis bull shit

  • tomdoc1014
    tomdoc1014 10 days ago

    fix steam EA: require games to full release within one-two years of EA release if they want to be an EA release

  • Tristian Bernier
    Tristian Bernier 10 days ago

    *Rise of the King*- wtf is this shit?
    *Scum*- Arma + Fallout mechanics but still looks like shit
    *Ancestors the humankind odyssey*- boring trailer
    *Dark and Light*- looks like Ark
    *Final Fantasy 7*- it's a remake of a classic
    *Escape from Tarkov*- Taticool
    *Stalker: Noises in the Zone*- cool game series, horrible trailer
    *Hunting Simulator*- FFS not another one
    *Hanwell*- very anticlimactic
    *Edge of Eternity*- very interesting
    *Claw Hunter*- looks promising
    *Ashes of Creation*- eh
    *Die Young*- looks boring as fuck
    *Lost Region*- Dayz
    *Rime*- Legend of Zelda style, still interesting
    *Yakuza 6*- fuck yeah
    *Identity*- Sims 4 multiplayer
    *Greedfall*- I'm confused
    *Kingdom Come Deliverance*- seems like a first person medieval fighting game...
    *Sea of Thieves*- hell yeah
    *Star Citizen*- hell yeah...
    *Vestige of the Past*- wtf is this game about?
    *Spider Man*- ok
    *Wild*- snake tits... OH BOY
    *Shadow of War*- cool game but update the engine/graphics
    *Days Gone*- WHERE IS STATE OF DECAY 2!?!?!
    *Freedom Star Adge*- looks like a cool Sci Fi game

    • Tristian Bernier
      Tristian Bernier 10 days ago

      +Mattias Petersson yeah that's true

    • Mattias Petersson
      Mattias Petersson 10 days ago

      Tristian Bernier yeah just don't buy it instantly incase the developer decides to do ditch it when they make money just like the other developers did. you never know if they're related and this is just another cash grab

    • Tristian Bernier
      Tristian Bernier 10 days ago

      +Mattias Petersson yeah it kinda does, but the games does look interesting to me

    • Mattias Petersson
      Mattias Petersson 10 days ago

      Tristian Bernier noticed that Claw hunter looks like a slightly updated The stomping land. the models are extremely similar.

    • Tristian Bernier
      Tristian Bernier 10 days ago

      lol stupid auto correct, I fixed it

  • Jak And Daxter
    Jak And Daxter 10 days ago

    Identity looks just like a new GTA. Just like GTA but with more freedom to choose. Nahhh I pass on that. The only good looking game on this video is days gone. That's it, everything else looks like shitty PC bullshit. Is this really what the next generation has to offer? This is sad, well I know I won't be missing out while I'm out overseas.

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC 10 days ago

    Wtf that greedfall..

  • juan martinez
    juan martinez 10 days ago

    Flow universal elder effectiveness management lower remarkable dad climate

  • Saganax
    Saganax 10 days ago

    The first one is the biggest clone of the Wotcher I have ever seen

    • You Tube
      You Tube 10 days ago

      Saganax those are no mere forest wolves 🐺

  • jrag1000
    jrag1000 10 days ago

    The last game Freeman was the only game that looked interesting...

  • Eethoss
    Eethoss 10 days ago

    Ancestors actually looks cool

  • CultOfPersonality091

    LOL are these Mobile games?

  • TsarTheDestroyer
    TsarTheDestroyer 10 days ago

    The open world genre is killing game all together.What is it with develepuors making all these crappy open world games !?!

  • Deep House Loving Bounce

    what a bunch of fucking moaners and cry babys, stop playing games then and go out and get eaten by a pack of wolves

  • Marcus Boyd
    Marcus Boyd 11 days ago

    how are these games perfect. are u stupid or

  • NirvanaSucks
    NirvanaSucks 11 days ago

    Gee, like I haven't seen this list done to death.

  • anthony cooper
    anthony cooper 11 days ago

    The first game looked like Garbage.....Insult to Wolves everywhere !

  • Mooski
    Mooski 11 days ago

    a new stalker game? yess

  • Abomination 2008
    Abomination 2008 11 days ago

    Games I actually want?

    Mercenaries 3
    Saboteur 2
    A new driver game thats like driver 3
    A new Midnight club
    Test drive unlimited 3
    A new Dino crisis
    A Lost planet 4 thats like Lost Planet 2.
    Fallout online
    A new Pandemonium
    A new spyro game that I used to enjoy when I was a kid
    A new Hulk game thats like Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction

    • Abomination 2008
      Abomination 2008 10 days ago

      Guess it's just me and you then Lol!

    • Shanz Rahman
      Shanz Rahman 10 days ago

      Abomination 2008 I thought I was the only one who wanted Saboteur 2

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 11 days ago

    haha look at the first game ... hahahaha

  • the King is back
    the King is back 11 days ago

    Final fantasy 7 looks good but I still haven't done 15 yet

  • omnes ludos
    omnes ludos 11 days ago

    freeman star edge 2017 й 2018 ??

  • Khodi Jenkins-Smith
    Khodi Jenkins-Smith 11 days ago

    identity looks awesome!!!

  • TheDarkGuardian
    TheDarkGuardian 11 days ago

    Identity looks like the new GTA. I will play around 98% of these shown. :D

  • NS
    NS 11 days ago

    Liked for the time stamping !!!!

  • PURE G3N
    PURE G3N 11 days ago

    Fuck it I'll wait for Red Dead

    • vicePVic
      vicePVic 10 days ago

      PURE G3N exactly what i had in mind bro

  • Aaeren A
    Aaeren A 11 days ago

    There is no official release date for Spider-Man PS4 yet. December is a placeholder date. Don't get me wrong, I think it won't come out until late 2017 or early 2018, but "december 2017" should be "TBA".

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