4 terrible things that happen to your body when you run too much

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  • LevaKinZ
    LevaKinZ 14 hours ago

    Things that can happen
    cardiac arrested
    heat stroke

  • my youtube channel !
    my youtube channel ! 19 hours ago

    your side starts hurting. that's a thing

  • ZDoubleXZ
    ZDoubleXZ 1 day ago

    A portal will open

  • Spinnyhamsters AJ
    Spinnyhamsters AJ 2 days ago


  • RantieCosplays
    RantieCosplays 2 days ago

    me: *runs away from a bloody murder*
    me: *thinks of this video*
    me: fuck.

  • Kill Yourself
    Kill Yourself 4 days ago

    When I run for more than 2 minutes straight I wish I'd drop dead

  • Fire Fashion
    Fire Fashion 4 days ago

    I thought I clicked on Legs meme....

  • creates100
    creates100 5 days ago

    the typical Costco shopper is not in danger of running too much. lol!!

  • Piggy TV
    Piggy TV 7 days ago

    but im skinny so I can only run around 100 meters

  • FishyDaGamer & Composer


  • Qu Feihua
    Qu Feihua 9 days ago

    why am I watching this? I even drive to the corner store.

  • Hey, Its me
    Hey, Its me 9 days ago

    Well,that's my life....I'm an athlete in school...I'm always chosen to run and other stuff!! (Anyways,I'm proud of myself... even though it hurts)

  • Remywoof
    Remywoof 9 days ago

    You know who else is ‚‚hitting the wall‚‚, women, after 35

  • Bromothymol Blue
    Bromothymol Blue 9 days ago

    Fevers are good, as long as they are not to high. Bacteria and viruses will go bye-bye

  • Joe Galioto
    Joe Galioto 10 days ago

    I remember my dad used to do ultra marathons. What about that??

  • ShyelightZoe
    ShyelightZoe 10 days ago


  • Simple Reine
    Simple Reine 11 days ago

    Poor guy he just wanna run

  • Luis Chilan
    Luis Chilan 13 days ago

    I clicked on the video and I got a gym ad lol

  • Grace :3
    Grace :3 13 days ago

    This is why I skipped Track and Field.

  • pokakmania asker2014

    you will be like saitama, one puuuuuuuuunch,

  • Josh Iz Vlogz
    Josh Iz Vlogz 14 days ago

    Swear they've uploaded this

  • Brick Man
    Brick Man 15 days ago

    I have 1 terrible thing during marathon:........you become................SAITAMA!!!!!!!

  • SJon Umber
    SJon Umber 16 days ago

    This game me even more reasons to hate running :)

  • Someone that likes stuff eks dee

    tell me something you can do endlessly without dying. I dare you.

  • Liger Tily
    Liger Tily 16 days ago

    Just sent this to my friend who's always pestering me about not running
    I'm not risking anything

  • Noah Garcia
    Noah Garcia 17 days ago

    You fall down.

  • Data Juggler
    Data Juggler 17 days ago

    I have run 74 days in a row as of today (4.8 miles for the last 44 days), so I run a marathon plus a couple miles every 6 days. I don't think that is as hard on the body as running 26.2 in one session. I ran a half marathon 14 years ago, and I really think that is plenty.

  • Vincent Liu
    Vincent Liu 17 days ago

    Sooooooo does this happen to the flash everyday? I wonder if his kidney is dead yet

  • Kids Paddock
    Kids Paddock 18 days ago

    How was Forest Gump able to run across the country without any harm or water

  • Kids Paddock
    Kids Paddock 18 days ago

    How was Forest Gump able to run across the country without any harm or water

  • pancake2006
    pancake2006 18 days ago

    What happens to your crush when you're in a coma XD.

  • Monet Chan
    Monet Chan 18 days ago

    OBESITY FOR DA WIN! im just joking btw

  • Edward Leiva
    Edward Leiva 18 days ago

    When I Run, My Back Hurts.

  • BaeGalaxyGirl kaksj
    BaeGalaxyGirl kaksj 19 days ago

    If u run too much you will run too much '|(``/) |`

  • Michael U
    Michael U 19 days ago

    Can't wait to experience all this in a couple hours 😁

  • Bryan P
    Bryan P 20 days ago

    i googled all the famous olympic runners and they all mostly lived to be in theor 80s and 90s. nothing to worry here guys...get outside and run your ass off.

  • blue
    blue 20 days ago

    so if you run, you get a fever. if you stop you get hypothermia? WTF

  • Username is too un-original

    Nothing pretty much beats walking.

  • Rachel E
    Rachel E 20 days ago

    Forrest ran for 2 years and he lived. Run Forrest run!

  • Fabian-Eduardo Chacon

    Well... Running is better than driving a car so ... Wait.. What Im saying has nothing to do with this video I give up.

  • chanon1211
    chanon1211 21 day ago

    if you run too much you tired

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott 21 day ago

    I love running

  • johnthethird
    johnthethird 21 day ago

    You forget that running totally destroys your joints. Runners are fuckin idiots.

  • SaveMyNiggaWendy
    SaveMyNiggaWendy 21 day ago

    Remember kids: when you run *TOO MUCH* which doesn't mean running normally, some of these are probably short-term anyways.

  • spøøky mike søcks

    Barry Allen disliked this video...

  • Rasmus Lundqvist
    Rasmus Lundqvist 22 days ago

    I don't ever run, i go for long walks instead.
    I try to walk for at least 2 hours a day, instead.
    Doesn't hurt my knees, and i get to use deep-breathing with my diaphragm.

  • Maxim Fjodorov
    Maxim Fjodorov 22 days ago

    This is why instead of running I go to McDonalds.

  • Bill lupin
    Bill lupin 23 days ago

    Doing too many situps is worse. When your six pack is too well developed, it goes from bending and supporting the spine, and pushes out the back, to form an organic methane fueled jet pack.
    People who have developed a jet pack tend to suffer from oxygen deprivation from high altitudes, causing brain damage. If someone has exceedingly ripped abs, but seems insane or stupid, he probably has a jet pack.

  • Gordon Limes
    Gordon Limes 23 days ago

    what if you were fat?

  • bethchay2000
    bethchay2000 23 days ago

    i have to run at my schools jog-a-fon 😓

  • Sinister_ADS
    Sinister_ADS 24 days ago

    when i run like a lot i get shinsplints idk why

  • Zed Mozo
    Zed Mozo 24 days ago

    you Still wanna be Like Saitama again??

  • sarah sarah
    sarah sarah 24 days ago

    this channel is just complete crapper never again will watch.......goodness..

  • Andrew Anane
    Andrew Anane 25 days ago


  • Viertes Reich
    Viertes Reich 25 days ago

    Bullshit!!! 1# should be defecating yourself while running a marathon...

  • GremPlayz
    GremPlayz 25 days ago

    Moral of the story: never go to marathon cause the danger, you know it ;)

  • Squishy101 w/ K
    Squishy101 w/ K 25 days ago

    This is why I never run.

  • Daisy Ramsey
    Daisy Ramsey 25 days ago

    I learned do much

  • Killa Catalyst
    Killa Catalyst 26 days ago

    Ahhhh my sides! 😂😂😂

  • martis martiis
    martis martiis 26 days ago

    ever heard of CELCIUS?

  • Kelly
    Kelly 26 days ago

    If you run too much you'll "run" out of energy

  • Deante Green
    Deante Green 26 days ago

    Tell this to forest gump

  • Matt Underwood
    Matt Underwood 27 days ago

    See guys, running is bad for you, eat a bag of chips!

  • Luka Saarinen
    Luka Saarinen 27 days ago

    quote coffee traveler omcckge weight debate timing inevitable.

  • Dani Bazavan
    Dani Bazavan 27 days ago

    fuck you and fuck your wrong chanel,lol...

  • Muhammad Irsyazman
    Muhammad Irsyazman 27 days ago

    thats why i dont exercise. haha

  • Kirsten At Youtube
    Kirsten At Youtube 28 days ago

    So thats why my Sides/Kidneys always hurts after running too much...😂😂😂

  • Gwyneth1d styles
    Gwyneth1d styles 28 days ago

    this channel is the grates

  • Hannah Shin
    Hannah Shin 28 days ago


  • bumbledoge boi
    bumbledoge boi 29 days ago

    Ples next time use non-retards units too lol

  • The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV

    Good thing I don't run

  • Little boy Dedoid
    Little boy Dedoid 1 month ago

    People who are thinking of running marathons or other long distance runs don't let this video put you off

    I've run about 5 marathons and am nearly 32. It's the worst feeling and there are times during that race where you just wanna collapse and die but when you cross the finish line it's in my opinion the most satisfying thing in life

    My best time is 2:58:53 and I'm incredibly proud of that however now that I've done 5 marathons whether I'll carry on is another matter! The amount of time and training I've done, it's all worth it despite the risks that can happen when running one!

    the message is just enjoy it and when you feel your gonna collapse, just keep on going because there will always be a finish line!!

  • Funky Drive
    Funky Drive 1 month ago

    How about sonic the hedgehog? He runs too much XD

  • TheRapper Blasterz
    TheRapper Blasterz 1 month ago

    I'm running 4 miles in 7th of June!! :(

  • Mr LolVidHD
    Mr LolVidHD 1 month ago


  • Dandriël Gaming
    Dandriël Gaming 1 month ago

    I think Family Guy explained that running too much isn't exactly healthy.

  • Joshua Awesome
    Joshua Awesome 1 month ago

    People here are idiots. This video didnt say why running is bad, it said about running TOO MUCH. READ THE TITLE DAMMIT.

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto 1 month ago

    Ketosis or GTFO! Carb loading is for bozo's...

  • Rembo
    Rembo 1 month ago

    stop it, you're making fat people not want to run

  • Youcef Janorten
    Youcef Janorten 1 month ago

    What happens if you run to much? Ask djurgården

  • GamingCraftedMC And More

    So if you run 3kms in a cross country, and you take no breaks is this still what's gonna happen

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh 1 month ago

    you become Savitar..

  • MicroMicro
    MicroMicro 1 month ago

    There was 666 dislikes so i disliked it a 667th time to make this video safe don't worry guys

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris 1 month ago

    "The difference between medicine and poison is often the dosage."

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 1 month ago

    Tell that to Forrest Gump

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 1 month ago

    Marathon racing shud be banned forever... no more marathon in olympics pls

  • Duch Polvorosa Films

    Hmm... 666 dislikes... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!

  • Yusra Salehi
    Yusra Salehi 1 month ago

    When ever I run (like when I am late to school) I always have pain in my kidneys

  • You Can Call Me Lancer-Saber

    *Dasi Run run run ! !*

  • J-hope's Magical Forehead

    This is what happens when you "Dashi run run run"

  • DrunkezZ Gaming
    DrunkezZ Gaming 1 month ago

    Moral of the story: don't run

  • Duke Sonic
    Duke Sonic 1 month ago

    Blake from outlast 2 should watch this video.

  • Chad E
    Chad E 1 month ago

    I don't see a point in marathons. What to honor the Athenian scout that ran 23.6 miles to deliver a message to his general that helped them conquer?

  • Diabolical Masquerade

    what the fuck, how can anybody run for 20 miles without a brake, what?

  • H Reasey
    H Reasey 1 month ago

    So what happen to my Ronaldo, poor baby

  • Adam S
    Adam S 1 month ago

    For long term damages list goes on and on lol.

  • Adam S
    Adam S 1 month ago

    10k Americans liked this video.

  • Russell VIPER
    Russell VIPER 1 month ago

    I won a marathon by driving me and paying them....

  • TheMahdip
    TheMahdip 1 month ago

    Before i watch the video, my answer is : you are going to be half bald person

  • Rango Santana
    Rango Santana 1 month ago

    Miles? Fahrenheit?

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