Emerson 32" LCD HDTV LC320EM82 Inverter Board Repair

Here is another short "HOW TO" LCD repair video. The model in this video is an Emerson 32" LCD HDTV model LC320EM82 . The TV would turn on for a second and then shut right back down. I found this one on craigslist for $40, did a little research, and found that it had a very common problem with a pretty easy fix. From what i gathered in the forums this is a pretty popular TV. I know my wife and I had thought about buying one a couple years back because the price was so cheap. REMEMBER, i have NO background in TV repair! A trained money could do this. Below is a link to the part you will need. This repair also works on SYLVANIA 32" LCD as well. PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!

Inverter Board

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Author Francisco Tellado (2 days)
Hi Christian I have a 40 inch element HDMI the model number is FLX-3710 the
blue screen came on and just went into a black screen and its stays black
do I need an inverter board also. Christian if you could help me i
appreciate this

Author Jake Kapustynski (4 months)
Hey Christian. I am getting the same problem. But after few different power
ons it comes on. So my problem is just starting. I will be getting that
fixed thanks to your video soon. 

Author David B. Vaupel (1 month)
How about a power board replacement video for this model.
I repair them & also computers & computer desktop monitors & have a friend
that's letting me repair his same model Emerson with a power green light
flashes then the red comes on & goes into the standby mode.
I believe some caps may have popped on it but haven't taken it apart as of
yet to check it,.

Author Joseph Vasquez (3 months)
I've had a 40 inch Emerson TV for a couple months now, and it's already
gone to shit. Won't turn on or anything

Author Rey Escanio (1 month)
I have an Emerson TV Model # LC195EM82 with seven vertical lines on the
left side of the screen as your looking at it. I am not sure what is
causing the issue or how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Author Tony Correa (4 months)
? 32 inch panasonic lcd went black , still have sound an can turn off an on
but turns on black screen and sound. Just no picture. 

Author Volker Roennebeck (1 month)
I have never repaired a TV in my life, but thanks to this video I diagnosed
and fixed a TV for $20. Finding the part was not easy, but there was a
replacement board for the replacement board and it worked.
My family is very impressed with my skills.

Author Macae Wanberg (1 month)
I have an Emerson LC320EM2F. While setting on the floor to dust off the
shelf the vacuum fell over and the handle hit the screen leaving a scuff
mark. Now when it is plugged in the red power light comes. When I push
the power button the red light flashes a couple of times but that is all.
Any ideas?

Author GUAYAMA21able (4 months)
Thank a lot man..... You were really helpful

Author socommercenary (2 years)
hello i have this same tv and i looked at the inverter board and notice the
fuse 4a/125 volt was blown i replaced it and pluged it in and the same
thing happen again to the fuse could this be a bad inverter problem also

Author accel123 (4 years)
This Video saved me a lot of money thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Amanda Dawson (2 years)
Thank You very much for the video, my aunt gave me this model when it went
out and she was going to trash it so I said I would store it until I could
get around to trying to figure it out. Received my inverter in the mail
today, purchased from sears, paid a little more ($115.00) but I could not
have purchased a tv for that price. It works great hooked it up in bedroom
tonight and am loving it. Thanks Again.

Author Norman Fernandez (1 year)
Hi I purchased Emerson 32" Class LCD HDTV, LC320EMXF that has the ghost
volume down problem I got it for my son dec 2009 with an extended warranty
of 3 years. What do you think is the problem and can I get parts to fix it.
If not the inverterboard then what could be the problem? Thanks Norman

Author lAciDz (4 years)
Help ! I have A sharp aquos and i got it for a 7 months now, I was just
gonna play my xbox but i turned on my pc then i get two green blinks and it
shuts down how do i fix it.. ?

Author Christine Purdy (6 months)
You are really a big help for me ....I just need the info of where to get
the inverter board please ...Thanks

Author Oscar Arauz (7 months)
Great video very instructive; I have the same exact TV but the problem is a
blue line about 2" wide in the middle of the screen, Is there an easy fix
for this? Thank you.

Author cal22583 (4 years)
hey, thanks for posting!!! fallow the link in the comment section and check
with the guy that sells me his boards. you might be better off having him
rebuild it for you. make sure you tell him you found the video on youtube!
thanks and good luck!!

Author MrFatalpkers (2 years)
Everywhere I try to order the Inverter board it says they are out of stock.
Any help on where to find it?

Author PoopInTheLoop (6 months)
I have this tv, has no video but sound. But it will play a dvd with an hdmi
cord, could it be the video connector and can this be replaced or repaired?

Author zachary ferguson (1 year)
Awesome now I can fix mine in stead of buying a new one Ty for this video

Author geoffrey walker (10 months)
Do you know how to repair defective sound boards? Im getting a similar 35
incher for free tomorrow and the soundboard is dead all other functions are
good. I think its emerson brand ill know when i get it forgot what ad said
lol im suspecting bad caps but if not im wondering if i can bypass the
sound and just use a home theater for audio as most never use those chincy
speakers lol

Author kshepler1 (2 years)
My model was a little different than yours once the back was off but the
directions were still easy enough for us to replace and now it works great!
The eBay link needs to be updated though because that one said they only
repair your old one. It was easy enough to find someone else that would
sell one though.

Author meex88hiphop (10 months)
if you open the tv you will see leaked or bulged capacitors on the power
board. if none of them look faulty, which is most unlikely, then take a
soldering iron, turn on the tv n let it turn off by itself, then heat up
the capacitors with the tip of you soldering iron, or take a hair dryer and
try to focus on a specific capacitor. when tv turns on you will know which
capacitor is dead. (one you heated last)

Author stargate9591 (3 years)
@cal22583 go to the circuit city part search website and search for
1ESA19608, that is where i found it and it is only 62.50 before shipping

Author accel123 (4 years)
This video saved me a lot of money thanks a mill MAN

Author Tai Davis (3 years)
What a great instructional video! I don't even HAVE an Emerson, I got a
Viewsonic 4:3, 21.3 inch. Upon power-up, screen stays on for about 1 sec.
Using this video I was able to take the Viewsonic's back off, locate and
remove the faulty inversion board. Now all I have to do is order the
correct replacement board and I should be in business. These monitors were
like $800~$1000 in their day, used by professionals, often multiple units.
I'll post again after the part is replaced.Fingers crossed

Author o2daR919 (3 years)
Thanx sooo much. I just had my Emerson 37" go out after 3 yrs and i read
alot about how it was probably the inverter board but no one showed what it
is or how to replace one! You saved me some money and i really appreciate

Author cal22583 (3 years)
@jkitko I heard a few people had some success finding a board on Amazon.
Might be a good place to start. Thanks for posting!

Author cal22583 (3 years)
@dennistredden it really depends on what kind of video output you have on
your laptop. if you have s-video, hdmi, or dvi out then you can get any of
those cable at walmart. if all you have is vga out then check your tv to
see if it has a vga input. hope this helps. thanks for posting!

Author Abraham Guzman (3 years)
I bought this tv on black friday :P

Author DeMon Spencer (6 months)
The same exact thing happened to my Emerson from wal mart. Stopped working
1 year and 1 month after I purchased it. They really need to stop selling
these tv's that are ripping people off.

Author cal22583 (3 years)
@KirillVova last i check it was on back order..sry :(

Author Valvarenga (3 years)
is a 32 inch really that size if it is damn its small

Author sMarg Lara (8 months)
Tengo un tv modelo LC320 EMX y el problema se identifica igual, o sea se
prende deja una senal abajo en el lado izquierdo, y se apaga. Intente
resetear pero no logro ni con control remoto xq enseguida se apaga. Favor
cual es su email xq vivo fuera de EEUU y no se si este video ayuda al
tecnico. Gracias

Author TheEldoradosBand (3 years)
How to repair a Envision L32W761 32" LCD HDTV‎ will not turn.No Light. I
got It from Staples. It Just Stopped working. Thank You

Author cal22583 (4 years)
thanks! i'm glad i could help!

Author bbjunkie1023 (1 year)
sorry I missed the bit where you repaired the inverter board, thats what
your video title says you are doing anyway

Author competitionready (3 years)
great job on the video and thanks for the information, this as saved me so
much time and probably money once i get it fixed.

Author DRCWolf (1 year)
I have the same Tv. The other day I was watching the tv and it just cut
off, will not come back on now could this be the inverter board going out?

Author RpS415 (3 years)
hi i dont have an emerson but my tv turns on with sound but no picture
would that have something to do with the inverter board also?

Author cal22583 (3 years)
@bdawg394 I repaired a TV at work with the same problem. It was a 42" LG
LCD. It ended up being a bad video board. quick and easy fix for that
brand. Not sure how easy it would be for a smaller monitor like that, or
how hard the parts are to find. I get most my parts off eBay. I wouldnt
spend to much considering you can find a new 22" on newegg for about $140.
hope this helps!

Author cal22583 (4 years)
yeah...or sell it at cost to family or friends.

Author Dennis Redden (3 years)
my 32" emerson would be kool to use with my laptop. I can't find a cable to
go from my usb to the adapter on the tv. can you send me in the right
direction and maybe i can get rid of my cable bill. thanks dennis

Author xBUNSOx (3 years)
It's on sale for 198 at walmart on black Friday, is it the same tv???

Author Aj DiLaurentis (3 years)
my son threw a pencil at my Emerson 32" tv and it showed a colorburst and
then the screen went black. Since then when I turn the power button on it
just goes from the green light to the red light and nothing happens. The
screen stays black so I don't know if it's on or not. Do u think this can b
the converter too?

Author immortal4hm (2 years)
I really really need help fixing a 15" Polaroid LCD TV model TLA-01511C

Author ntotheozmom (1 year)
I have this exact TV and it just did this. Thanks for the info. Ebay here I

Author DoroteoVilla (1 year)
Great post. I tried it on my TV and sure enough, that was the problem.

Author june beharry (8 months)
oops! I found it thanks

Author Keith Lamport (3 years)
I have the same TV but my problem is. I lost a bunch of channels and some
channels work real good with volume and other channels just a blue screen.
If I change that board out would that help

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