Emerson 32" LCD HDTV LC320EM82 Inverter Board Repair

Here is another short "HOW TO" LCD repair video. The model in this video is an Emerson 32" LCD HDTV model LC320EM82 . The TV would turn on for a second and then shut right back down. I found this one on craigslist for $40, did a little research, and found that it had a very common problem with a pretty easy fix. From what i gathered in the forums this is a pretty popular TV. I know my wife and I had thought about buying one a couple years back because the price was so cheap. REMEMBER, i have NO background in TV repair! A trained money could do this. Below is a link to the part you will need. This repair also works on SYLVANIA 32" LCD as well. PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!

Inverter Board

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Author Scratch Back ( ago)
I have the same LC320EM8, and it lasted 9yrs. If you make it past the 1yr
marker, you might be lucky and the power inverter will last 9yrs. My screen
has a black shadow shaped like a tornado in the screen. Its noticeable but
its not that bad to me anyways, for a cheap tv.

Author Borkley Cumberbatch ( ago)
I have a lc200em8,the inverter board is gone also. Why is this problem so
common with Emerson tv?

Author Borkley Cumberbatch ( ago)
I have a lc200em8,the inverter board is gone also. Why is this problem so
common with Emerson tv?

Author Cole macGraph ( ago)
This is kinda funny how you said the inverter board stops working after a
year, my Emerson TV just stopped working exactly on Christmas, literally
got that TV last year for Christmas

Author Tina Elkins ( ago)
Ok...I bought this tv 9 yrs ago and just today ran into the problem your
video was about....I love it, I'm going to fix it, sorry for all the others
that didn't get a great Emerson like I did...hope your guy still has a
board or two left...

Author Josef Ayala ( ago)
Hello! Thanks for sharing your video.. However, I have a few questions...
In base of what you determined it was the Inverter Board? Did you
troubleshoot any component before buying a new board? Just seeking to
understand your troubleshooting method. Other than that, great
video-tutorial.... 73, Joe-K4JGA

Author BDPr0ductions ( ago)
So, $60 for a board likely to only last another year, and is only 1366x768?

No thank you.

Doesn't make sense to pay that much for 12 months of NOT being full HD. I
have better luck in pawn shops. (Only stick to Samsung 500 series or
better, or smart versions of Vizio with good ratings)

I suppose if you don't have the ability to drive through a few towns and
find one where some poor Sob pawned a gift from their rich relative while
it was not even 6 months from manufacture, maybe you might consider trying
to repair a set like the one shown here.

I just picked up a similar set free, except the button panel is on the
right viewed from the front. Has same problem.

Will sell it to you for $20 if you want to fix it and use or sell it
working fully.

Same exact symptom.

Located in Guymon, OK if you are close enough to pick it up, but also
travel to Las Vegas, NV and SLC, UT a few times a year for work.

Thanks for posting the easy, but not cheap fix... 

Author MIKE TYSON ( ago)
Cure for the power board inverter Model LC320EM82S IS >>> D1940 ( FR157:
ECG506: Funai PN DLZ000RF157: leaky). This diode is a common failure for
different Fuani Models .. This is an LCD set .. Good luck I hope it helps
it worked for me :)))))

Author robert williams ( ago)
i have a emerson lcd tv model BLC320EM9A i turn it on and the green light
blinks twice then goes gren for a sec then turn to stand bye red mode what
can cause that?

Author InFaMoUsSYnDyKaT ( ago)
non of this helps me -_- i need help with makeing my damn screan fit the tv
its like longer than the tv and its an emerson tv like 30 inch

Author jeromie avery ( ago)
thanks you help alote

Author John Greer ( ago)
I just kept saying billy, billy, Billy, BILLY..............PACHING

Author Robert Gaunce ( ago)
I have an emerson tv, and last night me and a friend were playing GTA. The
TV just turned off. But it went off and will not turn back on . And the
little red light at the bottom is no longer there. I've plugged the tv into
grounded outlets that other electronics work in just fine, but It won't
turn back on?? What can I do with this? My brother bought it for me for
christmas a couple of years back, but I know they wouldn't have a receipt.
Is there anything I can do, can I even take it back. Can I call the company
and tell them their product just quit on me. 

Author mezican12 ( ago)
Emerson are horrible.

Author Francisco Tellado ( ago)
Hi Christian I have a 40 inch element HDMI the model number is FLX-3710 the
blue screen came on and just went into a black screen and its stays black
do I need an inverter board also. Christian if you could help me i
appreciate this

Author David B. Vaupel ( ago)
How about a power board replacement video for this model.
I repair them & also computers & computer desktop monitors & have a friend
that's letting me repair his same model Emerson with a power green light
flashes then the red comes on & goes into the standby mode.
I believe some caps may have popped on it but haven't taken it apart as of
yet to check it,.

Author Macae Wanberg ( ago)
I have an Emerson LC320EM2F. While setting on the floor to dust off the
shelf the vacuum fell over and the handle hit the screen leaving a scuff
mark. Now when it is plugged in the red power light comes. When I push
the power button the red light flashes a couple of times but that is all.
Any ideas?

Author Rey Escanio ( ago)
I have an Emerson TV Model # LC195EM82 with seven vertical lines on the
left side of the screen as your looking at it. I am not sure what is
causing the issue or how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Author Joseph Vasquez ( ago)
I've had a 40 inch Emerson TV for a couple months now, and it's already
gone to shit. Won't turn on or anything

Author Jake Kapustynski ( ago)
Hey Christian. I am getting the same problem. But after few different power
ons it comes on. So my problem is just starting. I will be getting that
fixed thanks to your video soon. 

Author aaron rodriguez ( ago)
I also would like to know where to get the board aswell. can't seem to find

Author Christine Purdy ( ago)
You are really a big help for me ....I just need the info of where to get
the inverter board please ...Thanks

Author DeMon Spencer ( ago)
The same exact thing happened to my Emerson from wal mart. Stopped working
1 year and 1 month after I purchased it. They really need to stop selling
these tv's that are ripping people off.

Author TheRealPotatoThatLivesLife ( ago)
I have this tv, has no video but sound. But it will play a dvd with an hdmi
cord, could it be the video connector and can this be replaced or repaired?

Author Oscar Arauz ( ago)
Great video very instructive; I have the same exact TV but the problem is a
blue line about 2" wide in the middle of the screen, Is there an easy fix
for this? Thank you.

Author QQTrick1QQ ( ago)
Just saw your other video why you didn't fix the board.

Author june beharry ( ago)
oops! I found it thanks

Author june beharry ( ago)
my emerson 32" model number where can I find it on the TV?

Author sMarg Lara ( ago)
Tengo un tv modelo LC320 EMX y el problema se identifica igual, o sea se
prende deja una senal abajo en el lado izquierdo, y se apaga. Intente
resetear pero no logro ni con control remoto xq enseguida se apaga. Favor
cual es su email xq vivo fuera de EEUU y no se si este video ayuda al
tecnico. Gracias

Author TommyLlama ( ago)
Thanks for taking the time to post your insight...Looks like same problem I
have on a LC320EM1...not sure how they differ...but it looks like the fix I
need...I'll check out eBay for inverter...I did not see link for your
supplier...but looks like older sure ill come up with something...

Author Mark Olenick ( ago)
I have a LC320EM2 with no power. Purchased 2 years ago from Walmart with
little use. No power or lights so I'm assuming it's the inverter boad. I'll
let you know. Thanks for the video.

Author geoffrey walker ( ago)
Do you know how to repair defective sound boards? Im getting a similar 35
incher for free tomorrow and the soundboard is dead all other functions are
good. I think its emerson brand ill know when i get it forgot what ad said
lol im suspecting bad caps but if not im wondering if i can bypass the
sound and just use a home theater for audio as most never use those chincy
speakers lol

Yes it was bad caps $14bucks and its fixed. And thanks for the reply
2months later lol

Author m33x ( ago)
its probably a lamp in the screen, you can replace the lamp or the whole

Author m33x ( ago)
if you open the tv you will see leaked or bulged capacitors on the power
board. if none of them look faulty, which is most unlikely, then take a
soldering iron, turn on the tv n let it turn off by itself, then heat up
the capacitors with the tip of you soldering iron, or take a hair dryer and
try to focus on a specific capacitor. when tv turns on you will know which
capacitor is dead. (one you heated last)

Author GorillaJ29 ( ago)
I don't know were to find your email but if you could help me out it looks
like theres the same problem with my 26 in envision lcd tv its doing the
exact same thing im wondering if It could be the same fix and if so were
could I get one of these inverter boards thanx my email is the model # is L26w761

Author hoodydowdy ( ago)
the same things happens with my Dynex LCD 32, but now it won't go on at
all. Is there a difference between an Inverter Board and a Backlight
Inverter Board?

Me2 bro! My phillips comes on then off but if i press the button 15, 20
times it will stay on???? If the board was bad would the tv even power on
at all?

Author pat gaudet ( ago)
I have the same problem but with a 26in have any thoughts

Author Tommy Fleming ( ago)
I have the same issue with my Sylvania, only, after about 50 to 60 attempts
my TV will eventually come on and stay on....its just i hate having to
start trying to turn the TV on an hour before I actually want to watch
something, would an inverter board repair my issue as well?

Author tormentaz92 ( ago)
Puras mamadas pinche caga ledge

Author bbjunkie1023 ( ago)
sorry I missed the bit where you repaired the inverter board, thats what
your video title says you are doing anyway

Author BboyRipZx ( ago)
Thats not 32"

Author oscar cartin ( ago)
hey i have the same problame did you ever fine out what it was..

Author thedcwards ( ago)
Friends gave their emerson LC320EMA2. They thought only needed a new
remote. I bought 1 of the more expensive remotes which did not do a thing.
Buttons on the TV itself did not work, he could not get it to go to channel
3 or 4. It will go to video & you can watch videos on it. So we know it has
a picture and sound. Does this TV have to have the original remote that
came with or will another remote from emerson work, or is there something
we have to repair? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Author Terry Devlin ( ago)

Author Terry Devlin ( ago)
Can you help me. I loved your video excellent job. ok My problem is. I have
black line side to side. on my Emerson LC320em82s same one you show in
video. Everything works I can seen thru black line with is like 6 inches
high at bottom to top. And when a lighter picture comes on I barely seen
it. Is that the invert board. please help and let me know at Thanks so much

Author zachary ferguson (999 years ago)
Awesome now I can fix mine in stead of buying a new one Ty for this video

Author Razzmey Ith (298 years ago)
so i have a problem with my emerson 26" lcd hdtv LC260EM2 my t.v. will not
turn on and i saw there was a blown fuse and replaced it but it still
doesnt turn on. there is usually the red light to show its on stand-by but
that does not come on any more. my fuse is a 4a/125v. any suggestions?

Author ekim9289 ( ago)
Mine is a GPX model 2210 LCD tv. It comes on but no screen.It does have
sound though. Do you think its the inverter board?

Author rrey0456 ( ago)
What forums did you use?

Author Ricangal ( ago)
I lost power during the night and now the TV won't power up, not even the
red light comes on. Would that be a fuse ?

Author Chad Harvey ( ago)
Any ideas if the replacement board is as susceptible to going bad as the

Author jennymcc1967 ( ago)
I have the same 32" Emerson that I bought at Walmart on Black Friday for
$188. It worked great for 7 months then started doing exactly what you said
yours did. Could you please exactly which inverter board to get. I went to
the link you provided but didn't know which one to get. I believe with your
video, I could do it myself.

Author joe mcCauley ( ago)
Thats not a 32" tv my 17" is bigger then that

Author Faruque Khan ( ago)
Hello, I bought LC320EM2F on black Friday in 2011. But just plug it in and
was doing great. BUT after about 45 minutes - it just went off - like
electricity just went out. And it wouldn't show any sign of power. Would it
be the same inverter box? Thanks

Author DoroteoVilla ( ago)
Great post. I tried it on my TV and sure enough, that was the problem.

Author Harry Jerome ( ago)
ok I have a emerson model LC320EM1F no power what so ever.would that be the
inverterboard ?

Author SD11 ( ago)
I am so disgusted with emerson. I have only had my Emerson 32" tv for about
4 months and I am having the same problem. Walmart won't take it
back.Emerson is stating I should have read the manual and that they only
cover the parts and not the repair. They want me to pay $80 dollars. Even
Walmart doesnt know what they are talking about. I feel like I've been
cheated. From what I've read lots of Emersons have the same problem. They
should have fixed it by now! I'll never buy another one.

Author Victor Nava ( ago)
i have a emerson 19in lcd model # lc195emx. it wont turn on i think its the
inverter board but i dont know how to replace it its different then the 32
in .

Author Daniel Depina ( ago)
iight so i have a emerson tv 32 inch LCD model BLC320EM9B and i have the
same problem but cant find the inverter board no were ...can u help me find
the inverter board for the model i clicked ur link on ebay and couldnt find
it can u find it 4 me and give me the link it would be greatly appriciated

Author usmcdangfold ( ago)
where to get a inveter board?

Author chino4858 ( ago)
The link you provided to the Ebay seller, does he fix the board or does he
send you a new/refurbished one?

Author afghanballer2003 ( ago)

Author afghanballer2003 ( ago)
Yo does anyone know a good tv for games

Author trevor sullivan ( ago)
my tv likes to start out with black on the screen then turn green then
turns white and wont let me do nuthing with it anyone know what the hell is
wrong with it?

Author Norman Fernandez ( ago)
Hi I purchased Emerson 32" Class LCD HDTV, LC320EMXF that has the ghost
volume down problem I got it for my son dec 2009 with an extended warranty
of 3 years. What do you think is the problem and can I get parts to fix it.
If not the inverterboard then what could be the problem? Thanks Norman

Author D. J. Tanner ( ago)
Just bought a 32" Magnavox tv/DVD combo from Kmart for $299.00. I thought
the price was great. Got a extended 2 year warranty for $30.00. I hope I
have good luck with it. So far it's a great set for the money. Have you
repaired many magnavox's before?

Author Seiferous ( ago)
Well the question i have is that im having the same problem aswell, buit
the size of mine is much larger than yours. So does it matter what kind of
inverter board that i place in it ?

Author Amanda Dawson (1942 years ago)
Thank You very much for the video, my aunt gave me this model when it went
out and she was going to trash it so I said I would store it until I could
get around to trying to figure it out. Received my inverter in the mail
today, purchased from sears, paid a little more ($115.00) but I could not
have purchased a tv for that price. It works great hooked it up in bedroom
tonight and am loving it. Thanks Again.

Author Ramon Banda ( ago)
This is also a problem with the lc320oem1 tv's they use the BA01F4F0103 1-A
Inverter boards

Author angel garcia ( ago)
well what if it wont turn on at all and the light stayes red?

Author Chak Pang ( ago)
Thanks for the video and idea. Had the same problem with my Sylvania 32"
LCD/DVD combo. Capacitors look good. Ordered the inverter board. Replaced
it and it's now working.

Author socommercenary ( ago)
hello i have this same tv and i looked at the inverter board and notice the
fuse 4a/125 volt was blown i replaced it and pluged it in and the same
thing happen again to the fuse could this be a bad inverter problem also

Author Mari Uwishucould ( ago)
I have a emerson lc320em1f and it stop working exactly on the year mark we
did the buying and installed the new inverter board and still does the same

Author kylebh10 ( ago)
Thanks a lot man, Emerson's customer service is a joke, I'll try this out!

Author ps3tna ( ago)
It seems weird that this TV has this problem because i have an Emerson HDTV
and from what i can gather mine is a cheaper model than this one and mine
is still working after over 3 years with only slight problems.

Author immortal4hm ( ago)
I really really need help fixing a 15" Polaroid LCD TV model TLA-01511C

Author ablurrd1 (1611 year ago)
I am having a Problem with my Emerson 32 inch T.V. Model # is LC320EM1F, it
Shut Off and has Not been turned On again, No lights NOTHING. Can you
PLEASE Help Me? I purchased it almost a year ago but it has not worked for
some time just put it away till now. Thank You.

Author gjshreve ( ago)
Can you show me how to replace the main board on the Insignia LCDTV32. and
where to get the part. Many people have the same problem- tv turns after a
few minutes on. The inverter board has already been replaced and did not
fix the problem

Author antonio5699 ( ago)
Ive baught mine at walmart on black friday ast year and it does the same

Author randall feist ( ago)
where do i get a inverter board

Author hoopfan71 ( ago)
I just got a free one of these tvs in excellent condition - power surge
blew the fuse. I replaced fuse on the power supply (about 80 cents at Radio
Shack), hoping that no other damage had been done, and the tv fired up :-)

Author Pizzaboyzmvp ( ago)
Mine doesn't even turn on! It buzzes like hell and does nothing else!

Author Tai Davis ( ago)
What a great instructional video! I don't even HAVE an Emerson, I got a
Viewsonic 4:3, 21.3 inch. Upon power-up, screen stays on for about 1 sec.
Using this video I was able to take the Viewsonic's back off, locate and
remove the faulty inversion board. Now all I have to do is order the
correct replacement board and I should be in business. These monitors were
like $800~$1000 in their day, used by professionals, often multiple units.
I'll post again after the part is replaced.Fingers crossed

Author Aj DiLaurentis ( ago)
my son threw a pencil at my Emerson 32" tv and it showed a colorburst and
then the screen went black. Since then when I turn the power button on it
just goes from the green light to the red light and nothing happens. The
screen stays black so I don't know if it's on or not. Do u think this can b
the converter too?

Author muffdiver2013 ( ago)
mine has this red laser that goes right down the screen on the left annoying any ideas?

Author SlugNation ( ago)
So I have a KDS 19' Rad-9 LCD computer monitor, and one day the screen
didn't turn on. It would still turn on and show up on other computers I
hooked it up to, but it was just always black screen. So I took it apart,
and shined a light where the back lights are, and I could see an image. I
have two backlights, each with two florescenty tubes, so I doubt they all
broke at the same time.... Its the inverter board right? Do I need a new
one of that exact kind?

Author TheEldoradosBand (1803 years ago)
How to repair a Envision L32W761 32" LCD HDTV‎ will not turn.No Light. I
got It from Staples. It Just Stopped working. Thank You

Author suga21r ( ago)
Hi, we bought the same tv like this for $30 from someone and we don't have
any manuals. Can you tell me what model this is? Because I think I will
need to get the same parts we had the same problem. Thanks

Author RpS415 ( ago)
hi i dont have an emerson but my tv turns on with sound but no picture
would that have something to do with the inverter board also?

Author cal22583 ( ago)
@o2daR919 I'm glad the video helped. Thanks for posting!

Author cal22583 ( ago)
@eggsandham11 Sounds like the exact same problem I had with this tv.

Author Kotze Petkov ( ago)
hi i have an emerson hdtv and when i turn the power on it turns right off
would that be the inverter board problem

Author o2daR919 ( ago)
Thanx sooo much. I just had my Emerson 37" go out after 3 yrs and i read
alot about how it was probably the inverter board but no one showed what it
is or how to replace one! You saved me some money and i really appreciate

Author Abraham Guzman ( ago)
I bought this tv on black friday :P

Author cal22583 ( ago)
@sexyoreo6630 Thanks!

Author Sharlene Chamberlain ( ago)
great video man dosnt get any better then this

Author alex200589 ( ago)
@cal22583 i buy a cable hdmi to dvi-i and a buy adapter dvi to vga i dont
know if dvi-i have something to do

Author cal22583 ( ago)
@alex200589 Do you have s video? If not i just bought a HDMI to vga cable
ebay that works well.

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