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Author Fridaysmyday (3 years)
@Allexxx96Reloaded No engine has failed on the V-22 Osprey, it's the same

Author Tomas Ferreira (4 years)
is it possible for an aircraft to fly as fast as a plane without wings?

Author bone1198 (2 years)
Looks like a mini version of the five person VTOL jet

Author splotsplot (1 year)
Can't see how it was able to pitch and yaw.

Author mander1141 (4 years)
Thumbs down. Looks like another Osprey disaster in the making.

Author hillberg100 (4 years)
A sand plaster at best,Animation makes any stupid idea work

Author Ulises548 (3 years)
It could turn off the good engine as soon as the problem is detected.

Author mowgli2071 (5 years)
Two seats. It's your very own "mile-high-club-mobile". Assuming autopilot
is available, naturally. "Sex in a hot air balloon? How quaint. Got
something a little more snazzy, honey!"

Author James Austin (3 years)
but will it blend?

Author pytoche (4 years)
Great concept, very unusuall and the animations looks so real!!!!!!!
Assuming: Gross Weight: 1300 lb. Propeller Diameter: 4 ft. Prop efficiency:
75% rpm rounding 5000. Sea level density. You will need 550-SHAFT HORSE
POWER ENGINE on each wing!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a 6 foot propeller at 3600 rpm.
The engine power needed is near to 400 HP each wing, so i am not shure if
coanda effect helps you here....

Author kawikahokulani (1 year)
Here is a thought. Since helium is lighter than air, why not improve the
overall performance of virtually any aircraft by filling all unoccupied
voids with helium? Lighter weight and improved power-to-weight performance.

Author tiltrotorcoaxialheli (4 years)
yaay high disk loading

Author JooKan (2 years)
it is

Author BALAZSER1 (4 years)
We have been able to do that with force fields since 47.

Author Craig Ash (1 year)
NIce Concept, keep up the good work on technology integration and redundant
lift for safety. It appears that with the right blend of lift mechanism and
efficient power this craft would be and ideal personal vehicle for many.
Great Job...

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