Cinco De Milo Event: Milo MAJOR ANNOUNCMENT Event in MIAMI Florida 5-5-17

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  • tubebility
    tubebility 1 month ago

    Starts @ 1:13:50

  • Karen Marie
    Karen Marie 1 month ago

    8 minutes in with nothing but a music loop, gave up.

  • TheRichie213
    TheRichie213 1 month ago

    Why do you new generation people look up to this joto?

  • Mustafa zzstu Mahfoudh

    a one hour and a half minute video for a 5 minute speech

  • Electrik Sapphire
    Electrik Sapphire 1 month ago

    a white man with 3 shirtless sambos in the back....what the fuck is this shit?

  • K Arnaud
    K Arnaud 1 month ago

    The Boa, though a reptile,  is a living animal, not a fashion accessory.  I guarantee that the snake was not as entertained by the party spectacle as was Milo.  Boas are quite sensitive to the hyper activity, noise and excessive harsh handling...  Not to mention that the snake was exposed to the chemicals in the hair spray.

    One poor choice after another, I'm afraid.

  • nick van achthoven
    nick van achthoven 1 month ago

    this glorious, glorious faggot

  • vicious0111
    vicious0111 1 month ago

    What is this a publicity stunt or a desperate act of not to loose his credibility in the public.What a bunch of attention whores 1:27

  • Lino Di Poce
    Lino Di Poce 1 month ago

    Milo, full of more crap than any tone else on the planet and he knows it. What is in store for Milo in the end, anti depressants.

  • C.D. Random
    C.D. Random 1 month ago


  • don7777s
    don7777s 1 month ago

    I don't have a problem with him, but come on. He isn't a god

  • Truth Time
    Truth Time 1 month ago

    i love you Milo!!!! Keep doin youuuu!!!

  • Truth Time
    Truth Time 1 month ago

    I loved the isreli flag woooooooooo

  • Ultraspontane
    Ultraspontane 1 month ago

    What the fuck is this shit?

  • mark belluo
    mark belluo 1 month ago

    What is the point of this

  • CristianV88
    CristianV88 1 month ago

    Uh... this looks more like Dr. Frank N. Furter and his band of ass kissers. Milo has truly fallen from grace.

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 1 month ago

    This guy is Gay as Fuck. And Conservative as Hell. Driving the left more insane then they already are.

    • Jmo Bello
      Jmo Bello 1 month ago

      This guy isn't even conservative. The National Review is conservative and they rip him to shreds. He's like a libertarian I guess.

    • Truth Time
      Truth Time 1 month ago

      we need more and more gats like you to stand up for free speech and speak out against the left cult

    • J Norton
      J Norton 1 month ago

      Joshua White So am I.

  • smokey347
    smokey347 1 month ago

    Why does he have to appear holding a snake?
    Disturbing, to say the least. WTH!?

    • Hannelore Tepper
      Hannelore Tepper 1 month ago

      I know. That really creeped me out. Put that poor snake back into the wild.

    • Joe Marshall
      Joe Marshall 1 month ago

      he's gay

    • Prince Tucker
      Prince Tucker 1 month ago

      smokey347 He is channeling Britney Spears. It's not a good look for him though.

  • catwalk33
    catwalk33 1 month ago

    *so pathetic lmao. he has like 10 people there lmao. its sad to see him not realize he's pretty much done. conservatives will not hire him anymore. and liberals dont like him either. he's done*

    • Truth Time
      Truth Time 1 month ago

      hes not done you hater bitch. Hes doin more than you

  • Angela Bullard
    Angela Bullard 1 month ago

    My "head's up" for College Students: I went to College when I was 30. I was already married with 2 sons. I had worked my entire adult life.  I majored in Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies back when that was a new thing. However,I was appalled by what they tried to teach me.
    I sat through their classes and nodded my head, but inside I was seething. I concealed my opinion amid the quasi-truths. I shut my mouth in the face of liberal propaganda that I KNEW wasn't true. I towed the Liberal Line in order to earn good grades. That is what Conservative College students are FORCED to do in today's Liberal Controlled Academia.

  • Chelsea Mercedes
    Chelsea Mercedes 1 month ago

    The bitch is back ❤️😏

  • Dora Garcia
    Dora Garcia 1 month ago

    good to see u milo

  • Oh yeah
    Oh yeah 1 month ago

    That's a dangerous faggot!

    • F F
      F F 1 month ago


  • Spooky Kid
    Spooky Kid 1 month ago

    Milo's a rockstar! 🤘 He finally shows up at 1:13:00 with that just fucked look, but I still love him! ❤

  • RockerGuy0001
    RockerGuy0001 1 month ago

    Fuck that faggot. I waited for his live speech, still nothing. Just like Berkeley, you're a ghost. Nigga, you losing my respect.

    • Cheesus Saves
      Cheesus Saves 1 month ago

      Patience my son, the patriarchy wasn't built in a day.

    • curtis rohling
      curtis rohling 1 month ago

      He had fans cause of the over the top antics.

    • Prince Tucker
      Prince Tucker 1 month ago

      RockerGuy0001 His antics are over the top. I thought after all the controversy he would be a little less edgy. This was his moment to show the world he was serious about his career again, but he fell short. He will definitely loose more fans after this.

    • The Cats Pyjamas
      The Cats Pyjamas 1 month ago

      You're right rocker, taking the fucking piss here, why broadcast this shyte beforehand? Here to see Milo not this fucking shit.

    • Stephen W
      Stephen W 1 month ago

      fuck off then

  • LordClydeofOMAR
    LordClydeofOMAR 1 month ago

    Milo has been having sex with so many black guys that he's showing up late to his own events!

    • Stranahan
      Stranahan 1 month ago

      Actually, that's not even true…PR

  • Mario Maldonado
    Mario Maldonado 1 month ago

    free speech? I Know some Patriots who will be serving up some free knuckle sandwiches

    • mad 1976
      mad 1976 1 month ago

      Mario Maldonado Milo said on drunken peasant show that it's OK for 13 year old to have sex with people are age 29 year old.dude that pretty fucking creepy sick. you need to find a different leader.

  • Rebecca Cantrell
    Rebecca Cantrell 1 month ago

    Patriarchy is really the control of men by other men. Women are often only pawns in the game but the resulting communication problems make it hard for women and men to work out their differences. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • canitka ptulos
      canitka ptulos 1 month ago

      Stephen W the world is going backwards

    • Stephen W
      Stephen W 1 month ago

      Patriarchy is awesome. Fuck feminism.

  • Emileewootenful
    Emileewootenful 1 month ago

    Love Milo, but wait an hour for a brief comment?!? He's suing his publisher and doing a free speech week at Berkeley. That's all Folks.

    • Truth Time
      Truth Time 1 month ago

      also hes releasing his book next week and going on a new tour called troll academy. Thats a lot of announcements. Hes gone through a tough career blast and doesnt seem to be taking it well, cut him some slack..

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith 1 month ago

      staged. I will not follow the demented mind of a homosexual .

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