avast! Internet Security 5 for Free (License File)

"Download link : "

This video is a relatively simple video showing you on how to get the newest edition of avast (avast! Internet Security 5) for free, absolutely no charge.

Please note that this is video is for educational purposes only, this method of obtaining license files is illegal (software piracy), if you really like the software support Alwil Software by buying this incredible anti-virus. Or download the free edition.

The song is Diesel Not Petrol by Sukh Knight.

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Author YourPCSolutions (4 years)
@PatIsLucky its not a license file now, its a crack.

Author Radiance (4 years)
Fake And Gay

Author Erwin Rasubala (4 years)
license key works fine with me ... but the crack's site is unable to open
??? anyway, which is better using license or crack ? thanks before !

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
explained in the video, dont ask stupid questions

Author Numan Ahmed (5 years)
hmmm how about u just download a working license file FOR us from utorrent
or whatever, and THEN upload it to RAPIDSHARE, how hard is that, why make
us find it?!?!!?!?!??

Author dalester23 (4 years)
@TheTornadoProduction try this torrent program called bitlord google it and
download it, it should work fine if not last resort is azureus thats what i
use, i used to use bitlord

Author DominikGP (5 years)
I'm not affraid to donwload a torrent actually I download torrent now and
then. I mean it isn't safe because if someone messes with that file before
you get it it could make avast download lists and other stuff from a
different server. Then you wouldn't have a secured antivirus.

Author coke383 (3 years)
@acanintendo fuck thanks for telling me i aint download now

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@DominikGP no its pretty safe... and as a tech guy i know that it is safe,
and in which way are you thinking this is unsafe?

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)

Author zax808 (5 years)
sounds like your just affraid to download a torrent, grow a pair man!

Author magombre (4 years)
@YourPCSolutions and again u are not answering! does it work ?

Author Sumit Dhiman (4 years)
@Mercdog4 aahhahahaaha this song name i also want to song...

Author NomenNescioNY (4 years)
The license files floating around on P2P are all bad or about to go bad.
This is good software - buy it, support the programmers ability to put food
on their kid's table.

Author NomenNescioNY (4 years)
@PatIsLucky NO, the license file does NOT work. You'll get an error 2.0 and
it will reject the file. It's not like this software is super expensive.
Why would you trust a cracked anti-virus to protect you. That's the height
of stupidity, and for those of us who use their PCs for more than gamez,
it's an unconscionable security faux-pa.

Author missousw (4 years)
hahahahha any one can know this solution

Author Xweart (4 years)
So I just patch this crack file to avast and it will maintain 30 days
forever right?

Author dalester23 (4 years)
@TheTornadoProduction then your computer sucks

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
because license files can easily get blacklisted, i would have to upload
new ones every week + i will provide links to licnese files when available

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@jerenator69 i must tell you hands down avast will win, i also fix
computers, and when i do, i always put avast on them. norton is a garbage
piece of software, they charge you like 60 bucks and it doesnt even do its
job properly, alwil develops amazing software, avast ftw

Author kitcarproductions (4 years)
ok i downloaded all three the avast, the torrent, and utorrent. i installed
avast from the torrent, ran the patch and rebooted. i open up avast and it
says running in trial mode. did i do it right? running Windows 7 on a
Gateway NV53 W/ AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHz

Author hachimiful (3 years)
the song name is [009 sound system with spirit okay enjoy]

Author hayorabba (4 years)
hey can u plz tel me diz music name..???? i lyk diz music....

Author magombre (2 years)
lol grow up and read some books kid.. just because it's a crack doesn't
mean it works tard rofl..

Author Thebesthowtoguide (4 years)
just go to my channel no surveys and expires in 2025 and its crack so wont
be blacklisted btw bro nice song like it

Author Marcus Casas (4 years)
@jacobjoseph954 i don't have that either. time to find a new antivirus
then. XD

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@UnlawfullyAtLRG u mad bro? and relax i never said it was easy, i know what
im doing, i will link any license generators if they come it, and i never
said it was easy to crack, get your shit straight and learn how to read

Author TheVirusChecker2 (4 years)
sound name?

Author Alejandro Riesco (5 years)
Yeah, i can't give up with this shit... cause Avast IS in my perosnal
opinion y just the best kicking da shit of virus out

Author irejfa (4 years)
and as always it seems 2 be out of d8 so ya not working now

Author ronin3724 (4 years)­ast--Internet-Security-v5.0.59­4.rar.html
crack until 2020

Author hitman7112 (5 years)
Amanda Kuhnle license File is blacklisted, and all the keys I found on the
internet are from the same person. Fuck that im not going down without a

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@jerenator69 yes.

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
i agree :)

Author Amine El-Mohri (5 years)
hey can you tell me what is the song name

Author MrMatija26 (4 years)
@jacobjoseph954 haha

Author Erki Pant (4 years)
what is the song name??? its not Sukh Knight - Diesel Not Petrol like
description says

Author 001andyroberts (4 years)
get Avast! Internet Security Pro 6.0 for free, valid until 2050, go to

Author Linkbomber1 (5 years)
@NLHackingTeam Could you please send me it?

Author blueberdrage (4 years)
I did this and got a subscription to 2015. But after I shut down my
computer to go to bed and turned it back on in the morning, it says my
subscription ends in august 2010. Help? Do I have to reinstall?

Author Ed1H3r0 (4 years)
arent u the smart guy xD

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
in description

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@IllegalMavamaarten you can crack everything, its possible to crack your
table in half, its possible to crack youtube, is it impossible? no... is it
hard? yes..

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
thats why u download from legit crackers :)

Author ImNotAGod0 (5 years)
its safe as long as you only use the license file and not run any
executables within the downloaded torrent.

Author YourPCSolutions (4 years)
@SocksAreEverywhere i did answer the question, its no longer a license
file, its a crack.

Author sarbjot singh (3 years)
@001andyroberts this is cool>>>

Author YourPCSolutions (5 years)
@MrAlbania4life in the description

Author DominikGP (5 years)
Like I said before, this is not safe and you as a tech guy should know that.

Author Raging Erection (5 years)
liscense file is blacklisted now anyways. the file is by amanda something
or something. the name starts with A and now it''s black listed. currently
using avg now

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