Sometimes fans get bored of watching so they make there own entertainment......

baseballcrazys channel.

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Author MottlyPlays ( ago)

Author mk Mubarik Khatri ( ago)
very happy

Author Eric Wadowsky ( ago)
Nothing funny about the girl in the thumbnail grabbing guys. A man would have been arrested and made a sex offender if he had done the same to a women's team.

Author Dunkin Bros ( ago)
Man some of these are funny

Author 33 ( ago)
The fact that Diaz tripped a fan shows he's a piece of shit.

Author aidan diyaaldin ( ago)
what is deadpool doing

Author Lilith B ( ago)
damn streakers

Author Will M ( ago)
3.3 million views and 384 comments come on

Author chuong nguyen ( ago)
This is best soccer game that i have ever played ! You all you be total love it like me:

Author Rand Bryan ( ago)
Want to gamble safely online? Go to 👉 gamblewithease. com

Author Luna Crybaby ( ago)
And his name is JOHN CENAAAA!

Author Luna Crybaby ( ago)
0:29 and his is JOHN CENAAAA!!!

Author Art of Peek-a-Boo style ( ago)
The attitude of Americans is over the top! So aggressive

Author Cass Ripley ( ago)
if the girl grabbing the baseball team butt was a guy grabbing girls but he would have gotten arrested so fast

Author Bill Jenkins ( ago)

Author Ash Jay ( ago)
This cracked me up😄😄😄

Author MasonAMinerPro Videos ( ago)
in the description, you said there not their

Author Angry Flamin Gamin ( ago)
Pause at 0:09
Explain what would happen if the genders were swapped feminists.
And then tell me what would happen to the woman touching the man...

Well, I'm waiting.

Author Rane Hall ( ago)
the first one that man was fucking atupid and he had no right to tackle him like that

Author Marc Brutus ( ago)

Author Cat Poop Ninja ( ago)
roses are red vilots are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you

Author Nelson Montana ( ago)
Funniest? More like the biggest assholes.

Author Huddah Huddah ( ago)
Any Phillies fans in the comments? Your fanbase is awesome.

Author LUKE VALASEK ( ago)
What a giants fan at 2:05

Author DA Champs of Mile High ( ago)
There were four instances this NFL season alone where fans were on the field.

Author Im xXAldnoahXx ( ago)
"Save the women and children first!"


Author Cohen Slater ( ago)

Author Zach Gauvin ( ago)
2:12 it's kinda funny but it's fucked up they should let the players play the game

Author Marvic Bclili ( ago)
I want that white BBW in the intro XD

Author Jay Evans ( ago)
This is clickbait as the thumbnail didn't show up in the video 😡😡

Author Joep van Ginneken ( ago)
sport is the most important thing in the world! with aggression. humor is at the bottom.😢

Author 777AH 777AH ( ago)
Ohh man the Kimbrel one made me laugh so hard,

Author Madden Highlight ( ago)
why were the phillies fan cheering when he strucl out the phillies batter?

Author Imichael Lusk ( ago)
These are so cool like of so to😎😎😎😎😎

Author TrollerPlayz - Minecraft and More! ( ago)

Author George Buyers ( ago)
This was lot

Author SK_The_Legend ( ago)
That was the first Ohio state game I went to and I saw someone get slammed

Author TexanHick01 ( ago)
I'm a die hard braves fan but Kimbrel pitches like a fucking retard good god

Author Manuel Alvarez Gonzalez ( ago)
f gmf

Author Ann Edgington ( ago)
that coach got a be kicket out of the leage for that stupid idot

Author DanDan TheKage ( ago)
Philly fans deserve a better team hahaha that was great

Author Craper33 on roblox ( ago)
He used panzoid to make his intro witch I was too

Author Colby Walker ( ago)
The last two were the best

Author Amire Rouse ( ago)
wat was the intro music

Author sports fan82 ( ago)

Author mike smith ( ago)

Fuck your music

Author Beautiful leaves ( ago)
i would run on the field with a fold up chair and a container of popcorn sit in it and ask the players if they wanted any but im going to do it when im like 65 so i have a chance at not getting arrested they'll be like look at the little old lady eating popcorn then im going to throw my dentures on the field run of the field hop on my motorcycle and get outta there

Author Adonna Johnsom ( ago)
you are not sure if this is not sure if this works

Author Some Otaku ( ago)
Don't you hate it when you're just chillng and someone pushes you into a pool?

Author DJ Dabis Fleek ( ago)
What they say about the pink guy can now be said to this red silky guy

Author Adyn Lienke ( ago)
That must off hurt getting your bare PENIS getting dragged on the ground

Author Железный Прогноз ( ago)
Только открыл канал с прогнозами Кому интересно заходите Буду благодарен за поддержку

Author Kbane321 ___ ( ago)
Panzoid intro I believe

Author thelightgamer 33 ( ago)
This channel fucking socks 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Author HailToDStorm ( ago)
Omfg you're intro is ear rape cancer

Author AQUA BOMBS ( ago)
I don't think you have the right to slam some one just because they ran onto the field wtf I get it you gotta stop them but if you get them they stop then you trip outta rage your life sux ..

Author Brandon Dirks ( ago)
10 years old??? more like 4 or 5

Author Nadia Hrecinic ( ago)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Author Adam Vapnar ( ago)
The intro is so loud

Author Valerie Vasquez ( ago)
The little kid is so cute

Author Alucard Hellsing ( ago)
2:39 lmaoooo

Author Hawk DA Bear ( ago)
The guy doing that monkey pitch thing has WAAAAY too much power and no control in his throw

Author Monica Hankins ( ago)
What's wrong with a friendly game of grab ass? Only guys can do that?

Author Mista Brista ( ago)
1:57 They are nowhere neare 10, maybe 6

Author jordisonjr1 ( ago)
What's the name of the song please?

Author japhygato ( ago)
baseball sucks. can we just admit it? THAT'S NOT A QUESTION!

Author Dingus For3 ( ago)
Those youngsters dancing are like 5 not 10

Author Mitchblue - 29 ( ago)
No Morganna? She ran on the field for years.

Author Kyliek Johnson ( ago)
this is the funniest I've ever seen

Author PB&Peyton ( ago)
People are just jealous that creg kimbrel is better than any of there pitchers and there losing

Author StoneAssassin ( ago)
1:56 That giant boy loves looking at his ass just 😳

Author Armaan Venugopal ( ago)
Intro song plz

Author Blue Devils ( ago)
Actually one shot the cubs are better than any team ever

Author Wills Awsomeness ( ago)

Author Adam Vlogs ( ago)
Merry x-mas

Author Jayden O'neill ( ago)
do part 2

Author Ethan Smith ( ago)
Fuck you sports ultra

Author Tcbmap ( ago)
The very first clip?
What a fucking asshole.

Author Joel Cruz ( ago)
2:45 hahaha

Author Divne Knowlege ( ago)
I know you pay ALL that money, but you hate them tho.

Author luiz siqueira ( ago)
He would go to jail and be called a sexist pig.

Author Patel Vidhu ( ago)
Like 1:34 The way that man run.

Author Emanuel Roman ( ago)
at last I thought he said bitch

Author Kenneth Busler ( ago)
A baseball compilation without hearing Vin Scully's voice is like The Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger. Happy retirement, Vin!

Author Colton Eden ( ago)
That kit was like 5

Author Wide Out ( ago)
That coach was having none of it.

Author Wide Out ( ago)
I'm sorry, but if an ugly bitch touches my ass. I will not be happy with it. Actually, no I'm not sorry.

Author CiscoLitco ( ago)
If a dude ran into a tennis field and grabbed a womans butt , his life would be ruined and he would be the first sexual offender in the universe

Author The Channel ( ago)
That is a short stupid video

Author Brady Benoit ( ago)

Author Grant DeVivo ( ago)
Is that Joey Rickard in the beginning at 0:10?

Author Selena_0123 ( ago)

Author jswini31 ( ago)
What is this theme song

Author Reverend Benzo ( ago)
By the way, Kimbrel struck out the Phillies' batter.

Author Zuhnix ( ago)
10-9 yrs old he was born yesterday

Author Kelley Chisum ( ago)
At2:43thats my cousin

Author Matt Boss ( ago)
I love Philly

Author Noah doesMC ( ago)
This is so pathetic it's a horrible video jeez put some effort into it

Author Tom ( ago)
omg the streaker at the fucking horse race! i died!

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