'Get out, NOW' China turns tables on US in chilling North Korea ultimatum - DAILY NEWS

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  • 'Get out, NOW' China turns tables on US in chilling North Korea ultimatum
    CHINA has issued a chilling ultimatum to the US demanding the 'immediate' withdrawal of the controversial THAAD missile system from South Korea.
    China has called for the immediate suspension of a controversial missile defence system hours after the US confirmed the shield was now operational in South Korea.
    The THAAD missile system was declared 'operational' on Monday amid fears of total war on the Korean peninsula.

    Link sources: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/610608/China-US-Donald-Trump-North-Korea-immediate-withdrawal-THAAD-missile-system-deployment

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  • Mike Fredrickson
    Mike Fredrickson 1 hour ago

    There will be no peace when dealing with crazy fanatics! Pacification doesn't work with crazies! Just look at the eight years we went through the past administration!

  • jack hunter
    jack hunter 10 hours ago


  • stan wilson
    stan wilson 1 day ago

    China forgets.without USA they would be Japan that's what we get letting countries to take advantage of are kindness .but I say they back away they don't want USA looking at them as well 💪🇺🇸

  • just blaze
    just blaze 1 day ago

    Why Americans have so much hate towards other people? North Korea has done anything to anyone, they haven't started any wars nor leave orphans and broken families with no direction all over the world. What U.S. should do is to try and make peace in the world instead of killing other people.

  • Charles Fred
    Charles Fred 2 days ago


  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 3 days ago

    IF I was US President, Id have North Korea and China fighting each other.... then Id throw India and Pakistan in also. Then sell weapons to all sides, hope that the all lose.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 3 days ago

    The chinks are liars. Cut off China, NO TRADE.

  • lissa brown
    lissa brown 6 days ago

    china is a liar or a pussys

  • shadowbugs28
    shadowbugs28 8 days ago

    All these crazy politicians want to push their weight at any cost. Worry about your own country and stop being the aggressor.

  • lastgleeming
    lastgleeming 9 days ago

    Chilling.............FOR WHO??????????????????? China better hope and pray the US doesn't arm Japan and South Korea with intermediate range Nuclear Missiles.  How is it that every country other than the US is portrayed as a super invincible power and the US is treated like a misbehaving weak child. THE US IS THE SUPERPOWER HERE!!  If we are not then CHina can send there navy to the sea of japan and move our ships out of the Pacific.  Yeah, exactly all talk and no action cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody Manivanh
    Cody Manivanh 10 days ago

    China you have no room to talk USA can wipe you out so fast. Fuck China

  • nellie Miller
    nellie Miller 11 days ago

    N korea is the red herring for the world while the world is watching this dog and pony show nibiru is closing in on planet earth and the mother fckin elites are heading to check in at their 5 star shelters.You stupid cock suckers are being fed bull shit being mid informed when you wake up you will already be screwed.The world leaders plan for you fckin peasants to be converted into groceries your women and children raped pillaged and pizzagated .Your leaders plan to abandon ship everyone for t

  • Joseph GEIS
    Joseph GEIS 11 days ago

    To Bad China We Will protect our soil, Get Over It !

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 12 days ago

    Never trust the Chinks... Time is short for China. The US and Russia will ally to punch out China.

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 12 days ago

    China has been of NO help with NK. Kim has gone rogue. US and SK have no choice, but to use THAAD to protect themselves.
    If China does not want THAAD, and its high power radar, then they should force changes in Kim and NK.
    If they don't, f**k them.

  • jaycee2010
    jaycee2010 12 days ago

    Why would China expect the USA to remove defensive missile systems as long as the little fat man keeps threatening to nuke everybody, China should shut the hell up or use their influence to get that POS to quit threatening everyone. I say they are legitimate to have to defend against his constant threats. Someone needs to take this guy out, he is a threat to all of us.

  • prince1 warrior
    prince1 warrior 13 days ago

    All the world is hating USA and IsraHELL !

  • bobbie funderburk
    bobbie funderburk 13 days ago

    Sweat now or really sweat later. with nuke proliferation capabilities... ww111 is somewhere in the future. You, your sons and daughters or grandkids war? Yes we want peace. But to obtain it, the devils of the world must be neutered. Fear won't get it done! 20yrs worth of threats will be realized only with greater capabilities against your kids! Keep threatening my family for years while upgrading your weapons and after that long of negotiations. Now your threat has 50 cals machine guns with armor piercing rounds that goes through you and your neighbors house! AIN'T GONA HAPPEN- WON'T TOLERATE IT. BB

  • Mark Heberling
    Mark Heberling 13 days ago

    you hang Kimmy and let Russia take over the territory and we will think about it

  • onkar phall
    onkar phall 13 days ago

    the US don't understand talks if the US wants to talk they are stalling for a different gender no US president existing or prior can be trusted. the North should be ready for war

  • Mike Westcott
    Mike Westcott 14 days ago

    i like to c us stop trading with them it would forse the usa to make stuff agen

  • Bahdini Kurd
    Bahdini Kurd 14 days ago

    so does this mean china will support north korea if the US army going to attack them and kill their president

  • Michael Cho
    Michael Cho 15 days ago

    Now the US will lose South Korea, Japan and Twian....The US' problem is not North Korea but it is China and Russia who will fight to get those countries.... Plus, Vietnam......

  • oldtimer2544
    oldtimer2544 15 days ago

    China kiss off.

  • Pat west
    Pat west 15 days ago


  • Anonymous Via1
    Anonymous Via1 15 days ago

    When you can't afford a real narrator

  • Michael Claflin
    Michael Claflin 16 days ago

    Fuck everybody, let's nuke them all now, and get it over, the (United States) does not bow down to any other foreign nation,,,, fucked them...!!!

  • spyrogamingkidHDplaysmc

    china and north korea just keep ignoring the warning..still ties ally
    trump/un needs some action***

  • damian mc clendon
    damian mc clendon 16 days ago

    somebody give Siri a cough drop.

  • James C
    James C 17 days ago

    Message to China: Stop your aggressive posturing with your nuclear weapons, then and only then, we in the U.S. will consider removing THAAD. (China remove your puppy dog's in North Korea missiles as well)

  • s.p.k.o.construction

    All the leaders of this world 🌎 is fuckin the people of the world in the ass

  • Gonzalez Jose
    Gonzalez Jose 17 days ago

    why the fuck are we giving china money, or buying there crap. lets ban anything made from china

  • C m
    C m 17 days ago

    So it's ok for China to build a island in water that's not there's and bully every buddy around them but we can't put thadd in the south. Fuck that. And fuck China and Russia. And if you don't like what I have to say. Don't read it.

  • C m
    C m 17 days ago

    Fuck China. They want thadd out then put butter ball Kim in his place.

  • Scott Duncan
    Scott Duncan 17 days ago

    China should mind it's own business!!

  • Kathie Logan
    Kathie Logan 18 days ago

    Heavenly Father we pray that you have your way in this circumstance as well as every other because we can do no good thing without you! Father God we pray that your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven we pray for every brother and sister across this world that they come to know the Saving Grace and love of your son Jesus Christ we cry out for their repentance Lord we repent for them Lord that they may be touched by you Lord and their hearts would be softened for the good of mankind and not for Destruction in Jesus name we pray amen and Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

  • Charlie Horse
    Charlie Horse 18 days ago

    We are where are now.. Because damn China has been playing games with the N. Korea situation. So it's all on China. It needn't had gone this far. 💣

  • Gil Lee
    Gil Lee 18 days ago

    THAAD system is like China deploying missile system to Cuba. THAAD can shoot Nuke missile. China will not let you do that kind of thing. We will loose the support from China fro North Korea completely if we do this sneaky thing. China can make North to live long until they complete the ICBM. China and Russian can shoot down all Tomahawks. The military is creating a problem here.

  • tracksmoken trapper
    tracksmoken trapper 18 days ago

    boycott china cheap shady crap, bring back good American jobs and buy quality made in USA products.

  • #Beepoo.
    #Beepoo. 20 days ago

    The best way to win a war is to not have fought one. Sun Tzu :The art of war.

  • Yosef Dhugasvhilli
    Yosef Dhugasvhilli 20 days ago

    oh fuck off china what the fuck has it got to do with you and are you getting nuclear threat's from nth korea like the US and Japan? no so fuckoff as you arm nth korea and want to keep that buffer between you and japan

  • Douglas Vogt
    Douglas Vogt 21 day ago

    Old news. The US on May 25 sent 4 more THAD systems to South Korea. China has the problem, either they do something with N. Korean and stop them from development their ICBM missile system and nuclear program or else the US, Japan and South Korea will. That will mean the end of North Korea and another Korean war. If China wants to be next just let them help fat boy of North Korea and see what happens.

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth


  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth


    *So it's okay for North Korea to continue launching missiles and threaten South Korea, Japan and the United States, but it's not okay for the world to defend themselves against this psychopath...shut up China!!* *The United States will not cower to your threats either!!*
    *The world is aware China would rather have North Korea as their first line of defense for their own security, but refuses to acknowledge North Korea's insane dictator who continues to threaten its neighbors and the U.S.!!* *No one in their right mind should have to tolerate such threats without removing them these destructive weapons...Kim will be stopped!!*

  • Joe F
    Joe F 21 day ago

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks that China is not going to back North Korea 100 percent is a fool.

  • Charles Holmes
    Charles Holmes 23 days ago

    who gives a FUCK

  • Pete Deiler
    Pete Deiler 23 days ago


  • Ben  Daulton
    Ben Daulton 23 days ago

    Lol how would that be a loss? So China would force factories out and kill their trade so be it.

  • Bucket Head
    Bucket Head 24 days ago


  • Jeff Ledbetter
    Jeff Ledbetter 24 days ago

    USA has waited long enough and we have restrained. It's time for about 300 mother of all bombs to be dropped on North Korea's evil regime. ( Now Trump). Or it will be curtains for America. f_ China & f- Russia . They are with Fat Boy. get with it Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aj Richetti
    Aj Richetti 26 days ago

    you stupid fuckers wont be able to touch the united states...none of you asshole countries have a prayer against the united states..keep fucking with us and our great president Donald Trump watch what happens to everyone of you..it wont be good thats for sure..

  • Janet Stafford
    Janet Stafford 26 days ago

    Gee, this can't be true... Trump raved about what a great friendship he made with China while they were giving him money for staying at maralago...

  • r71oats6
    r71oats6 26 days ago

    Ahoy there, laundry soap stink boy: lick our hairy nutsacks. Come and make us take them down. Sincerely, the US Armed Forces.

  • The Dutch Factor
    The Dutch Factor 27 days ago

    China isn't supporting North Korea and its aggression but at the same time, pouring in a bunch of threatening weapons on the border could start an all out war in a split second which China obviously doesn't want.

  • felix mendez
    felix mendez 28 days ago

    If Chine gets really pissed off you better start getting rid of your Treasury Bonds and your reserve US dollars because there is where they will send their (Financial and economic) ICBMs in the first place. As Paul Craig Roberts, former Under Sec. of the Treasury for Ronald Reagan suggested, China could send the US economy and the US dollar in a tailspin by simply dumping their reserve US bonds in the markets, thus forcing the FED to issue trillions of bucks to buy them to prevent them from crashing through the floor. Then the Chinese will dump, now, the USDs they received in the sale and that will be curtains for the US dollar, everyone will want to get rid of them. Now, you dont need to thank me now for the tip.

  • lissa brown
    lissa brown 29 days ago

    why ae you turning on us??  do you like abusing people oh yea only one baby.  I hope that you get it right and let the people in those free. don't send them back to the dathpnaly

  • liam tolen
    liam tolen 1 month ago

    USA had a ban on trade with Cuba since the 1960's for the same reason China is complaining about the THAD missile system? Let China worry about Korea, we have our own mess in every major US city to fix

  • G Keefer
    G Keefer 1 month ago

    Trump showers China with praise and honor but he is well aware that they are Communist snakes. Sun Tzu... The art of war... Trump has read it too...

  • 3DManShadowland
    3DManShadowland 1 month ago

    China, may wish to sit this one out. They are not in a good position to intervene in a war involving DPRK, rather could end up casualties or a supior military! China is surrounded, and will be reduced to ashes if there is an direct conflict between our nations.

  • Richard
    Richard 1 month ago

    Mao Tse-Tung is KNOWN to have said (should a nuclear war develop in the Korean War) : " So we will lose 30 or so million people. So what?" That comment stands to this day, make no mistake. He meant it.

  • Dravifo
    Dravifo 1 month ago

    set up on a golf course..... nice touch :)

  • Pete Deiler
    Pete Deiler 1 month ago


  • John Desselle
    John Desselle 1 month ago


  • Gregory Jonassaint
    Gregory Jonassaint 1 month ago

    I honestly think and believe that one of the biggest problems that the u.s. has with North Korea, is that the US does not have troops stationed in North Korea, and places like China, because the US has a policy of invading sovereign countries entering those countries without the permission of the duly elected government such as we're doing now in Syria, have done in Libya. have done in Iraq, and countless other places around the world.

  • down n dirty reels
    down n dirty reels 1 month ago

    I totally agree N think they both are working together N dam N this has to stop N az premmies N GOD BLESS US ALL AMEN AZ N PRAYERS FOR OUR TROOPS N PRESIDENT TRUMP AMEN AZ

  • peewee paredes
    peewee paredes 1 month ago

    WTF are we waiting around like fucken bitchs nuc Russia , China , and North Korea let's get this shit over with this is not a yes or no fucken game put both keys in and push the fucken botton it's not fucken rocket science

  • Doug Miller
    Doug Miller 1 month ago

    China is the U.S. worst nightmare. We would eventually win a war with China but at a loss to the U.S. that next in line would eradicate us. We have to remember China can fight us on two fronts. 1. Military. 2. Financial, this is where we would get our ass kicked. There our creditors, by the time that war was over there would be a line of many other country's just waiting to finish us off.

  • Sun East
    Sun East 1 month ago

    Pete, your government is your angel of death. China loan trillions to the US Treasury and furnish you with affordable products. You've been bending over for the Ashkenazi dynasty since they produced your birth certificate. What a shame!

  • Air Strike Technologies

    Absolute BULLSHIST!

    MARDUK 1 month ago

    You presidents and leaders are a bunch of pussy cunts, getting angry at the first sign of difficulties. Learn how to cope with neighboring with us poor folks in the working class. When we get problems with one another we just try to ease things with something and do a barbecue, discuss shit. Talk about life, see how things goes. You could try to convince him, offer deals, play some games. That's how we roll to survive and try to get life better.

    But nope. You guys just want to burn everything, your primitive testosterone just wants to be happy as your defense contracts over civilian blood. If this isn't acting dumb, then you must be a bunch of retarded Australopithecus that knows nothing but bashing at things.

    You're all going to regret this incessant path of war, this vicious circle that does nothing but killing. 10 thousands years folks. Maybe more. What good this shit did to us? Stop with this bull and stop with it fast. We don't have much time left.

  • Dan Cujo
    Dan Cujo 1 month ago

    We have the U.N. but it always seems like we have to be the first country to do anything. Others sit back and wait for the U.S. to call on our "allies" and they back us for a day and then say we don't need your help. That's a hint and a half to get out of there.

  • Kirei Kotomine
    Kirei Kotomine 1 month ago

    Taking down the shield would be a death sentence for millions of people. Keep it up!

  • Michael Spreigl
    Michael Spreigl 1 month ago

    Stop supporting American Chinese based companies.

  • Michael Spreigl
    Michael Spreigl 1 month ago

    i agree, Stop buying Chinese crap. and just kill kim Jong Fat.

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida 1 month ago

    dialogue something doesn't work and china knows that

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price 1 month ago

    supermarket tabloids.

  • lathunion n
    lathunion n 1 month ago

    guys he is just trying to find hogwarts. he knows it's somewhere out there so he is getting ready to find it by using everything he's got.

  • Ramesh Singh
    Ramesh Singh 1 month ago

    China can do nothing.

  • jaycee2010
    jaycee2010 1 month ago

    Screw China, if they want the missiles removed then they need to get off their asses and get NK to quit their missile tests and nuclear program. We won't need them there if they quit with all their crap so China needs to STF up or help get the little fat twat to behave himself.

  • tubefan58
    tubefan58 1 month ago


  • Raymond Mackinlay
    Raymond Mackinlay 1 month ago

    Donald Trump's troops???! I don't think I like your tone.

  • mike jones
    mike jones 1 month ago

    or what more talk an condem

  • Jess Roberts
    Jess Roberts 1 month ago

    Bite me china

  • Ana Shearer
    Ana Shearer 1 month ago


  • jim nassar
    jim nassar 1 month ago

    srew china

  • Gaming with Tin
    Gaming with Tin 1 month ago

    for example what if the president's wife went to U.S.A to get some mcdonald and then they nuked U.S.A

  • Vinko Klesnik
    Vinko Klesnik 1 month ago

    General Duglas Macartur was right.

  • Robbie Denham
    Robbie Denham 1 month ago

    you can only have dialog if there is a common intrest of peace.?
    with all parties involved?
    in my opinion, you can not achieve peace by blackmail, or threats of retaliation are and act of aggression?
    a wise man once said, it is easier to hurt some one??????
    then it is to heal some one.??????
    in my opinion, wisdom means to make the right choice, as often as possible!!!
    by means of respect,?
    And Love!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Mills
    Richard Mills 1 month ago

    90% of Americans don't have a opinion ether way. The guys that declare war don't ever see the front lines. Getting shot hurts and I don't care what nationality u are. So stop saying Americans are bullys. The United States is the best nation on this planet. If I wanna hook my 250hp bass boat up and go fishing , I can. If I wanna grab my 3.06 rifle and go in my backyard and shoot 200 rounds till 10p.m . Nothing would be said. Americans just wanna be left alone.

  • Tim Robles
    Tim Robles 1 month ago

    this crap needs too stop now.!!!

  • Judith Pinkham
    Judith Pinkham 1 month ago

    Sorry All, our US gov is so drunk since Vietnam, working with the modern
    thieves to take over the whole world. The Banksters and crooked lawyers are
    the cause. Thanks to Putin for his hesitation to nuke US first and answer later.

  • mark bajanik das
    mark bajanik das 1 month ago

    This was going to happen, the Chinese will back stabbed the united states. This shows the Chinese will move against the united states,it's time for united states to nuke the whole peninsula, from the North Korean to Sri Lanka islands ,send a huge wave of the ICBM tipped with the nukes, don't put our guys in the firing line.just nuke the damn chinks.


    Fuck off China

  • Charles P
    Charles P 1 month ago

    eat another cheeseburger you son of a b****

  • zues 69
    zues 69 1 month ago

    China better shut up or I won't order Chinese food no more and I have spent a lot of money

  • Jason Mckay
    Jason Mckay 1 month ago

    Biblical principles salvation

  • Jason Mckay
    Jason Mckay 1 month ago

    floor ville run em dead

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