We Trained To Be Gymnasts In 7 Days

"If it was easy, everybody would flip."

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Gymnastics Rio Gala- Olympics: Day
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

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Stacie Rathbone,
LA School of Gymnastic,

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Author Gaming Lil Monster ( ago)
good thing that im a gymnast..:)

Author Alissa Mino ( ago)
can you do trained to be figure skater that will be cool

Author Isabella Msp ( ago)
I was self taught... Idk how...

Author Krysten 101 ( ago)

Author Ellamaybelle ( ago)
You guys should try figure skating next

Author Erza Scarlet ( ago)
I have a question internet: Is it too late to start gymnastics at age 11?

Author AIAI GRIM ( ago)
I wish I was a gymnast

Author grace's awesome stuff ( ago)
yes omg yasssssssssssssssssssss I needed this

Author ChocolateChip26348 ( ago)
bahaha this is kind of humorous bc im in level 6 competitive gymnastics lolololololol

Author Empickle27 ( ago)
Try volleyball

Author twenty øne smøl beans ( ago)
Try competitive swimming. It's more than just splashing around.

Author Caroline Zban ( ago)
Another gymnast get triggered when she said Aly Riceman not Raisman

Author GRACIOUS ONION ( ago)
My school has a gynmatics program **lucky me**. Ps its the few schools in out country that has a gynmastic program (i think theres about only 7/9 schools with it in my state)

Author Noor Tumma ( ago)
can you traine like soccer players for 7 days next?

Author KawaiiPanda201 ( ago)
Omg I'm a gymnast and this is so funny😂

Author Julia wu ( ago)

Author annoying orange Fan ( ago)
I started going to gymnastics again I taught my self and my sister every thing I know how to do except bars

Author Adrienne P ( ago)
You guys should have people do Colorguard. It's a really under recognized sport.

Author zαrαTM ( ago)
Welcome to my world ladies!

Author Cear ( ago)
You guys should try equestrian vaulting.

Author Brikenzie Alexander ( ago)
try archery lol

Author Shelly ( ago)
You should do train like swimmers for a week

Author Mary Mansfield ( ago)
Still waiting for "We Trained Like Ballerinas For A Week" it's so hard like ugh

Author DIY Master ( ago)
Beam is litetally my favorite

Author Lazae Jenkins ( ago)
Coach seems tough..not a bad thing

Author Aidan Bird ( ago)
You should make a video just like this but with guys.

Author Mayunie Munasinghe ( ago)
How the hell did the red tank top girl round off back flip?

Author Sionna Mekitarian ( ago)
i snapped both the bones in my arm doing a back handspring im a cheerleader .... and no we dont use pom poms.... but now i dont know if i can go back and im so sad

Author Bushido Canino ( ago)

Author mychaela huckaby ( ago)
i've thought about trying gymnastics (im 13) i really want to its just i dont trust myself enough to try these things im a chicken its true i'll admit it last week i finally got the nerve to do a front flip into the foam pit at sky zone before i was afraid i'd fall on my head and injure myself and i still am i cant even do a stinkin' cart weel! i dont think i'll have the nerve to do gymnastics anytime soon.

Author Nadina Nina Mustafic ( ago)
As a gymnast and a swimmer, it's really cool seeing these kind of videos since this sport doesn't get recognized as much. I think it would be cool to see a same type of video but as a swimmer, track, or softball haha.

Author Secretly Morgan ( ago)
I would love for them to do something like this but with drum corps

Author suzettex33 ( ago)
This is all I ever wanted to do but I'm already 20 years old. It's too late ☹️😞😢 My father wouldn't want to pay for classes because he thought it was a waste of $300 for the classes. My mother took me one day to watch but the amount she made from working was all going to go towards it, I felt bad and so I didn't take the classes plus it was very far from my house and no one would have been able to take me there during the night.

Author LPS Mystical ( ago)
when you can't even do a forward roll... •_•

Author Téa Hodgson ( ago)
I do gymnastics in a high level and it's hard because of all the exercises and conditioning but I can't imagine my life without it

Author Theatre Geek ( ago)
I am feeling kind of envious... i took a few lessons and then my mom pulled me out because neither of my parents could bring me to my lessons because of work...

Author Kayla L ( ago)
Please have people try colorguard or marching band!!!

Author mahalo808 ( ago)
trained to be swimmers ! I'm a competitive swimmer and would love to see them swim every stroke with other techniques (flip turns, starts, etc). Then at the end...THEY RACE!

Author NA O ( ago)
What is Stacey's accent? She kind of sounds like Jessie J

Author Christine Christine ( ago)
aww. I wish I could just pause my entire life and just try and learn gymnastics for like a week or two.

Author Christine Christine ( ago)
WTF could michelle do that before???

Author lina mina ( ago)
Does anybody know where I can get a top like the girl in 3:47 ?
Absolutely love it <3

Author AnimeDweeb AJ ( ago)

fusion dance engage

Author Alexia Loeser ( ago)
I'm 11 and a level 4/5/6 and this was so cool to watch!

Author veronica b ( ago)
3 out of 4 of them are fucking gymnasts . Fucking BuzzFeed. fu

Author xx simply avery xx ( ago)
I think they should try soccer.. I don't think anyone truly realizes the true difficulty of the sport! I would love to see them try it! It's also incredibly fun!

Author Sabrina Martinez ( ago)
Buzzfeed should do training as figure skaters for 7 days
figure skating actually takes alot of muscle and stamina

Author Isabelle Suggs ( ago)
I LOVE WHEN THESE GIRLS TRY NEW STUFF!!! They really need to come up with a cool group name, like ladylike and the try guys

Author Finola Hanlon ( ago)
Can you please do training like dancers?

Author Sophia Lee ( ago)
I feel like in every fitness video BuzzFeed makes, everyone low key hates Jordan

Author Tiffany Herrera ( ago)
ugh I still can't get my back hip circle I'm so frustrated

Author Lauren Howlett (STUDENT) ( ago)
They should make one called "people train like professional swimmers"

Author Tyler and caytlins's Channel ( ago)
They could be try girls

Author Selina Kapferer ( ago)
I always wanted to do this😞But I am fat so........

Author Bridget L ( ago)
jordan annoys me

Author Nika Marijic ( ago)
waited for you guys to finaly do this

Author •Kieran• ( ago)
It has taken me three years to get my round off back handspring. It only took you a week. (Mine is more like round off pause back handspring though) unbelievable

Author schleichlover56 ( ago)
Woman try professional volleyball or Men try professional volley pleaaassee✊

Author Ricky Yankowich ( ago)

Author CryBaby Tears ( ago)
I take gymnastics classes and im getting better keep working hard though guys!!

Author Nevaeh Blandin ( ago)
every woman/man u can do anything u put your mind to most of these comments say I wish I could do that I'll never be able to I'm a level 8 training gymnast my goal In life is to be an Olympian level 10 so the only thing holding u back is you and fear and fear only makes u stronger

Author Katherine Zhang ( ago)
This is like the workout team.

Author Danny Gamer girl ( ago)
I love gymnastics but I can't do it because it's to expensive so I taught myself a front aerial and broke my hand

Author Simply Syd102 ( ago)
5:42 I'm surprised she made that seeing how low she kind of is

Author Gamer_Girl 1026 ( ago)
I fucking HATE bars!! Im starting to get my kip but I hate the back hip circle

Author Someone Who is Crazy ( ago)
And then there's those friends you have that do this every day since they were three

Author delia kirsh ( ago)
I'm in gymnastics who else is

Author Megan McGrath ( ago)
next time train like dancers!!

Author denali637 ( ago)
Did Michelle go from zero gymnastics experience to doing running handsprings in a week? She's honestly my favorite athlete ever

Author Tegan Seed ( ago)
Gymnastics is the best sport

Author Tegan Seed ( ago)
Beam is alright but when you split woah it hurts

Author Jai ( ago)
I want to see them do ballet (pointe) I think they would do pretty good

Author Renee Sanders ( ago)
At 6:14 her pose was a dab

Author Lily Norman ( ago)
(Not to brag ) but I could do all that by he time I was 6

As I watching this I'm eating McDonald's 😩😩😩

Author Crazy Berry ( ago)
Girls try soccer

Author Emma Caddy ( ago)
"We trained like competitive swimmers for a week" pleaseee

Author Lizzie Kitts ( ago)
I would love to see this with ballet!

Author Galaxy Show ( ago)
A mosquito just went up my nose

Author Ellie O ( ago)
I love this group so much! It needs to be a series!

Author Lime_net ( ago)
They should try some sort of skiff sailing sometime, like 29er, 49er or 18 footer

Author Paige L ( ago)
I am a competitive gymnast and this is what we do.

Author Tegan Cockerell ( ago)
they should do an equestrian one of these

Author CrayCla Ann ( ago)
oh my god she can do a back handspring in 7 days I'm going to gymnastics 9 hours a week for years I can only do walkovers and back hip circles!

Author Lucy Rett ( ago)
level 10

Author Sabina Maria ( ago)
i would absolutely love doing this but most of the kids started at a young age and idk everyone tells me that my body lioks great like i d do any spirt but actually im doing nothing and it kinda bothers me because im really weak and i get tired easily and i d love doung something, but i think i should ve started when i was little :/

Author Allison Zhao ( ago)
Could you try synchronized swimming... I know it's now a squad wars video but it would be really nice to have people be more aware of the sport and to gain recognition for its difficulty/artistry... :)

Author bow lovers ( ago)
a round off is so easy

Author Milk. ( ago)
I am sorry but how tf do you learn some of the harder skills in 7 fucking days?

Author Ana Beaar ( ago)

Author MK Flipngymnast101 ( ago)
I am a gymnast and I love to do all the skills and drills you did even though I have them it's still fun and good to do it

Author Ashley Rulez ( ago)
BuzzFeedBlue BuzzFeedPurple BuzzFeedGreen BuzzFeedRed BuzzFeedOrange BuzzFeedYellow BuzzFeedPink

Author March Baby ( ago)
Meanwhile, in lying in my bed eating pop corn

Author Alexa Clayton ( ago)
And I can't even do a cartwheel...

Author Wensheng Liu ( ago)

Author Katie Cute ( ago)
I can't even do a tumble over!!!!!

I'd love to do this
gymnastics looks so fun

Author Carlos Vega ( ago)
Is it sad my little sister can do everything they did?

Author ash ( ago)
do full contact rugby

Author The MiningMunchkin ( ago)
How about people do R.O.T.C. I was in it

Author Andrew Lopez ( ago)
have them train like a wrestler for 7 days by an Olympian or college wrestler

Author Dana Leonie ( ago)
jorden slayed

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