Awesome Sonic Swearing

A small Video I made for fun since I saw Awsome Swearing Youtube Poop XD!!!! Hope you enjoy :P
Voices are from awsome series!
Mynon P. AKA Mini-speed1

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Author Beyonka the vampirebat (6 days)
Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! 

Author usherfan25 (5 days)
this shit for real mother fucker shit bitch fucking ass

Author Larry LaSieur (10 days)

Author cameron dotson (3 months)
sooooooo funey

Author EnderBrine (3 months)

Author brandon dailey (2 months)

Author Titan Potter (3 months)

Author Jordan Commodore (4 months)
sonic does not swear

Author Kayla Gulley (3 months)
When I first looked at this I was like -_- now every time I get ready to
watch this I'm like :D

Author brandon dailey (2 months)

Author Jordan Commodore (4 months)
really why did he make this

Author Crystalthehedgehog09 (4 months)

Author Kareem Hill Jr. (1 year)
Knuckles should've said "THIS FOR REAL M******!

Author ☆Pikachu★ (9 months)
holy shit fuck there were alot of fucking fuck shits in this LOL

Author 13Kream (10 months)
What. THE F*CK. Just happened...?

Author bretnrock (1 year)!!! I LAUGHED SO DARN HARD THAT I FELL OFF MY BED!!

Author alex jay (8 months)
Ha ha ha ha ha XD LOL :

Author xXSonicForeverFanXx (7 months)
No top comment? :o My time to shine! :D PINGAS! :3

Author sonic12182 (1 year)

Author razor hedgie (8 months)

Author commanderVaskez3671 (1 year)
sonic: the fucka fuck? eggman: what?

Author Angelina Echidna (1 year)
Lol Wat the heck just happend

Author Shad eue (1 year)
XD... 0:27 the voice suits Shadow so well! Thats probably fucking say!

Author MC-Gamer (1 year)
at 0:33

Author Jason Jackson (1 year)

Author RingMasterSonic (1 year)
Sega: Okay guys, we are about to record our next cut scene. Get out all
your cursing you got one minute

Author SonicKnuckles1998 (9 months)
0:35 - 0:37 and 1:02 - 1:05 So funny!

Author Derpstur Derp (7 months)
Lotsa FUCKing.

Author xXSonicForeverFanXx (7 months)
That sounded a bit Racist xD

Author SonikkuColors (8 months)

Author DarkSpine Sonic (10 months)

Author spidey9250 (1 year)
lol my hero swears!!!!

Author Amy Rose (1 year)
i heard it

Author TailsDollFleetway (1 year)

Author Lucky Ducky (1 year)
0:48 did shadow say fuckimals??? O.o

Author Nasrenee Nasir (1 year)
Well wat tha f***ing A

Author ThePyroSpark (1 year)
Yep, just a normal conversation with my friends.

Author lafiera37977 (10 months)

Author Bethany Maloney (1 year)
fucking hell!lol!XD

Author MusiX Drag (11 months)
Charmy's too young for this

Author Flames The Kat (8 months)

Author Tiger Lucas (1 year)

Author CptMilesTailsPrower (1 year)
Lololol x3

Author Richelle Houts (7 months)
whatThe fuck fuck

Author Kayla Gulley (7 months)
Tails can't cuss

Author Tippierbow36 (1 year)
Damn right nigga

Author Katherine Elizabeth (8 months)
I love it so much!!!

Author Trevor Lindsey (7 months)
Charmy is funny at the end

Author Kayla Davis (1 year)
Loves it

Author josenazario719712 (1 year)
DICK small...

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