Massive Attack (Choreo by D-MAC) Performance at Beyer High School

Our second video. From left to right in beginning formation: Courtnie Wilcox, Alexis Shon, Marissa Lee.

Nicki Minaj-Massive Attack

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Author Gucci Brown ( ago)
You rock dancers

Author Mateus Silva ( ago)
Ma q bosta em ..! kkkkkkkkkkkk'

Author Fatimé Bajraktari ( ago)
Ma certe sciemenze si possono evitare?

Author systemakiev ( ago)

Author cynthia Barrios ( ago)

Author leticia rosa ( ago)
they are very good! '

Author joice costta ( ago)
muito legal legal messsmo

Author gabrielle darris ( ago)
the asian girl needs ALOT of attion on just not standing there and the
moves were alittle weck it was not the good ...

Author Kayla Joy ( ago)
you have such an negative attitude. if someone said that about you, you'd
die. but i guess your opinion doesnt really matter, cause they have 1.6
million views, and are happy with themselves. you on the other hand are a
low lifeless fuck.

Author GENARO VR ( ago)
Wow k bn bailan

Author Chaotic Candy ( ago)
I just about to ask that o.e

Author Snuggles Karen ( ago)
Theyre prtty good, but not amazing sorry. But i love the middle from 0:30
to the end

Author Na na ( ago)
I can dothat I used to do it at school

Author TripleM Mitch ( ago)
Really good! But I mean turn up da musiccccc!!!:D

Author Nicole Johnson ( ago)
I Love it an all the people who disliked it is a haters because they can't
do that

Author TheRachellovegood ( ago)
Man they killed it! Awesome

Author ablueriverofice ( ago)
Go head!!!! :)

Author Mmm Hmm ( ago)

Author Jay Dee ( ago)
wow amazing!:)

Author Dominique Ortiz ( ago)

Author Brooklynn Jones ( ago)
I fricken love this

Author leha johnson ( ago)
Damn they rockin it get girls

Author Elke Hammer ( ago)
Is this a part of HS examination? ;)

Author FullMoonSites ( ago)
i doubt that too. :) you may not be a pig on the outside, but you sure are
a pig on the inside.

Author nikkinxtdoor ( ago)
That brunette she can move the others are ok :) :/

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
ewww. are you kidding me? 0:44 look at that fat body slob.

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
No one asked you, illiterate chimp. I know there's different body types and
her's is the fat body type ;)

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
i doubt that. and i'm not a pig like her either.

Author FullMoonSites ( ago)
yet she can move better than you. !!

Author Jonaeproductionx3 ( ago)
The moves were nice, all I have to say thats kinda negative is that they
could of went Harder on the moves, Like it looked like they weren't really
feeling it, but other than that I think they were Great :D

Author Crunkmastaflexx ( ago)
They are good but why does this have 1.5 million views?

Author Suzan Salihi ( ago)
Das ist gut gemacht

Author Kaylee Todd ( ago)
I was not expecting that. That was pretty fucking good (:

Author Nicky Hassan ( ago)
To the left

Author Nicky Hassan ( ago)
The girl at the end is sexy

Author Jasmine Marie ( ago)
Y'all pretty good!!;)

Author Suzan Salihi ( ago)
Ich finde das gut kann ja nich jeder

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
lol no she's a slob ;)

Author Kirkieedoll18 ( ago)
Hmm ok

Author Laughing Graffiti ( ago)
ohh wait u forgot sometimes that she is pretty and your dick

Author Oviraptorus ( ago)
and she is the hottest.

Author Mckenzie Condo ( ago)
Where did y'all get the sweat pants ??

Author kayla earle ( ago)
whats the date ion the tshirt for ?

Author HarriHaffi ( ago)
pretty good! MVHH

Author Amaya Thomas ( ago)
Best was 0:03-0:09

Author grace winterstine ( ago)
they are good

Author Carissa Mavec ( ago)
Massive Attack by Nicki Minaj ft Sean Garrett :)

Author Maria Manzano ( ago)
What is the title of the song? Can you please tell me as soon as possible
:/ btw,it was WOW!

Author lisa riley ( ago)

Author Samantha Wilson ( ago)
Yall should audition for shake it up, make your mark this summer. It's for
kids ages 8 to 16 and if you dance video gets in the top 6 when they
announce the results, you'll go to LA, California and perform on shake it
up in 2 rounds.

Author Yasmin Deniz ( ago)
they all need to atleast improve catching up with each other!

Author Lengla Zhainab ( ago)
Wow! :)

Author Lengla Zhainab ( ago)
Wow! :)

Author Amy Jenkinson ( ago)

Author Dominique Combs ( ago)
those girls were great. better than the white girl at my dance school. I
love how they are different body forms it shows that anyone no matter how
big or small can dance your ass off

Author Jessica Holt ( ago)
people are really gettn a lil too serius smh. yall are actn like they are
professionals. calm down everyone. props to everyone giving CONSTRUCTIVE
criticism. i loved it. for a talent show, id b so happy with this because
most people yalls age cant dance nearly as well as yall :)

Author Imari Frazier ( ago)

Author sensia dybella ( ago)

Author RaisedOceanSide760 ( ago)
You guys are really good. Major probs to y'all. Alil rough on the edges and
try not to rush thru it and work on the freezes alil bit more alil sloppy.
But over all you guys did really good love the song an choreography.

Author Grace Krug ( ago)
It wad good but DEFINITELY!! not in sync

Author Mariah Cooper ( ago)
Its okay

Author Nya Waller ( ago)
Wow they are goof

Author d0ntl00kb4ck ( ago)

Author Dora ( ago)
Haters kiss my azz LOL no they were good

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
why would i be jealous of an ugly slob? fail.

Author Nεssie ( ago)
jealous* :D sorry couldn't help myself XD

Author Manaar Benhlimaa ( ago)
just stop puting negative things if u dont like it den u dont have to watch
it simples and i think they were great

Author This_Cutie ( ago)
Ohkay I Can See Tht Ya'll is Jealous B/C Yhu Can't Dance Like Tht So Who
The Fuck Are Yhu To Juge ! It's Not Cool ! They Killed Simple As Tht! wat
If One Of Thm Went Home Crying and Killed Thmselvs Jus B/C Yhu Called Thm
Fat ! I'm Fat I Weigh 102 Pounds And I'm Young ! So Don't Juge People Until
Yhu Know Them ! Who The Fuck Do Peoples Think They Is These Days!

Author Kirsten Roemmich ( ago)
lolol Jelious much?

Author RXNE ♕ ( ago)
The asian girl is so adorable.

Author Angelica Castillo ( ago)
Where did u get ur sweatpants?!

Author Pointless Choice ( ago)
Yall need more practice. But awesome dance

Author Anna Tah ( ago)

Author elements1of1sass ( ago)

Author TheCrazyHeidi ( ago)
cool choreography!

Author Suelvia Domingos ( ago)
Hey guys I think that it is good but u should get more synchronised

Author Nikkh Peletie ( ago)
@Kayla Joy

Author Carly K ( ago)
Nice, keep at it

Author Esther ( ago)
mjgunter058 stick ur head up ur ass!!!!!

Author lisbet h ( ago)
I like this dance thanks going to do it for my talents how.......:)!

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
Go fuck yourself, fat ugly spic ;)

Author Dessire Cristal ( ago)
you are soooooooo STUPID mjgunter058 plz just close your fuck*** mouth.

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
who asked you? fat ugly nigger ;)

Author C W ( ago)
I posted this on my birthday!

Author cheerleading lover ( ago)
i wanna learn this dance its soo cool and they did awesome

Author anissa lopez ( ago)
clarissa lopez just shut the hell up ok. .....

Author anissa lopez ( ago)
im getting tire of people leaving negative things.......if u have nothimg
nice to say then shut the fuck up simplle as that.:/

Author Kayla Joy ( ago)
lol you need to pipe the fuck down and hop off. you are so mean. they are
all different body shapes, and they are equally amazing at dancing. not
every girl is gonna be victorias secret model skinny. some girls actually
like to eat food. you have no right to judge whose fat and whose not. they
are all in shape.

Author JustCallMeAniya ( ago)
Fuck the haters, you guys Killed It( :

Author marcus gunter ( ago)
lolol the ratchet in the middle at 0:18 is a fat pig. gross.

Author Naomi Ferg ( ago)
Where is thaaa music?!?

Author PinkAngel2623 ( ago)
I wanna learn this dance \^_^/

Author LolaLullaby1 ( ago)
-That annoying moment when ppl can't wait til their done dancing to

Author i8mju7aq1w2e3sw2o9mj ( ago)
even though they werent synchronized, their content was nice :)

Author i8mju7aq1w2e3sw2o9mj ( ago)
i dont know what everyones talking about. that was a good. the choreo was
nice too.

Author aisha sharif hassan ( ago)
so true, if they were more syncronised, then it would be one spectacular

Author Kanaia Olds ( ago)
So sloppy , the fuck with that invert ? If you know you can't hit it in
time , don't put it in the choreography ! Clean your shit up .

Author Clarissa Lopez ( ago)
You suck

Author Sophiataylor Rae ( ago)
That was shit

Author Isnin Esa ( ago)
You girls are not good dancers,sloppy .and lazy to be honest, I give 1 out
of 10.stupid -_-

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