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Author Amaya Martin (1 month)
lame crowd

Author cynthia Barrios (1 year)

Author Gucci Brown (1 year)
You rock dancers

Author Nadine anyata (2 years)
Failllllll ;-)

Author Wisarut Wonghajck (2 years)

Author thejaunamae (2 years)

Author Naomi Ferg (2 years)
Where is thaaa music?!?

Author anissa lopez (2 years)
im getting tire of people leaving negative things.......if u have nothimg
nice to say then shut the fuck up simplle as that.:/

Author joice costta (1 year)
muito legal legal messsmo

Author Chaotic Candy (1 year)
I just about to ask that o.e

Author velmaeliza (2 years)
i liked the choreography but none of their energy matched one anothers

Author leticia rosa (1 year)
they are very good! '

Author TheRachellovegood (1 year)
Man they killed it! Awesome

Author Angelica Castillo (2 years)
Where did u get ur sweatpants?!

Author Tiddo Bang (2 years)
Lmao da hell was that? Haha its all sloppy , At least their cute lol

Author Grace Krug (2 years)
It wad good but DEFINITELY!! not in sync

Author ishmael kumbuka (1 year)
go girl

Author marcus gunter (1 year)
ewww. are you kidding me? 0:44 look at that fat body slob.

Author anissa lopez (2 years)
clarissa lopez just shut the hell up ok. .....

Author Maverick Taylor (2 years)
The asian chick was sexy as hell!! lol

Author Kanaia Olds (2 years)
So sloppy , the fuck with that invert ? If you know you can't hit it in
time , don't put it in the choreography ! Clean your shit up .

Author ritya kassia (2 years)
ficou maneiro esse vidio amei

Author Suzan Salihi (1 year)
Ich finde das gut kann ja nich jeder

Author Manaar Benhlimaa (2 years)
just stop puting negative things if u dont like it den u dont have to watch
it simples and i think they were great

Author shametria jackson (2 years)
yall yall killed it

Author Na na (1 year)
I can dothat I used to do it at school

Author Kaylee Todd (1 year)
I was not expecting that. That was pretty fucking good (:

Author FullMoonSites (1 year)
i doubt that too. :) you may not be a pig on the outside, but you sure are
a pig on the inside.

Author cheerleading lover (2 years)
i wanna learn this dance its soo cool and they did awesome

Author Monique Leslie (2 years)
they aint so hot....actually they aint hot at all,sorry..!! but you guys
kindah sucked

Author TheCrazyHeidi (2 years)
cool choreography!

Author Esther Minaj (2 years)
mjgunter058 stick ur head up ur ass!!!!!

Author Максим Л. Исенов (2 years)
I would have called this video "Two Little Pigs + Skinny"

Author marcus gunter (1 year)
No one asked you, illiterate chimp. I know there's different body types and
her's is the fat body type ;)

Author HarriHaffi (2 years)
pretty good! MVHH

Author maria rodriguez (2 years)
girls are louder than the music -.

Author angelaam832 (2 years)
umm not that good in almost all my videos I do flips check it out just put
Angela maciel

Author JustCallMeAniya (2 years)
Fuck the haters, you guys Killed It( :

Author Myleesha Cox (2 years)

Author sensia dybella (2 years)

Author Lengla Zhainab (2 years)
Wow! :)

Author sakura glz (1 year)
Wow k bn bailan

Author Sophiataylor Rae (2 years)
That was shit

Author liz h (2 years)
I like this dance thanks going to do it for my talents how.......:)!

Author christy morillo (2 years)
can you tell the stupid spectators to shut up

Author LolaLullaby1 (2 years)
-That annoying moment when ppl can't wait til their done dancing to

Author Yasmin Deniz (2 years)
they all need to atleast improve catching up with each other!

Author Imari Frazier (2 years)

Author Беатрис. (2 years)
The asian girl is so adorable.

Author Amy Jenkinson (2 years)

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