The famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle - Alex Gendler

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  • C Sando
    C Sando 12 hours ago

    I'd spill my water and look if I have green eyes in the reflection

  • Dylan Ricciardella
    Dylan Ricciardella 23 hours ago

    Immagin the guy whose done with it so he walks up to the guard and says I have green eyes and the guard says yep

  • Mateusz J
    Mateusz J 1 day ago

    If I was there I would point at their eyes and at the green leaves on the trees

  • Benbo mcboberson
    Benbo mcboberson 1 day ago

    couldn't you lie and say that what you think is green is blue and what you think is best?he is green then say all your eyes are blue?

  • Beedle
    Beedle 1 day ago

    I'd rip out one of my own eyes and look at it.

  • Gamings Rebirth
    Gamings Rebirth 1 day ago

    first off why not just dump a bunch of water and make a reflection and second why does the prisoner at 0:55 look like Hitler

  • Rui Rui
    Rui Rui 1 day ago

    The situation is too realistic

  • Lu Sketches
    Lu Sketches 1 day ago


  • machinegunmolly1
    machinegunmolly1 1 day ago

    So far....I'm 0 for 5 on these puzzles but I love this narrator's voice.....

  • Littlesnow //Roblox and more

    Hmmm...There's a little Chinese on my screen

  • Augusta Vaughan
    Augusta Vaughan 2 days ago

    It's a hundred against one... WTF?

  • Ben Joska
    Ben Joska 2 days ago

    I would just say:"You all have green eyes"

  • Graciey Newbery
    Graciey Newbery 3 days ago

    Why are all the names going with the alphabet like on no.3 Adria Bill and Carl

    VIDISHA DEORE 3 days ago

    How they don't know they have green eyes

  • ironredpizza
    ironredpizza 3 days ago

    I would have asked them to gang up on the evil guard since there were a hundred of them and one of him

  • Jin Park
    Jin Park 4 days ago

    If they were born there. Can't they see their parent's eye color. If not, how about your siblings.

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 4 days ago

    I would have said: "Everybody near you has green eyes." Although each of them knows this to be true for themselves, the fact that it is also true for somebody near them proves they all have green eyes.

  • Wayne Tang
    Wayne Tang 4 days ago

    "Nod if the person on your left has green eyes"

  • brayden pint
    brayden pint 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be within the rules to say "The person standing next to you has green eyes." This doesn't contain any new information to any one individual, but it tells every single person that they have green eyes. Unless I'm wrong, this is a single step which would result in all the prisoners leaving on the first night.

  • Riley Chantell
    Riley Chantell 5 days ago

    I would of thought everyone else has the same coloured eyes I must be the one with the differnt eye colour (which must be "green" from the info i was told even tho they don't know what the colour green is)

    but then again thats irrelevant cause they have never hear a word in their life since they dont talk and realistically they probably couldn't understand her statement

  • Golden Dandelion
    Golden Dandelion 6 days ago

    what about getting a mirror and saying
    '' I have a fucking mirror, why don't you come and see how it works?''

  • Fak Jea
    Fak Jea 7 days ago

    But.....the important point is this - Do prisoners know that your statement can't contain new information? Because if they do, then in case of only two prisoners, they can leave immediately. Each of them thinks "The speaker isn't allowed to give new information. Therefore, if I had non-green eyes, his sentence would be new information for other prisoner, which isn't allowed. So I must have green eyes".

  • bob dole
    bob dole 7 days ago

    i do not understand how a group of more than 2 can be solved.. it seems like there would always be some small chance of error. and i definitely don't understand what waiting a certain amount of nights has to do with anything.

    how would 3 people know who had green eyes? the only way it seems possible is if 2 of them broke off from the third, went by themselves somewhere, and then they would be able to figure it out by the 2nd night. but isn't this kind of breaking the rules? or at least it seems this would require some extra information

  • Markus Hirschmann
    Markus Hirschmann 8 days ago

    I solved it. Hoooraaayy!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  • Blair Wasser
    Blair Wasser 8 days ago

    I would have said: You all have the capability to leave this island or you all can leave the island. This may seem like it breaks the rules but it doesn't (as far as I can tell). The dictator gave them the chance to leave with the one rule of green eyes. So I'm saying nothing new. But by saying you all can leave the island, I'm trusting them to come to the conclusion that they can because they too have green eyes.

  • steve
    steve 8 days ago

    this riddle is false

  • khv143
    khv143 8 days ago

    Those people could have just looked in another person's eyes and see their reflection, to determine whether or not they have green eyes. They also could've poured the water out to look at their reflection or assumed that they have green eyes because every other person on the island has green eyes, including their parents.

  • Ekine Bobmanuel
    Ekine Bobmanuel 9 days ago

    But how do they know that everybody else on the island is a perfect logician?
    And wouldn't it be unethical to leave these people in the hands of a crazy dictator for 100 days?
    How did this situation even happen?

  • Silent Hague
    Silent Hague 9 days ago

    only takes one idiot to ruin things....

  • CLidd14
    CLidd14 9 days ago

    You could get everyone to leave at the same time by saying "everyone you've met in the prison has green eyes". This wouldn't be new information but because the statement is true for every person you would instantly know that since someone else met you in the prison, you would have green eyes.

  • TheUchiha2017
    TheUchiha2017 9 days ago

    "Everyone has the same eye color."
    As soon as they see thy neighbor, they know..
    The End.

  • Dekish
    Dekish 10 days ago

    They could also get one of the prisoners, get a green thing like a leaf and point it at their eyes

  • cait jennings
    cait jennings 10 days ago

    i thought it would give me time to think what I would say

  • Chad C
    Chad C 11 days ago

    "The person next to you has green eyes"

  • Chad C
    Chad C 11 days ago

    "The person next to you has green eyes"

  • Aaron Clinton
    Aaron Clinton 11 days ago

    you could just say that everyone has green eyes

  • Talon Greenlee
    Talon Greenlee 12 days ago

    You can figure out for yourself and know that everyone else can figure out from seeing each other at roll call that at least one of them has green eyes. You don't need an outside source to tell you.

  • Cookie Li
    Cookie Li 13 days ago

    My solution:STOP IMAGINING. Notice that the first word he said was:"Imagine..." Therefore, this whole thing is made up and I would only have to stop imagining to solve the riddle.😏

  • He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    They see each other every morning, so obviously each one sees 99 green eyed people. Each one also knows that all of the others either see 98 or 99 green eyed people too. The ambassador has not given any of them any new information. Everyone should have already left.

  • GoldenStarFox5-Roblox&More

    I would dump the water water on the ground and see my reflection

  • Kimberly Maakestad
    Kimberly Maakestad 15 days ago

    Why not pour water on something and then look at your reflection to see green eyes

  • Gabriela 16
    Gabriela 16 15 days ago

    Why don't you just tell everyone "everyone you see has green eyes"

  • Rachel Ho
    Rachel Ho 16 days ago

    So uh...does it not rain in that island or something?

  • Exactly Pi
    Exactly Pi 16 days ago

    Easy, take one of your eyes out and look at it

  • Aimee Zheng
    Aimee Zheng 16 days ago

    it's an island, there is water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look into the water you guys

  • Isobel
    Isobel 16 days ago

    if everyone around you had green eyes wouldn't you just assume you did too?

  • AutoGamerz
    AutoGamerz 16 days ago

    I came to the conclusion to tell them to jump if everyone they see has green eyes. Logically everyone would jump so everyone would know they have green eyes upon seeing someone that can see them too jump. This never requires any of them to communicate with eachother (Actively) and what you say did not tell anyone anything new, the action they did based on what you said does.

  • WalrusPresident
    WalrusPresident 16 days ago

    Pour water on the ground and look!!!!

  • I just want to post comments Apao

    If I saw that everyone else had green eyes I would just assume I did too

  • 桂瑋仁
    桂瑋仁 17 days ago

    It's sad I still cannot agree with the video's explanation or the elaboration found in kind viewers' comments.
    My thinking is:
    1. The 100 people on the island already know "AT LEAST one person has green eyes" whether or not the girl has given this statement.
    Person 1 sees this, Person 2 sees this, Person 3 sees this, Person 4 sees does Person 100. If I were Person 1, I would be already aware that ""everyone sees at least 1 pairs of green eyes" from the start (after all, I AM SEEING 99 pairs of green eyes every day since my birth)
    2. For everyone on the island on the 99th night after the girl's visit, the statement could be taken to mean "1 person has green eyes", "99 people have green eyes", or "100 people have green eyes", or ANY number of people having green eyes. Hence I don't understand how way of elimination could be at work here.

  • Sarah The Human
    Sarah The Human 17 days ago

    If they were perfect logicians, they would have simply poured out some water on the ground and checked their reflection and all been out ages ago.

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown 17 days ago

    What about if the prisoners are really stupid?

  • May Yang
    May Yang 18 days ago

    Wow, I would have just held up a leaf to their faces and said. this is the color of your eyes. And they would have said the same to me. And we would have figured out that all of us have the same colored eyes. So when she says at least one of us have green eyes, it would have been much easier to understand that all of us have green eyes. Why is common knowledge isolated in human turmoil, when we could look to plants and animals for reference in understanding difference and power.

  • Lea Perez
    Lea Perez 18 days ago

    They could just look into each others eyes without talking and they could see their reglection

  • Arostm The Coke Head

    Truthfully I don't need two eyes so I would pop one out and look at my eyes with each other I mean I personally can do it with my left eye but I guess you would also assume that none of them are masochists.

  • Utsuho Reiuji
    Utsuho Reiuji 18 days ago

    Parsee, is that you?

  • Yomiel50
    Yomiel50 18 days ago

    I must admit, I don't fully understand this solution, but I had instantly thought of a different one. You could simply have said: "The person next to you has green eyes".

  • El3anteel_العنتيل RTS

    this island is called north korea

  • Nigeria xD
    Nigeria xD 19 days ago

    LOL lucky me, I'm green eyed, I'dve said "Fucking YOLO" and just gone out

  • McKenzie TV
    McKenzie TV 19 days ago

    If they knew everyone had green eyes I would just assume I did too

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner 19 days ago

    Quite a good dictator for not making people die and go to concentration camps

  • Chili Aukdal
    Chili Aukdal 19 days ago

    Couldn't you also have said, "The person next to you has green eyes"? Because that would indicate that everyone has green eyes

  • Kawaii Kitty Cake :3


  • Traveel
    Traveel 20 days ago

    What if that 1 guy was just stupid?

  • Traveel
    Traveel 20 days ago

    What if they were just stupid?

  • Solana Avila
    Solana Avila 21 day ago

    what about saying "the person next to you has green eyes"

  • Jaiden I
    Jaiden I 22 days ago

    If all water is in a container how do they use the bathroom?

  • IHackusated Plays
    IHackusated Plays 22 days ago

    Actually however you say its all new info cus the info lead to make them selves to know their green eyed

  • IHackusated Plays
    IHackusated Plays 23 days ago

    I would say only i have brown eyes

  • Ruwayda Abdirahman
    Ruwayda Abdirahman 23 days ago


  • Eimhears Time For Music

    My only issue is the eye colour,Only about 5% of people have TRUE green eyes,So it would make much more sense to have brown or blue eyes!

  • Gavideogamer B.
    Gavideogamer B. 24 days ago


  • kania musridharta
    kania musridharta 24 days ago

    Can she just say, y'all have same eyes color?

  • sanju akhil
    sanju akhil 24 days ago

    Hey.. That was a tricky one😓😓

  • Leleily YT
    Leleily YT 24 days ago

    btw u can see ur own eye colour in other people's eyes. i loved this riddle. i loved all the riddles.

  • T
    T 24 days ago

    better way is to tell them to assist each other in sorting out who has green eyes,
    no need to talk,green eyes to the right of the room. they will eventually all be on the right and u didnt tell them their eye color yourself and they will all leave

  • Sassy The Sasquatch
    Sassy The Sasquatch 25 days ago

    It's like you speaking Chinese mate

  • comic workshop with ashutosh aryan

    make a face reveal dude

  • Carina Guan
    Carina Guan 26 days ago

    Just see that 99 other people have the same color eyes, then look into the sea for your reflection

  • Boristien405
    Boristien405 26 days ago

    I would say "partner up and raise your hand if you see green eyes"

  • Tigran Tashchyan
    Tigran Tashchyan 26 days ago

    At the end the dictator changed the rule and killed them all

  • Benjamin Christensen

    guys you forgot the most important thing...


  • Boy Line
    Boy Line 27 days ago

    eye is reflectibe,I saw my green eye in someone else eye simple. so does everyone saw and left😂😂

  • Drew Johnston
    Drew Johnston 27 days ago

    Only one kid had to take one for the team and go for it

  • Laith Mokhtari
    Laith Mokhtari 27 days ago

    Or they could just look into another persons eye and see the reflection.

  • Mghow Genius
    Mghow Genius 27 days ago

    Why are they all so jealous?

  • Michele du Toit
    Michele du Toit 27 days ago

    Telling them at least one of them has green eyes is NEW INFORMATION. Breaking the conditions set for this riddle.

  • Amaan Baig
    Amaan Baig 27 days ago

    Stop imagining

  • Winona Sebelist
    Winona Sebelist 28 days ago

    Raise your hand if the people next to you has green eyes.

  • DoritoMeemurr
    DoritoMeemurr 28 days ago

    Why the hell dont they just pour water on the ground and look?

  • don't park jimin, ride him

    why can't you just tell them to nod if they see someone with green eyes? for instance, if two people saw each other, they would both nod furiously and then they could both leave.

  • Justlife 1
    Justlife 1 1 month ago

    Can't you just say: "If you see a person with green eyes in this room, hug them!"

    Then they all hug each other, and boom you know you all have green eyes.

  • Benjamin C. Kao
    Benjamin C. Kao 1 month ago

    I just confuse do then all know what is green eyes?

  • BellaSimms _
    BellaSimms _ 1 month ago

    That would suck if you were color blind.

  • Adria Knol
    Adria Knol 1 month ago

    My name is Adria and I was shocked to see it used in this video! Actually, my boyfriend saw the video first because it came up in his recommended section and then sent it to me after hearing/seeing my name. If Alex Gendler or any of the people from TED-Ed behind this video happen to see this comment, I'd be so curious to know what the connection to the name is (especially as the other names used, Bill & Carl, are so much more common)!

  • chim chim infires me

    i wouldve said " all of you have the same eye colour"

  • GeneralSorrow
    GeneralSorrow 1 month ago

    "Every other prisoner has green eyes." The having no mirrors implies that they know what green eyes are. It is not new information.

    • GeneralSorrow
      GeneralSorrow 1 month ago

      The difference in the answers is how stupid we assume the dictator is.

  • Indep
    Indep 1 month ago

    I actually solved the riddle but simplified it lol

  • HM Ambuiguity
    HM Ambuiguity 1 month ago

    Hard mode: They're NOT all logicians.

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