These are the world's fastest animals

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  • LatiosFox
    LatiosFox 3 hours ago

    i deadass thought the video would end at cheetah

  • Ruben Bronco
    Ruben Bronco 11 hours ago

    Look at stamina tho, Humans are real good then

  • sashimi
    sashimi 13 hours ago

    I have a pet pigeon. I'm proud of him now

  • EliteHD
    EliteHD 14 hours ago

    Morris! Put Dandelion in a sentence.

    The cheeta is fastah dan de lion.

  • M santhosh
    M santhosh 15 hours ago

    worth to watch

  • william Werner
    william Werner 17 hours ago

    Sorry but u cant compare earth animals that have to use their lags, body and muscles to run at 115 km per hour with a bird that does not use his muscles to fly that fast. the bird that fly at 200 mph uses the gravity of earth when falling from the sky so technically the bird is not doing any effort to go that fast he is just letting the gravity do the work and can only go that fast when falling not in a straight line while the cheetah the fastest earth animal has to use his body and fight against gravity to push himself forward.

  • The Legend 27
    The Legend 27 17 hours ago

    Cool video

  • Nathan Blue
    Nathan Blue 21 hour ago

    The world's fastest animal is youuu😂😂😂😂😂

  • ғɪʟᴛʜʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜ

    I've never felt more slow until now 😂

  • Famalam Famzee
    Famalam Famzee 1 day ago

    Wow I'm so surprised

  • Shoxk Gamer
    Shoxk Gamer 1 day ago

    My life has been a lie A TINY BAT IS FASTER THAN A BIG CAT! yep my life is a lie

  • Bradevit
    Bradevit 1 day ago

    Nice! Now translate in kilometers per hour and upload it.

  • wolff910 wow
    wolff910 wow 1 day ago

    wolves are some of the fastest

  • wolff910 wow
    wolff910 wow 1 day ago

    wolfs jogg 24 miles an hour

  • Fabio Correia
    Fabio Correia 1 day ago

    A cheetah is only the fastest LAND animal not the fastest dumbass

  • DJ Javadd
    DJ Javadd 1 day ago

    set aside the terminal velocity, good video tho

  • The MLG Meme Master

    \/ \/

  • CherryRedGaming Animation

    Ha! Everyone at school thinks a cheetah is the fastest but I didn't! I'll have to show them this

  • cheesebuga7
    cheesebuga7 1 day ago

    a backyard squirrel in michigan is faster than all these animals

  • Death Reaper
    Death Reaper 1 day ago

    My soul animal is either a lion or peregrine falcon no joke

  • Jiab Chusacultanachai

    What about the king cheats at 120 mph

  • Puff208 aj
    Puff208 aj 2 days ago

    i run about 2 and a half miles per hour


    i think im getting faster

  • TheCatSuper Man
    TheCatSuper Man 2 days ago

    Actually trees have a top speed of 0 miles per hour so.....

    This video is now CONDEMMMMMMMMMMNED

  • Jack Pertzel
    Jack Pertzel 2 days ago

    please use metric!

  • Zerub Is Zeus
    Zerub Is Zeus 2 days ago

    What they don't mention is that pronghorns can run the longest at that speed than anything else on land

  • OO_MU
    OO_MU 2 days ago

    Metric, use it. like the rest of the world

  • Diogo David
    Diogo David 2 days ago

    Why did you click on the video? Can't you get your clues with the thumbnail?

  • EllieBlueAngel21 Vazqz

    It's obvious the Pirigine Falcon is the fastest Im predicting

  • kiyomicha
    kiyomicha 2 days ago

    ada lagi yg paling tercepat, gaji. cepet banget deh abisnya😫😫

  • Xavier Bernard
    Xavier Bernard 2 days ago

    bruh an octrich runs at 43 mph not 60!😂

  • Artist Julia
    Artist Julia 2 days ago

    2:15 😂😂😂😂

  • kurt Lim
    kurt Lim 2 days ago

    My moms sandal is faster

  • Awad Hamad
    Awad Hamad 2 days ago

    cheetah is i think really REALLY opset XD

  • Alexander De Clercq

    It would be nice if you'd include km/h as well so not only Americans could understand it right (sorry but your units are retarded)

  • Prince Delaville
    Prince Delaville 2 days ago

    How many living forms are cheatin ? except Usain bolt, he's fair-play (don't go for the hunt, only for the game)

  • Falcon Gaming
    Falcon Gaming 2 days ago


  • Kristian Dagdag
    Kristian Dagdag 2 days ago

    im 1000mph to get to the charger to charge my phone

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    astonishing facts

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 3 days ago

    apparently 55 miles isnt much for this channel

    "barely outrun it BY 55 mph"

  • Raya Matthews
    Raya Matthews 3 days ago

    could you imagine if a falcon was hunting you and flew at 242mph at you?!😮

  • Lonely Potato
    Lonely Potato 3 days ago

    I thought it said fattest :')

  • PREDATOR on Steam
    PREDATOR on Steam 3 days ago

    i dont agree with thia video

  • PREDATOR on Steam
    PREDATOR on Steam 3 days ago


  • Jose Crespo
    Jose Crespo 3 days ago

    humans suck but together as one we could end all this animals just like that with our brains and goals

  • Raymond Charles
    Raymond Charles 3 days ago

    Diveing is cheating

  • hanter fahim
    hanter fahim 3 days ago

    ooooo shit

  • Sharpe Guy
    Sharpe Guy 3 days ago

    what about the flash????

  • Sharpe Guy
    Sharpe Guy 3 days ago

    take in I'm faster than all of those when I see a spider

  • Sharpe Guy
    Sharpe Guy 3 days ago

    Usain Bolt's top speed is 28 mph...yeah that's still faster than you!!

  • Aqua S
    Aqua S 3 days ago

    Cheetah still the fastest animal on land

  • Issa Nouh
    Issa Nouh 3 days ago

    Yea but humans are number 1 in long distance running

  • Salma S
    Salma S 3 days ago

    can you please write it down in metric system, you know more than half the population use it ( correction only Liberia
    Myanmar and USA use the imperial system), i'm tired of posing the video and converting.

  • Lion2008 Omba
    Lion2008 Omba 3 days ago

    Man I thought a whale is faster Than anything AND LIONS RUN 1000000000000MPH LIONS ARE THE FASTEST

  • Assasinnick GR
    Assasinnick GR 3 days ago

    nope usain bolts hes best mph is 42

    PIRATE KING0948 3 days ago

    wow haha

  • Lucas Chan
    Lucas Chan 3 days ago

    The Falcon can't even beat an Airbus, the Airbus's top speed in 591mp/h or 945km/h

    By the way some Airbuses can reach the speed of sound, 1100km/h or 688mp/h

  • Anand Tiwari
    Anand Tiwari 3 days ago

    Making the 999 comments 1k

  • Amrit Anshu
    Amrit Anshu 4 days ago

    What in retard units?

  • maxwell smart
    maxwell smart 4 days ago

    Fun fact- fastest manned aircraft tops at 4500 mph or 7200 kph

  • maxwell smart
    maxwell smart 4 days ago

    An elephant can reach 300 mph, if it free fall dives off a plane

  • jack moore
    jack moore 4 days ago

    cheetah might be fast, but humans can still outrun them since we have fantastic locomotion. cheetah will burn out in a couple miles, but a human can run for HOURS at a time.

  • Omar Brown
    Omar Brown 4 days ago

    Isn't the Peregrine Falcon the fastest Animal at like 250 mph (didn't watch the video yet)

  • Md Azam
    Md Azam 4 days ago

    it's amazing

  • anees ahmed
    anees ahmed 4 days ago

    It should be kmph not mph!! Right?

  • Ibrahim Bahazeq
    Ibrahim Bahazeq 4 days ago

    I thought Usain bolt is the fastest creature to run on land but he is the slowest

  • Alvin Fajardo
    Alvin Fajardo 4 days ago

    usain bolt, LOL

  • Mike Mckeon
    Mike Mckeon 4 days ago


  • S
    S 4 days ago

    I think the 90mph of the Horsefly is over exaggerated to the extreme! a Hurricane maybe? haha.............21mph seems like a decent top speed for an insect (Locusts, Dragonflies) without any help from air movement (wind, ffffffft)................but what a super cool video!, it got me looking up stuff I wasn't aware of but interested in, it got me internet searching stuff I was sceptical about in this video, it teaches us to use the internet for it's true purpose, learning.............what a great video!!!!! :-)

  • S
    S 4 days ago

    The real Gold medal must go to the Sailfish though!.........68mph UNDER water!!!!!!!.........!

  • Daniel Ng'ang'a
    Daniel Ng'ang'a 4 days ago

    free fall should be there, else, the fastest human free fall was over 1200km/h

  • DisneyGym
    DisneyGym 4 days ago

    What about the horse? They can go up to 60mph

  • Charlize Villaflores

    the peregrine falcon ehhh

    miss peregrine has secret powers 😊😊

  • SnowySaraWolf
    SnowySaraWolf 4 days ago

    A fidget spinner has 100 mph

  • Don't Read My Profile picture

    if a dogs chased me i would run at 78168283e8828mph BIATCHHHH

  • the flying dragon
    the flying dragon 4 days ago

    my gf is faster "wink wink"

  • AP Leafy
    AP Leafy 4 days ago

    Our brain can deliver messages in 900 mph

  • Francesca Ysabella Acuna

    cant understand mph

  • Darnit Productions
    Darnit Productions 4 days ago

    but flies are insects and not animals

  • Lordcedric Amparado

    actualy a pronghorn can outrun a cheetah cause when the cheetah wares down the pronhorn takes the cheetah's place

  • Silverhorseshoe XoX


  • AbbiCat's Channel
    AbbiCat's Channel 4 days ago

    1 mph =? kmph
    Does anybody know

  • AbbiCat's Channel
    AbbiCat's Channel 4 days ago

    How fast is a dragonfly?

  • Dhian7 Thepineapple

    So a cheetah is the fastest runner not the fastest animal

  • TheGamingMelon
    TheGamingMelon 4 days ago

    Just paint the whole earth to look like a animal then that would be the fastest xD

  • TheGreat Escape
    TheGreat Escape 5 days ago

    Wish this was in kmph as well

  • Wigmor Mezo-Gadia
    Wigmor Mezo-Gadia 5 days ago

    What is the background music?

  • AmazingV
    AmazingV 5 days ago


  • king jas
    king jas 5 days ago

    you have made a mistake i mean "50 mitre per hour?"mitre per hour👎

  • Mythical_Fluffy_Tiger

    da fuck is the tiger at

  • Steve Adwin
    Steve Adwin 5 days ago

    Just checking , a hummingbird is infact a bird?

  • SonoftheWay35
    SonoftheWay35 5 days ago

    This is misleading, golden eagles can only fly 120 mph. They need to dive to get up to 200

  • Ameer Qan
    Ameer Qan 5 days ago

    idk about you guys but to me the fastest animal is Hammy the squirrel from the movie Over the hedge

  • Bachir Kajoua
    Bachir Kajoua 5 days ago

    America your junk food is taking controll over your body's. eat healthy and change to the fucking metric system,

  • War Thunder Best Replays

    what means mph

    • theshark88
      theshark88 4 days ago

      War Thunder Best Replays miles per hour

  • sixtyFive Watts
    sixtyFive Watts 5 days ago

    Diving is not speed.

  • Yano •_•
    Yano •_• 5 days ago

    Slow and steady wins the race

  • It's Tyrone
    It's Tyrone 5 days ago

    Horse power

  • It's Tyrone
    It's Tyrone 5 days ago

    Where's a horse

  • Giselle Martin
    Giselle Martin 5 days ago

    in my school were the FALCONS 😎😎😎 im so happy

  • Coolbrobro12
    Coolbrobro12 5 days ago

    My Ass Is the fastest to make my 💩 come out

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