MONSTER River Shrimp!

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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote catches a MONSTER river Shrimp!

    Deep in the rainforests of Latin America live some of the planets largest species of Shrimp. Their official name is the Freshwater Prawn, and they can grow up to 18 inches in length and have a very unique hierarchy system.

    Get ready to witness the biggest shrimp you’ve ever seen!

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  • Runtime: 13:22
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  • CJC Gaming
    CJC Gaming 20 minutes ago

    Coyote I never seen you so sad before... :(

  • Frank Leica
    Frank Leica 1 hour ago

    are they edible?

  • cotton candy hoe
    cotton candy hoe 2 hours ago

    why doesnt he just wear gloves in order to not get pinched?

  • Mad Hackers
    Mad Hackers 3 hours ago

    Look at them dab at 4:49

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Awwww, I know im a bit late, but u wanna hug coyote?

  • Paul Lazere
    Paul Lazere 5 hours ago

    Those are good eating

  • Kickalantern
    Kickalantern 6 hours ago

    see? at least this is not clickbait unlike
    *cough cough* durv

  • Lord Luisifer
    Lord Luisifer 6 hours ago

    Coyote: *Let's go*
    Cameraman Mark: Did you let go of it???

  • FutureOrc 51
    FutureOrc 51 6 hours ago

    They aren't called prawns they are called yabbies

  • Jesus Da lawd
    Jesus Da lawd 6 hours ago

    that is a damn lobster not a shrimp

  • Riiski Aj
    Riiski Aj 7 hours ago

    Looks like a crawfish tbh

  • supadupafart fartfart

    i just love when people are brave

  • supadupafart fartfart


  • TheRealAwesomePersonOfCoolness

    When will you encounter the giant isopod?

  • The- O-Man
    The- O-Man 8 hours ago


  • G Money
    G Money 8 hours ago

    10:45 Bamboozled again

  • MintyFresh 530
    MintyFresh 530 8 hours ago

    it's okay. we still love you and your show! <3

  • BoomSauce
    BoomSauce 8 hours ago

    that blue prawn had a dope beard

  • Psycho Supremacy
    Psycho Supremacy 9 hours ago


  • Corgi Chasers Avocado
    Corgi Chasers Avocado 10 hours ago

    This whole time, I was like Dude, why don't you just fry 'em up and dip them in garlic sauce?

  • Max Forsythe
    Max Forsythe 11 hours ago

    I feel hungry now

  • DOGE Doge
    DOGE Doge 11 hours ago

    The blue claw had bubbles around its mouth

  • DOGE Doge
    DOGE Doge 11 hours ago

    The orange claw was like no you took me out of water

  • Alexander Vidal
    Alexander Vidal 12 hours ago

    nooks he dropped it when I saw him sad to be honest I had a little tears:(

  • Deadcutlass
    Deadcutlass 12 hours ago

    Me when I play MMO's.
    Common Prawn!
    Epic Prawn!
    Legendary Prawn!!
    That moment you try to use the Legendary for a great item and accidentally hit "Release". D:

  • Jake  Cuoco
    Jake Cuoco 12 hours ago

    Man what a duo it would be if coyote met with the river monster dudw

  • Nicola Stratton
    Nicola Stratton 13 hours ago

    It looks pissed off

  • Bigdcd
    Bigdcd 14 hours ago

    So you can see the size difference.

    3:40 Clear Claw

    5:19 Orange Claw

    12:35 Blue Claw

  • Kavilyn Govender
    Kavilyn Govender 14 hours ago

    please consider Exploring the African Continents

  • xHutsonx
    xHutsonx 15 hours ago

    *Spoiler* Shrimp out smarts man. Great video.

  • Roobz Z
    Roobz Z 15 hours ago

    5:40 it's like you WANT to get pinched....

  • Joshua Colditz
    Joshua Colditz 15 hours ago


  • boysinginginglilwayn
    boysinginginglilwayn 15 hours ago

    In alabama those are crawfish and they get eaten lol

  • TheUnknownSketch
    TheUnknownSketch 15 hours ago

    That blue shrimp had rabies😷

  • JJandBobi Productions
    JJandBobi Productions 15 hours ago

    Lol they look like a shrimp and a crab had a baby

  • Hallvard Duong
    Hallvard Duong 16 hours ago

    Wait those aren't lobsters?

  • SemutHitam
    SemutHitam 16 hours ago


  • Derik Hanush
    Derik Hanush 16 hours ago

    Can you catch a shark

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez 16 hours ago

    4:44. It dab

  • Wyley Hansen
    Wyley Hansen 17 hours ago

    At 4:44 it dabs

  • Nuan Anakevieng
    Nuan Anakevieng 17 hours ago

    Come to Thailand.
    You'll get these giant blues bigger, bluer, with spicy dipping sauce on the side. Yummm!!! 👍🏼

  • L.T. G.
    L.T. G. 17 hours ago

    Why did the blueclaw had foam under his mouth I presume?

  • TheDeadSapling //Daniel//

    HOLD UP A SEC. 4:49 the shrimp did a dab

  • Yu Jeff
    Yu Jeff 18 hours ago

    Man I wanna cook those prawns and grill them mmm juicy, but srsly though the cameraman never seems to be enthusiastic to anything such monotone voice lol

  • Wallywutsizface
    Wallywutsizface 18 hours ago

    When you find a shiny Pokémon and you accidentally press run

  • foolintilmornin
    foolintilmornin 18 hours ago

    Was that blue claw foaming at the mouth ? Did it have rabies lol

  • the nobody
    the nobody 20 hours ago

    cayote: Say Zoom to Zoom the camera, Say Zoom, Louder

  • Catguard06
    Catguard06 20 hours ago

    Why do those shrimp keep on pinching themselves? And how do they dab so well?

  • Orion
    Orion 20 hours ago

    Why was it frothing at the mouth?

  • the game thief
    the game thief 20 hours ago

    4:43 dab

  • Dat Boi The Meme Cop
    Dat Boi The Meme Cop 20 hours ago

    sometimes I think coyote uses this channel as a cover for his suicidal tendencies

  • The Roadhog
    The Roadhog 20 hours ago

    4:51 dab on em

  • nick and alex vids
    nick and alex vids 20 hours ago

    please reply I subscribed and I'm a huge fan I would love to meet u😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄

    WLCMGC 21 hour ago

    Crawdads of Costa Rica.

  • An Evan named Keyan
    An Evan named Keyan 21 hour ago

    A painful good-bye.

  • Makerr
    Makerr 22 hours ago

    11:00 All around me are familiar faces...

  • snm Godly
    snm Godly 22 hours ago

    me and my dad went to a river and caught a huge blue claw!!! it was so big we had to use the 5 gallon city mill bucket to hold it in!!! :/

  • Nancy Negron
    Nancy Negron 1 day ago

    Hhhhmmm I'm sooo sorry Coyote it's ok have some food 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍉🍓🍑🥐🍳🍖🥓🧀🍤🍤🍤🌭🍔🥞🍕🍖🍗🌮🍟 and animals 🐇🐱🐶🦊🐭🦁🐵🐮🐷🐨🐯🐰🐸🐌🐢🐍🐙🐬🐆🦌🐋🦈🦐🦑🦀

  • waterish bloom35
    waterish bloom35 1 day ago

    Can You Make A Video About Mark And Mario Where They Do A Video About What They Want To Do

  • Panapa Ah-sui
    Panapa Ah-sui 1 day ago

    Did he do a video about a coconut crab?

  • Typical Llama
    Typical Llama 1 day ago

    I think the blue prawn had rabies

  • Craig officials
    Craig officials 1 day ago

    that shrimp was annoying if that happend to me i will crush that this in time before it scape

  • Typer Steen
    Typer Steen 1 day ago

    He was so sad about it.

  • Elijah Murawski
    Elijah Murawski 1 day ago

    9:23 "Yowzer!!" lol

  • Nathaniel Cortes
    Nathaniel Cortes 1 day ago

    I dont get why he didnt just wear golves??

  • Victor Maldonado
    Victor Maldonado 1 day ago

    In Mexico those shrimp taste soo good in soup

  • // Dianaaa \\
    // Dianaaa \\ 1 day ago

    he was so sad :(

  • Beasty 1068
    Beasty 1068 1 day ago

    its actually a CRAY FISH

  • Kdksksk Mdkdkdk
    Kdksksk Mdkdkdk 1 day ago

    I feel SO SORRY for Coyote!😖

  • DIY Chef
    DIY Chef 1 day ago

    Awwwww It's okay coyote

  • Malcolm Jones
    Malcolm Jones 1 day ago

    Where my shrimp?

  • Kribang TheGreat
    Kribang TheGreat 1 day ago

    Lol giant? Guess u never saw 'udang galah' before

  • Kayley Jones
    Kayley Jones 1 day ago


  • Utopia GD
    Utopia GD 1 day ago

    We want catch and cook!

  • Erick Torres Reyes

    when are you going to get pinched by a lobster?

  • Deandre Manning
    Deandre Manning 1 day ago

    lol he's brave

  • Kiera McCarron
    Kiera McCarron 1 day ago

    It's okay, Coyote! We all got a good look at it. Don't be so harsh on yourself! <3

  • Wrudde
    Wrudde 1 day ago

    I've caught a big freshwater prawn

  • Emily Witt
    Emily Witt 1 day ago

    The orange one dabbed😂

  • Johann Jesse
    Johann Jesse 1 day ago

    so close coyotes !

  • assar henden
    assar henden 1 day ago

    gulugulu shrimpers

  • TN - Pootatoforpoo

    4:48 the shrimps defense mechanism is dabbing

  • De_doctor
    De_doctor 1 day ago

    If that happened to me i woulda be mad too😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • jakethesnakelover

    8:17 There he reminds me of that guy that said, "What is drugs?". Lol

  • jakethesnakelover

    4:51 Dab!
    4:54 DAB!

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 1 day ago

    after that is the deathclae

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 1 day ago

    he's finding another Shiny rivertype

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 day ago

    The last one had rabies

  • Mychael Jenkins
    Mychael Jenkins 2 days ago

    those was shrimpd thought da was lobsters maybe I should watch the beginnings from now on

  • Sherbet Nibly
    Sherbet Nibly 2 days ago

    lol when r they getting there own to show

  • Darquise
    Darquise 2 days ago

    this guy must be masochistic :D

  • Vloging with Bench
    Vloging with Bench 2 days ago

    Aw coyote I feel bad for u that the blue shrimp got away :C

  • Gaming gorilla
    Gaming gorilla 2 days ago

    Lol "i see its huge" nice vid

  • Tyler Boedeker
    Tyler Boedeker 2 days ago

    What's a brave wilderness episode without coyote yelling "OW!"

  • Raphael Eagan
    Raphael Eagan 2 days ago

    Coyote is Bear Grylls without scripting

  • Deklan Birth
    Deklan Birth 2 days ago

    When I was little me and my friends saw a black snake and my friend said all we need now is a white snake to play chess

  • ShadowWalker2005
    ShadowWalker2005 2 days ago

    You know, when you cook a shrimp dish you use many shrimps, and that's kinda sad... as much as I love shrimp dishes. But one of these shrimps could feed an army!

  • Trent S
    Trent S 2 days ago

    Um that crabs mouth is foaming..

    • Trent S
      Trent S 2 days ago


  • NuclearGaming Nguyen


  • foxyKINGgaming
    foxyKINGgaming 2 days ago

    are these edible

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