fatwa for amir liaquat

fatwa for amir liaquat

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Author TARIQ AFTAB (3 months)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Author Faiza Ali (3 years)
@mirzeb allah se darein agar aap aik musalman bhai ka aib nahin chupayein
gain tu allah qayamat ke din aap ke aib bhi nahi chupaye ga Dr aamir ne
allah se maafi maang li hai tu hum kaun hote hai unko fraud kehne wale
niyaton ka haal allah janta hai

Author bilal824 (3 years)
@bilal824 main jawab day he raha tha kay menay tumra nick parh lia socha
charsi ko kia jawab dun.... kia tumara eman itna kamzoor hai kay shetaan
rushdi maloon meray teray nabi(s.a.w.w) ko galiyaan bakay or hum dekhtay
rahain kay islam to aman ka deen hai. woi jab uth kay humaray baap ko gali
day to hum us ki zabaan kheech kay hath main day dain....?

Author owniengr (3 years)
yar ye shkal se kafir lgta hay begrat degree apni fake han iski or bolta
phirta hay logon ko

Author Nadeem Ahmad (3 years)

Author Rashid Gill (3 years)
What is AMIR LIYAQAT saying sorry to ALLAH for when he has clearly said the
video exposed is DUBBED and FAKED? I dont understand why those Mullahs
stamp who is Muslim and who is not muslim when it is a matter of heart and
God? Who made these Mullahs champions of IMAAN?

Author Omar Durrani (3 years)

Author raamiskhan1 (3 years)
Amir liaquat jhoota hay. He is also wrong about ahmadis. He insulted mirza
sahab and see what happed to him. Eveybody is insulting him.

Author bestozesto (4 years)
@bestozesto and this hassad against shoaib malik is so evident from aamir
liaqat's comments and body language..see april 4 2010 amir online

Author ansarSsssSf (3 years)
@wardahsiddiqi ha ha dear friend jo sahe hota hai na os ke sath sahe he
hota hai,,,ok or amir liaqat ko to insan he nahi kehna chahaye

Author charsi87 (3 years)
@bilal824 Bhai mere rusool (saw) ke zamane main bhi log un ke khilaaf thay.
Un ki shaan mein gustakhi kartay thay. Un ke khilaaf baatein aur saazishain
kartay thay. Kya humaare pyaaray nabi (saw) ne aisay logon ko maar dene ka
hukam diya? Nahin. Balke un se pyaar aur shafqat ka salooq kiya. Islam aur
Quraan/Islam kahin bhi kisee ki jaan lenay ka hukum nahi deta. Ye molvi
logon ne drama shuru kiya hua hai. jab jee chaha uth kar fatwa jari karr

Author badking12 (6 years)
I dont understant why u people are so much against aamir liaqat now. I
think you dont know about toba & Fatwa yourselves. when one oplogises for
any sinn its only Allah who accecpts it and a mufti gives faytwa based on
the aevidence that he/she has done toba . now my question is how you people
can say Ammir,s apology was not acceptable TO Allah?????

Author deekyleo (3 years)
dr.amir aik jhoota shaqs hai or dramay baaz hai jo log issay qareeb say
jantay hain unhain iss k baray main sab kuch pata hai, iss kay jaisa shaqs
aap logoon ki nomaindagi kaisay kar sakta hai or sharam ka muqaam hai unn
logoon k lieh jo issay promote kar rahay hain..isay itna aitamaad milnay ki
waja MQM or AHL_E_TASHIAA hain jin ka media pay raaj hai. warna aisa shqs
jo muftion or naat khwanoon ko galian day camera man ko maa bahen ki
galiaan day or ganaay gaai phir ALIM online. YA ALLAH MADAD

Author imranphq (3 years)
What ever Amir Liaqat done is very wrong he supposed to be nice and good
person because he represent many Islamic Programs. But whatever he talk
about qadianies i am totally 100% agree with this.

Author thespiritualnews (3 years)
what a stupid person showing off for a show Stop and get some help...

Author Handsomepaindo (3 years)
watch this video is Video mein 4:58 pe wo kiya kehte hain zara ghoor se
suniyeh wo shia firqa sa talahq rakhte hain or shia Abbu Bakar ,umar or
Usman e ganni ( R.A Ajmaee) ko nahi mante ab ye tv pe jhoota dava kr rahe
hain k abu bakar b theek usman b theek umer b theek ...zuban insaan ki
shakhsiyat ki aaina dar hoti hai in ki zuban tu ap log dekh hi chuky hain

Author brailveeonline (4 years)

Author fadyjee (4 years)
2 No . 2 no PHD degree. forname DR. . he was seprated from MQM because he
got position in GEO. abh assay loog pakistani logon ko islam sekhah rahay
hain . mashalla!!!! nazar na lagay,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Author Frost Bite (3 years)
I cant believe there are people who still think that he is speaking truth.
No doubt Pakistan is dying. Any one who has even a smallest clue about
video editing would know that it is impossible to dub something like that.
This asshole is still defending himself because he knows that our
illiterate public will still believe him.

Author loveli1965 (1 year)

Author Arif anjum (3 years)
o gando kay bachay ye tare mai kay sath duni zeena kary

Author Rashidatariq (3 years)
mjha yh samaj ni ata ka isko Rona kis bat pa ata h, drama h uh banda, dua
ka bhi saala paisa laita h , jhoota frawdi

Author Handsomepaindo (3 years)
aalim e Deen k samne gana gaa rahe hain or un se poch rahe hain k aap ne
falan film dekhi hai in ko zara haya nahi aahi k wo kis jaga bethy hain or
kiya bol rahe hain

Author mirzeb (3 years)
jao yaar drama band karo , amir fraud hai.

Author bilal824 (3 years)
@charsi87 abay oye is nay ghustakh e rasool ka kaha hai.. tum log is kay
islam or eman pay tanqeed kar rahay ho apnay eman ko tatoolo apnay
giraybaan main jhankoo... deen ki koi samjh hai b jo istnay comments diay
hai. ghustakh e rasool ki 1 he sazaa hai or wo mout hai mout

Author blackroze786 (5 years)
amaj ralaway na mevi

Author SRSCHAIRMAN (3 years)
Dr Sab se ghalti TU hoi hey aur dr Sab KO maazi ki tarah apuni islaaha ki
turuf naik niyaati se tawajuh daini CHAHIYAY .Aur baqi sub comments dainay
waloon se yeh sawaal kirta HOON k KYA hum zaati taur per yeh sub ghultiyaan
nahi kirtay JO dr Sab ki video mein daikhi JA RAHI hein ? Agur kirtay hein
TU hum sub KO pehlay APUNAY garaibaan mein jhankutay

Author Ammar Sarfraz (5 years)
Allah niyaton ko jaanta hai , Allah hi sab se bara munsif hai... Allah hum
sab ko naiki ki hadayat de .. Aur hamare Tamaam kabira sagheera gunnah maaf
farmaye,.. Aameen

Author jeenekaba (3 years)
He is a greatest liar on the face of the earth. Did you guys know that he
has fake degrees of MA and PhD. He is showing that his degrees are from
Trinity college. Which a fake college in Spain. You guys google it out.

Author Salmanfragile (5 years)
Agar Aamir liaqat nay toba kerni hoti to woh itnay logon ke samnay nahe
kerta, balkay Allah say kerta.....Us nay public me isliaye toba ki kuon ke
sab nay us ka asli chehra dekh lia tha.....Or us ko yeh dar tha ke 90 %
loag to nafrat kertay he han, baki ke 10% bhi kernay lagain gay.....Islia
us nay yeh Card khaila ha....Or yeh Nam Nehad Molvi us ki toba nahe Qabool
ker saktay, sirF Allah ker sakta ha....

Author WLNetwork (3 years)

Author Dakooouuu (3 years)
yaaaro ye kia hai....? Allah hum sub naik raah pe chalne kiii taufeeq de...

Author TheSumaira10 (3 years)
is behnchod ko jo mare ga seedha jannat mein jaye ga! is ko salman taseer
ki tarah moat deni chahye ALLAH TAALA ye saadat hamein ata farmaye he s a
big big big huge munafiq n shia!

Author bilal824 (3 years)
@Ambreen0870 yaar in logo ko sirf jalan hoti hai yeh islam kay naam pay
coment nai kar ray balkay apni party ko khush kar rahay hain basss...

Author Qasimcheema42 (4 years)
Dr.Amir Liaqat is a nice person and mujahid-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Amir Liaqat
kay khilaf jo log propegandah kar rahay hay unhay ruswai ho gee Allah Amir
liaqat ko jaza day or yaha tak kay Geo chornay kay baad jub Dr.Amir Liaqat
Hussain nay Ary Join kia to meri un say baat hoi or unho nay kaha kay
mujhay Geo walon nay is liay nikala hay Q kay may Qadianioo ko Qadiani hi
kehta hon Ahmadi nahi kehta Great amir liaqat

Author Ilyas Baluch (3 years)

Author Ambreen0870 (3 years)
Jab Allah se maafi mang li to hum kon hotay hain kuch bolnay walay...Sab se
bara judge upar wala hai na ke hum. or maafi mangay wale se ziada bara maaf
karne wala hota hai..

Author Syed Ahtisham Hussain (3 years)
@Moon51221 apko kis firqay ya maslak nay ye zuban istemal karna sikhai hai?
main khud 1 sunni hun lekin aisa nahi kehna chahye

Author mwa63 (5 years)
Assalam o Alaikum Brother, The reason for his Public Toba is that He some
time ago made a big sin through Gustahi e Shaykhain (Hazrat Abu Bakr and
Hazrat Umer ) and Gustahi e Sahaba in Public. I myself watch this video.
And also its the rule that if you make a sin in public than you have to
Make this Toba in public. May Allah accept his Toba Ameen.

Author bilal hidayat (3 years)
Propaganda? Apni kanon se suna sahaba ki shan main gustakhi kar raha hay.

Author Bilal Yousuf (3 years)
a lie to cover a fact

Author shazad (3 years)
These all Mufties giving Fatwa about Amir to accept his Tauba to say
against Khulfae Rashdi. Actually these Mufties saving Amir to save them
selves too cause they are the same who doing buisness in the name Pak
religion Islam. Thats why Amir was bringing these all Jahil mufties in "
Alim on Jahil".

Author bestozesto (4 years)
amir liaqat is a big hypocrit... he uses religion to befool people and fill
his pockets...the way he defamed shaoib malik on april 04, 2010 is
absolutely wrong...if he really intended to correct him it was no way to
harras him in front of whole nation it looks like aamir liaquat has
"hassad' against shoaib and he did this programme to build a consensus to
prevent this marriage...don't hijack religion for ur personal gains and
filling ur pockets

Author Mrking560 (4 years)
Dr. Amir Liyaqat Sab Ky Khilaf MQM or Qadiyani Sargaram Hai........... And
Both Are Hateful.....

Amir liaqat wahabi ha, Sab sy bara drama baaz ha

Author bilal824 (3 years)
@waqarr islam yeh b keta hai kay logo say naik gumaan karo. jhoot say na wo
tumra kuch bigaar sakta hai or comments say na he tum...

Author PakTape (3 years)
Watch Zalim Online, Amir Liaquat Hussain latest Leaks with Fake Degree on To see his Real Face: just copy the below link and past in your
web browser
To see his fake Degree just copy the below link and past in your web

Author Waqar Ahmed (3 years)
shia ka aqeeda hay k jhoot bolna aur apna aqeeda chupana sawab aur farz can we beleive he is not acting in this video

Author atensari (6 years)
Your posting creating more doubts, The controversial video youtube
com/watch?v=SHDmAHFiEMg&feature=related was posted on Jun 08, where as
Khatma-Rasalat program was broad casted in Sep. 08, how come propaganda
video came out 3 months earlier The message and the messenger both are
clear and also his partners, renowned personalities easily are identified
behind him and the class of crowed in front of him. He repented is it not
necessary for his partners that they revive their Iman as well.

Author KounHey (4 years)

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