♫ Best Rap Motivation Music 2017 ♫ ▪█─ It's Crossfit Time ! ─█▪


The Best Rap Motivation Music to be bigger, faster, stronger like Rich Froning: The Fittest Man in History !

Songs credits :

00:00 Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign - Shell Shocked ft. Kill The Noise & Madsonik
03:15 Tech N9ne - The Beast
06:55 Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low
10:22 We Own It (Fast & Furious)
13:53 Detroit vs. everybody
19:47 Eminem - Kings never die ft. Gwen Stefani
24:35 DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What
28:03 Get Up - 50 Cent
31:10 Slaughterhouse - r.n.s.
34:33 Eminem- Phenomenal
39:06 Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz - Get crunk (feat Bo Hagon)
43:23 Slaughterhouse - Y all ready know
47:18 Tech N9ne - Hard (ft. MURS)
51:12 Tech N9ne - Aw Yeah

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Author Nosuuddo ( ago)
This is what im aiming to achieve, slim and lean but strong and able to do crazy athletic shit on monkey bars and back-flips....not the other bulky, inflated, huge, unnecessary muscles....i respect the crossfit members

Author GravityLee ( ago)
None of those people created those bodies w crossfit. They built muscle with olympic heavy lifts and lots of juice then switched training style and cut. The general public is too stupid to realize this but to those of us that lift the snake oil is obvious.

Author Çılgın adam yaman ( ago)
Music pls 00:02

Author Çılgın adam yaman ( ago)
Best Music Two

Author No Name ( ago)
Where the fuck is my Adblock LOLOLOL

Author Alexander O'Donnell ( ago)
nothing like black music to white workout

Author nomercy8989 ( ago)
Love the guy that is carrying the sledge instead of pushing it at the start of the video :D

Author skata st.moutrasas ( ago)

Author PlanetRugby ( ago)
You are literally the scum of the earth. Why make a music compilation for working out and have ads in it. I'm trying to work out and I start hearing this depressing ass music and it's a fucking ad. Your not even legally allowed to make money off other people's music

Author MoovieDude ( ago)
These girls are better built than 95% of the guys I see at the gym.

Author Nabil Shah ( ago)
fuck utube adds

Author Matthew Fanaff ( ago)
its hard to take this mix seriously with all the crossfit

Author Sloster Lord ( ago)
crossfit= basically legday

Author Sloster Lord ( ago)
heyyyy that's pretty guuud!
I likey, helped me lift a shit tonne beyond my breaking point

Author Hunter Broughton ( ago)
i need this music to tie my shoe


Author Michael Laurinc ( ago)
I was watching that last challenge and in 46.07 Green team men didnt do lifts on the end as the rest of the others so they won lol... wot a nightmare!

Author vishal chauhan ( ago)
song at 31:20 ?

Author 12Chain ( ago)
Something to take off the edge

Author Sarunerf ( ago)
amazing mix

Author MasterYuri ( ago)
How cool, 1 hour playlist filled with ads for songs you dont have copyright on.. so good to use ad block on this shit

Author Happy Gamer ( ago)
yes fuck ISIS. Peace rules

Author Surfinsummer Vlogs ( ago)
Thanks for posting this listen to it a lot

Author reinaldo junior ( ago)
q dog engraçado,em um lugar nadaver kkk

Author suit face ( ago)
i'm listening to that playlist for six months until now, best workout mix ever !!!!

Author xp frestail//* ( ago)

Author LeDocteur ( ago)
Best song

Author riki-tiki taki-maki-poki-choki ( ago)
i like

Author John_Cena 87 ( ago)

Author Edith Ridall ( ago)
∂σ үσυ ωαηт тσ ℓσss ωειgнт ιη נυsт 3 ωεεкs тнαη cнεcк συт тнιs : -

Author Nabil Shah ( ago)
1000th comment

Author Xavier Rodriguez ( ago)
Love this

Author savier lierman ( ago)
echt kij veel reclame

Author Reggie Anglin ( ago)
this is what I need to get back to shape. thanks brother.

Author yordano garcia ( ago)
Sorry for what it's called that motivational music is that I like to do sports ...

Author yan solo ( ago)
cross shit

Author II Bxebblez II ( ago)
Literally all my favorite songs or songs that I really like.

Author David Martin ( ago)
I was playing csgo and eating potato chips while listening to this music

Author Çılgın adam yaman ( ago)

Author Alex ey ( ago)
надо подкачаться!!!

Author Szymon Wasowski ( ago)
pls name of first music

Author Joseph James ( ago)

Author Wagner Fonseca ( ago)

Author Nikola ( ago)
whats the first song

Author IBAZ Ashoor ( ago)
Best songs for soccer training

Author sosso idri ( ago)
best work of sport

Author mortalbug16 mortalbugVato ( ago)
u get like for the Wuf Wuf wuf ;)

Author Abdou Simerabet ( ago)

Author Fabi Rodriguez ( ago)
resube el video

Author zonixx zonixx ( ago)
nice man

Author Daniel Mutl ( ago)
je to super

Author Neil Gerstel ( ago)
can someone give me the songs that are played in this video?
I need them !!

Author Josue David German Acosta ( ago)
Que tal rcsm exelente rutina

Author EmpireGames Swarthout ( ago)
was it honestly necessary to put in 11 ads?

Author Богдан Костик ( ago)
замітно на 44 хвилині як всі на жопу дівчатам дивляться

Author Jannah Ruth Santonil ( ago)
this is my favorite workout music . nice remix :)

Author igcuric ( ago)
It's sad to see what have those females done to their body.

Author Taylor Martin ( ago)
I mean oviously they are doing something right but crossfit teaches horrible forms.

Author Horseman Free Music ( ago)
Damnnnnnn ! Awesome .

Author Cal Baize ( ago)
good vid, good music, but you flick through the pics to fast, half the time its a flash image, irritating!

Author Jorge Naranjo ( ago)
crossfit might look stupid as hell but this music mix is awesome

Author ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( ago)
Keep calm and fuck christianity! :D

Author Martin Poirier ( ago)
Sick !!

Author Wassilis ( ago)
Too much advertising in it.

Author Рама Пирс ( ago)
Охуенный музончик : )))

Author Adrian Treviño ( ago)
ohhhh Mai gaaad!!! una orgia con todos esos hombres!!!! tan sexys y marcados!! porfavoooor mi culito los aclamaaaaa!!!! si si si quiero pene

Author time travel ( ago)
time travel..yes

Author milanko sakic ( ago)
▪█─ It's Crossfit Time ! ─█▪ :D

Author AsT KaNa ( ago)
NicE MuSiC

Author BState ( ago)
Doping Paradise / Freedom of Choice / Crossfit Games

Author Dr. Reni ( ago)
when i heard 1st song for first time i was like O_O OOOOOO my Fckiiiiing GOD 0o0

Author Criss Redfield ( ago)
fuck your crossfit and fuck you too

Author Shadow Guy ( ago)

Author J.Jonah Jameson ( ago)
crossfit LMAO

Author Александр Богдашкин ( ago)

Author yoni castro ( ago)
update this vídeo pls is my favorite for training

Author Ivan P ( ago)
Anyone knows what's the 1st song called ?

Author Aitor Rodriguez ( ago)
hollyshit those girls ridin' cycles like they comepting on IFBB lol

Author Christopher Sewell ( ago)
Chin up bar

Author Christopher Sewell ( ago)
im push bikie rider swimmer and runner

Author Christopher Sewell ( ago)
I don't work out all I do is run

Author Christopher Sewell ( ago)
what is that

Author Etienne Marecaille ( ago)
merci pour cette music elle tue continuer comme ca

Author Pedro Am ( ago)
For a very long time i been looking for a good mix that keeps you pumped for 1 full hour. You nailed it! UNREAL!

Author Delaney Buth ( ago)
Is it possible to get the playlist for this?  There are some awesome workout songs but I don't know the names of them. Thank you!

Author Vojta Studeny ( ago)
cros fit is for woman or pussies

Author Taktik Pur ( ago)
some of the exercises have such a bad form .. i think crossfit is the workout for people lifting stuff like they want to hurt themself :D

Author hasnain haider ( ago)
first song name ?

Author XeniuM ( ago)
Fucking motivation! This Russian guy I'm talking !!!
Thank you!!!

Author BigSoBig ( ago)
The tune that starts in 7:49 is awesome... about to stop running and when that tune started, it motivated me to keep going. Thanks!

Author Mistah Beenh ( ago)

Author Jingrui Li ( ago)
DOG is cute! xD.

Author katona90 ( ago)
Good job guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author josh cane ( ago)
middle of workout vid ad about chicken and chocolate

Author Sumit Kumar ( ago)
i am not able to play this video on mobile, you tube app.. it says video not available

Author Elite Dude ( ago)

Author Riley Piers ( ago)
These guy should do a spartan race.

Author Weeknie ( ago)
Nice 2017 man!!

Author DJ WOKIN ( ago)

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