Dettol Warriors Movie

Germoon, the lord of germs, and his army are attacking the children of Pakistan and the Pakistan Team, ruining their chance to win the world cup. Meanwhile, 3 friends, Ali, Sarah and Rizz, are alarmed about this situation and discover that Germoon's army can be defeated by the 'Shik Shik' power. All they need are the Dettol Gems to get this power and become Dettol warriors. Every child can become a warrior this way. So would you become a Dettol Warrior to save Pakistan?

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Author Mohd Afraaz Ahmed (12 days)
I like it because kitono KO accha Mara diya ham 

Author far abdulsamad (2 months)
Abdulla abdull

Author Billy Lake (3 months)
First time watching and I love it I would watch it again if it was in TV I
would watch it anytime I want it ever was in TV but since its on my phone
and on my computer now I could watch it anytime I want Thanks

Author Muhammad Arshad (4 months)

Author Sofia Khan (5 months)
I love watching this.

Author Faez Faez (18 days)


Author ANEES ABDUL HANNAN (7 months)

Author Permadi S (11 months)
Good graphic, good story, good style. super thumbs for you, Pakistan!

I'm from Indonesia. Salam ;)

Author Hassan Sardar (10 months)
Pakistan should start animated movies

Author Hassan Sardar (10 months)
keep up the good work

Author Hassan Sardar (10 months)
good effort

Author king abdu (1 year)

Author asif khan (1 year)

Author mefindermaster (1 year)
Like the movie

Author hafsa malik (2 years)
bht aaalllaaa h very very nixe love pakistan lotzzz.....

Author DettolWarriors (2 years)
Hey enjoying the game? :)

Author Rohan Numair (2 years)
not bad

Author GhostRider033 (2 years)
My niece loves the song and the final fight

Author thesuperumer (2 years)
Safeguard aur 2 3 english films ki naqal hai .....!!!

Author bashirshad1 (2 years)
me ne dettol warrior par apne ap koo register karwaya thaa--phir dettol
worrier kaa phone aya ta ghar kaa home adress be liye ---promise kia tha
dettol wlaoon ne gift hamper send karay ghay mghar kuch bee nahe ehoya 3
maa guzzr gayn hay...zaima bashir

Author Shah Faisal Zaman (1 year)

Author gdxii2050 (2 years)

Author ExtraButterfly (2 years)
Что курил автор

Author revin hatol (1 year)
Macam BoBoiBoy.

Author Darmeiable (2 years)
I already watched on T.V SIR

Author Muhammad Akram (1 year)
Very coooooooooooooooooooooooool

Author Darmeiable (2 years)
But like it better than safegaurd i like dettol i have dettol soap

Author AmbreenZahir Zahir (1 year)

Author umer malik (1 year)
p;lk;jjjun,l./jk;pgcbytlkfhufbjffdytkbrghytgdygkhol jgfnhufktj.
oyknlfgyfnmgdubjfb bugjdug vjuf jfkfuvf

Author Maurice Dennis (1 year)
a lot of work to make such a movie. Try it yourself 3d blender and 2d
synfig are free

Author stylejks (2 years)
dettol ka zamana hai pakistan barana hai

Author Huzaifa Aslam (2 years)
abe kuch to apni taraf se banate pura cartoon safeguard, milkateer, padle
pop ki nakal hai agli baar kuch acha banana plzzzzzz

Author danial khan (2 years)
please come to my school too

Author jai95779 (1 year)
Cool cool

Author zoya ejaz (2 years)
i hate this cartoon but my little brother love this!

Author Shan-E Jatt (1 year)
gerasim remains me of Zardari

Author Shizza Ali (2 years)
my bro always watch this :p

Author Ahmad Chughtai (1 year)

Author mana07860 (2 years)

Author Mohd Bilal (1 year)
Exactly right

Author mefindermaster (1 year)
you mean like it

Author thomas sparling (1 year)

Author obaid awan (1 year)
nice cartoons

Author muzammil baloch (1 year)
chalo ya warrriors pgl haaa no:1 afridi is pagal

Author yasoobalikhan (2 years)
my baby like it.

Author Afzal Qadir (2 years)
ayesha jhujuh tyrrwsq

Author tasaan2001 (2 years)

Author Huzaifa Aslam (2 years)
safeguard very nice cartoon yaar

Author noman ijaz (2 years)

Author hasan khan (2 years)

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