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Author Dan Doran (4 years)
Those are the most beatiful heads I've seen, my neighbor hunt them near
Licking and he has just one that looks that good! Nice Vid.

Author Ping Pong (4 years)
I'm sure you already know, but the best rockshelter finds (for me) are
slightly out from under the overhang. Even "dug out" spots will give huge
yields. No-one digs in sunlight. The only time the ancients were under the
shelter was for protection. Make a point and you will see what i mean.
2cents. Cheers!

Author Ashley Francois (2 years)
Love those artifacts thank y'all very much for the video I enjoyed watching

Author Serpo71 (5 years)
Look on a map and try to find where 2 creeks or rivers intersect. Walk the
banks and in the river in this area ( a day or two after a rain, so the
water level can go down a bit). I like to walk in plowed farm fields also,
look in plowed fields that are near creeks or rivers, I usually have better
luck in plowed fields, but things usually get broke by the farm machinery,
which is the only drawback. It takes practice, but you'll get a knack for
finding Indian settlements and finding points. SERPO

Author DolittleMccoy (3 years)
This stuff amazes me. How do you know where to look and once you do. How do
you know the area to find them? Are they just laying stray or do you have
to dig? My uncle use to find them in my area, But he died before i ever got
a chance to ask him or go with him and find them :(

Author bshock81 (3 years)
i outside of washington mo and am interested in arrowhead hunting, have any
tips or spots around my area you know of? thanks

Author acenchief28 (5 years)
Sweet vid! Think I might have to make a short trip to Missouri some time!

Author Brooksy's Nomadic Adventures (3 years)
watchn thru some old 1's, that had some good trips in it, was that french
trap there at the end, that dalton was sweet,sure hopen it rains good
tonight Good Huntn BORN 10,000 YR's TO LATE

Author Ilheadhunter (1 year)
Thats a mercy mercy blade!!!!!!! That had me rollin

Author FortWarren (4 years)
I really enjoy watching your movies! Thanks for posting them, you help give
me the inspiration to go out and hunt, haha. I live near Boston, people
don't think to look much around here...they just lowered the level of a
lake near me, cuz the dam is failing. there was an indian camp there, back
when. Found a nice 1inch quartz point down there today. Thanks again!

Author FelinepeachyTNet (3 years)
I like picking up flakes

Author MrTylerkeenan (5 years)
great finds i would be so happy if i could find just one point! i have been
hunting at least 15 times i havent even found a peice of a arrowhead :( i
guess i just dont know were to look

Author Ashley Francois (2 years)
Richard u got to take me on a hunt I'd be for ever in dept to you thank
y'all for sharin the experience

Author arrowhead893 (5 years)
killer finds as always. man missouri must be the place to hunt cause alot
of people from there are the ones that find alot of killers. do you guys
find many quartz points cause in ga thats the main source of my finds.
unless i find a good village site.

Author rapidcat48 (3 years)
cool im from missouri nice finds

Author Rick Evans (4 years)
Neat finds!

Author L Shuran (3 years)
that black arrowhead unidentified looks alot like the bradley spikes we
find here in southern middle tennessee

Author smellanalan (3 years)
agate basin & dalton plus huge adena WOW, haha re-living old vids richard

Author Ravotic (1 year)
alright i'm 15 and i enjoy arrowhead hunting and i havn't gone in about 3
years and i want to go again but i moved from eldon missouri to saint
joseph missouri, does anyone know of any spots in the saint joseph area
where i could go hunt from some decent arrowheads :)

Author therockpicker (3 years)
Awesome pieces! All I can say is WOW!

Author SgtGrant23 (4 years)
i just got back from oklahoma sunday, your making me want to go back,
sunday i found my first 2 points of the year!!

Author Ben Breslin (3 years)
as always... GREAT FINDS GREAT VIDEO keep up the amazing work!

Author Swampwookieee (5 years)
thats a sick rock overhang/cave..i need to find a place like that

Author Ksaylor40 (2 years)
Great finds...i live in central MO and alway watch your videos before i go
on a hunt to get hyped wife is 8 months pregnant and keeps rite up
with me....good huntin to ya

Author EDBO23 (5 years)
It is always fun and exciting to find stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Author Brandon Andrew (3 years)
Did you say you were on the Gaskinade?

Author proulx62 (2 years)
how did you know it was 4 inches?

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