Anti Social Social Club: Don't Believe The Hype

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  • Complex's weekly series Don't Believe the Hype takes a look at what's hot and what's just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. On this week's episode, Speedy takes on the highly coveted streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club. Can Complex staffers tell the difference between an Anti Social Social Club hoodie and a fake? Find out on this week's episode of Don't Believe the Hype.

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  • melojordans23
    melojordans23 7 hours ago

    You'd have to go out of your way to get a shit quality one. ASSC bootlegs have become better quality over the last couple of months, how does that happen. Doesn't help that they use gildan.

  • Robin Jakobsen
    Robin Jakobsen 1 day ago

    Guys need help, bought a ASSC hoodie from Ebay paid 150 usd for it. Was not really thinking about it being fake, now looking at the hoodie it doesnt have the flat drawstrings and the metal eyelets, the tag says gildan. BUUUT the seller said it was an old batch back when they were still printing on Gildan is mine real or fake???? :(

  • Dope Ignorance
    Dope Ignorance 4 days ago


  • Jens9807
    Jens9807 4 days ago

    lmao Neek Lurk (wtf is that name, sounds like a douche) is lucky people are buying his shit clothes

  • Leonard Boisdron
    Leonard Boisdron 5 days ago

    He bet the balenciagas 😂😂😂

  • Winter
    Winter 6 days ago

    ASSC is trash anyways

  • J K Lee
    J K Lee 6 days ago

    The fake ones now are feel better than the real ones tho

  • Erik Perez
    Erik Perez 6 days ago

    I legitimately do not understand the hype in assc. Those shits are trash. It's 4 words with a wavy type. Like ooh edgy. Miss me with that, I wouldn't buy one for 5 bucks

  • BigMemeTyrone
    BigMemeTyrone 6 days ago

    both Gildan how can u tell?

  • the chadiak
    the chadiak 7 days ago

    Why would u buy fake or real assc? Both are trash and just make u look like u can't afford assc

  • Dead Garçon
    Dead Garçon 7 days ago

    They're both Gildan hoodies anyways

  • Im Xaro
    Im Xaro 8 days ago

    i swear its the most generic looking hoodie ever

  • Itchyy Richyy
    Itchyy Richyy 8 days ago

    How tf do you fuck up on a basic ass better print ....damn asians

  • Young Benji
    Young Benji 9 days ago

    does it matter which is fake cos they both gildan

  • Bilal Faye
    Bilal Faye 10 days ago

    Beija is never wrong

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 10 days ago

    Fuck complex and this segment

  • jeremy brown
    jeremy brown 10 days ago

    Can Complex staff members tell the difference between a fake Supreme hoodie and a real one?

  • Risk 7
    Risk 7 11 days ago

    What's the name of those shoes? 1:24

  • Kofi Joe
    Kofi Joe 12 days ago

    this brand is terrible

  • juss art
    juss art 18 days ago

    Everyone hating on Gildan but the shirt your wearing is most likely Alstyle.

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 20 days ago

    Cringe hearing him say anty instead of anti

  • Katon Mahesa
    Katon Mahesa 21 day ago

    stupid hypebeast hypebeast club

  • Marcus Knak
    Marcus Knak 25 days ago

    Shit brand. Uninspired and over-hyped.

  • Fopenplop
    Fopenplop 28 days ago

    they were selling an ugly tenga cup for $40 normies are dumb as shit

    • Fopenplop
      Fopenplop 28 days ago

      "fucking a cup as an edgy fashion statement"

  • xgenericx
    xgenericx 29 days ago

    do nike tech fleece

  • Tim James Bitch
    Tim James Bitch 29 days ago

    I don't believe the hype. Their clothes basic af!! Fools getting their pockets raped just to wear a brand name, smh!

  • TheMaskedOne
    TheMaskedOne 1 month ago

    The damn thing has ones it doesn't even matter

  • Enrique Marzal Ruano

    Both also are a shit hoodie,some models ir assc ara made no Gildans hoodies fucck assc

  • Lucian the Purifier
    Lucian the Purifier 1 month ago

    I like how everyone who *isn't* anti-social is wearing this shit

  • burn
    burn 1 month ago


  • Mololuwa Odesanya
    Mololuwa Odesanya 1 month ago

    Where's Chris?

  • Jacob Perovich
    Jacob Perovich 2 months ago

    does anybody know if the hoodies drop this Saturday the 1st

  • Cjaenmi chtavy
    Cjaenmi chtavy 2 months ago


  • theo
    theo 2 months ago

    you guys remember when it was only one social

  • uncoolalex
    uncoolalex 2 months ago

    lmaooo okay true

  • Yo Step Daddy
    Yo Step Daddy 2 months ago

    Nutella Vs Hershey ? Pretty sure it'll be a good episode...

  • Behzey
    Behzey 2 months ago

    my nikka dont drink water at all ?? son.. how long you expect to live b

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar 2 months ago

    We all fucking know Jinx would wear the fake shit and say it's real.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 2 months ago

    Anti social social club is a weak ass brand

  • Kal Heisenberg
    Kal Heisenberg 2 months ago

    Who the hell cares, even the real one is also fake. It's just a logo on a very cheap GILDAN hoodie, which is what the fake one is.

  • Justin Singh
    Justin Singh 2 months ago

    please do off white

  • CloudVin
    CloudVin 2 months ago

    Is this a series to support fakes?

  • Milton Williams
    Milton Williams 2 months ago


  • Milton
    Milton 2 months ago

    Y'all real life dumb paying over $20 for a Gildan hoodie

  • RafaelPDS
    RafaelPDS 2 months ago

    complex aka fuckboy corp.

  • khai Ngyn
    khai Ngyn 2 months ago

    So why don't u tell us the difference????

  • Shadrack Mawolo
    Shadrack Mawolo 2 months ago

    the ending is lit

  • Man Ram
    Man Ram 2 months ago

    Lamest brand out there

  • Jonny Gray
    Jonny Gray 2 months ago

    Do Vlone

  • TBL I
    TBL I 2 months ago

    ugh its so trash

  • Yvng Zxvz
    Yvng Zxvz 2 months ago

    next up vlone

  • prnctn
    prnctn 2 months ago

    Bruh but why do they have fake ones? They ain't even that expensive smh.

  • benzify
    benzify 2 months ago

    the guy in Nike deffo been listening to drakes new album with skepta and giggs hahaha

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 2 months ago

    hypebeasts are fags

    • MoreBassProductions
      MoreBassProductions 2 months ago

      people who cant afford shit are people with parents that grew up as a slacker who hated eduacation and got a bad resume or did not finish school and cant get good jobs, so they have no money and cant buy their kids good clothing/jack shit so their kids get salty af and comment this.

      Or their just very very Unspoiled kids

  • John Park
    John Park 2 months ago

    the difference of production cost between the real and fake is prolly like 0.50 cents.

  • Justin
    Justin 2 months ago

    you should show how to recognize a real piece on Dont Believe The Hype (at the end of each episode)

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg 2 months ago

    Never heard of the brand sounds like something gay guys with tight clothes care about

  • soodhooku
    soodhooku 2 months ago

    imagine actually thinking ASSC is cool lmfao. youre a loser if you wear these

  • MGM Productionz
    MGM Productionz 2 months ago

    Do a voss vs tap water or figi vs tap water

  • MGM Productionz
    MGM Productionz 2 months ago

    Do a voss vs tap water or figi vs tap water

  • lolll Taylor gang
    lolll Taylor gang 2 months ago

    complex is dying hahahahaha

  • lolll Taylor gang
    lolll Taylor gang 2 months ago

    I think this is the gayest fucking brand of all time lmfao😂😂😂

  • asap koala
    asap koala 2 months ago

    ASSC are fucking scammers, still haven't got my shit from a drop 6 MONTHS AGO.

    fuck ASSC
    fuck Neek Lurk

  • Elliott Jakobsson
    Elliott Jakobsson 2 months ago

    The fluffy supreme hoodie that the dude wore in this vid was dope af!!

  • Ewelina B
    Ewelina B 2 months ago

    Pro gildan gildan club

  • Emma Dilemma
    Emma Dilemma 2 months ago

    I love all the fucking popular ass people wearing the hoodie, like you spend every day being social

  • ZeKade
    ZeKade 2 months ago

    that dude stood outside for all that time and didn't even try the other one on and just made his decision that it was fake. What kind of fuckin people complex hire lmao

  • Smokey 1987
    Smokey 1987 2 months ago

    This shit corny

  • YungWizGaming
    YungWizGaming 2 months ago

    this is equivalent to buzzfeed's low price vs high price series

  • Juan Trejo
    Juan Trejo 2 months ago

    real shit, jinx couldn't tell which one is fake so he paid complex to say he got it right

  • brandon
    brandon 2 months ago

    lmao they really paying all these people to browse r/hiphopheads, r/sneakers and r/streetwear all day.

  • Kerr Wilson
    Kerr Wilson 2 months ago

    shows a lot about the brand..

  • RenGo
    RenGo 2 months ago

    most trash brand of all time

  • Alex Ho
    Alex Ho 2 months ago

    Fuck all this ASSC whos that girl tho

  • Myles Johnson
    Myles Johnson 2 months ago

    peep the 1738 on the timer

  • Jack Webb
    Jack Webb 2 months ago

    Why do they have my mans standing outside for 17 mins

  • Jose Moonroy
    Jose Moonroy 2 months ago

    I wonder if he keeps the stuff when the video is over?

  • MoorePark
    MoorePark 2 months ago

    he takes cheap ass sweats and hoodies and prints same logo on every piece. no original designs and cheaply made but the hypebeasts cant get enough

    • m fjdmvdjfn vnfivndfn
      m fjdmvdjfn vnfivndfn 2 months ago

      It's the same with all streetwear brands though. Some are better than others but none of them are worth the price considering how low the quality is

  • CmonCuhh
    CmonCuhh 2 months ago

    niggas can only work at complex if they butt fucking the shit out of materialism, consumerism, and riding these lame ass brands

  • Chris Flonoury
    Chris Flonoury 2 months ago

    It's a poor investment to buy a real one , buying a fake is indecent. Just avoid this brand in general

    • Greg
      Greg 2 months ago

      Chris Metro It's actually a pretty damn good investment if you plan on reselling. That being said, fuck reselling.

    • Paul G
      Paul G 2 months ago

      Chris Metro Bape is a better investment, I buy a few shirts from Japan wear them like 15-20 times and then sell them for what I paid or more, and that's just on the regular Bape logo shirts

  • Professor Finesser
    Professor Finesser 2 months ago

    Headass club

  • jrn
    jrn 2 months ago

    I just wanna know where they got the fakes

  • Medium Rare
    Medium Rare 2 months ago

    I dont even watch Complex videos doe.

  • Bolgann
    Bolgann 2 months ago

    But the real ones are gildan too, right? So there's no point in buying a real one..

    • Allthesepollitos
      Allthesepollitos 1 month ago

      Bolgann I got the masochism hoodie in a small but ok it's gonna shrink now :(

    • Greg
      Greg 1 month ago

      Allthesepollitos Then Neek definitely played you lol my shit soft as hell.

    • Allthesepollitos
      Allthesepollitos 1 month ago

      Greg hell nah either they still use Gildan or neek played me

    • Greg
      Greg 2 months ago

      Bolgann They're Independent Trading Co. They used to be Gildan.

  • Blaaah
    Blaaah 2 months ago

    idgaf thoo, that's one brand I would rock a fake. get one at the mall any color/size for $15. No crazy shipping prices, no paying $80! for a sweater with some laRge tExt on it .

  • griffin L
    griffin L 2 months ago

    anti anti social social club

  • Get that 10
    Get that 10 2 months ago


  • Darius Chandler
    Darius Chandler 2 months ago

    That brand is too damn weak and basic for y'all niggas in the comments to be complaining about shipping. 😭

  • Xan Solo
    Xan Solo 2 months ago

    Assc is trash, fake or real.

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 months ago

    Neek ain't Korean tho

  • Sarah xx
    Sarah xx 2 months ago

    Speedy is sooo hot, I can't handle it.

  • Ogstevie
    Ogstevie 2 months ago

    lol I bought one of the hoodies from the last drop, deff won't be buying again, I can see why people think they're trash

  • RinzleR One
    RinzleR One 2 months ago

    What a swagfag fuckboy brand 'anti social club' wtf?!

  • tamasbean
    tamasbean 2 months ago

    this shit is getting more cheesier than the vlogs

  • Anthony Sevillano
    Anthony Sevillano 2 months ago

    As a graphic designer, I really hate the "Don't Believe The Hype" design.

  • Premeful
    Premeful 2 months ago

    Yall probably got the fake one on ebay lmao foh, i know the real fake plug 😤

  • Samson Hruai
    Samson Hruai 2 months ago

    Whats the name of the supreme hoodie Joe was wearing?

      YUNGRNIGGZz 2 months ago

      It's called "my daddy beats me and mommy" Supreme x Harley Collab hoodie

  • human
    human 2 months ago

    I only buy ASSC so i can resell it for $100 more because niggas are dumb enough to buy this gildan shit for resell lmao

      YUNGRNIGGZz 2 months ago

      Smart. What's sad is the people who buy it to wear it lol.

  • Dan Ramirez
    Dan Ramirez 2 months ago

    Anti social social club is for the niggas that miss out on all the other hype beasts drops

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 1 day ago

      YUNGRNIGGZz anti social is actually cool bro. It means aggressive basically. I think the term you meant was un social

      YUNGRNIGGZz 2 months ago

      No it's for the autistic anti social kids

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