Fall Turkey hunt with a pellet gun

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Author Jdevilist ( ago)
You can hear them chuckling with glee at killing something....fuckin
dumbass kids

Author Cameron M ( ago)
That's a lot of turkeys

Author JasperGaming ( ago)
trkyhtr.. turkey hater? lmao

Author the one ( ago)
were those head shots ? or heart shots ?

Author Haistapaska01 ( ago)
JUST STFU when you HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author cnn94001 ( ago)
which caliber? .177 or .22?

Author Adam Alford ( ago)
They need a 22 that will hit a few at a time but use a silencer and
subsonic ammo. They could have had a whole group of them. When they fly put
down the pellet gun and pick up the ol shotty.

Author goerizal1 ( ago)
use a wide rocket powered net to catch the flock.

Author ‫زينا زينا‬‎ (1498 years ago)
صيد روعه

Author Anwanzi Bolton ( ago)
what i saw is there are dumbass a group of turkey....getting shot...

Author nick dick ( ago)
Only if grenades were legal.

Author Jason Hall ( ago)
For those that never have been turkey hunting they will flop on the ground
for about a minute or so. It's the muscles in their bodies. If you've ever
killed a chicken they do the same thing. It was a clean kill. Shot to the

Author Jay Jensen ( ago)
That looked like a great time. Wis I was there

Author Jay Jensen ( ago)
What size pelett rifle did you use?

Author Kevin Muma ( ago)
Excellent technique, nice hunting, congrats

Author Alfonso Aldana ( ago)
boring :(

Author Alfonso Aldana ( ago)
kill more turkeys! or something else

Author Jere Rice ( ago)
Nice!!! I was seriously doubting this vid because i've taken shots at
turkeys with 12ga turkey loads and they NEVER drop dead. Most run 25yrds
on me. I might have to look into pellet rifles more. 

Author Colby Curtis ( ago)
Goddamn, I'll be lucky to see one turkey in my area, I see you have no
issues there haha.

Author Brandon Carrizales ( ago)
what rifle ?

Author Hemn Mahmmod ( ago)
Nice shooting,,, i think your air rife is either Diana 52 or 54?? 

Author Nevadaiscorrupt ( ago)
I see 163 IDIOTS have viewed this WONDERFUL video.

Author Nevadaiscorrupt ( ago)
NICE video!

Author chronic weed ( ago)
next time put up when the action starts...

Author rws857js ( ago)
i want to hunt turkey...we dont have them in sweden .................

Author carlos varela ( ago)
Whats the reason to smile?....good hunting, but i think you do it just for
smile...gmmmmm.... i think thats not a good reason to hunt, maybe for eat,
or sport, but not for smile

Author Kiyan Haider ( ago)
Whenever I hunt turkey I just run out into the field and shoot one with my
gamo .25 before they know whats happening

Author tai babi ( ago)
in indonesia we can't shoot any wild animal except mouse

Author Dennis Aitken ( ago)
NOT legal in the state of Wisconsin!

Author Steven Wold ( ago)
Fucking asshols! You can see that it was not a clean kill. The animal's are
suffering and you're laughing. look at 12.09 minutes.
You guys have no respect for hunting and animals. If you are good hunters,
you wouldn't let an animal suffer.
They must shoot you in the head with a pellet gun. And than 10 minutes
later come looking, how you're doing. 

Author Juan Uribe ( ago)
what rifle is this?

Author Tristan Riddle ( ago)

Author Tristan Riddle ( ago)
Nice shots guys! What rifle was used??? I might have to get one!

Author Lee Anglin ( ago)
Why did you shoot a hen on that first shot? I saw like 50 gobblers lol.
Just pickin at yall! Great shooting guys. Never seen so many in one spot in
my life, the most I have seen is about 15 at one time. Good job yall! 

Author Francisco Aceves ( ago)
First off cool video! It's obvious these morons talking out of their ass
saying they're not wild turkey don't come to California much. The guys
saying it's in humane just need to grow some balls. Nothing illegal about
hunting with a air rifle in California.

Author Draven Odekirk ( ago)

Author me ( ago)
Great marksmanship sir!

Author steve noe ( ago)
What state are you lucky enough to hunt turkey with a pellet gun?

Here in Texas you're not allowed to hunt turkey with pellet. It's a stupid
regulation. In Texas you cannot legally hunt fox squirrel with a pellet
gun (more stupidity) yet you can hunt feral hog with pellet. 

Author colin moore ( ago)
Awesome I shot a turkey with a pellet gun but it didn't die then we found
out it was illegal.

Author Laura Elkins ( ago)
That was awesome fun to watch :-)

Author hillbillydeluxe08 ( ago)
rws 54?

Author Luke Coulter ( ago)
what pellet gun did you use?

Author Curren Bounds ( ago)

Author sandalanalyst ( ago)
friggin awesome guys what was the gun? i tell my gun buddies about some of
these pellet guns man they are lethal no doubt about it great for small
game and some of the 35, 45, 50 cal pcp guns... man people take down big
game ethically with these things.. unbelieveable... awesome.. great hunt

Author sintaufai ( ago)
fantastic video guys , you sounded like you were having such a good time
and enjoying it .... good on ya . was funny to watch and listen to you 2
having a good laugh

Author john F ( ago)
Keeping the tradition of hunting alive Nice video Good shooting guys... I'm
sure all the haters Are at the grocery store Buying their butterball Lol

Author Randy Townsend ( ago)
Other turkeus are like "ron u fall asleep?..."pop!

Author Kevin Barnes ( ago)
Jon penny.....One word for you.....KNOB.........

Author Johnny Codemunch ( ago)
GOD DAMNIT. you self important MOTHERFUCKING IDIOTS. they are for one
EATING THE FUCKING TURKEY. and you fluffy fucking poufter morons can
kindly shut the FUCK UP. Log into youtube and bitch about someone hunting
turkeys , when a human being is a natural predator. our eyes face
forward FOR A REASON, you have no problem eating the meat on your plate.
or the vegetables in the stew . but not a single thought at HOW IT
FUCKING GOT THERE. kindly pour some bleach in that gene pool so the
next generation does not have to deal with that much stupid radiating from
your skull. 

Author Josh Mack ( ago)
I have an explaination =) when a turkey or deer or anything is shot....
Adreniline starts pumping and its just the adreniline flowing.....

Author Josh Mack ( ago)
then tell all these geniuses to stop whining.... I'ts not murder its
enjoying the outdoors. It's a passion for me and other people... and oh
don't tell me that I havent learned much... because i don't think you a
genius either... and there is no need to swear to get you're point

Author Robert Ward ( ago)
The best air gun to shoot turkey is a rapid 7 by theorem they would kill
birds two times that range look them up

Author David Alford ( ago)
You'd been happy if there had just been one turkey on that property? It's
unlikely. See if you can be responsible for one meal in your whole fuking

Author Cornelius Dennis ( ago)
Man... That was an exciting hunt was that a .22 or .177

Author helicrashpro ( ago)
Get your self a PCP air rifle and you will never go back when it comes to
small game or even some larger game. 

Author Damian Desouza ( ago)
That's not hunting that's shooting fish in a fucking barrel. Yeah you must
be really proud of yourselves

Author Jim P ( ago)
Where is it legal to hunt Wild Turkey with a pellet rifle?

Author timdog504 ( ago)
who's turkey farm is that?

Author Alejandro Medina ( ago)
OMG hundreds of them. Load the M249!

Author Randee C ( ago)
To much filming and not enough shooting.

Author Kowpoke Kev ( ago)
Freaking Turkey Farm! WOW thats alot of Turkeys! 

Author RoninIchiban2008 ( ago)
Which make and model pellet gun were you using? It sounds like you're
cocking a break-barrel. BTW, nice shooting.

Author Im_pat_rick (engineers2) ( ago)
what state did you do this hunt in

Author Rooster sam ( ago)
u guys are damm fucking lucky for having such a nice place to hunt !

Author HUnter DEvastating (HunterDevastating) ( ago)
waw nice shoot man that is very nice 

Author CamoflaugeOutdoors ( ago)
what is the name calibur and maker of ur pellet gun 

Author Christopher Edwards ( ago)
Same here. When we were kids on the farm, we'd butcher chickens every year
and they would run all around the yard for quite a while with their heads
cut completely off. That's just the way they are. A kill is a kill. You
gather the game, take it home, clean it, store it and eat it. That's how
God intended it. Look it up in the Bible. No crimes committed here.

Author darwin rapsing ( ago)
yah thats right,i hunt wood pigeon for consumption they are tasty as well
they are pest in some ricefield...yummy meat from the wild... 

Author Sharticle Accelerator ( ago)
Yeah that's true.

Author dkdave hui ( ago)
The worst thing about there people who complain without much thought is;
they enjoy the meat during christmas but leave the guilt to others, the
very persons who bring them the food.

Author Ben Vickery ( ago)
pretty cool

Author Ben Vickery ( ago)
ok thanks im actually planning on getting a .22

Author Sharticle Accelerator ( ago)
People shouldn't even be arguing on here about the birds deaths. This is
hunting, you looked up the video, you watched it, get used to it. If you
don't like it don't watch it, idiots.

Author TRKYHTR1 ( ago)
It's a .22. I used a hollow point pellett.

Author Ben Vickery ( ago)
quick question what what type of pellet do you use, hollow point? pointed?
i like to hunt squirells and was wanting to get into some bigger game

Author Luke Verbalaitis ( ago)
what kind of pellet gun did you use?

Author AirgunNation ( ago)
A lot of highways even out in the country like that.

Author AirgunNation ( ago)
You probably hear cars because it looks to be in central to Southern
California maybe in the valley. Still beautiful out there.

Author Cat Code ( ago)
it scared me when you shot O-O

Author Eman Strathman ( ago)
Head shots are better they are more efficient and don't make the animal

Author john francis ( ago)
funny as fuck

Author pinguuization ( ago)
Heart shots are the best :) 

Author Marianna Freerunning ( ago)
Oh, I guess the turkeys out west are different. I live in AL and have never
seen more turkeys in a single area like that. The most i've ever seen is

Author bob l ( ago)
That isn't nerve movement at 12:05. That is a crappy shot and a bird very

Author bob l ( ago)
You are 100 percent right, still kicking. These misfits shouldn't be
hunting. They are too stupid and laughing after that crappy shooting.

Author eazi love ( ago)
dumb fucks every heard the expression its like a turkey shoot 

Author BuckeyesFan89 ( ago)
Anyone who says wild turkey don't group that large have obviously never
been to a big tobacco field in North Carolina. They're thicker than peanut
butter down there!

Author conntaxman ( ago)
Very good shots,what kind of rifle was it, and what Caliber . Nice
show.Have fun. wish i was their.

Author MrMudNugget ( ago)
Movement still happens even after shot in the head.

Author MrMudNugget ( ago)
They are planning on eating it. Who the fuck cares how you kill it! i would
run up with a baseball bat if i was hungry enough.

Author Newjerseydevil950003 ( ago)
You obviously didnt watch the entire video. SPOILER ALERT: The second
turkey was still alive when these geniuses went to pick it up (12:05).

Author Joe Slaton ( ago)
This hunt was in CA. These turkeys are 100% wild turkeys. This flock has
about 200 turkeys in it, somewhere around 40 gobblers. I have taken several
videos of this flock. 

Author cherokeeshadowalker ( ago)
turkeys flop and jump even when shot with a shotgun....a bird's nervous
system causes this even if their head is cut off....I have butchered many a
chicken and turkey on the farm...its normal reaction...not inhumane...

Author cherokeeshadowalker ( ago)
I have seen flocks of 300+ birds in Kansas.

Author cherokeeshadowalker ( ago)
it appears to be Kansas...turkeys are way overpopulated and are considered
pests there 

Author IamMortui ( ago)
Dude, Turkeys are killed every day. What do you think you eat on a turkey

Author mastakla69 ( ago)
Why do I hear cars ... Get off the turkey farm on the highway ...

Author bapple2000 ( ago)
I say shotguns are still way better to use

Author Newjerseydevil950003 ( ago)
At the 12 minute mark you can see why it should be illegal to hunt turkey
with a pellet gun. Poor bastard was still alive. That wont happen with a 12
gauge from that range.

Author Newjerseydevil950003 ( ago)
Where was this video shot? I've never seen that many wild turkeys in one
place in my life!

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