Fall Turkey hunt with a pellet gun

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Author Johnny Codemunch (8 months)
GOD DAMNIT. you self important MOTHERFUCKING IDIOTS. they are for one
EATING THE FUCKING TURKEY. and you fluffy fucking poufter morons can
kindly shut the FUCK UP. Log into youtube and bitch about someone hunting
turkeys , when a human being is a natural predator. our eyes face
forward FOR A REASON, you have no problem eating the meat on your plate.
or the vegetables in the stew . but not a single thought at HOW IT
FUCKING GOT THERE. kindly pour some bleach in that gene pool so the
next generation does not have to deal with that much stupid radiating from
your skull. 

Author Lee Anglin (5 months)
Why did you shoot a hen on that first shot? I saw like 50 gobblers lol.
Just pickin at yall! Great shooting guys. Never seen so many in one spot in
my life, the most I have seen is about 15 at one time. Good job yall! 

Author steve noe (6 months)
What state are you lucky enough to hunt turkey with a pellet gun?

Here in Texas you're not allowed to hunt turkey with pellet. It's a stupid
regulation. In Texas you cannot legally hunt fox squirrel with a pellet
gun (more stupidity) yet you can hunt feral hog with pellet. 

Author Dennis Aitken (1 day)
NOT legal in the state of Wisconsin!

Author john Last (7 months)
Keeping the tradition of hunting alive Nice video Good shooting guys... I'm
sure all the haters Are at the grocery store Buying their butterball Lol

Author hillbillydeluxe08 (7 months)
rws 54?

Author Randy Townsend (8 months)
Other turkeus are like "ron u fall asleep?..."pop!

Author m316mod0 (6 months)
Turkey down! Turkey down! lol Run... Run... lol Death stalks you
all... good shooting... now if you would have had two twelve gauges with
Full chokes.. you would have nailed a few more. 

Author Humberto4790 (4 months)
What caliber?

Author me (6 months)
Great marksmanship sir!

Author Draven Odekirk (6 months)

Author sintaufai (7 months)
fantastic video guys , you sounded like you were having such a good time
and enjoying it .... good on ya . was funny to watch and listen to you 2
having a good laugh

Author sandalanalyst (7 months)
friggin awesome guys what was the gun? i tell my gun buddies about some of
these pellet guns man they are lethal no doubt about it great for small
game and some of the 35, 45, 50 cal pcp guns... man people take down big
game ethically with these things.. unbelieveable... awesome.. great hunt

Author Steven Wold (2 months)
Fucking asshols! You can see that it was not a clean kill. The animal's are
suffering and you're laughing. look at 12.09 minutes.
You guys have no respect for hunting and animals. If you are good hunters,
you wouldn't let an animal suffer.
They must shoot you in the head with a pellet gun. And than 10 minutes
later come looking, how you're doing. 

Author Luke Coulter (7 months)
what pellet gun did you use?

Author Laura Elkins (6 months)
That was awesome fun to watch :-)

Author Tristan Riddle (4 months)
Nice shots guys! What rifle was used??? I might have to get one!

Author Francisco Aceves (5 months)
First off cool video! It's obvious these morons talking out of their ass
saying they're not wild turkey don't come to California much. The guys
saying it's in humane just need to grow some balls. Nothing illegal about
hunting with a air rifle in California.

Author Kevin Barnes (8 months)
Jon penny.....One word for you.....KNOB.........

Author colin moore (6 months)
Awesome I shot a turkey with a pellet gun but it didn't die then we found
out it was illegal.

Author Juan Uribe (4 months)
what rifle is this?

Author Curren Bounds (7 months)

Author AJT Outdoors (1 year)
Did you know the food you buy from the supermarket isn't killed instantly?
Watch food inc. Then come back and beg for everyone to kill animals like
this. Fucking idiot.

Author Zon Wire (1 year)
in the fall they are still grouped up from the winter...i totally agree and
im 14

Author Damian Desouza (9 months)
That's not hunting that's shooting fish in a fucking barrel. Yeah you must
be really proud of yourselves

Author newalbanyairsoft (1 year)
Holy shit thats a lot of turkeys

Author bob l (1 year)
You are 100 percent right, still kicking. These misfits shouldn't be
hunting. They are too stupid and laughing after that crappy shooting.

Author 1crazieyamaha (1 year)
Now, They have graduated from a flock to a herd lmfao

Author Hayseed1776 (1 year)
Wow ,Do you get off shooting Tame ,Female,Turkeys,inside a barbed wire
fence,probably on protected land ,did you atleast retrieve the ones you
killed and ate them,,like shooting fish in a barrel,why dont you go to
Florida and Hunt 100lb + wild boar with pistols if you want a real
challenge,,,wow that was lame,,turn in your man card..

Author Cat Code (1 year)
it scared me when you shot O-O

Author fernieboy100 (1 year)
Haha exactly.

Author Mr13born79 (1 year)
Do you know what point blank means?

Author Dean White (1 year)
Disgrace to real hunters ...u guys are pretending to hunt these are tame
domesticated turkeys just a shame cornballs

Author AirgunNation (1 year)
A lot of highways even out in the country like that.

Author electronicdawg (1 year)
If you've turkey hunted for 15 years you sure haven't learned much. What
the fucks your probably anyway, of you don't have anything good to say,
then don't say anything at all.

Author DystopianEmpire01 . (1 year)
LOL The shotgun hunters on here are soo jealous. It may not be traditional
but airguns are the way to go with turkeys.

Author parker compton (1 year)
frist kill 8;20

Author James King (1 year)
The quiet pellet rifle gives a new twist to shooting turkeys, allowing for
harvesting without really scaring the rest of the birds.

Author tiedupand2twisted (1 year)
you guys are havein too much fun!!!! love it...

Author J Bright (1 year)
To allen Airguns can take down hogs with one shot, can your scatter gun do

Author vysloolan (1 year)
the location?

Author Seamus Boda (1 year)
dude those turkeys are worth more than you'll ever be in fuckin life

Author fernieboy100 (1 year)
Yes but the reason they allow pellet and not rimfire is because its an area
with houses nearby but there is a turkey problem there - the 22 cal pellet
used in that gun is almost identical power as a 22 short rimfire - so its a
little less stuff than a 22 long rifle but equal to a 22 short rimfire - so
you still have to be close for a good clean kill.

Author Xuzzas (1 year)
Obviosly two best friends hunting, eitherway, why wait ? just shoot in the
crowd and kill 5 of them with one pellet.

Author Nathan R (1 year)
U suck

Author Newjerseydevil950003 (1 year)
At the 12 minute mark you can see why it should be illegal to hunt turkey
with a pellet gun. Poor bastard was still alive. That wont happen with a 12
gauge from that range.

Author R.L. Natschke (1 year)
Yeah, that has much to do with turkey hunting with a pellet gun.

Author Yungunz902 (1 year)
Ok, that looks unreal! There is like hundred of turkeys! This has to be

Author Swegletronius bobbatron (1 year)
People shouldn't even be arguing on here about the birds deaths. This is
hunting, you looked up the video, you watched it, get used to it. If you
don't like it don't watch it, idiots.

Author TRKYHTR1 (1 year)
It's a .22. I used a hollow point pellett.

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