Creed - With Arms Wide Open (live)

Creed - With Arms Wide Open (live)

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Author marcos vinicius vilas boas lobo ( ago)
I've wait a million weeks to understand the principal word....opawn= open

Author Dalia González ( ago)
i still love them...

Author Roseane Silva ( ago)
muito bom

Author Brandon Jackson ( ago)
It's a good song but this isn't a Christian rock band it's a different form
of grunge and he's not the best rock vocalist ever! As much as I love Eddie
Vedder I'd have to say Layne Staley holds the title(Original vocalist for
Alice In Chains)

Author Jason Pennington ( ago)
Beautiful Christian Rock band.

Author Alex Cooper ( ago)
Creed is awesome. A new fan, now. Happy New Year, fans. Here's to another
great New Year.
(Lifts his drink and takes a sip.)

Author Isran ( ago)
Whurth errrrms word errrrporrrn

Author Robert Ward ( ago)
Jimmy Fallon brought me here

Author Bryan Zachery ( ago)
damn him or hinder Idk which singer has the better voice

Author Joshua Baughman ( ago)
best band on the planet. Miss Creed!

Author Malachi's House ( ago)
I love Scotts voice. Get off of his fan pages of you don't have something
positive to say. People who join together with praise should be able to be
here without hearing negativity from people who come here just to bring
someone down 

Author Malachi's House ( ago)
I get so lost in their music. Each instrument played beautifully well
separately, joined together to make an orgasmic experience (for me
anyway.... Some music can just do that for me.) 

Author Jordan Johnson ( ago)
This is how I'll feel about my children when I have them.

Author carmen koechl ( ago)
<3<3<3***grossartig*** ***LIVE***
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H A M M E Rgeil ;)))))

Author Andreh Duarte ( ago)
I love very..........

Author Kathleen Kishkabibbles ( ago)
I just love you :) <3

Author gremlin coco ( ago)
Do please get well scott, and come back with a kick-ass vengience tour!!
you will prevail my friend

Author Zodiak209 ( ago)
This guy sings with a fucking potato in his mouth

Author Yan Américo ( ago)
que show é esse?

Author Paschal Reilly ( ago)

Author Mr. J ( ago)

Author Raquel Martins ( ago)
Com os braços bem abertos
Sob a luz do Sol
Bem-vindo a este lugar
Vou-te mostrar tudo
Com os braços bem abertos
Agora tudo mudou
Vou-te mostrar tudo
Com os braços bem abertos
Com os braços bem abertos ♪♫♪
#FinalmenteAchei rsrsrs


Author Sonic Grace ( ago)

Author Henry Sparks ( ago)
Love this song

Author Henry Sparks ( ago)
Love this song

Author Jaime Palilo ( ago)
Tema de Pedro e Julia Malhação 2002 Linda.

Author Cristiane de oliveira jordão ( ago)
os caras e showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Author Joe Hathaway ( ago)
Such a great voice Scott Stapp has! Hopefully creed will make a new album
and tour soon!

Author blood hound ( ago)
:') childhood was colourfull bcoz of creed

Author MegaJSK123 ( ago)
Dat Guitar Solo :)

Author Magaly Ynoe de Moraes ( ago)
Adoro. ..

Author lee noble ( ago)
Good song!

Author Dennys Clayton ( ago)
um dos maiores temas de novelas e séries que ja ouvi ................

Author Isabela Pacheco ( ago)

Author KK Warslut ( ago)
these guys were born out of satan's ass

Author Ginny Johnson ( ago)

Author Renato Bittencourt ( ago)
Essa música também foi tema do meu primeiro amor ainda na adolescência,
essa época a gente nunca esquece.

Author Gizele Franciele ( ago)
amo essa musica

*On this day... 2000*
To launch *Creed* singer Scott Stapp's *With Arms Wide Open Foundation*,
the band and Wind-Up Records release a limited edition single of Creed's
hit song "With Arms Wide Open". A donation of $3 from the sale of each
single, which is limited to 65,000 copies, goes directly to the charity.

#Creed #ScottStapp #OnThisDay #RRHK 


Author Winnie Dancel ( ago)

Author marcos dearruda ( ago)
that is funny

Author Piero castro ( ago)
The best performance of this song that they have! comparated with 2009

Author Arkadt dos santos e silva ( ago)

Author William Endico ( ago)
When you find out you are going to be a parent !!

Author Guillermo Munguia Olivares ( ago)
rolones man

Author tayba1316 ( ago)
he sounds soooo good live!

Author edyamitre ( ago)

Author Laila Wallace ( ago)
Linda demais !!!

Author raccoonewd ( ago)
This is the best song in world love it to Death...

Author belporvenir ( ago)
How is he an Eddie Venner wannabe, thy just happen to sound similar!!

Author FCM ( ago)
Love this song.

Author Vera ALVES SILVA ( ago)
Por mais que tentem te derrubar, acredite com muita fé, pois quando chegar
sua hora voce vence, é só acreditar. 

Author Chapu Arroyave Asturias ( ago)
De lo mejor de la música. . . . Viene Creed!!! SALVE CREED!!!

Author axlrosea675 ( ago)
oh come on, he does sing well

Author Lionel Lerner ( ago)

Author vanessa Sampaio ( ago)
Nossa sua voz é muita linda! Essa música faz parte da minha história.

Author Billy Bishop ( ago)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I wonder what the original airdate was.

Author Kássia Christine ( ago)
Gente, esse homem eah Tudo de Bom! ♥ Amei

Author christian poitras-villeneuve ( ago)
ma criss de face in encore la !! tbk

Author christian poitras-villeneuve ( ago)

Author Billy Bishop ( ago)
Vocal change, I think.

Author Nohanny da Silva tyler ( ago)

Author Edinson Segura Calderon ( ago)
muy buena cancion...

Author Chris Engle ( ago)
so what the fuck happened to his voice in 09?

Author A7xrevfun1 ( ago)
Israelwantspeace lol KEN AHI

Author Andres Garces ( ago)
is the same voice like Eddie Vedder, pretty much..!!!

Author Marshall Birren ( ago)
He sings good live, most bands kinda suck live.. Lol.

Author Dan Sharp ( ago)
I wonder why the drummer changed the beat and dynamics of the song from the
original cd and video version??? Over playing on a ballad...

Author Dizzzy101 ( ago)
kill your self Creed fans

Author Martin Bermeo ( ago)

Author aromo136 ( ago)
I love my kids And this song

Author Jose Silva ( ago)

Author nick foley ( ago)
this is my song to my son. he was born christmas eve. and i never thought i
could love or care about ANYTHING as much as i care about him. i love you
Riley Alexander.

Author J Criss ( ago)
Leather pants! *EAHHH EHHH EAHHHHH*

Author skidara ( ago)
I don´t know if he tries to sound like Eddie Vedder or does he really sound
like that..

Author Tim Wepunkt ( ago)
love the drums on this

Author Jose Silva ( ago)

Author jipak93 ( ago)
wid ahms wad awwopen~

Author Bruno Ferreira ( ago)
concordo brow!!! falow tudooo!!!

Author Bruno Ferreira ( ago)
creed is fuck insane good man!!!

Author Carlos Zuniga ( ago)
This band sucks balls

Author janete freitas ( ago)
I would love to meet someone again , please boy from California that i met
in a pub in Sao Paulo - Alameda Itu - O'Malleys ! All the time that i
listen to this song i remember you ! please answer me here if you get it !
beijos miss you.... do you remember Ilha Bela ????

Author KASSIMRCP ( ago)
che voce magnifica...

Author Krish Querimit ( ago)
That potato is worth a million dollar you faggot! Don't comment if you
don't know nothing about music. Every singer has their way of releasing
their voice and that's his way and that makes it sound powerful. Can you do
that huh?!

Author Juan Andrade ( ago)
Melhor Banda de Todas .! Sem gritarias que nem essas banda de Merda .....!
Slipknot , A7X tudo banda de Corno , e emo filho da puta .

Author bitoy dello ( ago)
nice one

Author BortzProductions (291 year ago)

Author BortzProductions (352 years ago)
Soccer mom rock lol

Author Pam Morton ( ago)
The band looks so young here. #CreedNation Forever!

Author Gabriel Paulino ( ago)

Author william finster ( ago)
dont listen to him this is america u know

Author Jose Silva ( ago)

Author eduardo g ( ago)
suuuuper :)

Author faridjabba ( ago)
show your video pls

Author Santiago Gonzalez Cardona ( ago)
Lyrics are so killer

Author Byakucrock mora ( ago)

Author Byakucrock mora ( ago)
que coolll es esta cancion no paro de escucharla

Author Cristianminune Cristian ( ago)
perfect song

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