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Shreem Brezee
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Activate Your Light Body Now: LightBody Moola Mantra Miracles, Peace, Wealth, Love & More

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The Miracle of the BRZEE Mantra
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Dr Pillai (Baba) talks about how He gave this sound, BRZEE to one of His students who used this sound to manifest one million dollars. The mantra...
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MANTRA PARA CONSEGUIR UN AVANCE EN TUS FINANZAS Y EN LAS FINANZAS DEL MUNDO EN GENERAL. Este vídeo lo edité basándome en otro que encontré un día...
Brzee: The Money Mantra - Lesson 3 - Increase Abundance & Wealth Consciousness

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Guided Meditation For Miracles, Enlightenment, Compassion: Dr. Pillai's Thanksgiving 2013 Gift

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How to Pray to God

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Awaken Your Money Power w Dr. Pillai: Guided AH Meditation Helps You Manifest What You Want

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Travel India:Dr Pillai Reveals How You Can Commune with the Siddhas at their hidden world
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Soul Genetics: Who is controlling your Soul?

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Thiru Neela kantam
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Thiru Neela kantam
Mantra to Improve & Fix the Finances: Chant Meditation For Prosperity: Om Brzee Namaha

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What Really Happens on a Full Moon Day?

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How the Ahh Meditation Works: Create What You Want With Ease

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Mohini teaches the Sun & Moon Meditation for the Golden Age (2012)
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Mohini is one of Dr Pillai (Dattatriya Siva Baba)'s longest serving students. She has been studying with Dr Pillai for the past 18 years and...
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Money & Spirituality to the 2012 Golden Age - Dr Pillai
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Awaken Your Inner Power - Part 1

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3rd Eye Healing & Energizing Meditation (Midbrain Activation)
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"Activate the midbrain to create miracles" - Dr. Pillai This Chant will change your life forever. THIS WORKS!! (use headphones for best results)
How To Get Things Fast: Particle Thinking

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VAYANAMASHI 8 hours, you will not be the same person March 09, 2010, 05:58 PM
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VAYANAMASHI 8 hours you will not be the same person March 09, 2010, 05:58 PM Chant VA YA NA MA SI into third eye and heart chakra. Give it to...

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