Dr Pillai (Baba)'s Lecture on The Power of the BRZEE Mantra

Dr Pillai (Dattatriya Siva Baba) discusses the origins of the BRZEE mantra and how this powerful mantra can give you both spiritual and material wealth (taken from His Day of Enlightenment Seminar in 1999). Although Dr Pillai (Baba) revealed BRZEE to the world sometime in 1999, today, in 2010, He is once again bringing this great mantra back as a spiritual tool for everyone to use to acquire wealth and financial abundance. For more information on BRZEE and Dr Pillai's other tools and techniques and events in Asia, visit

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Author Prince P ( ago)
What is the best time to chant this mantra? Is there any formality to do
before chanting?

Author Chuck Amuck ( ago)
Just curious, is it more effective when chanted verbally or mentally, or
are they both equally effective? Thanks!

Author Shanti / Bintan Brzee Beach ( ago)
Thank you 3x Dr. Pillai...I did shreem brzee chanting in 40 days and 80
days and i did my testemonies what i got suprice every day on youtube. and
i change my name after my old name got hacket to Shanti Shreem Brzee on my
facebook and i change my beach hotel to to make peoples
know and see Shreem Bzee words every where i use it, i say it, i sing it, i
write it, i hear it.

Author Sanjivani Marityunjaya ( ago)
thank. ..thank a lot siva baba g

Author Pritpal Singh ( ago)
help the world by you mantra nice job

Author Sumida Ryogoku ( ago)
thank you !!! I chant it for weeks..and today suddenly I have money to pay
off my debt...and even got some extra!!

Author Ankita Goswami ( ago)
thnkyou guruji fr mantra

Author Ṣiddīq Assadullah ( ago)
During the prostration of 5daily prayers we say "Soebhana Rabial Azeem" 3

Author Atul Kanda ( ago)
very powerful mantra

Author amirishetti satyanarayana ( ago)
Thank you

Author Gabriel Bitencourt ( ago)

Author Marianne Apers ( ago)
DR Pilai i like to have strong healing , rejuvenation, and regrowt, powers
and better all powers for the highest good but i think that is not
possibel. Do you have a strong mantra for this please. love and light

Author Toyboat Toyboat ( ago)
4:21 Brzee more important than Ara Kara and Ah? Sounds awesome. I'll try it
for sure.

Author Winn Basso ( ago)
Om brzee shreem shivaya potri is my favourite wealth mantra and it
WORKS---I've seen my money grow ++ in the bank but it is effective for
positivity in all aspects of one's life (family, etc) I love it - I say it
everyday. <3 good luck and namaste

Author Jason Frandsen ( ago)
Thank you for your great teachings for everything in life and god bless.

Author N Chandra Sekhar Naidu ( ago)
Yes This Mantra has power I got my money back quickly after chanting this
Mantra 'Om Brzee namaha! Thankyou Pillai baba to pass this great message
from swamy vishwamitra to us.

Author Prashant Padhye ( ago)
What shall I chant? || Om Brzee Namaha || or || Shreem Brzee Namaha || I am
confused. Please tell. Thanks...

Author raspypyro ( ago)
I was dead broke all of my life. i started doing what dr. Pillai offered. I
ended up making $86,000 in one year. It started with $3,000 that was
offered to me one week after I did what he said. It happened so fast. I
took that 3 G's and opened a business, AAA. I keep a steady balance. I
drive a great car, I do what i want, almost,lol. YOU CAN TOO!! Blessings.

Author ninjanizzle ( ago)

Author suckseedorsuckeggs ( ago)
at 3:58 he gives the name peace out,when peace is within

Author Tgastt Batangueno ( ago)
What is the name of the Saint who give you this Mantra, Sir? Thank you.

Author John Mansaray ( ago)
This is a great chanting word. It works for me and I am sure it will work
for you. 

Author V. Tantry ( ago)
This is very true...

Author Gerry Hoffman ( ago)
everyone has access to the universal flow. the sun shines on us all

Author Gerry Hoffman ( ago)
yes i too had unexpected help. improved circumstances all around.

Author zeno berisha ( ago)
Om BRZEE Swaha..jaj jai Dr Pillai hara hara Mahadev Namostute Vishwamitra

Author ulysses vidales ( ago)
can u be my guru i love ur work..i started watching u a few years ago..ur
stuff blow my mind away lol...had troubles sleeping..cus i was like

Author Phatboy414 ( ago)
@yanarinne Thank you for telling the truth.. I was just so confused before
watching this beautiful video Now i will keep on course. Last nite i said i
will be here for my living people the (meditators ect..) I will keep my
word. Love is the light in us all.

Author lunayasha ( ago)
im not smart enough, or out going enough, or pretty enough to ever make
these dreams a reality, in the grand cosmic schemes of things this desire I
have may seem so puny, but to me its eternity, how can I know if I am
manifesting, do any of you have these doubt, have you achieve the reality
you wanted, or am I being serious, anyway ....

Author lunayasha ( ago)
I want to talk about Dr. pillai teaching with others but you cant post any
thing on the dattatreya channel or on his videos, even though I've done the
meditation, I feel like im still full doubt and anxiety about the future
and what i want to do with this life, I know I shouldn't be but it hard.
Someday while i am still young I want to live overseas in japan, and have
friends and a good family and fit in, thats the reality I want. But it
seems frustrating and i think well i dont have moneyor

Author lunayasha ( ago)
So I just want to know has anyone benefited from Dr. Pillai's teachings?
I've personally done the brzee mantra and it has help me
tremendously,someone came into my life and help me out of the blue and I am
very grateful,I was on the brink of suicide, i think had it not been for me
trying this I don't know where I would be.on Another note i've been
listening to some mediation mp3 I purchased from his website,such as the
Ara Kara mediation and other,my question is how do you know your

Author eley75 ( ago)
shreem brzee, al least 108 times per day more repetitions = best results
set a material goal, keep it in your mind and chant shreem brzee it really
works, it´s a gift. shreem= seed sound for lakshmi brzee= erase scarcity

Author Shawn William ( ago)
@SlayerZaraki hair does a lot for receiving information form the universe.
He cut his hair, as far as I know, to fit in with the American culture to
gain some respect, to further his spiritual teachings. Hair adds the
appearance of divine emotion for this reason.. he does look good with it.

Author Schrödinger ( ago)
He looks way, way younger in this video. When was this filmed? Another
thing I notice is that he was a lot more emotive here than in present
times. Nowadays, he seems rather monotone and calm at all times.

Author zamgoods ( ago)
@theexoticspirit thank you

Author zamgoods ( ago)
did he say the sound?

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