Aftermath of School Fight (Blood on Sidewalk)

Last Thursday, May 8, I heard a whole bunch of teenage voices yelling, and looked out to see a kid laying on the ground, out cold, and six other kids standing over him, fists clenched. First I called security at the local alternative high school, which they attend, then called 911.

When you hear "Assault at 4-6 and Wells, slow it down!", that was this fight. As the Tahoe cop car pulls up, Mars light flashing, those involved S-L-O-W-L-Y walk away. (When I was in high school, we were a lot more afraid of the police.)

The voice you hear at the end saying, "Got it on camera?" belongs to one of the fine young men who attend that high school, as he was running past.

And the kid who was knocked cold? He managed to get up and walk back to the school, where an ambulance came for him. It's going to be a very tense CAPS meeting next month.

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Author AwesomeEmanuel (5 years)
Shut up

Author artistmac (4 years)
@iSawZezima 4 words. Where are their parents?

Author Ninjagaiden304 (1 year)
it fake

Author rick james (3 years)
kid probably deserved it

Author RobJoness (5 years)
How sad are you man? Get a life isntead of filmin kids fightin an then
lookin at the blood on the floor...

Author TehCrayz (3 years)
Once i saw a kid getting bullied....and i thought(ooo thats fu**ing
sad) then i just walked away

Author Rachel Koepke (5 years)
there was more blood at my school's biggest fight. ehhh so horrible

Author mjcaboose666 (4 years)
@artistmac lol probly gettin drunk or high

Author Kevin Segura (5 years)
wow nousy fuck

Author FUZZY630 (5 years)

Author max levine (4 years)
@voiceactingbryan lol

Author XxgearsofwarsniperxX (4 years)
i love how people love to jump others its quite hilarious it shows
pussyness no true skill of fighting really does show how tough u are ha

Author hcoreeninjaa (5 years)
why didnt you walk outside?

Author undeadmonq (4 years)
They walked away slowly not because they weren't scared of the police, but
because they know if all of the sudden they all start running the police
will zero in on them and they'll get arrested.

Author WWFfan117 (5 years)
y didnt u show anything good besides little drips of blood i seen worse
playing football u should have shown something like the kid!

Author hial17 (5 years)
ur a fukkin lame bro i just wasted a 1:43 secondz od ma life i hope ur happy

Author TH3DUBBSMODZ (3 years)
I had a fight on Friday at our Motor-cross track with sum jock. It was
funny he was bleeding every where. the fight lasted 13 seconds then he
quit, lol. Don't mess with the dirt bike riders!!

Author TwerkBoi (5 years)

Author taylor cindy (4 years)
@KeikouPoison are you retarded? what are the fucking cops gonna do for me
if i get jumped by 15 kids? how do you know it was an "innocent person"? go
watch some more anime porn yu snitch ass bitch.

Author ktrachita232 (4 years)
yea it is stupid but they do it to see if he has what it takes to be one
their gang,then they give him or her a nickname depending on what they have

Author Jabari White (5 years)
I live in Chicago too.And we have tahoes mad crazy lol.They come out of the
blue!But they are kool!

Author PaytonLO1994 (5 years)

Author Levois J (6 years)
Sometimes I wonder if these kids care about what they're doing.

Author XxKickAssX (5 years)
WOW ur really...DAMN stupid XD if u want a fight just mesage me ;P

Author taylor cindy (4 years)
gay waste of time.

Author xXskidooshXx (5 years)
why didnt u do something when they beat up the kid u fucking pussy. u just
go film the floor after they leave?? fuck dude ur fucking lame

Author AlexplusChris (5 years)
Sure, lets all just go get involved in every fight we see. Like in Iraq! Oh
my! I mentioned Iraq in an completely non-related discussion!

Author Jovan Lopez (6 years)
dang good job calling in the sequirity nice 5 star

Author voiceactingbryan (4 years)
theres really no point in showing that, the way that blood spattered shows
that it came while the person was at an almost 90 degree angle and whoever
was bleeding most likely wasn't in motion. that blood you videotaped was
most likely post fight.

Author mslovely751 (3 years)
@artistmac gay is what u say when u dont like something.

Author bjizr12 (3 years)
Dirty Ass Windows !

Author Dean Winchester (4 years)
sad pupils think theyre cool when they join gangs and wanna bang but the
''cool'' kids just take adventage of the nerds that join like make him
fight others and make them steal

Author bda617 (4 years)
once i saw a fight but it was to let this kid join the gang but they beat
him to see how tough he is pretty stupid of you ask me

Author rakayum (4 years)
thats probably because there havent been more than 50k views.

Author BenB8290 (2 years)
"Got it on camera?" "Uh-huh." Love it.

Author artistmac (6 years)
Coming from someone with no videos of her own, I'll take that with a grain
of salt;-)

Author Northsidebro999 (3 years)
son of a bitch !

Author Vlad0010 (5 years)
surprised like 90 million people didnt make stupid comments in reply :)

Author artistmac (4 years)
@forbesfoofighters You can't argue with results. And what's gay about not
wanting to clean blood off my sidewalk?

Author Rachel Koepke (5 years)

Author gobrowns070809 (5 years)
Is that how u video the kiddies walkn home everyday, chester?

Author taylor cindy (4 years)
@artistmac stop snitchin to the cops bitch.

Author jazyj78 (6 years)

Author blkkilla44 (6 years)
snitch i wuz there u snitched on my boy

Author artistmac (6 years)
No, just property-tax paying homeowner who had to clean up the blood;-)

Author Mark Mizrahi (4 years)
yea it was me in this fight. i kiced this kids ass. he came up to me and
was talkin shit. i aint takin that... thats disrespect, so i knock the shit
outta him.

Author kst2012 (5 years)
shut up white bitch

Author kst2012 (5 years)
no bitch im not white im black soooooooooooooooooo kno dat

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