How To Whiten Teeth at Home in 3 Minutes - SIMPLE

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  • April Pacheco
    April Pacheco 13 hours ago

    would lime work?

  • وحید حسینی

    اولیه چیه شکر با نمک؟

  • Juan Orozco
    Juan Orozco 3 days ago

    Can you use limes ?

  • Fallon Moore
    Fallon Moore 5 days ago

    is it safe? how long does it last?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 5 days ago

      it lasts as long as you don't smoke and drink coffe..

  • DragonOrigamirl08
    DragonOrigamirl08 5 days ago

    you can also use baking soda and peroxide. thanks for the helpful video

  • Европейский Чудаки

    does this mean i no have cavities anymor3?

  • rizbo5
    rizbo5 6 days ago

    great music :D

  • Adarsh Das
    Adarsh Das 8 days ago


  • Ayse Polat
    Ayse Polat 8 days ago

    Works it??

  • mary 09
    mary 09 9 days ago

    Its work with apple cider and baking soda

  • Piush Chauhan
    Piush Chauhan 13 days ago


  • ماستر كوكيز Master Cookies

    Ilove your videos

  • LadySwanify! NovemberRose

    Are you sure this is not a horror movie...The small old century plate, the age of the knife which it looks like came form 1928..the lemon juice spreading everywhere remind me of watching a vampire movie ..("-")

  • Have a nice Dave
    Have a nice Dave 14 days ago

    i have a white crayon. will that work?

  • fanny times
    fanny times 15 days ago

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  • Vicky singh
    Vicky singh 16 days ago


  • JustSayin'
    JustSayin' 17 days ago

    Does that actually work?

  • Rajan kmr
    Rajan kmr 17 days ago

    Not helpful trying it long time

  • Ваня Бїлусяк


  • Allen
    Allen 18 days ago

    I'm tired off all these bullshit comments on how to actually whiten your teeth.
    Just get some spray paint you dumbasses.
    100% results no bullshit

  • Olsen Olsen
    Olsen Olsen 19 days ago

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  • Kamla Singla
    Kamla Singla 19 days ago

    is that baking soda

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  • Person
    Person 19 days ago

    3 weeks is *NOT* "3 minutes".

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 19 days ago

      3 weeks is the maximum period you can use this method...results are seen from the first use ( 3 minutes ) and after that, you decide how white you want them using it one week or 3

  • vikku Singh
    vikku Singh 20 days ago


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  • Matt Rock
    Matt Rock 22 days ago

    I hope Donald Trump will try this towards his hair

  • Sushil Sharma
    Sushil Sharma 22 days ago

    pata nahin Kya Kya milaya

  • Abhilash Katta
    Abhilash Katta 23 days ago

    what is the powder??

  • Devine Massage
    Devine Massage 23 days ago

    can you use bottled lemon juice? using a fresh lemon is wasteful when you only use the juice from one half.

  • White Teeth Today
    White Teeth Today 24 days ago

    Good video. However it is important to use the same amount of baking soda and lemon, a teeth spoon of each is recommended. You shouldn't wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth after doing this and you shouldn't do this more than two times a week.

  • mythresh panthangi
    mythresh panthangi 25 days ago

    super nice intelligent so proud I have tried it's become so true

  • Yiğit Emirhan Durmuş

    Using two substances in the mouth that are chemically reacting with each other? Ok...

  • Chris Burke
    Chris Burke 25 days ago

    what song is playing dope sound?

  • mahendra singh
    mahendra singh 27 days ago


  • Karzenklh
    Karzenklh 27 days ago

    Ok guys life hack here. First u start brushing ur teeth... SEE after a month of actually brushing teeth ur teeth will be white...i mean isnt this the coolest ever

  • Abdul Burgos
    Abdul Burgos 1 month ago

    are you sure this is work my teeth look into to yellow

  • Gheormaine Carpina
    Gheormaine Carpina 1 month ago

    +Hacked Life RP can I use an orange as a substitute for the lemon.

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 27 days ago

      i don't know about that..use water instead ( baking soda is the main ingredient)

  • DrePuret
    DrePuret 1 month ago

    Don't have lemon can I use oranges instead?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 27 days ago

      use water instead... it works allmost the same

  • Carol Centracchio
    Carol Centracchio 1 month ago

    I have a lot of BONDING on my teeth, will this work or will I have 2-TONED teeth?

  • Rustic poptart2174
    Rustic poptart2174 1 month ago

    I just use bleach. 😞

  • Márk sch
    Márk sch 1 month ago

    Does it work ?

  • Saranya. S
    Saranya. S 1 month ago


  • itsPrestige
    itsPrestige 1 month ago

    lmao anyone else think that at the start when they put the plate on the table that it was something on their desk lol

    ABOUT INN 1 month ago


  • DeeDee Elli
    DeeDee Elli 1 month ago

    Only baking soda and lemon?

  • Axel hubert
    Axel hubert 1 month ago

    este es un video en español no ingles

    SLØZ'S SHOWS 1 month ago

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  • Русик Фет
    Русик Фет 1 month ago

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  • Raven Piodos
    Raven Piodos 1 month ago

    is this true?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      yes, you will see results after 3 uses minimum

  • Latest mobiles
    Latest mobiles 1 month ago

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  • Qwetyuoqhhsls Wfgshahsjkdodoe

    Colgate optic white make your teeth white

  • Alok Pawar
    Alok Pawar 1 month ago

    yeah Bicarbinat de sodiu ammentar kya h......

  • Datasnok
    Datasnok 1 month ago


  • Michael Urias
    Michael Urias 1 month ago

    So all I have to do is mix an acid with a base and my teeth will whiten automatically?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      yes, but after 3 times of use...don't over do it (6 times a month max)

  • Abid H
    Abid H 1 month ago

    i didn't recognize that powder what is this.?

  • Speed YT
    Speed YT 1 month ago

    asta e englez si are bicarbonat de sodiu din Romaia lol

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      nu..asta e roman si face pe engleza pentru ca e publicul mai mare

  • Aasan Hai Boss
    Aasan Hai Boss 1 month ago

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  • TutoGlock
    TutoGlock 1 month ago

    Bun venit in romania :)) ce faci?

  • Ankit paswan
    Ankit paswan 1 month ago


  • Rahi Khan
    Rahi Khan 1 month ago

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  • Anisur Rahman
    Anisur Rahman 1 month ago

    baking kaha milegi

  • Sonal Jain
    Sonal Jain 1 month ago

    Is that orange or lemon????

  • cricket everything knowledge CET

    tank god i have white teeth

  • Hyu Ming
    Hyu Ming 1 month ago

    did someone use it? did it work? let me know if it works after use

  • Chino
    Chino 1 month ago

    How many times do you need to do this to see results???

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      if you use only lemon, yes....but mixing it with sodiumbicarbonate no because together the make a base ( in chemestry that's a neutral substance)

    • Chino
      Chino 1 month ago

      Hacked Life RP thanks, but after some more research I've decided not to do it as it is supposed to damage the enamel

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      you'll see results from the second use

  • Red0fox 27764
    Red0fox 27764 1 month ago

    what is the white powder

  • Ali Harsini
    Ali Harsini 1 month ago

    La Segunda Nostalgia

  • Mr. Burns
    Mr. Burns 1 month ago

    I tried this on my dog ...poor jimmy......

  • vicy matex
    vicy matex 1 month ago


  • vicy matex
    vicy matex 1 month ago


  • Martina Nedelkoska
    Martina Nedelkoska 1 month ago

    Does it works??

  • 이구멍
    이구멍 1 month ago


  • Mai Mai Omania
    Mai Mai Omania 1 month ago

    wow sana .makuha ung malasma qu

  • storyteller Lyndon
    storyteller Lyndon 1 month ago

    interesting vid please sub back

  • Vinay Singh
    Vinay Singh 1 month ago

    chutiya video

  • cgfhh gfhn
    cgfhh gfhn 1 month ago

    Is it really working?

  • Nazar Nikhttu
    Nazar Nikhttu 1 month ago

    it's safe

  • Ravi Ramaiah
    Ravi Ramaiah 1 month ago


  • Eva dc csd Williams
    Eva dc csd Williams 1 month ago


  • Andra Popa
    Andra Popa 1 month ago

    Esti roman

  • Rijad Abdullahi
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    Kids vlogs And tv 1 month ago

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  • Tejash Patel
    Tejash Patel 2 months ago

    If you're considering using this method to help whiten your teeth, you need to be aware of possible side effects. With continual use, you could cause damage to the enamel that coats your teeth

  • Bharat Banga
    Bharat Banga 2 months ago

    very nice

  • Syalinda 9.
    Syalinda 9. 2 months ago

    where to keep the rest of it?is it inside the refrigerator?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 1 month ago

      just make the amount for one use...if you keep it, it will dry

  • Annies El Hakim
    Annies El Hakim 2 months ago

    The easiest way to whiten teeth is paint

  • sweet love
    sweet love 2 months ago

    hope it works

  • Mohamad Azam
    Mohamad Azam 2 months ago


  • Redsand
    Redsand 2 months ago

    does this work if I don't have teeth?

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos 2 months ago

    stai ,eu am zi tutun, voiam să zic de vlog ,adică de youtube

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP 2 months ago

      depinde de domeniu si ce inseamna pt mine asta

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  • Rajender Kadaveru
    Rajender Kadaveru 2 months ago


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