How To Whiten Teeth at Home in 3 Minutes - SIMPLE

**If you want extreme results try one of this teeth whitening kits from amazon, they do wonders:

How to whiten your teeth at home in just 3 minutes with household items.
All you need is this :
- baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
- lemon (you can use citric acid..same thing)
- toothbrush
Mix the baking soda with the lemon juice untill you end up with a paste...use that to clean your teeth.
Do it 2 times per week for 3 weeks.

**Whitening kit here: -

**You can find baking soda here:

**You can find citiric acid instead of lemon here: (it's the same thing)

**For maintenance use this toothpaste:
and this mouthwash:

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Author Thealrightgamer2 ( ago)
They patched this dammet

bhut ghatiya pagal bana rhe ho logo ko

Author AJ _ loves _ Beamer ( ago)
That was ok

Author Mousumi Das ( ago)
so easy it is best

Author raghu pathi pathi ( ago)
its work without music.... ????????


Author Marshall Pescion ( ago)
jus brush one tooth so it will be the brightest tooth when u smile! girls will love that! cus you started a new trend!

Author Rizwan Khan ( ago)

Author NEWKNOWLEDGE ( ago)
I am surprised people have not yet used their money to have tiny LED's placed within their teeth, so that they can put on a multi-color light show. They have done far crazier things.

Author emefa worlanyoh ( ago)

Author Bill Mcflinn ( ago)

Author kricsfalussy lenard ( ago)
Omg esti roman

Author مصطفى العراقي ( ago)
حليب هذا لو شنو 😍

Author Ellie W ( ago)
Would baking powder work to

Author Moses Tha ( ago)
it smell bad

Author Eunice Yusuf ( ago)

Author Shaka Laka ( ago)
2210 people that like this will find $100.000 and kiss their crush tomorrow! 👍👍

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Author Dave Gonzales ( ago)
Do I have to use any kind of baking soda?

Author Super chef pee pee Ruben SCPR ( ago)
i bet she/he really used bleach

Author Pooja Rajput ( ago)
can sensitive people use this and how many times we should use this?

Author Deepak Singh ( ago)
deep 22

Author Just Get In The Van ( ago)
There is
No Reflection in my mirror

Author Funeka Ntshebe ( ago)
Hi guys uyenza kanjani i coconut oil?

Author Prafful Mishra ( ago)
please bro kuch bolo bhi yaar vedio me interest nahi baata h

Author athiqzaman poyilan ( ago)
can whiten teeth at home in 3 minutes but we need to do that for 2 times 3 weeks....!!!!?????

Author lucky kandregula ( ago)
plz tell every ingredient nams

Author lucky kandregula ( ago)
it's that salt or not .what's that

Author Zobia Akhter ( ago)
how much time we will brush with this mixture.

Author मेरा कैमरा मेरी दुनिया ( ago)

Author Sasa Ly ( ago)

Author VJMV HVJ ( ago)
"Brush and floss your teeth after every meal. "
"Brush with Whitening toothpaste.


go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and see if there are any cavities at least one time in 2 years."

Author khalad tirsh ( ago)
شنو خاله مع الليمون اطحين تمن

Author Hunter Skelton ( ago)
Do you need toothpaste as well?

Author i stole jimins jams ( ago)
does this remove the enamel from your teeth ?

Author Cesar Gallardo ( ago)
note if you do this the acid will damage your enamel so use enamel protection paste after

Author Sakib Khan ( ago)
suger or salt. which you mixer this... lemon pls tell me?

Author Sakib Khan ( ago)
brother what u mixer with this

Author Kathryn Mentzel ( ago)
does lemon juice out of the bottle work too or does it have to be a fresh lemon?

Author JungKøøkie And YTs ( ago)
always lemon is the thing to white anything (in body) (but its colors is yellow 😂

Author TJ Howard ( ago)
can I use a lime instead of a lemon?

Author Natasha Kizzy ( ago)
does it really work?

Author Natasha Kizzy ( ago)
what do they do? don't even understand what they did .i think is just a wast of time

Author sachin yadav ( ago)
is meetha soda is. also baking soda

Author sachin yadav ( ago)
is meetha soda is. also baking soda

Author Pegg Park ( ago)
You can clean your teeths.. every day 2 Times in day..

Author SyMa X ( ago)
i think pink guy has a stable tutorial too, fucking spray paint it

Author King Kyla ( ago)
Does it work

Author Santricia Jones ( ago)
I just use baking soda on top of my toothpaste. Only been doing this for about a week and i see a change.

Author Dwyane 'The GOAT' Wade ( ago)
Man I thought niggas was shooting at my crib then I realized he just put the plate down

Author Syeda Syeda ( ago)
OMG 16M views .. they all have yellow teeth 😱😱😱😤😤😤

Author michael elias ( ago)
how often i must do that? plz answer😣

Author Saimi Lilja ( ago)

Author Adam A. Barrett ( ago)

Author Mcpe _killer ( ago)
Whoops.... D: I accidentally used salt instead of baking soda. I was wondering how people did this at first -_-

Author the best Justine ( ago)
Is this safe?

Author laura luca ( ago)
Just a Romanian comment

Author Neha Budhlakoti ( ago)
hii kya ye hum nakli teeth pe bhi use kr sakte h plez tell me now

Author Yahudi ( ago)
hey my teeth are green and black

Author J Z ( ago)
Ps the poster doesn't show us the results on their teeth, or offer any explanation as to how often they do this, so I would be interested to hear from them personally about this home remedy.

Author J Z ( ago)
I just tried this with bottled lemon juice (probably not the best, probably worse than a real lemon). I put a drop or two of water in it to replicate the natural water in lemon. I got immediate though slightly uneven results. I may do it one more time later this week, but to be fair, I wouldn't over do it. My teeth felt really silky after and it frightened me as the acid was clearly doing something not good! I am kind of at a loss as to how peroxide used in home kits and by dentists is less harmful than a lemon, but actually all whitening is corrosive to enamel, so I guess just over do any of it!

Author Ramakant pathak ( ago)
can we use baking powder in the place of soda

Author Ahmad Mahmod ( ago)
what is in the bag

Author Nikesh Mgar ( ago)
does it work

Author IamSoBoredHSacount ( ago)
How to whiten your teeth at home in just 3 minutes with household items.
All you need is this :
- baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
- lemon (you can use citric acid..same thing)
- toothbrush
Mix the baking soda with the lemon juice untill you end up with a paste...use that to clean your teeth.
Do it *2 times per week* _for 3 weeks._

Author Jonathan Hill-Kennedy ( ago)
love the music

Author Waseem Nihayti ( ago)
best articles

Author Health Care ( ago)

Author yakshita Nethi ( ago)
is that salt guys

Author Kristian Tuazon ( ago)
is this safe?

Author MdRakib Molla ( ago)

Author Brooke Lopez ( ago)
I went to visit my friends in Evansville, Indiana over christmas break and needed my teeth cleaned. All of my friends recommended Dr. Max Lingo. I was so happy with the service they provided for me!
Check them out!

Author Sujanthakumar Nadaraja ( ago)
Please say Somebody,what is mixed with it salt or baking soda.Please tell me Thank u

Author Atulo Febriman ( ago)
is it real or not ? please reply

Author Chandler Bing ( ago)
you could also use apple cider vinegar as a mouth was for 2-3 minutes and thereafter wash your mouth. Next step is to brush your teeth with toothpaste. This can be done once a week or once in two weeks

Author You and me AJ ( ago)
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Author Dana Mestrah ( ago)
what is the meaning of baking soda in Arabic??

Author Karen von ( ago)
does it work to teeth.? anyone knows? or have try it

Author Matthew Ewers ( ago)
you can also use lemon juice and baking soda in an enema that works to brighten teeth

Author Ahmad kawsar ( ago)
hmmmmmmm nice

Author LPS CRY BABY ( ago)
Dose this works

Author Dior Myers ( ago)
Good job. it works

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Author NickAllah ( ago)
whats the point of mixing an acid and a base to make a neutral compound. why not just use water? and dont tell me its the vitamins

Author Mr.Dentist ( ago)
Amazing Video !! Also if you want more dentistry videos, feel free to check my channel for dentistry stuff.Every day new video !!!

Author fierce lioness ( ago)
then, what should we do with it?

Author Rimon Gaming ( ago)
My dads teeth is yellow cause of smokeing

Author a. banks. ( ago)
I want to say, what a bitter pill to swallow... yet it's bitter, minus the pills...

Oh, the price for whiteness...

Author Jairo Gonzalez ( ago)
Using bleach works much better

Author TECH MAG ( ago)
its easy simple and amazing but the way u explained it it helped me alot

Author Zeem Health Tips ( ago)
very nice

Author A Healthy Life ( ago)
Good Sir

Author Armaan Shaikh ( ago)

Author Armaan Shaikh ( ago)
mohammad armanullah

Author praveen sharma ( ago)

Author tomaz kopac ( ago)
does it also works with orange instead of lemon? #seriously

Author Jeesha Paira ( ago)

Author Becky Gittoes ( ago)

Author 5M1L3R TH3 ( ago)
Can I use this on my skin to turn me from black to white, also is this how Michael Jackson did it?

Author nera_28 ( ago)
can you use baking powder instead of baking soda?

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