5 Examples of The Mandela Effect

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  • The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large number of people remember something that actually never happened - seemingly sharing false memories of past events. Referred to as confabulation in psychiatry, some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own. Others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory. According to believers, this is not a case of mistaken memory. Instead, it’s hypothesized that some of us have moved between alternate realities, hence remembering things that have been written out of our current timeline - or that time travelers have inadvertently changed subtle things in our history, whether deliberately or accidentally, and therefore affected our present, remarkably similar to the “Back To The Future” movie franchise! The spelling of well-remembered brand names and the subtle "altering" of familiar logos has convinced believers history has been tampered with during our lifetimes.

    Hi! I am Mister Mysterious, and on this episode of “How It’s Made”... Just kidding!. In this video, we will deal with five examples of the Mandela Effect. Let’s start with the most popular example of the effect itself, which sparked heated discussions about this interesting phenomenon.

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  • Justin MZ
    Justin MZ 4 hours ago

    For #2 he was thinking of kazaam

  • iTro II
    iTro II 7 hours ago

    The weirdest ones I can't get over after an existential crisis when going too deep into this rabbit hole would have to be the Apollo 13 flip flop which was quoted as a misquote in an article attempting to debunk Mandela effects as precisely as its quoted it still freaks me out cause I never heard quote until looking into MEs and within a month it changed but the article by buzz feed still says it as it was. The Oliver Twist most famous line not being please sir may I have some more he just says I want some more which sounds dumb. Hey Arthur scene makes fun of this saying please sir may I ave some ore and Arthur is handed an ore. Also few animals people typically assume are endangered are fine like bald eagles and polar bears

  • shields817
    shields817 9 hours ago

    Weird, I remember Steve jobs first founding macintosh, than merging it into a larger company, what we now call "apple" today, not the other way around.

  • Mhorag Christie
    Mhorag Christie 22 hours ago

    I have personally experienced the Mandela effect not so long ago.
    I have lived in the same area for nearly 20 years and know it well so on taking my usual route through the park path to the shop I was confronted with a tree right in the middle at the paths end. This blocked my usual pretty view so I became a bit disorientated. Just then the local dog walker passed by and I stopped them to ask about the tree. She stated it had always been there so I became even more baffled. I carried on and then went home.
    This played on my mind but I then forgot about it until for some reason my mind brought it back to the fore a week later as I prepared to go to the shop again. I was astounded to note the tree was gone and my clear view of the field was no longer blocked.

  • Pussylipshiz
    Pussylipshiz 23 hours ago


  • Craig Jauvtis
    Craig Jauvtis 1 day ago

    No new video this week?

  • James Kane
    James Kane 1 day ago

    James Earl Jones did not play Darth Vader, he did the voice only.

  • Wade Lucas
    Wade Lucas 1 day ago

    the narrator sounds like the how its made guy

  • salvador vargas
    salvador vargas 1 day ago

    here's one for you. Im born and raised in Los Angeles lived here my whole life. was looking up sports news I started looking at Kobe Bryant career pics. i see a picture of him with his parents and his mom is black. i clearly remember Kobes mom being ehite and italian. even remember how they did a documentary where he said he grew up in Italy where his moms family lived and he played soccer. am i tripping?

  • Lilia Diaz
    Lilia Diaz 1 day ago

    I remember tank boy. the newsman said wake up your parents they must witness this.

  • Wray2real w
    Wray2real w 1 day ago

    I thought this was just about a bunch of stupid people until the Sinbad one. I vaguely remember commercials about that Shazam movie thinking how can they make a movie with a DC comics character name. My own personal mandela effect is not ever remembering having that pointy thing at the solar plexus part of the rib cage. I used to love human anatomy as a kid and studied skeletal structure. The strange thing is I didn't even feel that pointy thing in my own body. Remember seeing picrures or skeletons without it up until about eight yrs ago.

  • Dawn Shelley
    Dawn Shelley 1 day ago

    I seriously remember very well a movie called Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen late 90's later like 1999 I saw a movie do not recall the name of it but it was the exact same movie bit different cast. I thought it was a sequel then I remember thinking Disney is going to sue. I also went to a function about JFK Assassination and he had the Zapruta film we watched over and over. I do not recall the middle seat area. He showed how the bullet went through and hit the man in the front seat. I am so confused. Do we decide subconsciously not to remember things? There is a Shazam with Sinbad btw

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean Hunt 1 day ago

    I remember seeing a book called Harry Potter, I even remember a very old back cover. The strange thing is, I was 8 years old back in 1969.

    CUPIDS7 1 day ago

    This is true. I was in grade school when I first heard the name Nelson Mandela. All the grown ups in school made a big deal about his death. Not knowing his background in politics, I remember wondering why is it bad for someone in jail to die. I was surprised and confused hearing about his second death.

  • keri caye
    keri caye 1 day ago

    I was 15 1963 and do remember TWO PEOPLE IN FRONT...TWO PEOPLE Texas Gov John Connolly and wife Nellie, and behind them, JFK and Jackie.............THAT SEAT the Connolly's sat in was called THE JUMP SEAT!.....

  • Andrew
    Andrew 1 day ago

    Great video: I recalled 5 in Kennedy's car, I remember watching Shazam with Sinbad, "Luke I am your father" and tank boy did exist but he didn't get run over but "mysteriously" disappeared.

  • TheTayz
    TheTayz 1 day ago

    That feeling when you're not 30+ so you don't share original memories of any of these events. What next? You'll tell me the Twin Towers never fell?

  • Mari Garcia
    Mari Garcia 1 day ago

    I remember watching the Sinbad movie!

  • ellis maguire
    ellis maguire 1 day ago

    I thought there was 5 in the car the 4 being obvious and the mayor or somethings wife,The anonymous man wtf I never seen him?

  • Dayana Ponce
    Dayana Ponce 1 day ago

    Am I the only one who remembers only 3 people ? The driver, the first lady and the president ? 🤔

  • n2bbuilding
    n2bbuilding 1 day ago

    What I notice is that the effect only happens with recall. The Tianamen(?) square tank boy.... I remember him not getting run over and being a little shocked that a communist government would have run him down. Though it is easy to understand how mass mispreceptions can certainly take place and happen. With T-square tank boy incident for example, the concensus of communism back then, to those in the west, would have expected the civilian to have easily been run over so it isn’t that surprising that people would adjust a memory to fit a narrative. or.................. maybe I am one of those......anomalies???

  • Luke Leopard
    Luke Leopard 1 day ago

    what day is it

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 1 day ago

    there was a TV show in the late 80's early 90's on the British TV channels ITV the show I am talking about has gone from my memory but have one memory of the TV show that memory the host ask one of the top celebrities at that was the Late missed and much loved presenter his name was Terry Nutkins he on the which the name of the has escaped me any the question was it is nose was posed and pink in diameter it attacks at night what kind of shark is the answer was plaster shark now since then I have never seen a documentary about this shark I have tried every web sight to see further information about look like It to is a fall for the Mandela effect

  • jetfan glo
    jetfan glo 1 day ago

    nope...I remember everything u poo-pooed or brought up......

  • janimom
    janimom 2 days ago

    If Mandela died in prison I guess the movie Invictus was based on total fiction.

  • Vanetia Mentor
    Vanetia Mentor 2 days ago

    lol no in south africa we never heard of nelson mandela dying in the 80s lol .... you muricans aee nuts

  • rfellis
    rfellis 2 days ago

    i remember shazaam . thats crazy

  • Sarah D.
    Sarah D. 2 days ago

    had to stop watching when he said al gore invented the internet. not in my timeline!

  • Charlie. T
    Charlie. T 2 days ago

    I remember both Kazaam and Shazaam

  • CheeseGlace
    CheeseGlace 2 days ago

    10:39 did this nigga really say "buzzfeed" Buzzfeed is Cancer and always will be.

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson 2 days ago

    Everybody remembers Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca saying "Play it again, Sam" to the piano player in Rick's Cafe, but he never said that.

  • Skyler Biersack TV
    Skyler Biersack TV 2 days ago

    5:27 I saw lady baboushka smiling at the camera

  • Aachoo Crony
    Aachoo Crony 2 days ago

    My first thumbs down Youtube YEAAAAH

  • Eduard Weis
    Eduard Weis 2 days ago

    Euhm the holocaust...?

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 2 days ago

    I think that the government(idk if I spelled that right, sorry) is trying to hide the emberassing or bad or idk something lmao moments that shouldve not happened or that they want to have happened differently,so theyre turning back time or something and changing it completely and since it started from the mandela guy people just decided to call it the mandela effect

  • ganjaman
    ganjaman 2 days ago

    mandela effect is the proof western civilisation is full of incult idiots, we dont have to wait for 2200 to be an idiocraty, we already are.

  • HazuCore
    HazuCore 2 days ago

    Everyone in the comments are becoming deep in this while I'm just like.. "Hm.. pretty interesting. *likes and subs* Next video then."

  • raedwulf61
    raedwulf61 2 days ago

    In 1980 I took my first trip to Europe. After getting home and having my films developed I brought a green photo album. It has sat on my shelf all these years. Recently I wanted to show my daughter the album. I went to the book shelf, but the green album is gone as it is now, quite suddenly, RED.

  • Frankie Teague
    Frankie Teague 2 days ago

    the media we endure today, can and will make anything happen, and the richest of the rich willing pay for it, whatever makes news is what they will do. it's not our brains, it's the brain washing that occurs.

  • yossi4652
    yossi4652 2 days ago

    what do i think?

    it was barry allen and his stupid hobbies

  • Krissmundur
    Krissmundur 2 days ago

    Kazaam (Shaquille O'Neal) hehehe i remember that movie (Total Shit)
    But i get why people get it wrong, At that time Sinbad and shaq where both making Shitty movies at the same time in the 90"s , Understandble mixup

    and that China Thing, i have never heard that the guy was run over by a Tank,
    that is something people just imagen that happen

  • trevorpitts1
    trevorpitts1 2 days ago

    I can clearly see my cap and gown..I remember my professor handing me my diploma...nope never happened..I ONLY GOT MY GRADE 10...

  • Jason Burtt
    Jason Burtt 2 days ago

    I'm floored,

  • YouTube filming Studios

    I don't think that it is parallel universes leaking in but it's that our conscious is jumping from this earth to the next, in a way it might happen when you sleep too.

  • mike kemp
    mike kemp 2 days ago

    i remember the unveiling of the zapruder film in the 70s people in england myself included rembered seeing it many times especially at the time of the assassination including radio hosts and newscasters.

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson 2 days ago

    I've seen the video of tank boy...
    another man came and moved him out of the way. tank driver did not run him over.

  • Blu-Ray -Dogg
    Blu-Ray -Dogg 2 days ago

    Ok this will explain why I personally believe there are 2 versions of the Tom Hanks classic 'Big'. I refer to the fact that I recall the ending of the movie contains a scene after the credits, where Hanks character returns to school after his mystical adventure to find a new girl in his class, which turns out to be the female lead from the movie, who'd gone back to the "wish machine" to become a kid again. I always thought this was meant to set up a sequel that never came.

  • James William Price

    Fu*k some people talk sh

  • bluzshadez
    bluzshadez 2 days ago

    James Earl Jones only dubbed the voice for Darth Vader formerly Anakin Skywalker. David Prowse wore the costume, but his voice was not scary, so James Earl Jones had to dub everything.

  • dixievfd55
    dixievfd55 2 days ago

    The problem with time travel is that, if time travelers altered the timeline, we would never notice the change. They would possibly be the only one to remember what was before the change.

  • ashley C
    ashley C 2 days ago

    Your voice is so chillingly beautiful😍

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia 2 days ago

    This might seem rather mundane, but about fifteen years ago my dad and I were working in our shop and we ran across a chartreuse antena ball that seemingly appeared from nowhere on one of the worktables. I asked him if it was his and he told me that he had never seen it in his life. So we decided to toss it back and forth for about a half hour.

    After our break we went back to work and when we finished later on we tossed the ball back and forth again, this time I was standing near the doorway and my dad was by my station. Then my dad threw the ball and it hit one of the fluorescent light cables and dropped straight down in front of me, but my eyes focused on my dad as I jeered at him for hitting the cable. I heard the ball hit the ground once but that was all. The door to the shop was open, so naturally I peeked outside to search for it, but it wasn't there. I check under my truck, behind the wheels, even moved my truck, it just wasn't there. So I figured it rolled underneath the worktable, but it wasn't there either. It was gone.

    My dad helped look for it but we couldn't find it. We stayed in that shop for a couple more years then moved to a different location. When we emptied out the shop we still couldn't find it.

    One day it just appeared out of nowhere and at the end of the day it was gone. We never saw it before that day and never saw it again after that day.

  • gotellbossc4t
    gotellbossc4t 2 days ago

    Mandella Effect is just ignorant people too embarrassed to admit they missed world events. its a get out of stupidity card.

  • KingFahtah
    KingFahtah 2 days ago

    I remember Al Gore not inventing the internet

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson 2 days ago

    I remember tank man being pulled away by someone. And not being run over.

  • Saki630
    Saki630 2 days ago

    who the fuk is the "anonymous man" in the JFK car? The shooter? WTF?

  • Nitro DaCunha
    Nitro DaCunha 2 days ago

    haha ... this is so Stupid!! People are stupid .. thats the reason !! I watched Star Wars 100 times as a kid ... i dont remember " Luke ,im your father"!!!

  • lswilcoxon
    lswilcoxon 2 days ago

    tank boy is currently living outside of china now. nova did a special on him and what happened subsequently afterwards. now somebody lying!!!😠

  • lswilcoxon
    lswilcoxon 2 days ago

    Shazaam was just a horrible movie lmao. I know this because I've seen the dumb ass movie lol

  • Vixxey
    Vixxey 2 days ago

    I remember watching America's next top model when they went to South Africa and visited Mandela's prison cell. I'm pretty sure they talked about him dying in the prison cell.I also remember Louis Anderson dying of a heart attack??

  • hipdadiddy
    hipdadiddy 2 days ago

    Ironically, I think the Mandela example may be the easiest one to explain. Most seem to think he died in the 80's, right? Well, in 1987 a major motion picture called "Cry Freedom!" starring Denzel Washington was released to considerable acclaim. It tells the story of Steve Biko who, like Mandela was a prominent opponent of apartheid (I remember "Free Biko!" graffiti on a lot of walls back in the 70's) but who, unlike Mandela, was in fact brutalized and killed in prison. Might not explain everybody's false memories, but pretty sure it will do for a lot of people--the ones who either saw the movie or at least heard the buzz about it at the time.

  • Tale of Jiraiya
    Tale of Jiraiya 2 days ago

    i've seen that movie... wtf i'm freaking out. my grandparents had it on vhs...

  • H Luna
    H Luna 2 days ago

    the Brooklyn Bridge was being built the same time the Battle of Little Bighorn

  • Korven509
    Korven509 2 days ago

    wut that sinbad genie i remember that it wasn't shaq i know it i saw the sinbad movie on tv as a kid

  • micky Fleming
    micky Fleming 2 days ago

    Tank boy happen

  • The Legendary Lurch Logan

    probably about 5 years ago,before I even knew what a "Mandela Effect" was, I was researching the Tiananmen Square protests. I was 6 years old in 1989' & have no memory of the incident, so I asked my mother about it & if she remembered it, she said she did & she remembered the guy who stood in front of the Tanks, then she told me that it was So sad that he got ran over by the Tanks & I remember telling her that it never happened, I even showed her the footage & she was stunned. She swore up & down that she specifically remembered him being ran over.

  • Logan Labadie
    Logan Labadie 2 days ago

    Anybody else remember seeing Sinbad on Always Sunny as a hallucination

  • taylor hughes
    taylor hughes 2 days ago

    Shazam is a real movie for a clip from the movie go to http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7044137/shazaam-is-real

  • ryan62082
    ryan62082 2 days ago

    My memory of shazaam had Shaquille O'Neil in it

  • David Bruce
    David Bruce 2 days ago

    David Prowse was the actor who played Darth Vader, Jones did the voice over.

  • Centrist Philosopher

    Regarding 'Tank Man'

    That footage definitely existed, but the tank driver tried to veer around him. There were young PLA soldiers in those days who did not want to fire on civilians and many incidents of the civilians urging them to join their ranks. Deng Xiaoping feared there would be a mutiny.

    I think what happened was the rolling footage of the 'tank man' standoff got interrupted. I don't think he was run over... more likely arrested or killed elsewhere

    Even CCP officials have acknowledged he is 'probably dead' - one of the very few details they have given

    If he survived, someone would have come forward by now claiming to be him? most likely in exile in North America or Europe...

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell 2 days ago

    I remember the lone protester confronting the tanks. I did not know till I watched this video that it is not believed to of happened any longer.

  • Tracey Sharpe
    Tracey Sharpe 2 days ago

    JCPenny is now JCPenney I always remember is as JCPenny but that must be in a different reality

  • Ittai Kuo-Sai
    Ittai Kuo-Sai 2 days ago

    I remember Shazaam!

  • Cristobal Torres
    Cristobal Torres 2 days ago

    Shazam happened as a movie, I remember. rest is bs

  • Russell Berry
    Russell Berry 2 days ago

    This video is one of those memories that never actually happened

  • Pink Vintage
    Pink Vintage 2 days ago

    So a genie movie just 'disappeared'....

    MANTIS 2 days ago

    Your voice reminds me of the Mass Effect Codex narrator.

  • hellshade2
    hellshade2 2 days ago

    i remember seeing the shazaam movie with sinbad on the shelf at the local blockbuster movies.i never rented it though

  • Patfettx
    Patfettx 2 days ago

    BTW, James Earl Jones did not play Darth Vader; he voiced him. I don't see how Mr Jones could fit in that suit. Get your facts straight.

  • DarthChrisB
    DarthChrisB 2 days ago

    *Kennedy is dead?!*

    TOYTUBE 2 days ago

    thinke he actually zays, "no, I'M your father!"

  • shinobi1kenobi75
    shinobi1kenobi75 2 days ago

    I had a favorite shirt that was very unique and I wore it way to much for a few years. I never saw another one like it. A few years ago, my wife was getting rid of some cloths and pulled out two of the identical shirt hanging side by side in the closet. I never figured out where the other one came from.

  • Marjorie Brantis
    Marjorie Brantis 2 days ago

    I don't remember Mandela, dying in prison, but I do remember the huge deal they made of his getting out of prison and then becoming President. I also remember the also huge memorial service for his death, with obama and his "wife" in attendance. I remember Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your father". And I remember that very brave man standing all alone in front of those tanks, in Tienamin Square. (Sorry, I probably didn't spell that right.) I also remember another one, from the Bible. Isaiah chapt. 11: 6 now says " The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb." But I remember when it said, " And the lion shall lye down with the lamb."

  • Nicole Tardieu
    Nicole Tardieu 2 days ago

    How could all of us, like millions of people world wide have all had this "memory"? My brain is hurting, I clearly remember Tiananmen Square.

  • Neiva
    Neiva 2 days ago

    I seem to remember having a bigger dick

  • EvtheNev
    EvtheNev 2 days ago

    I can vividly remember Darth Vader saying "No Luke, I am your father", clear as day!!
    To hear he doesn't actually say that is bizarre.

  • Jared Wilson
    Jared Wilson 2 days ago

    I remember the Kennedy and shazamm examples.

    ARMENIANS WE ARE 2 days ago

    Hey people you know the show Roseanne didn't that end with the husband passing away from cancer and also in real life!?!?! I also specifically remember watching a documentary/ marathon with my mom on John Goodman but he still alive or am I making a mistake!?!? lol

  • tricia Martinez
    tricia Martinez 2 days ago

    idk if this is a Mandela effect or not but the other day I visited my aunt. and she bought a piece of land about 17 years ago, for her mobile home well she and her husband built a house behind it. when I get there the mobile homes gone which she sold, and the house is literally in its place near the road!! how in the hell could that be? I'm serious it is mind boggling I know this to be true cause I went with my dad he help roof their home. while they lived in the trailer in the front.

  • Charlton McCollum
    Charlton McCollum 2 days ago

    The concert was a benefit concert

  • Mona Ankeny
    Mona Ankeny 2 days ago

    I remember the tanks stopped and the man in front was not run over. He was my hero an worried the police would arrest him after. Really? Was he really run over? how sad.

  • StocriMonte
    StocriMonte 2 days ago

    It's not called the Mandela effect, it's called the ' being ignorant and misinformed ' Effect

  • purple bunny018
    purple bunny018 2 days ago

    oh my god! barry allen what did you do?

  • Martial Sunwalk
    Martial Sunwalk 2 days ago

    dark 5 is returned?!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 days ago

    Lots of people have shitty memories, spooky!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 days ago

    I have been frustrated by the star wars misquote since I was a little kid.

  • Willis Porter
    Willis Porter 2 days ago

    These events are clearly dragonbreaks, y'all motherfuckers need Talos

  • Frayer Miller
    Frayer Miller 2 days ago

    Or u just imagine something then keep thinking about the thing until you forget that the thing you imagine wasn't real in the first place

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