Hydrogen Generator 10 LPM hho
**We have mass production in place and DO NOT HAVE SHIPPING DELAYS. We ship out within 48 hrs of payment!**]

This is our 9x9 inch Hydrogen Generator. This generator is capable of over 10 LPM running on 12 volts DC we haven't pushed the amps past 10 LPM but we will post a video of that soon.

To purchase one of our generators follow our link below.

These are commercial grade hydrogen (hho)generators using 316L stainless steel This generator has over 2600 Square inches of surface area!!


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Author VonBraun87545 (315 years ago)
The 'magic' frequency of sepperating Hydrogen from water is 923 Hz. Here's
another secret sports fans, in 1953 a man patented a special metal alloy
that included magnesium that seperated Hydrogen from water on contact
obsoleting electrolysis and ran a car on it. One year later, after the
patent was granted, the patent became classified. I read the patent but
cant remember all the other metals and in what quantity but most of the
metal was Magnesium. Vibrate magnesium coils to 923 Hz and WOW...

Author aterack833 ( ago)
is that 15 amps?

Author terry mccurter ( ago)
I also compressed to 75 psi I did have a explosion shortly after . The size
of the gas compressed was the size of a ping pong ball . My unit was in a
water tank after the explosion nothing left and lucky to be alive . Just be
careful. My cell plate gap was to close , went to 24 volt and kaboom. very
scary but you can compress . It was stable for several min at 12 volt under

Author Acosmicist ( ago)
Good luck with that. You might want to consider, um, less than 100%, unless
you've got a corrosion-proof engine.

Author Acosmicist ( ago)
"magic frequency of water?" Okay.

Author Acosmicist ( ago)
How, exactly, are you measuring this alleged 10 LPM claim? I seen nothing
here other than a digital ammeter.

Author Acosmicist ( ago)
He's not telling you that you can't compress it. You can. The problem is
the risk of a god damned massive explosion from something as common as a
static discharge! Easy, there, bud. Not everyone's out to discredit
alternative energy sources.

Author pal pay ( ago) 4 lpm with 30 amps...this is defective engineering...use 7 plates
and put a split poly tube down supply holes

Author variablestatus ( ago)
a sealed cell is the way to go, but if you could have more info and just
plain start over, see with a test of the actual hho output, at what
amperage use and temperature on cell. see what amperage and temperature the
unit can just plain run all day at and you'll have much more realistic #'s
that will still be great output of hho. your cell design is still way ahead
of the pack so be happy with this truth! 5*'s for great cell design...

Author Cj John ( ago)
$200.00 for 200A high output alternator.. mmm based on $4/ga. thats about 2
full tanks of gas.. hehehe.. Pay for itself in a few weeks... Could
theoretically run the cell at 100-50+ Amps using that kind of alternator.
Must def have to cool cell somehow using pumps and radiator. Very
interested in seeing the heat generated by the cell at 150-160Amps. Also at
some point you have to retard the engine timing most likely with this
greater amount of HHO.

Author Cj John ( ago)
yea I was reading it in your infor, says you havent "pushed the amps past
10 LPM " so you have run this cell at 160A? and gotten the 10lpm? What were
the temps of the cell and for how long did you run it at 160A? Any
problems? genuinely interested in this. Was thinking how people can run car
stereo's at 200-400A or whatever they run them at max, why we cant push our
cells with less amps than that, for greater production? Problem I foresee
would be HEAT generation which could be cooled

Author Cj John ( ago)
Ya and how long till you boil away the water and melt the gaskets at 150A
to get that 10lpm from the cell? Another thing you would need is 8AWG wire
to each power plate to handle that amperage to each plate or you overheat
the wires. If it can run at 10lpm show us and prove your claims, thats all
we are saying. Show the amps/volts and temps. If you guess it could run at
10lpm at 150A based on simple calculations doubling amps and volts..great
on PAPER, but what happens if you try it?

Author Cj John ( ago)
Finally a clip on ammeter would be good to use as others do. Takes the
guesswork out of it. Stating is one thing, proving is another. I would
guess you had that cell at 13.8V @ 30-40A. To get to 10lpm from 4lpm on
this cell would require a great leap in amps/volts. Not saying it's not
possible, maybe at 80-100A and 20V... just like the guy below posted
ehehe.. Need to see the cell metered and producing the 10lpm, then I will
be a believer. I hope you can do it, but I have serious doubts.

Author Cj John ( ago)
Secondly without seeing a clamp on Amp meter, and or knowing the
voltages/amps of your test, assuming based on common tests of other's cells
and my own smaller versions, it's about 13.8V @ 30-40A. Probably need to
increase the Voltage and triple the Amperage to get that 4lpm upto 10lpm
from that one cell. Possible? I supppose so, at what temps, and the drain
on the Alternator? If can get 10lpm from this cell show us, and show Amps
and Volts, using clamp Meter to prove it. Simple enough?

Author Cj John ( ago)
4lpm is good, but at what Amps/Volts in your second video? Need to post
this for users and or post MMW to see how efficient your cell actually is
performing. Secondly no one denied that you were producing HHO, just not 10
LPM of HHO at realistic Amperages and Voltages that the cell could handle,
and an everyday car alt. could sustain. 9"x9" plates and 4lpm. That is more
realistic, but still you havent shown it producing 10 lpm as advertised,
until then better drop that claim altogether.

Author advancedhydrogen ( ago)
i have a dry cell 4n8c 36 plate 6x6 1/16 spacing using koh 14.13 volts at
56 amps i got 6 lpm strong at 126 degrees.. how did you get 10 lpm? at what
100 amps!! show us a video. i do not believe you.....

Author Cj John ( ago)
why not shoot some live vid showing this thing putting out 10l/m? At what
amps/volts/concentration and type of elect?? what size and amount of plates
are u using? What config? Why not show real test, real time with HHOmeter
ammmeter, stop watch etc? would like to see this...

Author ChrisPCrunchy ( ago)
Have you tried a PWM on your cell?

Author daniel2008C ( ago)
Great! any figure over 6 mmw is a very good result , I see your
configuration looks like 4 series cells +nnnn- , dont you have any problems
with heat? or, may be you use just 12V to keep temperature under control ?

Author Got Rage ( ago)
Its all good I have made many kinds my tubes by far are the best at 3amps
cold 1Lpm output so I'm good with that I have not gotten into building a
dry cell yet.

Author daniel2008C ( ago)
Nice work, you are claiming about 5.9 mmw , and this is fine for a Dry
cell, we would really like to see it working with much higher amps ! good
work ..and go ahead ! show us !

Author Got Rage ( ago)
He only wishes he was putting out 10 lpm nice dream.

Author jdcmusic man ( ago)
How many amps do you draw to get that production????

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