Joe joyce king of travellers

a bitta of mc kack akon along with de one en only tinas turner on the day

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Author Ele Phant (2 years)

Author itsallabouthejourney (2 years)
This is what happens when a Pikey woman sleeps with an Orang-u-tang, you
get Joe Joyce. What an absolute disgrace to humanity. Everyone going on
about culture can just shut the fuck up! Making a mess, not paying taxes,
stealing, fighting, and being above the law has fuck all to do with
culture! Pikey's should go back to Ireland and stay there.

Author MyHenry22 (2 years)
legends in there own minds

Author SuperGetitgotitgood (2 years)
Hes the king? I'd hate to see the fucking peasants,,,

Author MapmanDex (2 years)
LOL they even spar bare knuckle!

Author Brick Vader (2 years)
What a bunch of complete and utter thick cunts.

Author andywolfie9 (2 years)
Ha ha emaroldisle, that's it you believe what you want, fact is I am one
tough cookie and would spit in that trash face then I would rub it in, stop
getting your panties in a twist and face fact, scum like that are a total
waste of space, trash lover!! Ha ha ha

Author chris ryan (2 years)
yes well said.

Author Seán Downey (2 years)
This is the man Anderson Silva fears

Author markydo86 (2 years)
Aw am i getting the better of you, you fucking dim witted cunt Go and suck
on your dirty whore mothers tit Might make you feel a bit better Sucking on
your mothers tits makes me feel better anyway Im no traveller but i
guarantee id kick the shite out of you ya fucking downie Go on get the rope
Im sure your "friends" wouldnt mind getting rid of you Your dumb cunt
chinky father didnt beat you hard enough as a kid Fucking immigrants thats
all ye are Bullied much for being a slitty eyed gook???

Author Sheila Looney (2 years)
your full of shit there is no king of the travellers only good people and
good fighters

Author Emaroldisle (2 years)
You wouldnt say that to His face

Author MrBadboy1241 (2 years)
get me a fuckin bucket! im gonna barf all over the fucking place!! that
song is fukin ruined now you fuckin fat irish wankers !!!!

Author andywolfie9 (2 years)
Why the hell would I want trash like him to respect me? I would rather have
respect from a dog than these vile disgusting excuse of human life, and I
would say anything to anyone's face, fat bastard would be down like the
sack of shit he and all his type are, I guess you are one of this lot if
you defend them like this, trash bag

Author Fredrik Nilsson (2 years)
you're so fucking ugly! fat fuck!!!!!!! someone should kick ur fat ass so
you can shut the fuck up!!

Author Emaroldisle (2 years)
MemoriesofIreland 190 and if His last Comment was not Racist and then I
dont know what is.Youtube can clearly see that Comment what he has put and
they do nothing about it But if that Racist Comment was aimed at Black
People then the Comment would be Deleted and he would be Warned about his
Behaviour.Its because its aimed at Travellers and so they dont care and it
just goes to show You and MemoriesofIreland 190 You dirty Coward hideing
behind a PC and You dare wouldnt say it to Travellers faces.

Author rhodes2385 (2 years)
wow wat the fuck is this dumb ass shit i am watching im embarrassing myself
by wathcing this gay ass shit

Author prussiangrandson (2 years)
King of Gypsies. We've all seen what Lenny did to the so called king of the
gypsies in his day!

Author Brett Scrubber (2 years)
ugly pikey bastard

Author sk8z1997 (2 years)
stop making fake belts and medals and giving them to fat out of shape lard
asses who think they're the hardest people ever after hitting a couple of
small gypos WTF

Author Emaroldisle (2 years)
Andywolfie9 and I can assure you of one thing that you would not say what
you said on your last Comment to 'Joe Joyce' face.I doubt many Men would
and obviously some but certainly not You and what use say on Youtube doesnt
mean a thing.'Joe Joyce' doesnt want respect off a non Traveller like YOU
and he would laugh at you but he wants Respect off fellow Travellers and
not council house People and your Thought doesnt mean anything to Him.

Author Emaroldisle (2 years)
StueyBid There trying to take the piss out of 'Joe joyce' there doing it
for a Laugh.Why would Travellers want to do Raping as they dont do that as
thats what Black People do and what non Travellers try to do but look
stupid and embarassing.

Author Michael Mac (2 years)
fucking inbred shite...

Author gayburgers (2 years)
fuk that fat cunt

Author Emaroldisle (2 years)
Im not a Traveller but if I was one and then id be proud to be one.Say all
this to Travellers faces but you wont thow will you and you havent got the
balls to insult 'Joe joyce' and his family to there faces and your just
acting clever and the tough Man over a PC like the many others on Youtube.I
think it might be You who is the trash ya PC Gangster and ow sorry your a
PC Coward is the rite term to use

Author burnleyfan11965 (2 years)
theyre Irish Travellers which are very different people from the rest of
the Irish.the "settled" Irish(those that have proper homes) dislike these irealnd theyre known as knackers,Most pubs and shops wont serve
them.theyve got a bad reputation for stealing,fighting,ill treating animals
and leaving tons of rubbish wherever they are.Not every Irish Traveller is
bad,but most are.The man you see on here Joe Joyce among worst of the lot

Author zondaintheair (2 years)
I love over the top comedy.Spike Milligan made this film

Author joshbarnet43 (2 years)
Traveller is Latin for " lazy peeez of shit who drinks his courage "

Author Graham Smith (2 years)
hahaha you'l find it hard to see uglyer and a more retarted bunch of cock
smokers than this mob.

Author andywolfie9 (2 years)
Fat bastard, what a disgrace, get a job you bum

Author teekay (2 years)
irish rap?! what a load of shbit!

Author Gabriel De La Venganza (2 years)

Author mrchoadafication (2 years)
what a fuckin cunt is he for real?

Author samb101 (2 years)
how is this fat oaf king? ok maybe he is king.....the burger king HAWAY

Author MrColdwatercanyon (2 years)
@ZakGypsy Make your tape and send for em

Author coz mic (2 years)
the only people worse that the fat cunt on the vid are the people who made
it thinking the real world would benefit from seeing what they the non
educated underbelly and gutter criminals of society do on a day to day
basis and who they put their faith in. LMFAOSHINSM

Author MrColdwatercanyon (2 years)
He did bite and he felt some shame. He simply lost his temper if you could
see he was angry and tired of the shit talk . Actually had Davey get back
to me on a comment I made and that's what he said .

Author Noah Yayeh (2 years)
And there catholic so whup whup!!!!!!!!!!! Saviour

Author michael finn (2 years)
well i never heard of a soft traveler? i have served with travelers in the
irish defense forces and i have always got on with them like anybody else.
i grew up in west kerry a area with no travelers but through emigration i
have socialized with them & i have experienced there hospitality. There is
good & bad everywhere in every walk of life. we all share the same flag

Author felix da kat (2 years)

Author michael finn (2 years)
travelers are arent they Irish? roma gypsies are completely
different to irish travelers, travelers & settled share the exact same blood

Author Craig Ridley (2 years)
What a fat bastard!

Author mrmrdean1 (2 years)
AND in the shed with the punch bag in it "corner", FIGHTING!!! out of
ballysallyballbag,ireland, he has a criminal record of 147 arrests,60
convictions with 10 coming by way of cautions,known by many as "the cunt
who ripped me off",hes big, hes old, and his teeth are stolen gold iiiiits

Author oztuber2 (2 years)
my 10 yo could knock this fart out

Author Jay Som (2 years)
LOL you have to admit you irish ditch diggers are an easy target for
ridicule and subjective humor from us more educated English types.

Author momoszabong (2 years)
uneducated primatives,spawn of daddy walrus

Author markydo86 (2 years)
Ohh spell check is it Sorry im not as pompous and up my own hole as you are
that i have to spell check everything You fucking dumb, pretending to be
clever CUNT Your the one that actually has to use spell check Fucking clown
Afraid everyone will realise how pathetic and dumb you really are Oh look
No full stops Go on say something... Tiocfaidh ar la!!

Author HogSnot (2 years)
Please shoot whatever is makin the noise in the background.

Author markydo86 (2 years)
Haha Lmfao You watching the same videos You twat Its dumb english/chinese
or whatever breed of cunt you are that appears on the Jeremy Kyle show You
dirty inbred bastard No i seen the comments you left on other videos and
its safe to say that the only reason you come on here is to be an obnoxious
little bitch Bet you got bullied as a child You dumb motherfucker You
should just tie a rope around your neck then onto the rafters and take a
jump because the world would be a better place without you!

Author TravellerTTT (2 years)
This is a disgrace to ireland

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