Joe joyce king of travellers

a bitta of mc kack akon along with de one en only tinas turner on the day

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Author Seán Downey ( ago)
This is the man Anderson Silva fears

Author Joe Blow ( ago)
FUCK ME. Is this real?

Author Peter Allan ( ago)
joe joyce ve lenny mclean in theyre hayday....who would win??

Author 5star1182 ( ago)
stollen medals?

Author Caroline McCann ( ago)
your a fat usless ballox ,, couldnt beat snow of a rope,,,as usefull as a
handbrake on a canoe!!

Author Cathal O' Driscoll ( ago)

Author Tyrone Lannister ( ago)
Steve jobs, Mohammed Ali, Pele, Einsten, Joe Joyce - ahh the greatest.

Author gar2k10staffy ( ago)
that music is so bad i nearly threw up

Author darraghwise ( ago)
what a fat knacker. he looks like he couldnt bate eggs

Author Stuart Biddy ( ago)
WTF is this shit.,... IRISH Gypo rapping.. Thats it, i can now die, ive
seen it all.

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
I totally agree :-)

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Lol Emaroldise, can't you tell when I am on a wind up?! You seriously think
I would take him and his sons on after watching these vids?! :-)

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Please learn correct English, it's their not there you fool, are you too
stupid to understand basic English? Obviously you are, just accept that
some of us are tough guys and not little cowards such as you ok, deal with
it pussy

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Also please learn to spell, it's their not there when referring to a person

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Ha ha emaroldisle, that's it you believe what you want, fact is I am one
tough cookie and would spit in that trash face then I would rub it in, stop
getting your panties in a twist and face fact, scum like that are a total
waste of space, trash lover!! Ha ha ha

Author Brian Trammel ( ago)
Haha I used to work with a gypsy crew doing black top.they are bad ass to
hustle n work with ,4 inches my ass.went from Mi to Pittd to FL.I had to
come back fam problems I miss my friends.

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Why the hell would I want trash like him to respect me? I would rather have
respect from a dog than these vile disgusting excuse of human life, and I
would say anything to anyone's face, fat bastard would be down like the
sack of shit he and all his type are, I guess you are one of this lot if
you defend them like this, trash bag

Author andywolfie9 ( ago)
Fat bastard, what a disgrace, get a job you bum

Author nas smith ( ago)
King of the beer and pies more like

Author itsallabouthejourney ( ago)
This is what happens when a Pikey woman sleeps with an Orang-u-tang, you
get Joe Joyce. What an absolute disgrace to humanity. Everyone going on
about culture can just shut the fuck up! Making a mess, not paying taxes,
stealing, fighting, and being above the law has fuck all to do with
culture! Pikey's should go back to Ireland and stay there.

Author momoszabong ( ago)
uneducated primatives,spawn of daddy walrus

Author RemedyM8 ( ago)

Author weeche123 ( ago)
Fat cunt .. Waste of space

Author Michael Mac ( ago)
fucking inbred shite...

Author JDezi4 ( ago)
That's like seeing a clip of American hillbillies and saying "what's wrong
with the US" Or a more prominent seeing a vid of a ghetto thug black guy
doing some ghetto thug black guy activity and saying "what's wrong with
black people" That's why how close minded people r

Author michael finn ( ago)
im a settled man from west kerry and i have seen bad sides of travelers
like i have seen good sides? ireland was always a stronghold for fighting
like everybody else

Author michael finn ( ago)
well i never heard of a soft traveler? i have served with travelers in the
irish defense forces and i have always got on with them like anybody else.
i grew up in west kerry a area with no travelers but through emigration i
have socialized with them & i have experienced there hospitality. There is
good & bad everywhere in every walk of life. we all share the same flag

Author michael finn ( ago)
travelers are arent they Irish? roma gypsies are completely
different to irish travelers, travelers & settled share the exact same blood

Author michael finn ( ago)
travelers are Irish, fighting is something that Irish people take pride in
especially irish travelers

Author cuchulainn187 ( ago)
Travellers are not Irish...they're something else entirely. They're loathed
here in ireland too.

Author inckle umperdink ( ago)
one word- inbreed

Author chris ryan ( ago)
yes well said.

Author Duggy Jorg ( ago)
where does he buy? Where does he steal them you mean

Author MapmanDex ( ago)
LOL they even spar bare knuckle!

Author felix da kat ( ago)

Author TheDanielG13 ( ago)
looks like a 1970s wrestler

Author joe soap (1364 years ago)
where does he buy all the medals

Author joe soap (1472 years ago)
he is definitaly carrying a colt foal king of dog shite

Author Craig Ridley ( ago)
What a fat bastard!

Author ben cooper ( ago)
hes one nasty bastard who needs shutting up fat fucker

Author davyboy176 ( ago)
The trophy's are not his *fact*

Author SallyTheSeahorse ( ago)

Author burnleyfan11965 ( ago) just expressing my opinion same as you. 2.Hes not harmless,he causes
trouble,all these vids,which i admit make me laugh at times are about
causing family feuds.Popel get badly injured in this crap,and look what
happened when they all turned up on that estate. 3.abit loud and a lot
nasty,as has been proven. 4. no theyre unpopular in westmeath 5, i wouldnt
know if theyd make you welcome but irish travellers tend to only help their
own,the reputaion they ave is mainly deserved

Author joseph fitzgerald ( ago)
i am russian aswell greetings to you my friend

Author zondaintheair ( ago)
I love over the top comedy.Spike Milligan made this film

Author qwerty00101 ( ago)
couldn't agree more mate. too many young lads fighting in gangs onto one
guy thinking its how to be a man.

Author Gabriel De La Venganza ( ago)

Author fuck off google ( ago)
>has english accent >can spell..somewhat >can operate a computer If you're
related to The Boss of All Men, then I'm shite in the bucket.

Author Annie Jade ( ago)
@John Ryan Not really? just coz I'm a traveller dosnt mean I have to spell
badly. Ffs u obvs don't even no the meaning.

Author Scotty joyce (587 years ago)
haha your grammar is a little to perfect to be a traveller only 10% of them
can read and write lol

Author Annie Jade ( ago)
Shut the fuck up u stupid country peeps. I'm Irish. I'm a Irish traveller.
Im Annie Joyce. And that is my great uncle so say what u want but ur all
pussys e

Author Noah Yayeh ( ago)
And there catholic so whup whup!!!!!!!!!!! Saviour

Author Andrew Finch ( ago)

Author burnleyfan11965 (263 years ago)
theyre Irish Travellers which are very different people from the rest of
the Irish.the "settled" Irish(those that have proper homes) dislike these irealnd theyre known as knackers,Most pubs and shops wont serve
them.theyve got a bad reputation for stealing,fighting,ill treating animals
and leaving tons of rubbish wherever they are.Not every Irish Traveller is
bad,but most are.The man you see on here Joe Joyce among worst of the lot

Author burnleyfan11965 (632 years ago)
Respect is something big Joe joyce never shows anyone,where he lives his
whole family are hated and feared,not because theyre that hard cos theyre
not,but take on one joyce it wont take long before theres a dozen trying to
kick hell out of you,nowhere in Co.Westmeath wants these troublemaking scum
on their premises.He isnt respected hes laughed at for the knacker clown he

Author greg flores ( ago)
whoever is singing this song needs to slit their throat.

Author samb101 ( ago)
how is this fat oaf king? ok maybe he is king.....the burger king HAWAY

Author mac899 ( ago)

Author markydo86 ( ago)
Aw am i getting the better of you, you fucking dim witted cunt Go and suck
on your dirty whore mothers tit Might make you feel a bit better Sucking on
your mothers tits makes me feel better anyway Im no traveller but i
guarantee id kick the shite out of you ya fucking downie Go on get the rope
Im sure your "friends" wouldnt mind getting rid of you Your dumb cunt
chinky father didnt beat you hard enough as a kid Fucking immigrants thats
all ye are Bullied much for being a slitty eyed gook???

Author markydo86 ( ago)
Haha Lmfao You watching the same videos You twat Its dumb english/chinese
or whatever breed of cunt you are that appears on the Jeremy Kyle show You
dirty inbred bastard No i seen the comments you left on other videos and
its safe to say that the only reason you come on here is to be an obnoxious
little bitch Bet you got bullied as a child You dumb motherfucker You
should just tie a rope around your neck then onto the rafters and take a
jump because the world would be a better place without you!

Author markydo86 ( ago)
hahaha I wouldnt even know a gypsy/traveller And i believe your the one
who's being defensive Ya dirty fucking cunt Ive no anger in me at all Im
just sitting here laughing AT you Your so obtuse that you cant even respect
a tradition I respect the English tradition of going to other peoples
countries and being a big, dirty loud mouth bastard No wonder nearly every
foreigner I talk to hates ye shower of cunts Dirty fucking chavs!!!

Author Si Kent ( ago)
fat mug

Author markydo86 (387 years ago)
Ohh spell check is it Sorry im not as pompous and up my own hole as you are
that i have to spell check everything You fucking dumb, pretending to be
clever CUNT Your the one that actually has to use spell check Fucking clown
Afraid everyone will realise how pathetic and dumb you really are Oh look
No full stops Go on say something... Tiocfaidh ar la!!

Author conor sweeney ( ago)
would that fat cunt shut up

Author Graham Smith ( ago)
hahaha you'l find it hard to see uglyer and a more retarted bunch of cock
smokers than this mob.

Author markydo86 ( ago)
More educated?? Your joking right Ye have one of the worst education
systems in Europe Thats why ye are full of dirty fucking
looting,robbing,druggy criminals Shower of pompous bastards Cant even talk
proper english and its your own language ye retarded dyslexics fools Come
back to me when your not such a spastic or your down syndrome face smartens
up a bit!! God fuck the queen

Author Jay Som ( ago)
LOL you have to admit you irish ditch diggers are an easy target for
ridicule and subjective humor from us more educated English types.

Author Jay Som ( ago)
you pikey muppet

Author dessie o connor ( ago)
im irish and im discusted and embarrassed by these scumbags .

Author aidan lennon ( ago)

Author king kong ( ago)
big joe joyce was never any good a fat yoke he is a soft fella hes not
right in the head to think hes the king whats wrong with ya ya fool

Author markydo86 ( ago)
Your a typical english cunt Saying the same shit the whole time Where's
''Top of the mornin' Say it to one of them boys and they'd smash your
fuckin ugly face into the ground ya cockney queen lovin cunt!!

Author djclarky1982 ( ago)
Your retarded there obviously irish lol

Author djclarky1982 ( ago)

Author Matthew Corbett ( ago)
did anyone get any of what he just said?

Author Fredrik Nilsson (913 years ago)
you're so fucking ugly! fat fuck!!!!!!! someone should kick ur fat ass so
you can shut the fuck up!!

Author oztuber2 (1091 year ago)
my 10 yo could knock this fart out

Author policeman99100 ( ago)
fat fuck

Author Brett Scrubber ( ago)
ugly pikey bastard

Author Ele Phant ( ago)

Author whakawhakapapa ( ago)
no hes a fat upgy "thick" cunt. period

Author LackadaisicalE ( ago)
this video is some gay ass fucktardishness.

Author The picture of an eye ( ago)
I wonder how many notches Joyce has on that belt!

Author sean hughes ( ago)
thats some medal collection fair play

Author MrColdwatercanyon ( ago)
@benc251 It's true. He's been in some real Barn Burners with big purses
lots of his own money on the line . These younger guys like his sons just
don't seem to have the motivation to get in there and risk getting hurt or
KO'd the latest fights almost look like sparing. If I had money bet I'd
want to see some effort to Finnish . If you look at their faces they don't
have any scares.

Author ben cullis ( ago)
This guy really was a top fighter in his day, i watched a documentary with
this guy in about the irish travelling community and the long running feuds
between families etc and how they arrang fights, these guys fight for big
monies, £60K +

Author RyanFuckinKilpatrick ( ago)
Fat fuckin cunt piece of shite

Author joebstarsurfer ( ago)
so many skangers in Ireland .

Author SuperGetitgotitgood (498 years ago)
Hes the king? I'd hate to see the fucking peasants,,,

Author leah chiara ( ago)
was this filmed on a fucking turnip!?

Author Havaseet2 ( ago)
Natures clowns.

Author TravellerTTT ( ago)
This is a disgrace to ireland

Author herbmeister357 ( ago)
There was only one king and that was bartley,he was a true legend worthy of
the title as he remained undefeated in bare knuckle and yet at the same
time he was a true gentleman....not some has been half mouth who relies on
his gob and inbred family to sort things out should it not go his way!

Author Dee Torres ( ago)
thatss one ugly creature...shame..dirty weirdos...

Author nomadicsx ( ago)
he the burger king

Author Rereversed ( ago)
It is my most fervent hope and dream that one day all the gypsies will be
pushed into a garbage incinerator.

Author prussiangrandson ( ago)
King of Gypsies. We've all seen what Lenny did to the so called king of the
gypsies in his day!

Author HogSnot ( ago)
Please shoot whatever is makin the noise in the background.

Author meoldfruit ( ago)
the man is a fuckin animal !

Author zoinx4444 ( ago)
AND in the shed with the punch bag in it "corner", FIGHTING!!! out of
ballysallyballbag,ireland, he has a criminal record of 147 arrests,60
convictions with 10 coming by way of cautions,known by many as "the cunt
who ripped me off",hes big, hes old, and his teeth are stolen gold iiiiits

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