10 Most Likely Ways Humans Will Evolve

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  • The standard theory states that humans have evolved from monkeys, but what trajectory will future human evolution take? Will human development affect our ability to survive without oxygen or will we just lose our small toe? Watch to find out the 10 most likely ways humans will evolve!
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    So we want to chat a little bit about evolution. - Humans Will Get Taller
    The average height of man goes up an inch or two every generation. So it’s a pretty safe bet that will keep on going. Your kids will be taller than you; there kids will be taller than them. I mean, it doesn’t work QUITE that fast- but you get the picture. We’ll lose some of our organs - We don’t need a gall bladder. We don’t need an appendix. And, If you look after yourself, you can survive without a spleen. But we’ve still got them; it’s stupid! Our posture will worsen - Have you noticed how almost EVERYONE complains about a bad back these days? Everybody’s got bad posture and there are lots of things contributing to it. One of the biggest problem is office work has taken over from factory labor as the main source of income. We’ll be capable of longer periods without oxygen - So this one is sort of a super power. But not teleportation or anything awesome… Life away from decent oxygen is becoming more and more common. So many people spend hours a day underground on a tube getting to work. Loss of little toe - So here we go. Let me explain what I was going on about in regards to toes. You don’t need little toes. Honestly. How mad is that? Seriously though you don’t need them, they don’t do anything. Sorry but I’m going to read a quote at you!
    So now they just dangle on the end of our feet and there are lots of people out there who think as time goes on, humans being born without pinky toes will be more and more common and, maybe one day, the norm. Mono-Ethnicity - So this one is super interesting. There’s this idea called ‘Mono-Ethnicity’ which predicts that a single ethnic group will dominate a whole region or country. So there’s the theory that eventually, the whole world could be mono-ethnic. More dexterous thumbs - Do you remember that bit in FRIENDS where Ross tries to convince Phoebe evolution is real by talking about thumbs? Thumbs are one of evolution’s greatest achievements. The development of two sub cultures - This one might be a little too “sci-fi” but hear me out. So H.G. Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ depicts a future in which society has evolved into two distinct sub cultures. You’ve got the Eloi and you’ve got the Morlocks. So Eloi are like the pale, sickly but super clever half of society and Morlocks are the tough, physically superior, but quite dumb half. It’s essentially nerds vs. jocks. Weaker immune systems - You always hear people moaning about how if you molly-coddle kids their immune systems won’t develop properly. Well there’s actually a term to describe this, it’s called the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis’. Less sex drive. Seriously. Millenials have less sex than the generations before them, sorry guys… it is fact though! Part of this is that people have to earn more to get by these days. It might also be because people are more into career or creative goals nowadays then just “getting their end away”.
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  • Lacey Leigh Lovell
    Lacey Leigh Lovell 16 hours ago

    Dude, no-one calls it hanky panky. Not my parents, not theirs, and I have a son that's about the age of your target audience, so not me either.

  • A Tragedy
    A Tragedy 19 hours ago

    darker skin so we can live in heat because of global warming

  • 00101010 1001001001111100000

    the eloi were stupid the morlocks were smarter and bread the eloi to eat

  • Skomio Jamen
    Skomio Jamen 1 day ago

    mono ethnicity, the end of the human race.

  • Sad Duck Studioz
    Sad Duck Studioz 1 day ago

    Bro my grandma got her little toe removed and it affects ur balance so y wrong my dude

  • Mrs. Puff
    Mrs. Puff 1 day ago

    I think we might evolve superpowers.

  • fox b5
    fox b5 2 days ago

    who came first the egg or the chicken

  • Ratty RatStuff
    Ratty RatStuff 2 days ago

    monoethnic? fucking hell no

  • Raven Rieck
    Raven Rieck 3 days ago

    Why can't we create a master race of mix races that are part machine with roughly monthly to yearly upgrades.. or weekly, still biological but made stronger with science, so as a human species we can take over everything with our human superiority. I'm not taking it up the ass by an Alien, I wanna evolve into a god and do the assfucking. well.. at least have my descendents evolve, while they dig up there old grandpa RayRay and give his frozen body some new modifications so I can enjoy the future.

  • Miguel Janerios
    Miguel Janerios 3 days ago

    I don't buy some of these. Evolution isn't just going to occur because it would be convenient - you need pressures of natural selection, in which humans with less useful traits die off, and people with favorable traits live on. For things like 'more dexterous thumbs', I don't foresee a situation in which people with more dexterous thumbs will have a higher chance of passing on their genes than people with less dexterous thumbs. Some of them are plausible, but... eh. Seems more like speculation than science. Even the last one... I think the less sex thing is cultural, not due to biological evolution. There is, again, no situation in which I can see LESS sex drive being beneficial to the propagation of the human species.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 3 days ago

    personally I feel that the human race will eventually become Pure Energy life-form

  • Lucas Beliera
    Lucas Beliera 3 days ago

    Excuse me but number 3 is complete bullshit.

  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel 4 days ago

    Mono-ethic is being brought on by propaganda to mix out the White Race. No Smart White person in their right mind would want to spot up their Race and die. This is why Whites need to stop hating their self's and our Women need to wake up and see what they are doing to our Race, Culture and the future of Whites.

  • Jake Philpott
    Jake Philpott 4 days ago

    Mono ethnicity sounds like a rather bad thing... how can we call ourselves individual if we are becoming more similar

  • Alexis Villanueva
    Alexis Villanueva 4 days ago

    Less sex so smaller penis for men?

  • Wons Ly
    Wons Ly 5 days ago

    Nice video.

    And all creeds and kinds and colors
    Of us are blending
    Till I suppose ten million years from now
    We'll all be just alike
    Same color, same size, working together
    And maybe we'll have all the fascists
    Out of the way by then
    Maybe so..

  • Muriah Rocha
    Muriah Rocha 5 days ago

    I have a question. How come we have no evidence at all of one species evolving into another in our theory of evolution versus creation. Why has this never been observed and reported as scientific fact yet it is taught to us as fact when it's just a theory that has actually been torn apart and is being put to shreds as further technology grows? So many scientists I have watched and read about have been forced to admit this and have no evidence for school boards to rely on? It takes much more faith in my opinion to believe I came from an ape when I see no evidence for it than that we were actually created. The car company makes many makes and models of cars. But they're still cars.

    • Rajafa
      Rajafa 2 days ago

      No scientist has ever claimed that a species evolves into another. That is a creationist talking point born of ignorance and has no scientific value.

  • Crusader 21
    Crusader 21 5 days ago

    The human race cant survive if a man doesn't want to grab a women ass. seriously heterosexual and transgender is the issue. Love how humans kill themselves.

  • Miami Jhonson
    Miami Jhonson 5 days ago

    your an booty

  • Miami Jhonson
    Miami Jhonson 5 days ago


  • Doctor Mrs the monarch

    whites will turn into gods,goddesses,deities,supermen,superwomen,superhumans,superhumanbeings,superbeings.blacks,hispanics,latinos,Latin Americans,south Americans ,mexicans ,Arabs ,Asians,west Indians , central Americans ,Latino Americans,Hispanic Americans ,African Americans,Pacific islanders ,non-whites,minorities,non-Europeans,native Americans,whites,Europeans in warmer,hotter,tropical climates,zones,areas,region will devolve ,degenerate into wild ,soul-less ,feral ,untamed,undomesticated,savage,uncivilized animals.

  • Halfdan Westh
    Halfdan Westh 6 days ago

    i think humans get relly stronger

  • Peter Awad
    Peter Awad 6 days ago

    Was that Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper for the Red Nose thing comedy for Doctor Who?

  • Darren Seabolt
    Darren Seabolt 6 days ago

    Evolution isn't real so no this video is just more lies on top of other lies.

  • San dro
    San dro 6 days ago

    One thing about evolution is that its based on what genes pass. Not necessarily who is considered most attractive and such. So what people gets most children? Humans evolution differs in the sense that almost everyone can survive. As for why less sex, porn and less social life (horny guys more likely to pass on there genes still, there genes will pass more)

  • Paolo G
    Paolo G 7 days ago

    The diagram of primate evolution ( https://youtu.be/9gquNIMQq40?t=22 ) always shows primates evolving from extreme gayness (the mincing gibbon) to minimum gayness,when the reality is the exact opposite.

  • Nightshift10000
    Nightshift10000 7 days ago

    Homo sapiens diverging down two species lines isn't sci-fi at all. Hominids have done that before and it's more than likely that we will do it again. Plus don't worry about the weaker immune systems, there was a study done on some people that scientists believe are evolving in immunity and they found markers that showed these people's immune systems were getting stronger and not weaker. There's also increased strength, running capacity, running speed, abilities to take much colder and much hotter environments with no problem, having stronger bones and nervous systems that don't feel pain as easily and the ability to burn fat far better as well as overdeveloped, super intelligent brains.

  • GameWithAdam
    GameWithAdam 7 days ago

    0:25 - That hoodie guy with knife dough.

  • Ze Manel
    Ze Manel 8 days ago

    That`s not how evolution works! In order for a species to suffer evolution it must be under stress conditions with a very high mortality rate.... if most of the individuals inside a species die before they reach fertility age, some varieties caused by genetic mutations can be advantageous, and become predominant in the population gene pole, if that population his geographically isolated from other populations it will continue to evolve until it eventually become genetic isolated from other populations and then you get a new species.... so 1. we do not have in human population humongous death rates in children population and we take care of the weak, the disable, and the sick people, so natural selection does not happen in modern society..... and 2; with some rare exceptions, human populations are not isolated and genes are exchanged, and 3, the difference in human height is not evolution, its just a normal response to better nutrient supply and medical healthcare in human babies and children ... imagine that a human suffers a mutation that makes him more successful .... unless the total human population of the planet earth was in real stress, and with a very high mortality rate, and that mutation would make that person irresistible to the opposite sex, maybe that particular mutation would became more present in the gene pole and consequently in the human phenotype.....but has things are right now, humans have found a way to shelter themselves from biological evolution.

  • tile layer
    tile layer 8 days ago


  • M98Beast
    M98Beast 9 days ago

    monoethnicity? ew

  • Woofgang Sound
    Woofgang Sound 9 days ago

    number 5 my fav

  • christopher Buehler

    Haha! I think natural selection might have some objections to lowering sex drive!

  • kukalakana
    kukalakana 9 days ago

    Colour me surprised that the Borg didn't get a mention.

    (Yes I think it's entirely possible that humans in the future may end up more mechanised than we are right now. Possibly even cyborganic.)

  • kukalakana
    kukalakana 9 days ago

    There's one thing you mistook: In The Time Machine, the Morlocks were smarter than the Eloi. The Time Traveller in this book characterises the intelligence and innocence of the Eloi as roughly equivalent to that of five year old children. They are the prey animals of that time, and the Morlocks are predators, so of course the Morlocks are smarter.

    Wells also wrote a short essay entitled "Man of the Year Million", in which he speculates on how increasing dependence on technology might shape the bodies of future human evolution.

  • Warrior Homestead
    Warrior Homestead 9 days ago

    I doubt humanity will exist long enough to evolve much further.

  • Anodonum 50
    Anodonum 50 9 days ago

    Wait we don't have to use pinkie toes anymore? Yay I can't stub my toe anymore!

  • Aubrey Martin
    Aubrey Martin 9 days ago

    we won't just loose them just because we don't need them it would have to need the genes soooooo

  • Helenmary Brown
    Helenmary Brown 9 days ago

    Super powers? Really,

  • Kat The Cat
    Kat The Cat 9 days ago

    I was born in 2002, so I guess I'm a millennial. What's the hate about anyway? I'm just curious on why there's so much hate on this generation

  • Chronos1012
    Chronos1012 10 days ago

    evolution is really dumb......

  • starpilot 101
    starpilot 101 10 days ago

    My mom is pushing me academically I now see why.

  • Raymond Stone
    Raymond Stone 10 days ago

    I use my toaster rap sometimes nevermind I meant I mean I use my toes to grab sometimes

  • Fast af Boi
    Fast af Boi 10 days ago

    In order to summarise the comment section for you so you don't have to keep scrolling: It's filled with a bunch of little fuckwits who pretend to be scientists and think they know everything about how humans came to be.

  • Blake Berry
    Blake Berry 10 days ago

    Number 1
    Come on man, we know its cuz if porn.

  • White Lantern
    White Lantern 10 days ago

    We use them for balance too omg seriously

  • eloidor
    eloidor 10 days ago

    *I disliked this video, it is too simplistic and lacks everything from professionalism to documented facts. This video is the work of a pseudoscientific intellectualoid with a strong scatological underpinning for education to support his facts.*

  • chaem king
    chaem king 10 days ago


  • CodyDuff
    CodyDuff 10 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that saying we evolved from monkey was proven false

  • NopeTrain 444
    NopeTrain 444 11 days ago

    I've read an article that humans may develop bigger and stronger eyes to see in space better, and that's /technically/ a superpower, so I guess make what you want of it.

  • MrGrombie
    MrGrombie 11 days ago

    I'm already 75% European, and 25% Hispanic. My GF is 75/25 as well, but with the 25 being Asian. If we have a kid, and they have a kid with a Black person, that kid would basically have everything in it. XD

  • ZeSluzz -.-
    ZeSluzz -.- 11 days ago

    millennials have less sex? wow I did not know that

  • Jeremy Kegley
    Jeremy Kegley 11 days ago

    So in the future were gonna be like the Time machine eh lol!

  • Hoodinski
    Hoodinski 11 days ago

    These are hypotheses, not theories. They have not been proved.

  • Ethan Please enter a name

    So well all look like L?

  • Banned
    Banned 11 days ago

    "Humans will get taller" wow no shit Sherlock

  • feministpicnicfallsapartafter no1makesanysandwiches

    Are you fucking dumb? Do you really think people will be that white id we become mono dumb fucking cunt

  • Christa Reid
    Christa Reid 12 days ago

    porn evolution .

  • Dang
    Dang 12 days ago

    I'm pretty sure millenials "having less sex" has more to do with socioeconomic and cultural influences than evolution.

  • gespilk
    gespilk 13 days ago

    How arrogant it is to believe the humans will evolve.
    Give it 200-300 million years and let us watch this video again.
    ...Unless you claim we are like crocodiles or sharks?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 13 days ago

    oim not using my thumb n0t corrections or adything

  • TheFlamingFox
    TheFlamingFox 13 days ago

    I already have a super power. It's called the ability to get my mom super pissed off at me when I say hi to her

  • Leslie Tuck
    Leslie Tuck 13 days ago

    What if humans evolve to be less sexist? THAT WOULD BE GREAT... but unlikely, seeing our president is..well..sexist!

  • raaspider
    raaspider 13 days ago

    little toes are cute booo

  • ShadowX Creeper
    ShadowX Creeper 13 days ago

    when I die, I plan to be reborn as a cyborg and live on to see humans evolution through out time owo

  • Antonio Pérez
    Antonio Pérez 13 days ago

    we are at the pinnacle of human existence, we cannot evolve further.

  • Jacob Storey
    Jacob Storey 14 days ago

    When you think you are about to learn something but then he says humans came from monkeys

  • a random youtube commenter

    if we don't need oxegen...so we don't need noses or lungs

  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald Johnson 14 days ago

    save baby pup seals, they taste good...

  • FirehawkTT
    FirehawkTT 14 days ago

    Humans are becoming dumber, weaker, and less robust to disease. It used to be that if you were born blind, without a leg, with a bad immune system, or just plain stupid, you would die from disease, get eating by a lion, or fall of a cliff. Now, it's not longer the survival of the fittest. Survival is too easy with welfare, anti-biotics, and civilization (division of labor), etc. Now it's survival of who has the most kids, and it's the stupid people who are having the most kids!! The smart people have a couple or none at all!

  • Rose White
    Rose White 14 days ago

    well you evolved monkey dummies - you actually all evolved from a jumping mouse!
    An idiot named Grafton Smith's ideas on the evolution of the primate brain still form the core of present scholarship. He proposed the following stages of development:
    a smell-dominated insectivore of the jumping shrew-type
    vision-dominated animals with an expanded cortex of tree-shrew-type
    acutely visioned, manually dexterous mammals of tarsius-type
    anthropoids using their hands to use and produce tools

    I'm thinking that jumping shrew would be able to use its hands quite well to catch, hold and manipulative juicy insects....

  • Flop geometry dash & more

    Wtf is with the evolution theory though so we evolved from apes what did apes evolve from what did that thing apes evolved from evolve from and so on . So trash

  • DragonCorn
    DragonCorn 15 days ago

    I was born with no toe nails on my pinky toes, also my ankles and feet can rotate 180 degrees

  • Maddoggz16
    Maddoggz16 15 days ago

    some of these assume natural selection still takes place within the human genome.The truth is humans have evolved technologically in such a way that it no longer applies in drastic ways.Anyone can survive and make millions of babies in a lifetime thanks to modern medicine.

    • Karrie Dreammind
      Karrie Dreammind 15 days ago

      True. Also society nowadays conditions us to accept and adapt to be attracted to the not so ideally looking people physically/genetically, because of all the acceptance and anti-discrimination culture.

  • SimbaTheSavage
    SimbaTheSavage 15 days ago

    Athletes need toes

  • ML Videos
    ML Videos 16 days ago


    • ML Videos
      ML Videos 10 days ago

      opjp35 I'm sorry

    • opjp35
      opjp35 10 days ago

      ML Videos fuck you.

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 16 days ago

    this world won't become mono ethnicity

  • Benjamin Watson
    Benjamin Watson 16 days ago

    what if we didn't evolve from apes, but from giraffes?

  • Pixel Reverse YT
    Pixel Reverse YT 16 days ago

    Yea!!! We can be Footist in the future!! It's all I ever wanted...

  • Jayden Pierantoni
    Jayden Pierantoni 17 days ago

    this is pokemon but were pokemon

  • Steven Schukert
    Steven Schukert 17 days ago

    #2? Go eat a few worms, play with a pile of dog shit, don't wash your hands. Bam, that solves that.

  • xavier wilson
    xavier wilson 17 days ago

    The sound of Mano ethnicity made white people cringe

  • Riverrat 243
    Riverrat 243 17 days ago

    The human race will evolve to be a bunch of 6'5" stronger then hell neo hillbillies once the redneck mafia gets the death camps running. SEIG HEIL

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney 17 days ago

    This is one that WILL happen, assuming the spread of modern medicine will eventually reach the entire global population. In fact it is already happening:

    C-sections are allowing genes that code for large skulls in infants, which have historically killed the mother and/or child, to be passed on and enter into the human gene pool. Eventually (hopefully) women around the globe will not have to worry about being killed during childbirth by their large-skulled progeny. After some number of generations, genes for large skulls will be so prolific that most women will HAVE to give birth by c-section.

  • Porcupine Pastrami
    Porcupine Pastrami 17 days ago

    Since libido is decreasing , I would presume that chodes will be common in the years to come

  • Mike Hamada
    Mike Hamada 17 days ago

    I highly doubt that we'll loose our toe because it gives balance and improves our swimming. Unless our feet flatten and turn to duck feet.

  • Truth maker
    Truth maker 17 days ago

    Hi, you folks that run this account. What you are describing is: you, ' da elite members ' will make your self mutate with more superpowers(you would love to call your self demigods), and this video was showing what you folks gonna make/mutate normal ppl to. There are no evolutionary... this is simply what you want us to look like, sort of, more or less , or both.

  • Theflamee Scot
    Theflamee Scot 17 days ago

    I gave this video a like for u saying our toe's will fall off

  • Theflamee Scot
    Theflamee Scot 17 days ago

    u made my day when u said our toes will fall off

  • Ruben Duffy
    Ruben Duffy 17 days ago

    Mono ethnicity will be hard because different traits have been caused by environments e.g. People being white because they live in colder environments and blue eyes a mutation that happened as we were drinking milk so it is likely that specific regions will maintain a certain race depending on location and climate

  • you tube 425
    you tube 425 18 days ago

    I'm already mono ethnic.

  • Brandon Kiser
    Brandon Kiser 18 days ago

    This is about as uneducated as it can be in a medical standpoint.... You have those organs for a reason, and you are better off not getting rid of them unless you absolutely have to.. this holds true mostly for the spleen, but the gallbladder is involved with your digestive system and it's health too.

  • Pinhead Patrick
    Pinhead Patrick 18 days ago


  • Timothy Dark
    Timothy Dark 19 days ago

    LOL UM...Metal Claws aren't part of Wolverine's mutant powers.

  • Man Ransom
    Man Ransom 19 days ago

    Not to shit on your whole video here but humans will begin to take over the responsibility for their own evolution within the next 50 years. We'll pick and choose which genes to turn off and on in our children, incorporate robotic limbs, increase our brain power like turning a volume knob up etc. Within 150 years we'll most likely have the power of the gods. Meaning we'll have invented teleportation, speed of light travel, and even the ability to manually create life in a laboratory. Good luck humans.

  • Мариян Иванов

    The shape does not matter, the improvement of perception and the divine love is what matters.
    Don't waste your time wondering what the future will be.
    Start taking care of our only and beautiful planet.

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 19 days ago

    Imagine all the racists would be in the world if we seperate into different species

  • Dan Bouckaert
    Dan Bouckaert 20 days ago

    I can grab stuff with my feet😎😎😎😎😎😀

  • Vedran Pačić
    Vedran Pačić 20 days ago

    who am i?

  • Gabriel Defa
    Gabriel Defa 20 days ago

    Number five was whites

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