Coolant Temperature Sensor Change 2001 ZX2 Ford Escort 2.0

Very easy. I used the old o ring because the new one wouldn't fit.

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Author Tom H (8 months)
I would like to know the part number you used. These cars have way too many
sensors and switches.. 

Author MrWingnut62 (4 years)
This sensor feeds the computer (not the gauge). If your gauge is wrong as a
result of a coolant temperature sensor, this is not the one that needs to

Author alexbartlett93 (1 year)
Yeah the engine temp is fine it warms up and everything, but the car has
230000 + miles and most things are factory, so i'm gonna replace some
sensors and see where we go from there, i'm gonna check fuses and grounds,
how do you remove the cluster?

Author alexbartlett93 (1 year)
My gauge isn't moving from below C pretty much, when i turn the ignition on
it drops from C to just the bottom of the meters level, driving it doesn't
warm up on the gauge, even though the engine gets warmed up, i changed this
temp sensor on top of the thermostat and it made no difference what should
i do next if you know? 1998 ZX2 2.0

Author Ronald Burleigh (1 year)
there is 2 senors one on top as shown in the video which is for your fans
and is called a sensor the one for the gauge is on the bottom of the
thremostat called a switch that should fix youre gauge i just had that

Author alexbartlett93 (1 year)
230xxx is nothing! And i forgot to tell you i did actually fix it shortly
after and she's still running strong, those are all highway miles and they
were put on the car very fast so i think i'll be good, its been well
maintained and will hopefully be a good car lol the car is only at its
beginning.. hopefully ha

Author BlackDaim0nd (5 years)
Did this sensor cause your coolant fan not to work??

Author MrHawkeyefan1 (4 years)
no need to drain antifreeze or disconnect the battery?

Author Triangles1 (2 years)
There are two temp sensors on a ZX2. One that the ECM uses (can be read via
scan gauge) The other is more accurately described as a temperature switch
that is hooked to the dash gauge. The dash gauge really only indicates 2
things, when you engine is up to temp and when it is over temp. They use
electronics to smooth out and slow the gauge movement so it appears to be a
temp gauge when in reality if you know how it really works it gives very
little information.

Author bkriss092 (2 years)
Im at a total mindfuck here, I changed out the temp sensor just like you
explained, and on the dash, the temp gauge is way past H. wtf

Author SparkysGarage (2 years)
Sounds like the sensor isnt the problem. Id look into a thermostat next.

Author SparkysGarage (1 year)
Sounds to me like the gauge just isn't reading. The operating temp is
probably fine. Check your fuses and grounds.

Author SparkysGarage (1 year)
To be honest with you at 230,000, I'd prolly just let the gauge be... Car
is near the end of its life, and wiring is a pain and very time consuming.

Author AugustusJulius69 (3 years)
Mrwingnut62 so where is the one to replace if the gauge is wrong?

Author SparkysGarage (4 years)
Definitely dont need to drain the coolant. As for disconnecting the battery
its always recommended when dealing with electrical. However i didnt.

Author Ronald Burleigh (1 year)
the other senor called a switch is on the bottom of the thermostat which is
for the gauge that could fix youre problem

Author SparkysGarage (5 years)
No, the gauge was just reading low and I wanted to make sure it was
working. If your fan isnt working it could just be a fuse or maybe the fan
motor is blown. Also always check for loose wires and corroded wires.

Author Triangles1 (2 years)
In reality the dash temp gauge really tells you less. I drove around for
several years with a bad thermostat (wouldn't close all the way). The
engine ran cool causing about a 10-15% hit in fuel economy and a huge fuel
economy hit in the winter. Because the engine temp would only get up into
the 140's the dash gauge would indicate all is well at operating
temperature when in reality it was running cold. sounds like either your
thermostat is stuck shut or your temp switch (sensor) is bad.

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