10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Donald Trump's Vehicle

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  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 16 hours ago

    "An insanely expensive car" is just right for an insanely incompetent president! He needs it, now that we are in Global War4!

  • Marti Eisenberg
    Marti Eisenberg 1 day ago

    what are american presidents doing that would make them such a target? hmmmm

  • Rei Amiel J. Andino

    3:57 is a building in Philippines, manila the twin orange one

  • james ross
    james ross 3 days ago

    Is that Trumps limo or did Obama have one to?

    NINJA GEORGE 3 days ago

    This dudes car has more protection than a condom😑

  • Dre Art
    Dre Art 4 days ago

    Obama definitely didn't deserve more then geo metro

  • Wayne World
    Wayne World 4 days ago

    Its not trumps vehicle. The American people own that vehicle

  • Amandeep jacob
    Amandeep jacob 4 days ago

    sir four tyre in gold or metal   .....so silly.....brain is better than is bull shits

  • Doug N
    Doug N 5 days ago

    scumbags! Trump 2020!!!

  • Gregory J.
    Gregory J. 5 days ago

    What is with all the shittyit pics in the video with butt obummer?

  • Estelle Leonard
    Estelle Leonard 7 days ago

    It's not "Trump's Vehicle". It belongs to the office and is owned by the people.

  • Mothy One
    Mothy One 7 days ago

    Why are the narrator's words shown? Really annoying....

  • Post Flaco
    Post Flaco 8 days ago

    the pope mobile is better.

  • Elenka Ivanova
    Elenka Ivanova 9 days ago


  • Donal Trump
    Donal Trump 9 days ago


  • kc edgar
    kc edgar 9 days ago

    This is obummers limo hence the name THE BEAST that was obamas name he picked. Obama was evil from day one.

  • Leoni Turner
    Leoni Turner 9 days ago

    i mine as well live in that car

  • brad bolin
    brad bolin 9 days ago

    Waste of money.

  • harish hp
    harish hp 9 days ago

    be careful isis it has bombs

  • MrRasZe
    MrRasZe 10 days ago

    trump has great hairdo

  • Smurfinz
    Smurfinz 10 days ago

    They should invent an exosuit for safety in a more personal level.

  • Emanuel Terzian
    Emanuel Terzian 10 days ago

    Why do you show Hussain the chief traitor? Trump is going to go in history as the greatest ... Hussain the slimiest and useless!

  • Caleb The Canadiens Fan

    F Donald Trump

  • Jason Rodgers
    Jason Rodgers 10 days ago

    It's Donald Trump's vehicle "second hand". Was designed & built for whoever was to be President in 2008, that turned out to be Barack Obama. Does EVERY last thing have to be "political"?

  • Olivier Sidor
    Olivier Sidor 10 days ago

    The funiest was the one was GTA

  • usaman861
    usaman861 11 days ago

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  • jankiel bobrowsky
    jankiel bobrowsky 11 days ago

    mind blowing

  • CIA Assassin
    CIA Assassin 11 days ago

    Probably would be even better just to take an actual tank and pimp out the interior. Bet a tank with a show car paint job and the presidential seal on the side would look bad ass.

  • Steven Snailham
    Steven Snailham 12 days ago

    what a waste of money for 1 man and what a paranoid little country

  • Wilson
    Wilson 12 days ago

    One afternoon a Roman emissary arrived in Madinah on important
    diplomatic business with the Caliph. When he enquired as to the
    whereabouts of Umar , he was directed to a man sleeping peacefully under
    a tree: with no bodyguards, no weapons, no fortifications and no
    security. The Roman messenger marvelled at this sight: the sight of the
    leader of millions of people sleeping peacefully under a tree without a
    care in the world. He then remarked his famous words that remain etched
    into history until today: “O Umar! You ruled. You were just. Thus you were safe. And thus you slept.”
    Such is the security that justice brings to both the ruler and the
    ruled. Umar  was just to his people so he had nothing to fear from them.
    He rendered to everyone their rights so they had no grievances against
    him. His people slept in peace. So he too slept in peace. How the world
    yearns for this sleep!
    O Umar! If only you would return,
    To spread justice so the world would learn,
    That even a stone of your justice,
    Would rescue it from this fathomless abyss.

  • Mike Arcand
    Mike Arcand 13 days ago

    cant hear it

  • Pat Coleman
    Pat Coleman 13 days ago

    Fuck don the con impeachment day is on its way !!

  • Anthony Polito
    Anthony Polito 14 days ago

    GM and Donald Trump...........love them both!!!!

  • Tyler Nason
    Tyler Nason 14 days ago

    you@EverettAkelsey99 need stop all tht bad drug habits and listen lil this change into violent depressed episodes mood swings when ur emptying I knew different person

  • 27trains
    27trains 15 days ago

    I guess this makes it a clown car

  • contrerados
    contrerados 16 days ago

    a .44 cal cannot penetrate it...Who's gonna shoot him, Dirty Harry??
    Fine!! Shoot him with a .500 S&W Magnum and blow his big, orange ass all over DC
    Too bad the foam won't seal his big redneck face hole!!

  • Azza Paterson
    Azza Paterson 16 days ago

    I'm wondering how many Muslims have watched this video?

  • Lubomír Černota
    Lubomír Černota 17 days ago

    I wish i would learn something new which i have not seen all over internet, every single 10 years all kid knows that that there is presidents blood, foam around motor, night vision etc etc, extremelly dissapointed that i have even clicked on your video

  • Owen Mushet
    Owen Mushet 17 days ago

    so basically if you want to be safe for your entire life, just join the motorcade.

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 20 days ago

    Piece of shit from USA made most likely in Thaiwan ....nothing on Putins car

  • Hillary Trump
    Hillary Trump 21 day ago


  • Lin Tong
    Lin Tong 22 days ago

    Trump doesn't even have a driving license

  • Gabriel Mark
    Gabriel Mark 22 days ago

    It runs on diesel though because its far easier to find diesel all over the world over quality gasoline.

  • Josiah Divis
    Josiah Divis 23 days ago

    plz military partner with amazon so i can get my package in an hour

    GERONIMO STILTON 24 days ago

    OMG !!!!!

  • knightrider1545
    knightrider1545 25 days ago

    i bet the beast could go at least 120 mph but max 150 mph, i dont buy only a top speed of 60 mph.

  • Ronald l Johnson
    Ronald l Johnson 25 days ago

    the hole mf word is at me do u think i give a fuck i got papper work can't believe United States of America took me in my father's money and he thought hard part in the Vietnam War it suffered when he died but he's strong he's a strong man I got so much paperwork who Master beneficiary policies of the ACT insurance portability of 1974 a master Master beneficiary claims please whatever I need a journalist

    • Ronald l Johnson
      Ronald l Johnson 25 days ago

      can anyone please tell me what surfacing transmission boards I know on each one of my credit reports

  • Kevin ramdehol
    Kevin ramdehol 25 days ago

    I want one

  • Tony Squires
    Tony Squires 26 days ago

    he is not fit to be Pres

  • TheGoldenGeko
    TheGoldenGeko 29 days ago

    Why is the sound low af

  • inkey2
    inkey2 1 month ago

    NONE of this info should be made public. It should all be classified

  • AT0M1CD3M0N
    AT0M1CD3M0N 1 month ago

    This video must be taken down, as it states everything defensive about the vehicle.

  • Squidwrd
    Squidwrd 1 month ago

    I thought this video was about the beast

  • Bazuzeus
    Bazuzeus 1 month ago

    NOT a limo... A limo has 3 windows on each sides... this car has 4 (so NOT a limo).

  • antsbchill
    antsbchill 1 month ago

    Its the "Presidents Limo" ..Trumpo the Orange Clown wont be President much longer ..Obama had the Beast too..Rename this video

  • European Pizza
    European Pizza 1 month ago

    You should have around 100 armed terrorists attacking the convoy in matter of minutes...

    No way to have a firefight that last 3 hours. Because USA will send more help to evacuate the president.

    The only way to take out or capture the president, would be 100 well trained and armed terrorists attacking in a few minutes.

    A hit and run tactic.

  • andre fowler
    andre fowler 1 month ago

    laughter expose one typically folk ban into afford nomination

  • Ellie Bean
    Ellie Bean 1 month ago

    I hope it accidentally backs over Barron and Trump sees it in one of those sweet rearview monitors.

    STUDIO DIREZIONE 1 month ago

    the Americans are totally crazy

  • Salavy Nick
    Salavy Nick 1 month ago


  • GHQ Aasif
    GHQ Aasif 1 month ago

    Its not a Donald trump's vehicle, Its a President of the USA.

  • Larry Byrd
    Larry Byrd 1 month ago

    Jeez. You do realize that 95% of the tech specs on the presidents limo is CLASSIFIED, don't you? The vast majority of this video is pure speculation.

  • Teding100 Clayflay
    Teding100 Clayflay 1 month ago

    when Trump walked by I saw a tag on his back that said "Made in China" in a video before

  • NotaHipster
    NotaHipster 1 month ago

    Drinking game.
    Every time she says a word take a shot.

  • Tim Lowe3
    Tim Lowe3 1 month ago

    why bother putting tags on these vehicles. what's the point

  • Meh Heh
    Meh Heh 1 month ago

    fact #11: it even comes with a fidget spinner dispenser!

    NUMBAH 2 NINJAH 1 month ago

    kind of wishing Bill Clinton went on that bridge...

  • Freddy Bonnie foxy 1

    wish jfk steal was president

  • Freddy Bonnie foxy 1

    yey your rhit

  • Heil Wig
    Heil Wig 1 month ago

    Hitler doesn't need that protection.

  • GD Darkknx
    GD Darkknx 1 month ago

    This car should be in GTA online



  • Miá Ely
    Miá Ely 1 month ago

    Good video 🤡

  • Manoranjan muduli
    Manoranjan muduli 1 month ago

    This is not Trump's car,it is Presidents car.

    HELIOS 1 month ago

    *Jebać żydowskiego oślego boga! 88!* https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/101477369011773734719/6421580483289256338?icm=false

  • pimpcadillacs
    pimpcadillacs 1 month ago

    Thanks for giving out so much info to our enemies.

  • Viking Vrede
    Viking Vrede 1 month ago

    TheRichest.... Just hope youtube finally starts to ban these sort of channels

  • David Allen
    David Allen 1 month ago

    resident seek not welcome proportion consist traditionally accomplish vs.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 1 month ago


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 1 month ago

    ha gay cara be loke in gay ases shit

  • Nie Mand
    Nie Mand 1 month ago

    One fact about your video ->> Your microphone is too silent!

  • youtube is life
    youtube is life 1 month ago

    but my answer is can that vehicle can handle a nuke ahhaha

  • Lyveo
    Lyveo 1 month ago

    yeah "The Beast"......but the BEAST BROCK LESNAR

  • Zac Filion
    Zac Filion 1 month ago

    A shame they found out about the Bill Clinton explosives things

  • Jake Howell
    Jake Howell 1 month ago

    I want more of this more than JFK wanted a car roof...
    what. this is a youtube comment section.first place to look for offensive jokes

  • Dave Hamann
    Dave Hamann 1 month ago

    When I was on vacation in New Mexico I saw Donald Trump go by in his limo with 4 police cars and about 15 police motorcycles in the front and back and they drove past our hotel, it was AWESOME

  • Ha Re
    Ha Re 1 month ago

    1.5 mil is not that much for a vehicle, the 95 foot ladder truck i last drove hit the 850,000 mark, and thats just a fancy big red truck that's built to save lives. I would have thought the presidential sled would have been a lot more than that, if i was president i would ride in am M-1 tank, let the world know i mean business. The M-1 has a remarkable track record of survival on the battlefield.

  • PICKETT Est.1980
    PICKETT Est.1980 1 month ago

    6 barrelled Gatling gun! Wow!

    HELIOS 1 month ago


  • akaAlexthekid
    akaAlexthekid 1 month ago

    The springs are from a 44 ton wagon to carry his ego?

  • Barez Yaseen
    Barez Yaseen 1 month ago

    Do you want a iPhone 7 plus

  • Ali P
    Ali P 1 month ago

    Talking to fast in the video, and no time to read the texts.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 1 month ago

    Is GM certain that this vehicle can support Trumps fat ass? Seriously.......

  • elambus1
    elambus1 1 month ago

    the anti-trump leftie trollers here are F-tards. do you think obama's car was any different? have you seen what the specs are for the pope's car?

  • BeyondOGTD
    BeyondOGTD 1 month ago

    So GM made almost no profit

  • William Ray
    William Ray 1 month ago

    mentions assassins.... shows JFK. rip

  • jrd davidson
    jrd davidson 1 month ago

    yet thousands of kids sent into battle in un armored humvees by the last republican. smh

  • Chris Lloyd
    Chris Lloyd 1 month ago

    it seems very safe. But can it stop the amount of lethal saturated fat in our presidents daily food intake?. Sometimes our biggest enemies are ourselves

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