Nike CEO Mark Parker announces the launch of the limited-edition Nike Mag. Complete with individually responsive "power laces", first imagined nearly 30 years ago, this technology is destined to alter the course of sport.

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Author TheLegend 27 ( ago)
Nike magista

Author Phantom gaming/sports ( ago)
What is the point of this?most of us just slip our feet in our shoes without un tieing out shoelaces😒😒😒😒

Author OH BABY OH BABY ( ago)
Am i the only one who just figured out this video is 1:23 long

Author 58AG GD ( ago)

Author 58AG GD ( ago)
Why they made those shoes no one cares what kind of shoes you have and those worth so much no one buys because cost so musch.

Author Adam is cool and crazy ( ago)
I love NIKE my most favorite company.

Author CaliFan Heart ( ago)
*ANY COLOR FOR GIRLS? I CHECKED IN THE INTERNET AND THEY COST $200 INSTEAD OF $10,000. GOOD PRICE! But I need them in a girly style cuz these are for 'boys/men'. Yes, I can get those shoes but I don't want to end up getting judged. I mean, tbh, I don't care if I wear boy's shoes cuz' I have wore it... But these Mags has a more men style, too boyish. So I need it to be unisex, girly, or make a seperate for 'only' girls and 'only' boys. So I can't get those unless it's more girly. No offense. Thx.* 😆

Author Michaelthe King ( ago)
Who the fuck will buy this like if you agree

Author Xpert Wolf ( ago)
These are the ugliest fucking shoes I've ever seen!

Author Kaden Cooper ( ago)
How much do theyncost

Author Manuel Alcantara ( ago)
can someone buy me this stuff

Author Boi its Tris ( ago)

Author 3089280288 ( ago)
a Ski boot

Author Zaz Zai ( ago)
if my friend came over wear ing these shoes I'd be like my dad don't let people wear shoes in the house and say didn't you leave your Xbox out back

Author Ash Rockstar ( ago)
It's back to the future for these

Author Douglas Fisher ( ago)
I'm wondering if those are the same shoes from BTTF

Author jj ( ago)
I like them but im a girl so can girls were them to or are they for boys? also if girls are aloud them and I wanted to buy them I would say there over priced freaking 10 grand dude wtf

Author TheBestSniperEVER360 ( ago)
Who else got a back to the future vibe

Author Michael Kijewsji ( ago)
Made in the beloved Indonesia you vant escape from the truth...

Author MH Alkaabi0 ( ago)
Did he say niki?

Author Legit Gaming123 ( ago)
I wanna get it

Author TempoVarg ( ago)
Damn 2017, you're getting there.

Author hanna diy ( ago)
i have nike mags.......they are not even expensive

Author Lunar Gaming ( ago)
not as fast as in back to the future 2

Author HowlinCash900 ( ago)
those shoes remind me of back to the future

Author EliasTheDerp ( ago)
lol i think docs shit was wrong he wasent in 2015 he was in 2017

Author Kevin Villatoro ( ago)
I have Nike mags

Author MC Hammer ( ago)
Back to the future motherfuckers

Author THE SLENDER Gamer ( ago)
i seen them they said 81,000,000 money

Author SLyZ Ender ( ago)
Wait how much do they cost?

Author SHOCKXGAMING ( ago)
ewwwwwwwwwwww is all i can say

Author JavierPhoenix ( ago)
this time if i got this, i won't crease them

Author Jose Hernandez ( ago)

Author Ayane Nanase ( ago)
Who the hell says 'Nikiiii'????

Author PeaceMaker ( ago)
sooo ugly

Author Josh Darcy ( ago)
5k for ankle braces lmao

Author stevew64 ( ago)
how lazy can you be to tie ur freaking shoes :/

Author the HECTOR ( ago)
Didn't win but still get excited about this video

Author Harry ( ago)
the only time in my life that I'd wear these, is to a costume party, I'd probably go as an astronaut

Author xXbatuhanXx ( ago)
where i can buy it???😂

Author Nuno Pereira ( ago)
Please give me one of those

Author Razer Snake ( ago)
They are ugly as hell

Author swagifox ( ago)
I want one!

Author Kathy Trisler ( ago)
I really need them somebody stole my Jordan 12's

Author Carston Disher ( ago)
So ugly

Author Cracker Rider Putin ( ago)
Nike sucks Take Adidas

Author FOrt assassin ( ago)
Are these going for in footlocker and

Author shaun Xu ( ago)
and all for a price of $1010203013123

Author CS:GO evi ( ago)

Author Original L ( ago)
If I every get a pair I'll never wear it because I'll die👍🏿

Author testeero plays mklt ( ago)
don't trust these shoes

Author Tough Tigre ( ago)
To help Parkinson's, we all know u be up watching too much back to the future

Author dipey the king ( ago)
"this shoes can cure diseases" bullshit

Author Izudin Colic ( ago)
wtf these are 20k

Author Ninji ( ago)
They look so ugly id be emmbaressed to wear them

Author DoubleFist GamerS ( ago)
Is it just me or wasn't this invention in the movie, "Back To The Future part 2" when mcflies went to the future and there was a nike shoes just like these. Dose any remember? The movie was made in the 80s

Author Canada Arrow ( ago)
mate needs to be cheaper

Author Wimboip coip ( ago)
pacer test

Author Rian Dude ( ago)
I swear I seen these in back to the future

Author Kalen Michael ( ago)
Just kiddingLol

Author Kalen Michael ( ago)
Give me now or die Nike

Author Kalen Michael ( ago)
I need that plz

Author whatevereliza ( ago)
i like the features on this. but tbh it's ugly as fuck.

Author XD ( ago)
They are ugly af

Author Apoblack ( ago)
Please make the nike mag in series it will help even betterfor the cure against Pakinson. Please!

My dream would be to own a nike mag because I'm a fan from back to the future.

please NIKE

Author king boujee ( ago)
They look so damn sexy 🤤🤤🤤

Author Wrynal ( ago)
i dont understand. Who likes these? they look ugly af

i mean great cause, but still they could've made them look better

Author AVA KING ( ago)
I love you guys so much! You guys are my favorite sports brand out there you help me accomplished when I need to I do dance and I wear a lot of your guys equipment I love it so much and it makes me feel like I can do anything❤❤❤

Author jose flores ( ago)
you should do this with better looking shoes

Author jose flores ( ago)
these look so stupid

Author Mark McCormick ( ago)
Looks like the back to the future scene where Marty puts on shoes became real

Author سخيف مضحك ( ago)
can I have one Nike mag only one you have aloft of thes Nike mag please give me one nike mag

Author Lara Zegers ( ago)
my uncle is manager of the production of nike

Author darren mernickle ( ago)

Author Jose Garcia ( ago)
make for kids

Author THE MEME GAMER ( ago)
finally 2017 has something interesting well not like da hyper adapt

Author Nami ( ago)
Adidas NMD R1 and Yeezys ❤❤ anyone?

Author Reus Antony ( ago)
2 billion in vietnam dong

Author NebKillerYT ( ago)
if you are going to get those shoes hope you don't stink them up

Author Jack Dicker ( ago)

Author 3dwinbbx m ( ago)
quiero una

Author TylerPCoyne ( ago)
Finally, the back to the future shoes are no longer a dream, they have now become a reality!!

Author Internet Kids ( ago)
Опять блять год не кушать

Author Robert Dedei ( ago)
Back to the Future??? 2017 JUST DO IT !! NIKE

Author EDI Intro maker ( ago)
this is crazy its so cool 0_0

Author bananabananababa ( ago)
how do I get one?

Author sai naresh ( ago)

Author Romanian Raven ( ago)
i want these nike mag sneakers

Author Joy k ( ago)
It is going to make our society much dumber than what it needs to be. My brother is 7 and can't tie shoes with strings because he doesn't want to learn. He spends all his tone on X-Box and his tablet he doesn't want to learn how to tie his own shoes.

Author Trolls Fan 234 ( ago)

Author Romail Farooq ( ago)
ok so mag is for athlete

Author AAA Sneaker Gaming ( ago)

Author Dean Rocks ( ago)
where i can buy?

Author Michael desanta ( ago)
my friend bought me a pair. i'm so in love with them😍😍

Author Roma Salnyk ( ago)

Author Maria villatorogosia ( ago)

Author Cloudy bmx ( ago)
how much are those

Author Cupcakeloversparkle Gaming ( ago)
Why is it so expensive?

Author Rasta Lion ( ago)
Ugly ass shoes

Author Timothy Wright ( ago)
nike needs to continue making them and sell them in stores and make more profit

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