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    Nike CEO Mark Parker announces the launch of the limited-edition Nike Mag. Complete with individually responsive "power laces", first imagined nearly 30 years ago, this technology is destined to alter the course of sport.
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  • SHiSH 22
    SHiSH 22 18 hours ago

    Chi è qui per il Green?

  • o stasera vengo dormire casa tua

    chi è qui per il Green?

  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright 1 day ago

    I am going to say this in the nicest way possible but I agree with these comments but I don't agree with the way they were said but you should release them in stores so that the people who acctually do have a pair don't get beat up and then someone won't be able to sue for only a few people have them but if you can make them you should make more and sell them in stores and you can get more money while more people get the shoes they want so everybody wins.

  • Wîngs
    Wîngs 1 day ago

    this is retarded

  • gregeggleston75
    gregeggleston75 1 day ago

    can you send me a pair

  • kachow limited edition Crocodiles

    i have some of these

  • Leo88tube
    Leo88tube 1 day ago

    like se sei venuto qui dopo il video del green👍

  • Travis Beaman
    Travis Beaman 2 days ago

    the next level of obesity

  • Prabhu Karan
    Prabhu Karan 4 days ago

    tis one shown in back to the future movie

  • Daggies Daggies
    Daggies Daggies 4 days ago

    this is goes to my head when I see this they clean

  • fknpwned
    fknpwned 5 days ago

    what are thooooose?

  • Tom Parkinson
    Tom Parkinson 6 days ago

    I should get these... 0:23

  • Richard Torres
    Richard Torres 6 days ago

    who thinks i should get tgrm now. 2017

    yes -no -nah it will be wierd or. -YES OF COURSE

  • Gabriele Di Brigida

    like se vieni dal Green!!!

  • Gabriele Moretti
    Gabriele Moretti 8 days ago

    Chi è qua per il video del Green metta Like

  • xShoWer24
    xShoWer24 8 days ago

    Chi è qui dal video del Green?😂

  • Davide Mileta
    Davide Mileta 8 days ago

    like a chi guarda il video grazie al green

  • Matteo Margonzi
    Matteo Margonzi 8 days ago

    Chi è qua per il greenonee?

  • SoaR cesso
    SoaR cesso 8 days ago

    diocane si dice pronuncia niki

  • Senteck
    Senteck 8 days ago

    naiki del green <3

  • Riccardo Lapini
    Riccardo Lapini 8 days ago

    Chi qua per il Greenone nazionale?

  • Luigi Dell' Olio
    Luigi Dell' Olio 8 days ago

    Chi è qui per il green

  • gpaparo13_YT
    gpaparo13_YT 9 days ago


  • Emanuele Sbalzo
    Emanuele Sbalzo 9 days ago

    Chi è qui per il Green

  • Paolo Ghenzi
    Paolo Ghenzi 9 days ago

    Chi altro è qui per il video del Green?

  • Retro L
    Retro L 11 days ago

    Anyone else remember
    "Like if your watching in jail"

  • Dylan the gamer Man
    Dylan the gamer Man 12 days ago

    Who's watching this in 2019

  • Placid Mindzz
    Placid Mindzz 13 days ago

    The good news is that it says 1.0. That means that they're working on a 2.0, and I bet that they will release that to the public. This is more of an ad for an upcoming release. Good move Nike

  • GravityGamingTM Xbox&More!

    Skechers high tops confirmed

  • Tadeo Tavares
    Tadeo Tavares 13 days ago

    Yo quiero unos alguien los tiene

  • tony ying
    tony ying 14 days ago

    I have same one

  • Zack Mikiri
    Zack Mikiri 15 days ago

    Back to the future?

  • Nexis Racing
    Nexis Racing 16 days ago

    does it have some kinda battery for it to self tie and to light up?

  • kahmil niupalau
    kahmil niupalau 16 days ago

    man i would love one of those

  • Blurx
    Blurx 19 days ago

    techrax will somehow make these some slippers

    HIPSTERKA 19 days ago

    Epic, but ugly And alien style...😂👟👽😹

  • Philip Rayala
    Philip Rayala 20 days ago

    my fav shoe

  • Five Neddos
    Five Neddos 20 days ago

    It looks like toy

  • Sneaker King
    Sneaker King 20 days ago

    #team Nike

  • Sneaker King
    Sneaker King 20 days ago

    Your gonna see me in the NBA some day

  • Sneaker King
    Sneaker King 20 days ago

    Nike you should give me these

  • Charlie Yeggins
    Charlie Yeggins 20 days ago

    so cool i wot won

  • Nis Fuhrmann
    Nis Fuhrmann 22 days ago

    Please create cheaper air max.

  • 廣志ノ鬥灸
    廣志ノ鬥灸 24 days ago

    This is so cool!

  • Mike van Kersbergen
    Mike van Kersbergen 26 days ago

    Some say he is still running...

  • Dante SkillsHD
    Dante SkillsHD 27 days ago

    My mom is going to buy them

  • AstFastly Somli
    AstFastly Somli 27 days ago

    i wanna ask nike 1quetion can you give me 1 shoes free i think it's impossible

  • Grimm Undertaker
    Grimm Undertaker 29 days ago

    i want to have it

  • Charliewxm 97
    Charliewxm 97 1 month ago

    Ewe they ugly af

  • Harry n his buckit o dinos

    You know what fuck that

  • BluntestCone16 Awesomeness

    Man what Nike did with Stephen curry left a big stain on every new player shoe that Nike makes

  • Il Green
    Il Green 1 month ago

    Fuck all that stupid italians who say "it's pronounced nayk".

  • Minion Wolf
    Minion Wolf 1 month ago

    technology is over coming us.....awsome

  • trex
    trex 1 month ago

    fuck km :ate

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 1 month ago

    Nike magista

  • Phantom gaming/sports

    What is the point of this?most of us just slip our feet in our shoes without un tieing out shoelaces😒😒😒😒

    OH BABY OH BABY 1 month ago

    Am i the only one who just figured out this video is 1:23 long

  • [GS] 58AG
    [GS] 58AG 1 month ago


  • [GS] 58AG
    [GS] 58AG 1 month ago

    Why they made those shoes no one cares what kind of shoes you have and those worth so much no one buys because cost so musch.

  • Adam is cool and crazy

    I love NIKE my most favorite company.

  • CaliFan Heart
    CaliFan Heart 1 month ago

    *ANY COLOR FOR GIRLS? I CHECKED IN THE INTERNET AND THEY COST $200 INSTEAD OF $10,000. GOOD PRICE! But I need them in a girly style cuz these are for 'boys/men'. Yes, I can get those shoes but I don't want to end up getting judged. I mean, tbh, I don't care if I wear boy's shoes cuz' I have wore it... But these Mags has a more men style, too boyish. So I need it to be unisex, girly, or make a seperate for 'only' girls and 'only' boys. So I can't get those unless it's more girly. No offense. Thx.* 😆

  • Michaelthe King
    Michaelthe King 1 month ago

    Who the fuck will buy this like if you agree

  • XpertWolf
    XpertWolf 1 month ago

    These are the ugliest fucking shoes I've ever seen!

  • Kaden Cooper
    Kaden Cooper 1 month ago

    How much do theyncost

  • Manuel Alcantara
    Manuel Alcantara 1 month ago

    can someone buy me this stuff

  • Boi its Tris
    Boi its Tris 1 month ago


  • 3089280288
    3089280288 1 month ago

    a Ski boot

  • Zaz Zai
    Zaz Zai 1 month ago

    if my friend came over wear ing these shoes I'd be like my dad don't let people wear shoes in the house and say didn't you leave your Xbox out back

  • Ash Rockstar
    Ash Rockstar 1 month ago

    It's back to the future for these

  • Douglas Fisher
    Douglas Fisher 1 month ago

    I'm wondering if those are the same shoes from BTTF

  • jj
    jj 1 month ago

    I like them but im a girl so can girls were them to or are they for boys? also if girls are aloud them and I wanted to buy them I would say there over priced freaking 10 grand dude wtf

  • TheBestSniperEVER360

    Who else got a back to the future vibe

  • Michael Kijewsji
    Michael Kijewsji 1 month ago

    Made in the beloved Indonesia you vant escape from the truth...

  • MH Alkaabi0
    MH Alkaabi0 1 month ago

    Did he say niki?

  • Legit Gaming123
    Legit Gaming123 1 month ago

    I wanna get it

  • TempoVarg
    TempoVarg 1 month ago

    Damn 2017, you're getting there.

  • hanna diy
    hanna diy 1 month ago

    i have nike mags.......they are not even expensive

  • Lunar Gaming
    Lunar Gaming 1 month ago

    not as fast as in back to the future 2

  • HowlinCash900
    HowlinCash900 1 month ago

    those shoes remind me of back to the future

  • EliasTheDerp
    EliasTheDerp 1 month ago

    lol i think docs shit was wrong he wasent in 2015 he was in 2017

  • Kevin Villatoro
    Kevin Villatoro 1 month ago

    I have Nike mags

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer 1 month ago

    Back to the future motherfuckers

    THE SLENDER Gamer 1 month ago

    i seen them they said 81,000,000 money

  • SLyZ Ender
    SLyZ Ender 1 month ago

    Wait how much do they cost?

  • JakwonPolk
    JakwonPolk 1 month ago

    ewwwwwwwwwwww is all i can say

  • JavierPhoenix
    JavierPhoenix 1 month ago

    this time if i got this, i won't crease them

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 1 month ago


  • Ayane Nanase
    Ayane Nanase 1 month ago

    Who the hell says 'Nikiiii'????

  • PeaceMaker
    PeaceMaker 1 month ago

    sooo ugly

  • But Why
    But Why 1 month ago

    5k for ankle braces lmao

  • stevew64
    stevew64 1 month ago

    how lazy can you be to tie ur freaking shoes :/

  • the HECTOR
    the HECTOR 1 month ago

    Didn't win but still get excited about this video

  • Harry
    Harry 1 month ago

    the only time in my life that I'd wear these, is to a costume party, I'd probably go as an astronaut

  • xXbatuhanXx
    xXbatuhanXx 1 month ago

    where i can buy it???😂

  • Nuno Pereira
    Nuno Pereira 1 month ago

    Please give me one of those

  • xXdFuZe Xx
    xXdFuZe Xx 1 month ago

    They are ugly as hell

  • swagifox
    swagifox 1 month ago

    I want one!

  • Kathy Trisler
    Kathy Trisler 1 month ago

    I really need them somebody stole my Jordan 12's

  • Carston Disher
    Carston Disher 1 month ago

    So ugly

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