Brad Pitt Speaks Out About His Split With Angelina Jolie | TODAY

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Actor Brad Pitt has broken his silence about his breakup with Angelina Jolie. In a candid interview with GQ Style, Pitt opens up about stopping drinking, starting therapy and coping with the split. Will Welch, editor-in-chief of GQ Style, tells TODAY that Pitt may be going through “a dark night of the soul.”
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    Brad Pitt Speaks Out About His Split With Angelina Jolie | TODAY
  • Runtime: 6:29
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Comments: 131

  • Debbie Morales
    Debbie Morales 3 days ago

    He probably drink himself to death because he probably made mistake getting involved with a she devil realize what a mistake he made, regrets for hurting cheating on his first wife

  • News Post 24/7
    News Post 24/7 5 days ago

    Thank you . good video!!!

  • Arminius der Cherusker

    I've been sober 3 years. It's the best thing I've done.

  • Diana Murray
    Diana Murray 8 days ago

    he looks like he's also stopped eating too. poor guy

  • Katrina Aune
    Katrina Aune 12 days ago



    Glad he is taking care of himself but she has a drinking and eating problem herself, why isn't that talked about ?

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo 14 days ago

    the stupid audience blamed Angelina the whole time. Meanwhile, Brad has been the abusive alcoholic. Now, he loves his therapy??? lol.... Are we supposed to praise him for that????!!!

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 18 days ago

    And good fake news blaming brad

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 18 days ago

    Marriage is slavery if u don't do wat she wants wen she wants divorce man always pays

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 18 days ago

    Woman can divorce you anytime for any reason if she cheats she still gets half ur stuf plus child support

  • jamrs pancurak
    jamrs pancurak 19 days ago

    She's after his money would like to see what he has to pay go mgtow men going there own way

  • Anum Afroz
    Anum Afroz 19 days ago

    Don't worry Angel Joli...all men are like that...I have been divorced three times because of them. Though they considered me prettier than any Hollywood actress, yet they all left me as I grew I live with my mom...and you too are welcome...

  • Website guy
    Website guy 19 days ago

    Noooo infidelity?Nooo alchahol ?Nooooo drugs. Luciferianism nooooooo?

  • neofita dizon
    neofita dizon 20 days ago

    i love you both, i wish to be together again

  • Mark Vattes
    Mark Vattes 21 day ago

    Textbook BPD/codependent relationship end. BPDs are extraordinarily challenging to treat, but codependents respond exceptionally well to therapy, though it can take considerable time. If this analysis is accurate on my part, he needs to stay far away from her. Based on this story, it sounds like he's on the right path. Lots more I could add, but not within the strictures of a YouTube comment. They'll both survive, but he has a much more promising opportunity to achieve a healthier life balance; a goal most of us do the best we can to move toward.

  • AndyH
    AndyH 23 days ago

    Useless crap.

  • ash86marie
    ash86marie 29 days ago

    Angelina reaped what she sowed. Their relationship started from infidelity

  • Diane Nolan
    Diane Nolan 1 month ago

    Angelina is different and has a mystery about her. Brad was lured in and I know he fell hard in love with her but she was the one with all the power in her hands. She made the rules and he followed. I wish only the best for Brad, he looks shaken to the core over the breakup

  • missamandaloo116
    missamandaloo116 1 month ago

    I just think that Angelia is such a fair-weather friend. When she suffered anxiety and depression, Brad stayed by her side and helped her get through it. Now that Brad suffered drinking issue, she filed a divorce.

  • Sunflowershowers
    Sunflowershowers 1 month ago

    Everyone experiences getting knocked off their tower- everyone has to go through it at some point- even Brad Pitt.

  • Joni cly
    Joni cly 1 month ago

    While Akon Provides Solar Energy for more then 600 Million Humans on this planet in one Year. This dude gets half naked and poses like a teenage boy . Wake up you zombies stop supporting those Multi Millionaires for doing absolute zero for you! They have the Power to change the entire Planet. Yet you all Look at them as Gods for living in they multi million Homes and acting out

  • Tina Huston
    Tina Huston 1 month ago

    And it helps to have a great publicist.

  • Angela Meredith
    Angela Meredith 1 month ago

    Good for Brad. Truth does help open your soul and be the person God made us to be.

  • Jo Joseph
    Jo Joseph 1 month ago

    It's so sad, especially for the kids, but we need to hear both side of the story.

  • Bob P Malleck
    Bob P Malleck 1 month ago

    No one cares about his mental illness or his disease of alcoholism. He's a Satanist.

  • Lin 2009
    Lin 2009 1 month ago

    C'mon. I know I'm not the only person who KNEW their marriage was not going to last. 😑

      KAMVA GOBINCA 5 days ago

      Well , If you want to see the end, look at the beginning .

  • Juan
    Juan 1 month ago

    Brad and Angelina are 2 out of 7,500,000,000 human beings living on the planet who are every bit as valuable, deep, complex and interesting as them.

  • mano fiske
    mano fiske 1 month ago

    Pitt is a misguided, left-wing loon and an admitted boozing , dummy who , therefore, deserves all the pain he claims he's experienced.

  • Ryder E.
    Ryder E. 1 month ago

    how does this help me?

  • mira rit
    mira rit 1 month ago


  • Cindy Robertson
    Cindy Robertson 1 month ago

    He looks rough...

  • Milica Ivanović
    Milica Ivanović 1 month ago

    I wish him the best life!

  • Rita Lemen
    Rita Lemen 1 month ago

    Angie is fake

  • slipknot00010
    slipknot00010 1 month ago

    Please dont leave us Brad you have a lot to give the world yet

  • K Life777
    K Life777 1 month ago

    Two losers that cheat...I knew it would never last. Hahaha

  • paul tak
    paul tak 1 month ago

    My impression of Angelina is that she is aggressively independent plus alpha , not necessarily a good thing. She obviously have her ways with men and what circumstances she allows and doesn't . Brad PItt is NOT that. He is far too laid back passive - aggressive to be in a relationship with that kind of woman.

  • Enrique Singh
    Enrique Singh 1 month ago

    Who else thought he was going to be at studio and not the hosts reading quotes from QG... clickbait?

  • Tahir Rana
    Tahir Rana 1 month ago

    @4.20 Trans.... Transgender = Brad Pitt is a woman and Angelina is a man!

  • laura anderson
    laura anderson 1 month ago

    Stay sober dude!!

  • Kathy Schmocker
    Kathy Schmocker 1 month ago

    Good On Him

  • Cary Chilton
    Cary Chilton 1 month ago

    When did Angela become British???? LOL

  • Jojo Sabtoe
    Jojo Sabtoe 1 month ago

    I don't even listening..just reading the title...who cares with those something more meaningful morons..

  • Teresa Larriu
    Teresa Larriu 1 month ago

    i think they should get back together they are my favorite hollywood couple.their kids need them both

  • TheSkates2000
    TheSkates2000 1 month ago

    It's funny how haters would always pin all the faults on Angie when Brad has been doing the same thing at the time when his marriage with Jen has failed--which is worst since during those times he has done both drugs and alcohol. He has admitted to these during interviews. Angie has came into his life during those moments helping renewing his outlook in life, thus they have fallen in love and have gotten married...Angie has actually agreed on having biological kids with him only out of love for him, although she has always thought to adopt is always her best options since there are too many orphans around the world...Now, after the health scare Angie is having and with all the stress they are encountering as a family, he is back into doing the same thing drinking (hopefully no drugs) as he has mentioned. With Angie's filing for divorce, I bet it has awaken his senses...I think it is just a matter of him not being able to cope up with life problems, but he sure has been shaken out of's great to see him stepping up trying to work on himself to being the best he can be...Angie has stepped up in resolving their problems instead of indulging into self-destructions, it is such a courageous move for her to do so in order to stop the cycle of history repeating itself... "Stop the Hate" ...Angie has changed to a totally different person--a transformed compassionate person through her life experiences--it is as real as she can get... but, these people are still clinging unto her past thrashing/pushing her down...the Brangelina and Jen Saga is old news... and, yet some people are still saying Brad is better off with Jen... Lol!!...his marriage with Jen has lasted 5 years...Brangelina has been together for 12 years....just look at the numbers and you'll know... and, yet...there are still a lot of love between them despite their divorce... I'm looking forward on them getting back together...I'm keeping my fingers cross...   :)   :)

  • Jai the Conqueror
    Jai the Conqueror 1 month ago


  • TheChosen2030
    TheChosen2030 1 month ago

    good . she was a broken skeleton anywau

  • Iwona S
    Iwona S 1 month ago

    is more important why he started drinking not why he stopped

  • Deborah Kane
    Deborah Kane 1 month ago

    His eyes always look full of TEARS poor Brad :(

  • Kels Kirkland
    Kels Kirkland 1 month ago

    My god he will always be so fine...There is a realness about him that always shines through. I was just watching Fight Club Gosh to hot!!! He will always look great. This was the best Angie was ever going to get. I don't think she will ever get him back she went way to far saying he abused his kids. That is what he will never get over is the mistrust of that and it was a lie.

  • Oscar Hidalgo
    Oscar Hidalgo 1 month ago

    another marketing marriage set to failure.

  • Sandor Alex Fazekas
    Sandor Alex Fazekas 1 month ago

    They always seemed like a strong and happy couple and I'm sure they were in the beginning. They have acting skills beyond the screen and did a good job of hiding there marital issues later on.

  • ann landers
    ann landers 1 month ago

    Savannah Guthrie you make me sick. I know you are friends with Diane Dimond who spend her career trashing and lying about Michael Jackson. Congratulations on a great friendship - NOT.

  • Toni Guzman
    Toni Guzman 1 month ago

    He stopped drinking brcause he got away from crazy! anyone would drink being around to many dam kids and their crazy mother.

  • jmgmarcus
    jmgmarcus 1 month ago

    It's always good to take a break from drinking.

  • C Miller
    C Miller 1 month ago

    rule 1 never talk about fight club 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😫😫😫😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥💪😷😷

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 1 month ago

    I like braddy

  • Hello It's Me
    Hello It's Me 1 month ago

    You guys make it sound like you know them personally

  • Randito Davila
    Randito Davila 1 month ago

    Whats up i was hoping to get a win on this one but he sold us out blaming a drink.

  • Anna Fernan
    Anna Fernan 1 month ago

    It seems some celebrities are crazy including this Brad Pitt.

  • Jerome Michael Rogan

    Brad Pet......

  • Todd Feehley
    Todd Feehley 1 month ago

    i would be drinking all day if i was with that nut myself

    • Beth Cooper
      Beth Cooper 22 days ago

      Todd Feehley 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 right!!!!

  • Eyen Taylor
    Eyen Taylor 1 month ago

    I love u brad pitt

  • social networking spy

    Get well soon Brad. You are very handsome and better off away from the kiddy obsessed control freak Ange. Ange is nuts, even her own father said it. His little girl has been dressed like a man since she was a tiny tot. Jolie is a freak.

    • Juan Fuentes
      Juan Fuentes 1 month ago

      social networking spy you just jealous of her beauty

    • Colleen Barnes
      Colleen Barnes 1 month ago

      social networking spy your vulgar language exposes your low breeding and lack of education. You are clearly incapable of reasoning like a mature adult. There is no hope for you.

    • Colleen Barnes
      Colleen Barnes 1 month ago

      social networking spy. you are disgustingly judgemental... for a mom.
      I pity your kids because you will be passing on your filthy prejudices , lack of compassion and understanderstanding onto them.

  • pippa middleton
    pippa middleton 1 month ago

    I actually don't believe he is an alcoholic. I believe he had to drink to cope with living with nut job Jolie. Now he is away from the controlling crazy kiddy obsessed Jolie he may meet a normal woman and have a normal adult life with friends. He lost all his friends when he lived with kiddy obsessed Jolie.

  • pippa middleton
    pippa middleton 1 month ago

    The poor man had to drink to cope with his beautiful daughter Shiloh being called a transgender because Nutty Jolie dresses the little girl like a man. Poor Brad Pitt also had to live with that nasty looking maddox who looks like he rules the joint because Jolie is obsessed with the teenager Maddox.

    • Connie Johnson
      Connie Johnson 1 month ago

      pippa middleton obviously you have not been taught the old saying: "Before you condemn and accuse someone, make sure you have ALL the facts. Only a fool opens their mouth and accuses without knowing an entire story." Unless you've lived in the Pitt/Jolie home, you have no clue about any of the statements you've made. Unless your Brad's bud and he's disclosed his feelings to you, you have no clue! Maybe you should take up writing and use your talents of manifesting stories in a more positive manner.

    • pippa middleton
      pippa middleton 1 month ago

      Brad Pitt looks so haunted and has done for years. The poor man is helpless because he can't even buy his beautiful daughter something pink. Even boys wear pink, but sadly Shiloh has never worn anything really pretty.  It must break Brad Pitt's heart.

    • pippa middleton
      pippa middleton 1 month ago

      The pics of Shiloh when she was a baby tell all.  The little girl has been dressed like a tramp since she was a baby and never did she wear girls clothing.  When Shiloh was first born Brad Pitt is holding full of male pride, his beautiful little daughter.  Not long after we see Brad looking rough and troubled, walking away from Shiloh because he can't bear to see his beautiful little girl dressed up like a boy.  Jolie may have wanted a boy like Brad and has turned the little girl into a boy. Its prob too late to help Shiloh now,  evil Jolie has done the damage and Brad Pitt has got out.  There are no loving baby pictures of Jolie with her first born daughter. I reckon she never wanted a little girl, that she resented her from the first onset when the world was excited about Brad Pitt having a beautiful baby girl.  If Brad Pitt has turned to drink and drugs then its hardly surprising.  What man would be able to bear seeing his baby girl dressed  up in boys clothing.  Its so sad because Shiloh is so beautiful but she is prob damaged now because Jolie wanted a transgender child to make her connect to the transgender world.  Jolie is creepy.

    • pippa middleton
      pippa middleton 1 month ago

      We Brad Pitt fans need to know how sad he was when crazy Jolie witch dressed his little girl in men's clothing.  When the little girl was born about 10 years ago, Brad Pitt looked so happy but then the Witch Jolie started to put boys baby clothes on his baby girl.  Jolie is evil to dress a little girl up like a boy.

  • onefoot7
    onefoot7 1 month ago

    Who cares

  • Diana Nottingham
    Diana Nottingham 1 month ago

    Angelina is not the answer at all. God bless your kids but her intentions are clearly not the best. Grow Up and realize that without a bunch of nonsense rhetoric!

  • Diana Nottingham
    Diana Nottingham 1 month ago

    Brad - Go Fishing in Bull Shoals! Get back to Roots. You have a home to rest.

  • Diana Nottingham
    Diana Nottingham 1 month ago

    Stop drinking the koolaid, Brad! Seriously - you have to be smarter than this nonsense!!

  • Diana Nottingham
    Diana Nottingham 1 month ago

    Arkansas/Missouri fans praying for Brad. Time to move forward in a strong direction. Hollywood is Empty!! Learn it and stpp listening to mindless money hungry whores.

  • Diana Nottingham
    Diana Nottingham 1 month ago

    Brad - We know Arkansas and Missouri. My fatherv was treated well in Springfield, MO for cancer. Get over yourself and your mindless self centered ego - and recognize the fact that your parents had it right all along. Its a short ride Dude. Know yourself - know why we are here to reconcile. And move on. We do love your Hollywood connections, but in the long run, Brad, they will lead you down the primrose path. They are just shells like the rest of us - and your excuse of being distant is running thin. From the South Dude!! Buck Up! Make your mark now or forever lose it. Please recognize reality from artsy nothingness. Get back to your roots. It's not about Christianity - its about faith in Jesus. George Clooney has nothing over that. Know it and claim it, Brad.

  • dee rasta
    dee rasta 1 month ago

    I wouldn't want to be married to an alcoholic either but I also would hope that I wouldn't be so fake & phony to friends, family, public...whomever.  it's' one thing not to air the ups & downs of your married life to others, quite another to paint it as if its near perfect to only jump out of the bushes & say boo fooled you... we are a flaming hot mess.

  • Dody doosha
    Dody doosha 1 month ago

    I love Brad & Angie ...i wish them both all the best

    • Ethna Lee
      Ethna Lee 1 month ago

      Dody doosha you stupid dope..

  • Laura N.
    Laura N. 1 month ago

    ummm...53!! I'll take that 53 any day 😉😉


    I feel sorry for Pitt, Jolie would make anyone drink themselves silly. Their relationship started out wrong, due to her being a home wrecker. She resented her first born, treated her adopted kids much better, a stronger bond with them. She is a mental case and has had trouble all of her life. Brad wasn't even allowed to spank their kids when they misbehaved. Her father has spoken of her mental problems so this is nothing new.

    • Omar Garcia
      Omar Garcia 1 month ago

      Yeahh.. Millenials don't know that Jolie was a heroin addict for many years with a long history of mental institutions since she was 17. She put her father through some bad times, also has a history of really bad choices for someone who has money and don't need to take those chances, and also indicates that something is wrong. If I have to guess I'd say that Pitt is taking the blame for her as the gentleman he is. This is not the first time he takes a punch for her though.

    • Lisa Canales
      Lisa Canales 1 month ago

      girl Number 33 exactly! He is a human being first. How he deals with things isn't for any of us to judge. The important thing is that he got himself clean. He stays clean. his marriage to Jen, Angelina or anyone else he marries isn't our business.

    • girl Number 33
      girl Number 33 1 month ago
      He allowed the infidelity, He destroyed his marriage with Jen over Angelina...its not ALL Angelinas fault.
      He is a man just unhappy with himself, once he corrects his outlook he may find personal happiness, not will always be making bad choices.
      Just because someone is rich and famous, It does not make them immune to bad choices and personal turmoil.

    • Ken Schutt
      Ken Schutt 1 month ago


  • Xavier Carvajal
    Xavier Carvajal 1 month ago


  • Alexandro Ledesma
    Alexandro Ledesma 1 month ago

    This is so stupid who cares about their personal life? Why do people care about the marriage of controlled and monitored celebrities.

    • Dee Plorable
      Dee Plorable 29 days ago

      @Alexandro Ledesma *I'm trying to show the people the stupidity* yeah okay, thanks for your concern

    • Jacqueline St. Ours
      Jacqueline St. Ours 1 month ago

      Alexandro Ledesma I totally agree.

    • Samia Khan
      Samia Khan 1 month ago

      To b honest why didn't they just separate and try making it work. Stupid rich and famous people! Then they talk about their regrets- stupid

    • netteski P.
      netteski P. 1 month ago

      Alexandro Ledesma yeah and why spend your time watching this and why waste time making a comment?

    • Alexandro Ledesma
      Alexandro Ledesma 1 month ago

      Karl J. Claridge I didn't even watch it , but I'm trying to show the people the stupidity of these videos.

  • Adon blustar
    Adon blustar 1 month ago

    who cares release Charles Manson there is a a political prisoner he is innocent locked up for 45 plus years

  • Sid the quickscoping kid

    noeone cares

  • Elsie Viola Dupuis
    Elsie Viola Dupuis 1 month ago

    I wish them well.

  • Coryindahouse81
    Coryindahouse81 1 month ago

    it didn't shock me

    • pippa middleton
      pippa middleton 18 days ago

      if that is true then why did brad pitt have such a hot body in his 40's and 50s and still has although he is very thin at the moment. why have they been allowed to adopt children if they were boozers and drug addicts. if what your saying is true the organisations that permitted adopted should be prosecuted. no drug addict should be allowed to adopt a child.

    • Website guy
      Website guy 19 days ago

      pippa middleton I know that brad is such a saint. I knew that when he was screwing tysons wife. They are both wonderful people who just happen to love drugs and alcahol screwing around and their lord satan. Two great kids.

    • pippa middleton
      pippa middleton 1 month ago

      He drank to cope with living with Nutty Jolie who has also said she has taken every drug known to man.

  • Alan Daniel
    Alan Daniel 1 month ago

    no one actually gives a rip

  • juan pablo Cruz
    juan pablo Cruz 1 month ago

    What a news 🤔🤔

  • Michael D. Williams III

    I love me some Brad Pitt. ❤️

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