How to change your skin in minecraft (for CRACKED version)

you have to have winrar installed before you start watching the vid so go do that and then comeback :

im rany and this is a tut on how to change your skin in minecraft now this works for all versions rather cracked or not cracked you have to follow theese steps:
1)download the skin you want and saticfied with.
( )
2)go to C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
3)open the minecraft.jar with winrar
4)delete the file named "char.png" you can find it in the folder mobs or not
5)now rename the skin you have to "char"
"note:it should be png"

PS: this will work with not cracked versions but i sugest they go to the website and edit their skin it their account so then they would see other people with their own skins and see himself in his own skin too ... simple

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Author Rich3yy (〉'Richard'-) ( ago)
"Everyone with a Steve Skin have your Skin now" No thanks.

Author poreca100 ( ago)
i dont have bin file or even minecraft.jar ? how

Author Vizard Anon ( ago)
lol he did

Author SamuraiCast ( ago)

Author SamuraiCast ( ago)

Author Senpai_Senia's Alt ( ago)
There's no bin option?

Author Sly Gem ( ago)
didnt work

Author Jerrod Ducharme ( ago)
for me it dose not have the fucking bin file wtf

Author iinhuman ( ago)
c ech ay r xD

Author MrMaster0416 ( ago)
never mind it works now yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Author MrMaster0416 ( ago)
the minecraft.jar wont open i have 7-zip but it didnt open what do i do?

Author Gabriel Alvarez ( ago)
it didnt do anything but f-ck up my original skin now its all white

Author Mr Duck ( ago)
theres no bin

Author Ichmood ( ago)
thos this work for multiplayer

Author modou ceesay ( ago)
Thanks so much

Author Chewshoe The Quilava ( ago)
it isnt changing

Author CookdBanana Peel ( ago)
where can i locate my bin??

Author dkasg123able ( ago)
I messed up my skins. What do i do?

Author Buschiss Gaming ( ago)
;ahkgbewbiEGWI HAS

Author MuscularNinja ( ago)
Ninte maman chatha poorimone

Author Buschiss Gaming ( ago)
Dafuq are saying

Author MuscularNinja ( ago)
Well if people heard it before then no thumbs up for you.Thumbs down.

Author Buschiss Gaming ( ago)
You're not making any sense at all. obviously people did hear it retard

Author Lance Villareal ( ago)

Author Lance Villareal ( ago)
Dude this does not work in multiplayer mode, all the skins changed at
minecraftskins . com will be the same as your skin!

Author Maco Gamepack ( ago)
i don´t have char.png :(

Author RetardedPie ( ago)
Bullshit, See my 100% Working skin tutorial! /watch?v=Xs2SudVKqaY Works in
multiplayer!!! Guranteed, Mg.

Author EnergyCore Gaming ( ago)
really helps

Author RoDy PlayMC ( ago)
Doesn't work at multiplayer

Author Ashley Jamie Jeri ( ago)
what did he press in the folders?? to get to THE STEVE CHARACTER

Author WutDeFek_ 21 ( ago)
so your skin is missing texture?

Author Kyle G ( ago)
it works

Author MuscularNinja ( ago)
Wow 10 thumbs up for you You heard some thing no one heard.

Author IOLOGICPRO ( ago)
You must be retarded

Author Patunia Ferguson ( ago)
OR easier way: go to your search bar in the start and enter %appdata%

Author david shadowforge ( ago)
X( I don't have the char. folder

Author Vali Dumitrascu ( ago)

Author Coolman6914 ( ago)
I don't have the minecraft folder in the bin help

Author Angel Britnell ( ago)
thank you so much i am skydoesminecraft budder

Author Alex Tunstall ( ago)
You could always just right click on the minecraft launcher and press Open
File Location...

Author I Didn't Win A Medal ( ago)

Author Artis Latišs ( ago)
O thanks u about that! Now I am slender:D

Author مصعب السريعي ( ago)

Author Mohamed-Badr Rhezouane ( ago)
Does it work in Multiplayer?

Author luka letica ( ago)
how to do that on team extreamversin

Author DiamondLuvzSparklez ( ago)

Author DJmut3117 ( ago)

Author Lazy Jochen ( ago)
This change the skin of all the default skins! Only you can see the skin
nobody else!

Author Antonio Games ( ago)

Author Lyle Hartley ( ago)
a easyer way to get into the roaming page is you just type %appdata%

Author Hoodoo Hoodlum ( ago)
Does not work, I did the exact same things you did.

Author Antonio andonov ( ago)

Author imtogood8 ( ago)
Umm when i try to open it has an image it shows up text.

Author Enrique Garcia ( ago)
changes all the steve online

Author zizo shalaby ( ago)
You are The Best!! <3 <3 i sub and liked too :) :)

Author Buschiss Gaming ( ago)
*Facepalm* -_-

Author Buschiss Gaming ( ago)
0:23 you farted lol

Author Nicolae Matioca ( ago)
no works becouse u change all steve now on multiplayer all looks like you!

Author MRgam3r88 ( ago)
thanks man im subing

Author Dewan Alam ( ago)

Author Samo Pero ( ago)
of course no

Author BlarghMeow ( ago)
Thank you so much bro, you actually helped me unlike all of those other

Author Blackopszombies33 ( ago)
Does this work online

Author CraZYAsiAN ( ago)
LOL omg beta!

Author Adrift Urchin ( ago)
No you will look like a steve to everyone else. This tutorial is
practically for single-player people.

Author MimszzysMovies ( ago)
It worked but in multiplayer, Every "Steve" Has my skin! Help me!

Author Kaytale ( ago)
You can type %appdata% in the search bar and click roaming its quicker

Author xRainbowWolf ( ago)
It worked!!!! Thx

Author Takashi HotChocolate ( ago)

Author Matt Leinweber ( ago)
It dosent make sence

Author Declan Makepeace ( ago)
Thanks m8 ur so getting a sub

Author Geometry dash Survivor ( ago)
you just got another sub THANX DUDE

Author Veqz ( ago)
just change it to fully change it to char.png

Author Jewjitsu_Master ( ago)
didnt work for me :/

Author Maazin Fyroze ( ago)
Is the skin i downloaded a problem

Author Maazin Fyroze ( ago)
Its coming what do i do ?

Author Random doggie ( ago)
am in multiplayer all standart skins looks like my new ,do they see me with
the new skin all exppain please

Author xXUAE123456Xx ( ago)
we want a online skin changer not every one looks like me ?

Author Maverick Jan Garcia ( ago)
why im still steive?

Author hristo hristov ( ago)
not anymore thx!!!!!!!

Author hristo hristov ( ago)
my character is a block with zombie skin...

Author Boy ( ago)
cuz when you change your skin its like a texture pack

Author Kiko GamingHD ( ago)
WHY all my frends is look like steve

Author Ananda Reihan ( ago)
i cant find my appdata

Author Aaron Steel ( ago)
yea..and it seems she knows what she's talking about..

Author Papat Ibañez ( ago)
it does work in multiplayer

Author TheDerpyDog ( ago)
O.K, what you want to do is, if you dont have it download winrar. Then
after that go to the start menu on windows and type in %appdata%. Next you
must go into .minecraft-bin then once your done with that you have to right
click on minecraft.jar and open as a winrar archive. The once you do that
you go into the folder that says "mob" char.png will be in that folder :D.
Just drag and drop your skin into there and you're set :D. Tell me how it
worked out please.

Author Nickz 1 ( ago)

Author Victoria E ( ago)
I cant find the char file, help?

Author Frozen BananaRuler ( ago)
in multiplayer all of us is wearing my favorite skin why???

Author Yahya Saad ( ago)
worked for me

Author Fachri Muhammad ( ago)
Guys its Not Work in MP

Author TruthLoverofgod ( ago)
Use this site for multiplayer skins : you have to choose the name of the
skin for your user name when you start ur minecraft game this works on
multiplayer cracked and single mcskinsearch(dot)com

Author Officially_Corgi ( ago)
on multiplayer its the deafualt steve skin

Author kole erskine ( ago)

Author ToxicHumble ( ago)

Author Alene Blas Mecenas ( ago)
1 question..why does it turn all white?

Author Rain Yizhak ( ago)

Author JJ plays MC ( ago)
thanks helped a lot

Author kris44ish ( ago)
winrar is free it say you need to pay but the free trail i for ever :D

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