How to change your skin in minecraft (for CRACKED version)

you have to have winrar installed before you start watching the vid so go do that and then comeback :

im rany and this is a tut on how to change your skin in minecraft now this works for all versions rather cracked or not cracked you have to follow theese steps:
1)download the skin you want and saticfied with.
( )
2)go to C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
3)open the minecraft.jar with winrar
4)delete the file named "char.png" you can find it in the folder mobs or not
5)now rename the skin you have to "char"
"note:it should be png"

PS: this will work with not cracked versions but i sugest they go to the website and edit their skin it their account so then they would see other people with their own skins and see himself in his own skin too ... simple

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Author Blewy Chan (1 month)
Works great thank you. <3

Author Marko Draganovski (5 months)
plzz some1 tell me how to get the bin foldeer??

Author ivan jordanov (4 months)
Dudes newer versions dont have this :P install older version to have them
if you want

Author Lol-o-master (6 months)
There isn't any "char.png" !!
There isn't any "minecraft.jar" !!
There isn't any bin-folder !!

Author EpicMinerHD (3 months)
why everybody has a fucked-up bin folder and i dont have???

Author robert umbres (5 months)
this is the third tutorial i see for changing the skin and i still don't
understand how the hell do you guys have the folder "bin" in there cause i

Author BloodeiTz InCo (7 months)

Author Min Seo Kim (20 days)
i dONT Fking have the minecraft in the bin file

Author karin abu haya (11 days)
Wow ,, it helped me !! woohhhoooo worked worked worked :)
thanks a lottttttttt :D :D :D

Author Rainbowsareepic (2 months)
Or u can get mineshafter all this will do is change all the steves u see
into the skin u chose and others wont see

Author 135roze (2 months)

Author jericho bucu (3 months)
i did everything step by step but it keeps rebuilding its files please
reply everyone can help me I will go back to this comment tommorow

Author The Dead Blaze (1 month)
for premium only but on crack instead of bin youll see versions

Author JoshIsAwesome (7 months)

Author MustloseMinecraftMineshafterMMM (7 months)
nehhhh dont work!

Author John M. (1 month)
Does it Work?

Author Kyle Exconde (6 months)
it doesnt work for me pls help

Author Lawrenceplays MC (3 months)
it works you need to find mob

Author Austin Bigras (7 months)

Author Faidy Fouad (6 months)
My cracked version doesnt have a a roaming... wtf

Author João Cabral (8 months)
hey, my computer is in portuguese, so i cant finbd that folder, waht can i

Author Faidy Fouad (6 months)

Author Anrico Van Wyk (4 months)
This is not online !!!!!! : (

Author Sean Joson (8 months)
If users out there can't find the appdata in their users folder..its
hidden.So go to control panel and click folder options and go to 'view' and
check 'show hidden files...' annndd you're done. hope this helps. 

Author Jhonny RocketSG (6 months)
i dont see bin

Author SuperDarkAngel124 (5 months)
Guys if your watching in 2014
To find appdata
1) Press windows
2) In the search bar type
3) Click Roaming
4) Press .minecraft
5) Theres all your folders
(Maybe not the bin folder but
You can add texture packs in one of these folders)

Author Nepeta Leijon (6 months)
cant find a char file. or mobs. or textures D:

Author Mine Seenele (28 days)
Where i download a minecraft where is ``bin`` folder ??

Author lorde stasbishy (24 days)

im dont have a user s

Author Melissa Myrie (3 months)
Can you help me? I use a username that changes my skin but I don't want the
skin anymore, so I did what you did but I have the same skin as before, is
my username the problem? 

Author 〉'Richard'- (8 months)
"Everyone with a Steve Skin have your Skin now" No thanks.

Author Hoodoo Hoodlum (1 year)
Does not work, I did the exact same things you did.

Author Jewjitsu_Master (1 year)
didnt work for me :/

Author Schlingel (11 months)

Author toastytoaster903 (1 year)

Author Lowell Craft (1 year)
are you morelos??

Author DJmut3117 (1 year)

Author Brianna Witmoore (1 year)
They put it back up. people can go to it now

Author ian anderson (1 year)
how can i get winrar for free with out paying at all

Author lolfrancesca (1 year)
it worked..but in multiplayer everyone has the same skin. help? <3

Author SvKAw3S0m3 (1 year)
and how to use in MP?

Author DiamondLuvzSparklez (1 year)

Author Diamond Cookie (1 year)
Thank You So Much!!! It Really Work

Author Kobythehedgehog00 (1 year)
It's still Steve

Author Jericho Penaflor (1 year)
yeah mine too im the only one who can see it

Author Youssef Amoun (1 year)
i cant find char:(

Author sheabizzle (1 year)
This changes the skin for everyone else with the default

Author RoDy PlayMC (11 months)
Doesn't work at multiplayer

Author Maverick Jan Garcia (1 year)
why im still steive?

Author JJ plays MC (1 year)
thanks helped a lot

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