TL-WR741ND OpenWRT recovery RS232

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Author MrMilanoLau (6 months)
I followed your instruction, but when I type "firstboot", it just says "MTD
partition not found".

Author John Walters (4 months)
hi mate can you email me so i can send you pics off whats going on with
mine and tell me if i can do this to fix it

Author Vitaly Nazarov (3 years)
Hi there! Tomi help me plz! I'm doing exactly like you do in your video,
but then I try to connect via putty (COM1 or COM2 and 115200) nothing
heppens . It is just appears black window and nothing heppens at all. Any
ideas? Do you use somthing else drives or progs? May be some drivers
usb-to-com, or drivers or Nokia? Respect from Ukraine =)

Author nordBelka (9 months)

Author Rodrigo Gomes (10 months)

Author MrVestek (1 year)
What is the name of the prong connector you connected the wires to? Thanks.

Author Luuk van A (1 year)
Thank you so so much man!!!!

Author duhml (2 years)
hello tomi, did you had to take any special precautions regardin
reassemble? because i debricked a router like yours but now the signal
strength is pretty lower than expected...i suspected it was related to the
bad coupling between the gray wire and the connector but after some
squeezing no improvements were noted. What do you think? Thanks in advance

Author Tomi OZ (3 years)
I don't know, I was chose from youtube

Author Zetanor (2 years)
But did you run the CD first?

Author Marcos josue Licett Andrade (9 months)
should the router connected to the adapter or the power gives the usb port?

Author vedranart (2 years)
Hi, can you plz explain me why everyone uses CA-42 cable, why you can't use
any other USB cable and connect it the same way? I mean, does this cable
have some chip inside or what? Why I can't use an micro usb, or iPhone/iPod
cable the same way? Thank you! ;)

Author mwalsher (11 months)
Is the router plugged into the outlet or is it only getting voltage from
the USB port?

Author Don ™ (3 years)
what is the name of the song?

Author hkrware (1 year)
anyone got any idea if this would work on a standart serial port without
the ca-42 cable?

Author Hafizi Ibrahim (1 year)
it is the easiest way to get USB TO TTL cable.It contains FT232 chip which
act as voltage level converter between your PC +5V and the router serial
port +3.3V .You can use any cable that contains FT232 chip and looks at the
pinout for the correct connection.Please correct me if im wrong.Still
newbie in EE.Thanks.

Author Everson Santana (1 year)
I have tp link 741nd v.4.20. I connected the wires to the same video. When
I open the putty, nothing happens, it is a small box in the left corner.
What can it be? Use the cable ca-42 installed right on computed. Thank you.

Author Don ™ (3 years)
Adam Drake & Neil Williams - Red Moon

Author Manolais (10 months)
idem, you fix that problem?

Author chaddifriend1 (3 years)
what is this ?

Author Tomi OZ (3 years)
loking in Device Manager on where port working masz com, for me it works on
com11 and so the link by putty. greets from polish

Author Tomi OZ (3 years)
TP-LINK restoration using rs232

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