mostafa zamani(yousef payambar)

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Author Allesopzetijd ( ago)
this helped me to pray evereday I wacht this evreyday I cry for this thans 

Author Mila Tanedo ( ago)
You did it well Mr. MZ. I'm one of your fan. Take care and Goodluck for
your future projects. Sincerely, from Italy :)

Author ‫مهيمن كفاح‬‎ ( ago)

Author Muhammad Rizwan ( ago)
ya ali nai tumhare help nahi karni. kamenay insan.

Author mohammed Al-tnabil ( ago)

Author katre omrani ( ago)
i think mustafa looks more pretty in the serial (yusuf payambar) than the
real. and look at him, he try to learn other to belive in one god, but as
we see here, he look like kufër himself! :P hahaha, make more prophet
serial, you will be more famous :D

Author Binte Hawwa ( ago)
em really so proud that he is a persian n hope that he would be a Shia lyk
us luv from Pakistan (Bint-a-Hawa)

Author Anoscha Farfoscha ( ago)
ُEs gefällt mir alles sehr.Ich mag Mostafa Zamani so so so sehr. Er ist
ziemlich schön. Möge allah dir mein Schatz

Author Anoscha Farfoscha ( ago)
ُEs gefällt mir alles sehr.Ich mag Mostafa Zamani so so so sehr. Er ist
ziemlich schön. Möge allah dir mein Schatz

Author janisar87 ( ago)

Author boudjemaa hadji ( ago)
très bon travail 

Author merna ali ( ago)
Good job

Author mjkingofmusic ( ago)
Is he married? That looks like a wedding ring on his finger at 3:47.

Author Montana Ai ( ago)
Can someone give me the real link of the Hazrat Yousuf serial music please.

Author S dgr ( ago)
@ bwsapper, i m sorry about what you are saying but unfortunatly it s the
truth... i am persian and very proud to be one and hope some day you can
say the same about yourself...

Author Um Abdulaziz ( ago)
I actually think its 40 %....and also I think hes beautiful and talented
and did a phenomenal job...For the Love of God it was his first role as an
actor....Allah granted him this Gift was from Allah...So
Mostafa is sooooooooo special as are the other younger actors...really sooo
beautiful and special:))))Im your biggest fan Mostafa...Mash'Allah:)))

Author purecalmille ( ago)
Ey Allahin peygamberi Yusuf.... Hz.zuleykha seni gordu asik oldu biz seni

Author Mina ( ago)
Sorry my mistake...

Author Mina ( ago)
Altough Mustafa Zamani is a very attractive person...i believe his beauty
is nowhere near prophet Yusuf it is said that Allah gave
prophet Yusuf Alaihisalam 90% of all the beauty, and only 10% is shared
between the whole using this fact one must understand that
Yusuf payamber had outstanding beauty...i am not trying to be disrespectful
to MZ and i have to admit that Mustafa Zamani is handsome but there are
more attractive people compared to him in this world...

Author ‫داني ماشي‬‎ ( ago)
شكرا لصاحب المقطع والمسلسل اكثر من رائع وتمت الفائدة للجميع ومتى اراد اهل
الفن الحجز على فنهم فلن ينشروه

Author ‫داني ماشي‬‎ ( ago)
أتخذتم عند الله عهدا فلن يخلف الله عهده ام تقولون عن الله مالا تعلمون , إن
الله يهدي من يشاء وهو اعلم بمن اهتدى الكثير من الايرانين يدخلون يومياً في
مذهب اهل السنة والكثير يدخل مذهب الشيعة والعاقبة في الامر الى الله

Author Ahmed Bilal ( ago)
When i first saw this man my heart said: He is Image of Yousuf A.S. Subhan

Author ZS SeK ( ago)
i really like this music i love it ,it make me cry.

Author ‫داني ماشي‬‎ ( ago)
الله يهدي لمذهب اهل السنة

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