How to Crochet * Granny Square "Somalia" * African Flower * Paperweight * We are starting a little fundraising for Somalia. This video shows you, how to crochet the modified African Flower Granny Square...

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Author Tereza Mônica Cavalcante Leitão Santos ( ago)
Maravilhoso vídeo! Obrigada por compartilhar!

Author mrsmarciad ( ago)
After reading everyones comments. This tutorial is very good. First of all
you have to be at a intermediate level to understand this tutorial.
Nadelspiel I can follow you BUT, slow down on your crochet for others who
are not at that level.
I have made this, it is beautiful.
Thank you for your lovely tutorial.

Author Şirin Pınar Mandev ( ago)

Author Sue Smith ( ago)
Alicia that si exactly what I was going to say haha

Author Lin van Teijlingen ( ago)
You start off by chaining 2 or 3 to start the first round and this counts
as a dc

Author cla55yfr3ak ( ago)
How do u chain 7 & get 8 pairs of dc?

Author chrisbechillin1 ( ago)
i purchased a textured granny blanket i am lost i am tring to find what
stitch it is and find a video to help me get started..its a beutiful
blanket from mary maxium...please help thanks to
anyone that can help me

Author Lisa S ( ago)
Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much.

Author Tina Runkle ( ago)
Do you have this pattern written out in English? It's awesome! Very

Author Zinaida Makarova ( ago)
I admire your masterpece work!!! Thanks a lot for all your teaching videos,
they are so useful and wonderful!

Author BlaackPrincessXD ( ago)
szkoda że niema tłumaczenia.....

Author Arto Törrönen ( ago)

Author MamawCindy ( ago)
So Pretty! I am new to Crocheting and would love to try to make my Grand
Daughter a Blanket. This would be so pretty to make. What kind of yarn did
you use?

Author Alegria8262 ( ago)

Author Zdenka Pertovt ( ago)
very very nice ... I love it ... thank you very much

Author Arini Putri ( ago)
Love it

Author Jen Lester ( ago)
Vielen Danke! XX :)

Author Jen Lester ( ago)

Author aida estela Vega ( ago)
la teje muy rapido pero es muy bonita la flor

Author leolaura paulines ( ago)
Please show us how to weave in a square that has many ends, such as the
African Flower. thank you, Pauline

Author TheSophia4ever ( ago)
Very pretty!

Author brechal1 ( ago)
Do you have the pattern available in english.

Author Zenaida Suarez ( ago)

Author Karen Lombardi ( ago)
I love your beautiful work! Do you have any written patterns available in
English? I knit and crochet, and would love to have your patterns - or a
book - to carry with me when I don't have my computer available. Thanks!

Author fatima peres ( ago)
flor africana é a minha favorita fa

Author gloria rincon ( ago)
hola felicitaciones por el video solo que es muy rapido y no logro hacerlo
bien podrias ayudarme please gracias chao

Author Paty Blanco ( ago)
Hola! Esta flor es muy linda pero la teje tan rapido que no se aprecia el
modo de hacerla poxfavor podria hacerla un poco mas despacio. Gracias !!
Saludos desde mexico.

Author Nena Magalhaes ( ago)

Author ibnu mubarok ( ago)
wwaah sssssuuuusssaaaaahhhhhhhh banget ssssssihhhh caranya gak ada yang

Author AkuaLezli ( ago)
Thank you! I love this. I've made one -- a prototype and will make many
more! I also enjoy it unframed, as a round, 8-petal motif. Your generous,
lucid and thorough instructions are a true gift.

Author Therese Pye ( ago)
do you have a written in english for this

Author Therese Pye ( ago)
do you have a written pattern for this?

Author marta gil-vaz ( ago)
Beautiful , thank you for sharing.

Author Stacey Campbell ( ago)
Maybe make your squares using a thicker wool and bigger hook? could make it
less of a job for you. You could do it in less squares.

Author Silver Angel ( ago)
I think I'm going to do for a bag for my older sister ots her birthday soon
do so how Many square am I going to need I'm thing a bag for her college
maybe she'll love I hope that she does and I'm hoping that I won't give up
very soon

Author Haru Okuma ( ago)
Love it, I would like to have a written pattern.

Author Haru Okuma ( ago)
It's beautiful!

Author Jim n Beth Farrell ( ago)
How I would use this as the center and then continue with the rest of the

Author JupZer ( ago)
A very good video and a beautiful design! Everything is explained in a calm
and clear tone of voice, very nice. You do need some experience with
crochet to understand some of it though, but if you're not familiar with a
certain stitch you can always look it up! I'm definitly gonna use this
design for a grannysquare blanket!

Author Pam Suggs ( ago)
love the african flower just wish you could have done it slower. could not
keep up.

Author Pauline Evanosky ( ago)
Not only is this granny square very pretty but you are an incredible
teacher. This video is easy to understand. Thank you for your work.

Author Jamila khan ( ago)'s very beautiful. I will try it. I have left over wool of
different colours. I'm not sure it would come out as pretty. Has anybody
tried with wool? Please tell me how much thread is required for one such

Author garnet isajewel ( ago)
i really like this block, i am so happy to see it, and i did make one. it
was not hard to make and it is so beautiful.

Author hazeldream1984 ( ago)
So pretty, but I think its too complicated for me right now

Author mccwild ( ago)
Your explanations are excellent. Beautiful work. Thanks for putting online.

Author Kim Patton (1299 years ago)
Where can I find the written pattern?

Author bigfatlittleman ( ago)
my fiance loves this! she was going to take a class at a craft store but
when i showed her this video she changed her mind! you saved us time and
money thank you!!!

Author fancynancyjw ( ago)
The crochet hook is different..where could I obtain some? The flower is
beautiful. Nice job.

Author EliseG79 ( ago)
Very Pretty.

Author yarnfairy ( ago)
:D Lovely! I've been trying to make granny squares for a long time and this
one is the first one I was actually able to make!

Author Penny Adams ( ago)
Your English is beautiful! You do a wonderful job at explaining how to make
this wonderful granny square. I just love it.

Author Amber Dickens ( ago)
I love you. :D your videos are so helpful!

Author MissFlux ( ago)
Oh I MADE time! Haha just got the last 2 framing rounds .. So easy and so
fast!! Yay! Thankyou!! Your tutorials are great :)

Author MissFlux ( ago)
Oh I love this square so much. I've seen them before and have always wanted
to make one .. I thought I had time now to do it but it will have to wait
till tomorrow! Beautiful work, I love watching you work. I can't wait to be
as good as you with how fast you go & with such finesse!

Author Debbie Jones ( ago)
Is there a written pattern for this?

Author Anabelle Tracy ( ago)
I love your work! and i saw a lot but I cant understand you :P, can you
give a link for those granny squares you made that are in english? thank
you! keep up the good work and bless you!

Author Neuza Maria (1396 years ago)
OK! Muito bom esse vídeo! Adorei a aula.

Author Barbara Smith ( ago)
i tried this pattern twice but i must be doing something wrong because the
edges bunch up a lot. It's such a pretty design and i'd love it to lay flat
so i can make a blanket out of it. Can you please help?

Author Yolanda Mergil ( ago)
just can't find that type of yarn....

Author Yolanda Mergil ( ago)
What type of yarn do you use for this pattern .... ?

Author Tasneem Mohsin ( ago)
Thanks a lot for your nice video it is really helpful !!!!!

Author Nelly Cruz ( ago)
gracias por compartir todoeste arte tan maravilloso. Me parece sensacional
lo pondré en practica haciendo un chal.Me gustaria que me dijeras l nombre
del hilo que empleas.Gracias

Author Mary Newhall ( ago)
do you have any written patterns?

Author Audrey Irvine ( ago)
I love this pattern. Thank you for taking the time to show us!

Author SimplyStitch888 ( ago)
I like all of your designs/pattern in granny square :-) very nice !

Author Erin Adkins ( ago)
Thank you for this tutorial! I think I have found the perfect square for
the blanket design in my head!

Author anandazen30 ( ago)
Thank you for the video. Your explanation is excellent however your voice
is going at one pace while your hands go much more faster. It is impossible
to see what you're doing. The very last round it's the most difficult to
understand it doesn't matter how many times i go back. I've tried already 7
times. Review the video, remember you are teaching. Lovely flower. I hope i
get it.

Author 5dorkycastillos ( ago)
Beautiful. English may not be your Mother Tongue, but you do a superb job
teaching in it despite the fact. I can understand you perfectly, and really
enjoy your videos. Your creations are unique and motivating. Thank you. =D

Author babylover0990 ( ago)
I love it!! thanks!! could you post written instructions also?

Author Iris Acevedo ( ago)
I love it!! Thanks!

Author Rana. AlQudah. ( ago)
i love ur videos in English .... they are soooooo great ... or should i say

Author grimlin0526 ( ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I've been scouring the internet for
instructions for how to turn an african petal into a square, but with no
luck, until I found this video! Thank you!!

Author Stayy_Goldden ( ago)
I totally love this granny square!!!! Thank you sooo much for the fantastic
lesson, and beautiful block! Very thankful for the English Version.

Author Chris Stewart ( ago)
could you post a written pattern?

Author Chocoolate Chocoolate ( ago)
thank you

Author Sophelia Robinson ( ago)
Lady, I love you.

Author geetartabi ( ago)
i watched the other video first, thought i was doing really good at writing
it down as i saw it. until it got to the white part. then i was lost. THANK
YOU SO MUCH for making an english version. i love this granny sq. cant wait
to make it.!

Author lavioleteira72 ( ago)
There You are ! Lovely VIDEO ! THANKS SO MUCH! Zelia

Author rasberrize ( ago)
Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat video... i really enjoyed it =))

Author GollyHolightly ( ago)
@planetjanknit : you can in the loose yarn with a needle.

Author lalarod24 ( ago)
hey where do you get your yarn?

Author luis natividad ( ago)
Wooow, precioso tu diseño, andaba buscando un diseño alegre para un saco de
primavera y gracias por poner este, lo usaré para mi saco, por favor sigue
subiendo videos como este, enseñas muy bien, solo un poco mas despacio
porfavor si, te mando mis bendiciones y muchos besos, gracias, sandy

Author planetjanknit ( ago)
Thank you! Beautiful and lovely! Would you mind, please, explaining what to
do with the loose strands from color changes? Or suggest where I could find
your instructions? I've stayed away from G. Squares for 2 reasons--one
being the strands left off and the other--I've yet to find such artful and
imaginative Granny Squares as yours--until now! I love flowers! Thank you
again--your English is soothing too; )

Author s13rr4buf3 ( ago)
Can you let us know what brand of yarn you are using? Is it a satin finish?
Thanks, Sierra

Author kawadrimaths ( ago)
That was great! Amazing! I wish you would slow down a bit so I can keep up
with you. Thanx!

Author margarita romero ( ago)
thank you so much for doing a english video

Author Grace Davis ( ago)

Author Ivy Kaiafa ( ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial. It's beautiful.

Author calicaligal ( ago)
thank u for your videos! i enjoy them so much :O)

Author David B ( ago)
I really like your speed and instruction. I am going to use this to make a
baby blanket. Thank you so much.

Author MsDThapa ( ago)
How amazing works you have, hats off for your talent, please do videos in
English or kindly add subtitles please.

Author Angelea Gillett ( ago)
Yes thank you for doing this in English I agree with Imrk. your patterns
are so pretty I want to learn them all :") lol

Author Anna S. ( ago)
zu huebsch.. Vielen Dank vom Staat Maryland.

Author Susan Love ( ago)
Absolutely lovely handwork. I too appreciate the English language videos.
More, please!

Author CynthiaNoel ( ago)
This is quite beautiful. I'm not a fan of granny squares but he flower part
is just what I've been looking for to embellish some of my projects. THANK
YOU for the excellent video!

Author dalva maria ferreira ( ago)
Thank you EliZZZa! My daughter and I are big fans!

Author dashdashize (407 years ago)
agreed with lmrk5705, there's a lot of wonderful thing.. even if u speak in
a different language before but i still can manage it, i'm slowly following
your hand.. thanks again for a good stuff! good luck

Author ZhyMae 27 ( ago)
what kind of yarn are u using?

Author Emma Ramirez Lozano ( ago)
Me gustó mucho esta flor, desde Monterrey, NL. México, muchas gracias.

Author elenajm17 ( ago)
wonderful job! thank you for sharing in english! <3

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