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Author mrsmarciad (4 hours)
After reading everyones comments. This tutorial is very good. First of all
you have to be at a intermediate level to understand this tutorial.
Nadelspiel I can follow you BUT, slow down on your crochet for others who
are not at that level.
I have made this, it is beautiful.
Thank you for your lovely tutorial.

Author Şirin Pınar Mandev (27 days)

Author GixxerRider101 (9 months)
it's beautiful but I still it difficult to follow.

Author Zelia Neves (9 months)

Author Sue Smith (4 months)
Alicia that si exactly what I was going to say haha

Author bettina martinez (8 months)

Author Xiomort Pink (10 months)
I made the most beautiful blanket for my newborn baby girl thanks to this
pattern. Thank you so much :D I used 25 squares! Green, white, purple and

Author Vlechten van Nadia (8 months)
Thank you ;)

Author Jackie Chiarella (8 months)
Can you tell me what size hook you are using and the weight of the yarn.
Tutorial is fantastic, thank you very much.

Author Sandra Acosta (1 year)
I love the pattern but am not to hot about the video instructions. on the
second round of the flower part she dose not say where to put the stitches
she just says put them in the next stitch.. Uggh you have to figure out
where she is speaking about. this is driving me nuts

Author Elly Belle (11 months)
Thank you so much for the tutorial. I finally able to make this unique
granny square, yay!! During the ads, the sounds is good, but somehow it
comes out a bit low during the tutorial, I have to turn it up to max to
really hear it. But other than that, your tutorial is awesome!! Cant wait
to make more. 

Author Sadhana Sarpotdar (1 year)
I have completed 1 purse but don't know how to upload that pic here !

Author Courtney V (1 year)
If you have a problem with the speed you can just pause and rewind. I love
the tutorial, and the English is nice. Thank you. 

Author sherri patchen (1 year)
Total Awesomeness you speak so clearly and in English it is great I will
for sure come back to this and follow . When it's not so late ; 0) thank
you beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have that Covered ;)

Author nico nicol (1 year)

Author winny anthonissen (1 year)
It is sometimes too fast, for me as Dutch, it can sometimes be a little
slower crochet

Author sam note (1 year)
Very nice. I like very much

Author Zilda Elena (1 year)
Adorei, obrigada por compartilhar

Author F. Gama Arts 2 (1 year)
By the way you do the crochet here really don't want to teach. Cos
you don't show to the camera and it's too fast the way you do. Horrible ! I
see also you don't reply for anyone here.

Author nino dzegvelishvili (1 year)

Author gogo kamal (1 year)

Author Connie Price (1 year)

Author Tranhanh Nhu (1 year)

Author Tranhanh Nhu (1 year)

Author Rosa Aja (1 year)

Author TheSophia4ever (1 year)

Author Kim Patton (2 years)
Where can I find the written pattern?

Author AkuaLezli (2 years)
Thank you! I love this. I've made one -- a prototype and will make many
more! I also enjoy it unframed, as a round, 8-petal motif. Your generous,
lucid and thorough instructions are a true gift.

Author Haru Okuma (2 years)
Love it, I would like to have a written pattern.

Author Nelly Cruz (2 years)
gracias por compartir todoeste arte tan maravilloso. Me parece sensacional
lo pondré en practica haciendo un chal.Me gustaria que me dijeras l nombre
del hilo que empleas.Gracias

Author Pauline Evanosky (2 years)
Not only is this granny square very pretty but you are an incredible
teacher. This video is easy to understand. Thank you for your work.

Author Tina Runkle (1 year)
Do you have this pattern written out in English? It's awesome! Very

Author geetartabi (3 years)
i watched the other video first, thought i was doing really good at writing
it down as i saw it. until it got to the white part. then i was lost. THANK
YOU SO MUCH for making an english version. i love this granny sq. cant wait
to make it.!

Author Penny Adams (2 years)
Your English is beautiful! You do a wonderful job at explaining how to make
this wonderful granny square. I just love it.

Author Alegria8262 (1 year)

Author Therese Pye (2 years)
do you have a written in english for this

Author aida estela Vega (1 year)
la teje muy rapido pero es muy bonita la flor

Author Sophelia Robinson (3 years)
Lady, I love you.

Author Jamila khan (2 years)'s very beautiful. I will try it. I have left over wool of
different colours. I'm not sure it would come out as pretty. Has anybody
tried with wool? Please tell me how much thread is required for one such

Author bigfatlittleman (2 years)
my fiance loves this! she was going to take a class at a craft store but
when i showed her this video she changed her mind! you saved us time and
money thank you!!!

Author Ivy Kaiafa (3 years)
Thank you so much for this tutorial. It's beautiful.

Author David B (3 years)
I really like your speed and instruction. I am going to use this to make a
baby blanket. Thank you so much.

Author Pam Suggs (2 years)
love the african flower just wish you could have done it slower. could not
keep up.

Author Sukalya1 (3 years)
WoW! Beautiful work! I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing.

Author MamawCindy (1 year)
So Pretty! I am new to Crocheting and would love to try to make my Grand
Daughter a Blanket. This would be so pretty to make. What kind of yarn did
you use?

Author yarnfairy (2 years)
:D Lovely! I've been trying to make granny squares for a long time and this
one is the first one I was actually able to make!

Author fancynancyjw (2 years)
The crochet hook is different..where could I obtain some? The flower is
beautiful. Nice job.

Author Chris Stewart (3 years)
could you post a written pattern?

Author Yolanda Mergil (2 years)
What type of yarn do you use for this pattern .... ?

Author gloria rincon (2 years)
hola felicitaciones por el video solo que es muy rapido y no logro hacerlo
bien podrias ayudarme please gracias chao

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