Migos - Slippery ft. Gucci Mane (Lyrics)

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  • Jaden Nuno
    Jaden Nuno 56 minutes ago

    Played this in school and the fire alarm went off 🔥

  • Brian Yator
    Brian Yator 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who skips Gucci manes part to Takeoff?

  • Gin Zen
    Gin Zen 4 hours ago

    Scuse me please me

  • Rus Weaver
    Rus Weaver 6 hours ago

    Gucci is wack af on this song.

  • Jamor Singleton
    Jamor Singleton 7 hours ago


  • Samantha Gill
    Samantha Gill 10 hours ago

    456 pots

  • Draven Sandras
    Draven Sandras 18 hours ago

    Thank you for not putting "Dead shot, AK make your head rock Red dot, retro 8, Jordan they in stock"

  • Mariah Munoz
    Mariah Munoz 21 hour ago


  • Adam Birch
    Adam Birch 23 hours ago

    This is such trash. But so damn catchy....

  • Americas Most
    Americas Most 1 day ago

    this beat slaps in my car

  • Marissa Ottman
    Marissa Ottman 1 day ago

    this song lit

  • Amaris Jackson
    Amaris Jackson 1 day ago

    my boyfriend said that I'm slippery in bed😕

  • Boii Itz Kam
    Boii Itz Kam 1 day ago

    Slippery, 'scuse me, please me

  • Briana Yera
    Briana Yera 1 day ago


  • 50 shades of grey As fyik

    L. I


  • nikos marras
    nikos marras 1 day ago

    ''pop two cups of purple just to warm up'' --> means lean? xD

  • Papa Scoops
    Papa Scoops 2 days ago


  • joan manzanares
    joan manzanares 2 days ago

    ay it said in a video that quavo quit

  • Jordan Hayes
    Jordan Hayes 2 days ago

    I'm an up and coming producer from Montgomery, AL. Check out some of my beats at www.soundcloud.com/hayes_beats

  • Shannon Jackson
    Shannon Jackson 2 days ago

    nice song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umar Haq
    Umar Haq 3 days ago

    DOPE...thats all i can say

  • Tshireletso Rahube
    Tshireletso Rahube 3 days ago

    lyrics on the beat at their best. still can't get enough of this song. X

  • Desiree Henderson
    Desiree Henderson 3 days ago

    if antone sees this what is a thotbox????

  • Desiree Henderson
    Desiree Henderson 3 days ago


  • it's the rex beast !

    slippery 'scouse me please me

  • Berleezy's Big toe
    Berleezy's Big toe 3 days ago

    Man can't migos just make a song with no features. uzi ruined bad and boujee
    now u got gucci mane ruining this song smh

  • Timmy Agnew
    Timmy Agnew 3 days ago

    This new wave of music is dope as fuck....

  • Rance Ranola
    Rance Ranola 4 days ago

    Awesome song!!! 👍🏻

  • Hako Mrkulic
    Hako Mrkulic 4 days ago



  • Nichoson Browne
    Nichoson Browne 4 days ago


  • Fatimah Isr
    Fatimah Isr 4 days ago


  • Markese Allen
    Markese Allen 4 days ago

    dead shot, AK make your head rock Red dot,retro air jord' deadstock Lean on rocks Perkys,mollies,xannies,rocks Oxycontin, Takeoff I'm your med doc

  • Markese Allen
    Markese Allen 4 days ago

    this was lit at My party🕯🕎🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Haydaen Seahorn
    Haydaen Seahorn 4 days ago

    I don't think this song gets old ♨️

  • aag0lden wbu?
    aag0lden wbu? 4 days ago

    Slippery 'scuse me, please me, arm up, oh believe me, believe me, get beat, cause I'm flexing Rari, you can bet on me.😍😍😍💦💦💦

  • Madison Davis
    Madison Davis 4 days ago

    Auntie neesa

  • Evan Maloney
    Evan Maloney 4 days ago

    Great song!!!

    ZP GAMING 5 days ago


  • Sherri-Ann Speare
    Sherri-Ann Speare 5 days ago


  • Roman Bazowski
    Roman Bazowski 5 days ago

    Dead shot, AK make your head rock

    CMO SQUAD 5 days ago


  • yasin abukar
    yasin abukar 5 days ago

    slippery 😍😍😍😍😍 im in love

  • Synorice Barnes
    Synorice Barnes 5 days ago

    migo deadshot

  • Kelli Nicole
    Kelli Nicole 5 days ago

    offset did that shit

  • Gursimran Banga
    Gursimran Banga 5 days ago

    Dna with lyrics on my channel!

  • Tony Farias
    Tony Farias 6 days ago

    Omg this is the most lit lyric video of slippery I've ever seen before!!! Thanks to this lyric video I know this song by heart!! Thanks so much!! My crush finally recognized me!! I can't thank you enough guys! 😍❤️👍🏻🙏🏼

  • Quad Ripper
    Quad Ripper 6 days ago

    My penis is 3 inches long hard

  • Hxxly RBLX
    Hxxly RBLX 6 days ago

    1:17 Spongebob: I DONT NEED IIIT

    PEPE MEME 6 days ago


  • adrian luis enriquez

    Pop a perky just to start up

  • Bailey Day
    Bailey Day 7 days ago

    Takeoff 🔥🔥🔥

  • Erin R
    Erin R 7 days ago

    My fav❤️

  • Dakeitha Andrews
    Dakeitha Andrews 7 days ago

    love this shit

  • Anthony Mota
    Anthony Mota 7 days ago

    deadshot ak make your head rock😳💪💯

  • Jaelynn Barnes
    Jaelynn Barnes 7 days ago

    like this song

  • Dan
    Dan 7 days ago

    Offset is killing this shief! i Swear :D

  • Boom and Clash Mania

    Best migos song hands down

  • Shani's Lowery
    Shani's Lowery 8 days ago

    i like your song

  • Andrew Forrest
    Andrew Forrest 8 days ago


  • Kaylei Eddy
    Kaylei Eddy 8 days ago

    teusday was my birth day and my dad did not even call he has a youtube chanell even shirley littel e

  • camyl witherspoon
    camyl witherspoon 8 days ago

    Why are firefighters breaking into my house...🔥

  • Itz- Minecraft
    Itz- Minecraft 8 days ago

    Dead shot Ak make yo head rock TAKEOFF 😂👌🏽😭😱

  • kiya mcmahan
    kiya mcmahan 8 days ago

    that song is fire fuck y'all nights that hate it

  • Abigail Tedrow
    Abigail Tedrow 9 days ago


  • Skylar Howell
    Skylar Howell 9 days ago

    nice song

  • Ryan Friedrich
    Ryan Friedrich 9 days ago

    I fuck wit dis song 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Daniel Eviston
    Daniel Eviston 10 days ago

    play with that pussy like peek a boo

  • Jada Gisentaner
    Jada Gisentaner 10 days ago

    love you song

  • Skylar Howell
    Skylar Howell 10 days ago

    today I will go to his concert tonight

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 10 days ago

    Bugatti on Forgis, and nawl, I'm not crippin shit was fye

  • Direct Me
    Direct Me 10 days ago

    Takeoffs part was good too but I like Gucci manes part

  • Nneoma Uche
    Nneoma Uche 10 days ago


  • Kimmo Opara
    Kimmo Opara 10 days ago

    Dead shot, AK make ur head rock

  • Chisom Odimmegwa
    Chisom Odimmegwa 10 days ago

    gucci spoiled he flow

  • jonathan Priddy
    jonathan Priddy 11 days ago

    this song lit as fuck daaaaamb

  • Davante Mitchell
    Davante Mitchell 11 days ago

    this is my jam man:)

  • Antonique Skipper
    Antonique Skipper 11 days ago

    slippery 'scuse me

  • sports dude 300
    sports dude 300 11 days ago

    tommy gun the youtuber

  • elijah jackson
    elijah jackson 11 days ago


  • kamile Ian
    kamile Ian 11 days ago

    Offset's flow is lit !

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh 11 days ago

    Head shot Ak make your head drop

  • Cohen Cowling
    Cohen Cowling 11 days ago

    gucci does the best correct me if im wrong

  • Ni'Asia Kimbro
    Ni'Asia Kimbro 12 days ago


  • Brianna Houston
    Brianna Houston 12 days ago

    Get beat

  • mzunique22
    mzunique22 12 days ago

    caution 🐈 slippery when wet 💦

  • XxWinterFoxX Gaming
    XxWinterFoxX Gaming 12 days ago

    Tater tot Fuck Niggas on my radar watch

  • simba mr3wa
    simba mr3wa 12 days ago

    i dont why takeoff is underated

  • Monica Vega
    Monica Vega 12 days ago

    Splaasshh 😏

  • Lyle Williams
    Lyle Williams 12 days ago

    I feel the same

  • Ree Merritt
    Ree Merritt 13 days ago


  • Bunny Trickster
    Bunny Trickster 13 days ago

    I love this song but post Malone is better

  • Markus Jr Barron
    Markus Jr Barron 13 days ago

    Gucci fucked the song up bruh 😑

  • Alex
    Alex 13 days ago

    i broke the replay button...

    1 like=1 revive

  • Angela Stevenson
    Angela Stevenson 14 days ago

    my friend Danielle love this song

  • Donna Chandle
    Donna Chandle 14 days ago

    this song is the best I play it every day

  • Taniesia Malone
    Taniesia Malone 14 days ago

    i want to meet the migos so bad

  • Kuron Johnson
    Kuron Johnson 14 days ago

    the floor is slippery

  • crystal harris
    crystal harris 14 days ago


  • crystal harris
    crystal harris 14 days ago

    I thought it would be better ifniylt sayed you can bet on me... slippery

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