Open Hearing on Russian Active Measures Investigation

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Author Jobob501 ( ago)
Wtf is wrong with the video now? It used to be 5 hours long but now it fastforwards through 3 minutes? What is this shit?

Author lynxtar1 ( ago)
anyone else getting an issue where the video is only 3:25 minutes long now?

Author Integrity Now ( ago)
Does the name AWAN BROTHERS mean anything to you? REAL, treasonous espionage.

Author Theodore Nicklas ( ago)
"Lock them up....Lock them up"...RETHUGLICANS? you know the words....

Author Ter sotuke ( ago)

Author Farrah Lawrence ( ago)
Why is this video now 9 seconds long?

Author Shawn Raby ( ago)
need some support help me out a lol thanks!!

Author Vladimir vladimirich Putin ( ago)
Ha you really think we gonna let Clinton rule the world

Author RcUniverseGuy ( ago)
fuckin blue haired crying liberal scum at youtube. this shit isn't trending nobody gives a fuck. we know trump was wiretapped.. We don't care about Russia possibly helping the American people beat your evil hitlery reign. Good. you lose.

Author Donale Tramp ( ago)
Sometimes, I like to *_crawl in the dirt at night_* in my garden and pretend to be a potato, except it hurts when the birds eat me

Author Aaron Gelera ( ago)
lizards. The lot of em.

Author Alec Koff ( ago)
I`m russian. Fear me. I have nuclear bear, nuclear balalaika and nuclear vodka!!!)))

Author ButterNutSquash ( ago)
Russia hacked my toaster :/

Author Buzz ard ( ago)
save yourself from losing five hours of your life, it's just some scumbags trying to push out some BULLS HIT trying to save their ass's

Author Buzz ard ( ago)
what about Killarys emails. did yall spend this much time on the criminal bitch. you have spied on Russia for years and even our on people , but you show no proof on Russia hacking the election. yall or just trying not to focus on killary.

Author HIGH noun ( ago)
They hate use because of our government

Author A bassist ( ago)
Everyone prepare for two paragraph comments

Author Neela Delian ( ago)
Another war is looming let us pray!!!

Author Naomi Oyler ( ago)
Thank you, Mr. Schiff. Your questions lead to very informative answers from Comey. It helped me to understand the Russian strategy of empowering business leaders around the world who would be more sympathetic of Russian interests and less concerned with public, environmental, and social matters. (Not that all business leaders care more about Russian interests than social, public, and environmental matters.)

Author Naomi Oyler ( ago)
Thank you, Ms. Sewell. I imagine it is difficult to present information when the people who are the focus of the hearing are unable to comment on important facts. You stated your case well.

I hope that we, the American people, can learn to hear and accept each other, regardless of what political party we claim. I hope that this investigation leads to truth and that the "truth will set us free." I think we all need to remember that we want the same things at our core.

Author Rebecca Taylor ( ago)
Mr. and Mrs. America are not stupid. You can rig poll numbers and have your coordinated buzz words/topics on the alphabet news outlets, but the cat is out of the bag. (Check your ratings)
America is watching you. We know what you are doing...the only thing you can do - tell a lie(s) loudly and often and hope the American people will believe and try to silence your opposition by surgically removing first amendment rights.
Why are the people that you are accusing not invited to defend themselves? This is very dangerous for all Americans as you are innocent until proven guilty.
We are taking the names of the people participating in your committees. We will not forget.
No one is untouchable.

Author MrAubery ( ago)
WAIT UNTIL YOU FIGURE OUT.....................EARTH.............IS...................F:L;A:T; ,,..........none of this matters

Author Juraj Andreyu ( ago)
New from the writers of hit drama 24: American News

Author beas302 ( ago)
There is old Roman saying: what is going around will be coming around, so if you don't like what can come around don't let it go around.But people with ego issues will never understand this.

Author Adam Cohen ( ago)
Fuck you chairman nunes. Lying fucking cunt

Author R4TB0Y ( ago)
hail marx

Author Tommy Estrada ( ago)
Seth Rich was a dnc staffer that joined Hillary Clinton ' s team after Bernie Sanders lost the primary. He leaked the emails to wiki leaks. Two weeks later he was murdered near his house. There was no Russian hack. Google Seth Rich.

Author sclogse1 ( ago)
I think Swalwell is wearing a rug. Let's see..what else. This room has the worst selection of ties I've ever seen in my life. Only Rogers, by wearing black gets excused for at least not crossing the barrier...Hey, the guy behind Rogers is wearing a pretty cool tie..!

Author dannydart7 ( ago)
They should only be able to ask questions rather than speak innuendoes. Tray Goudy is the smartest man asking questions . It appears as if any questions that would help get to the truth never get answered . That's five hrs. of my life I'll never get back.

Author dannydart7 ( ago)
could not have said it better myself  wish

Author Brandon McBadass ( ago)
3:50:33 lol he's having too much fun in that chair 😁✌🏻

Author R. Campfire ( ago)
"Yeah we (FBI)are investigating but WE ARE not looking into phone records or any other electronic communications"! We are not stupid!

Author david fagan ( ago)
for over 100 years our government has been interfereing with the government of other nations to implace leaders friendly to America.
and to remove unfriendly leaders from castro to gadaffy etc. and no one questioned that
but let it happen to us,and we cry foul.
so childish,
if I get into a fight I can punch you all I want but you can't hit me!  :vP

Author Marc Galaxy ( ago)
no evidence

Author A Dignified Gentleman ( ago)
I'm not sure any of these Trumpanzees here know what's going on, they just follow their cult of personality.
I feel like most of these people do nothing but stare at a blank wall all day. How many rocks do y'all carry in your noggin? I'm sure there's plenty of room.

Author Penny Bunde ( ago)
The FBI Director comes off as a very intelligent professional..

Author Andy VB ( ago)
My takeaway.
Democrats: Tell us about the evidence for Trump Russia collusion.
Republicans: Who leaked the evidence for Trump Russia collusion and was Clinton colluding too?

Author Ryan Set Go ( ago)
how many lights are there mister Picard?

Author jackstorm777 ( ago)
There is ZERO evidence of Russian interference.

Author Jeffery Holliday ( ago)
FBI and CIA are a joke any more. So many leaks and failure to stay out of the political arena.

Author Randall Goguen ( ago)
Twitler Trump makes a fool of himself by getting his tweet debunked right in the middle of it.

Author Kevin Andres Magariños Villegas ( ago)
Suuuure Youtube

Author Comeonnow,really? ( ago)
Trump spent a lot of time in Russia in the 80's and 90's.  His wives have all been Soviet Bloc women.  His staff is taking payments from Putin.  Trump election staff e-mailing and calling the Russians and the Russian mob LIVES in Trump Towers. Sounds like the Right is worshiping a Russian Czar.  Shows how low a Fascist will go...dealing with Communist if it will make them a profit.

Author Brsrkr Smt ( ago)
The USA government trying so hard to blame the Russians for their mistakes. The Russians brutal military assaults? What about the millions of innocent people killed and raped by the US military since the white flag of 2001?, the Russians hacking the USA elections that's even more unbelievable only their stupid people is gonna believe that, and what about how US government imposes a lot of "Presidents" around the world and rigged elections. They own the media so. We're gonna hear this all day all the time, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter making this propaganda trending topics just show how manipulative this bastards are, the real enemy is the USA GOVERNMENT!!

Author Cartoon Toys Baby Game ( ago)

Author The American Superman ( ago)
I'm James Comey... "I can't answer that".

Hate to say it.. but even the questions they do answer seem oddly suspicious. He and the admiral give the appearance they are lying about their "here say" evidence they speak of.

Author J B ( ago)
I'm not a big goverment guy.. I'm not big secrets save lives and are needed for a secure nation because we built it that way. and trash like this is one of the reasons why.
constantly suffering their lies and taxes

Author Angelum Band ( ago)
Hillary Clinton rigged the primaries with the help of Eric Schmidt and that is why she lost but go and touch the queen.

Author JaneDoe ( ago)
Why don't Jedis turn off their opponents lightsabers by force pressing the button?

Author dobwatches ( ago)
Traitor Trump / Lock him up!

Author Knowledge equals freedom from slavery ( ago)
Its is wrong and those pushing this are un American.
Stand on on freedom, liberty and the American way. Investigate deep state!

Author Gustavo Ferrufino ( ago)
You guys really want this war too happen fuck....

Author LifeOrbital ( ago)
The extent to which politics has inflated into partisan bullshit is unreal

Author Grizzly chang ( ago)
5 Fucking Hours! Maaaaaaaan Fuck that you know how many nuts i can bust in 5 hours?!

Author Sandra Farrell ( ago)
IT was likey the Russians who leaked the information to the press to cause conflict. They are the only ones who also knew the information and stand to gain the most by undermining the NSA and FBI. They would know that this type of conflict hurts those institutions that are in place to protect America. Watching this isn't a waste of time because you get to see how your elected officials actually behave when they aren't on the campaign trail. Democracy will only remain in place if the citizens of this County take an active part.

Author A. O. ( ago)
WHY Hasn't DNC Turned over their Server as directed by FBI? That IS WHERE NARRATIVE BEGAN! THAT IS FIRST PLACE TO LOOK FOR EVIDENCE! Use twitter @tgowdysc and repKucinich NOW! Demand COMEY TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS DNC REFUSAL!

Author A. O. ( ago)

Author RRAHH 8 ( ago)
Watched all five hours of this. Heard nothing but five hours of bullshit lies and political dick-wagging. The female sounded like she had blood coming out of her eyes; out of her... wherever.

Very little was said that wasn't repetition followed by repetition.

You want us to believe what you're saying? Declassify ALL supposed evidence and SHOW us the PROOF. Show your sources and allow for an independent military tribunal to take place. The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence can not be trusted to be an impartial tribunal nor have an unbiased opinion.

Sorry. But your authority in this is NOT RECOGNIZED... period.

Author Ironic joke ( ago)
i was expecting a Minecraft letsplay but instead i got this. I'm crying rn.

Author Safe_Haven ( ago)
I think that Russia's involvement is worth looking into yes, but here is the thing no one cares about this except for democratic loyalist. The grandmother in Michigan who is about to lose her insurance doesn't care, the laid off factory worker who got his job shipped over seas, nor does the coal miner in Kentucky who just found out his water is now allowed to be polluted by coal companies. The democrats in congress are so disconnected. #justicedemocrats

Author brad arnold ( ago)
Wait the FBI and nsa didnt take the "hacked " computers !!
Anyone else see comeys face when he had to admit that ?

Author nvsbl2 ( ago)
This is a waste of time! The whole thing was created to draw attention from what the emails exposed, to who leaked them. And since they didn't know, and the Dems hate Putin for showing Obama up, Russia was CHOSEN to be the scapegoat. Not one single evidence beyond accusation!

Author 宏意 李 ( ago)

Author USA USA ( ago)

Author Mackie al-Rashid ( ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I came for the comments and so did you

Author Cameron Rousselle ( ago)
When liberals realize that trumps impeachment would just mean pence in office

Author HumbertTheHorse ( ago)
witch hunt

Author Conner Cox ( ago)
Nice try, better luck next time

Author Cool Dr Money ( ago)
4:18:50 Trump tweeted out a lie regarding information released in this very hearing. Senator Jim Himes exposed him.

Author Donald J. Trump ( ago)
Most people on both sides don't believe the wire tap claims which is good. Most people on the left believe this bullshit no evidence Russia tampering with shit and that's bad. The Great Salt Lake in Utah has to be renamed to the 'Ok' Salt Lake because there are HUGE GREAT Salt lakes in what was once every liberal city on the planet.

Author Sergey Rutsevich ( ago)
Есть русские??
Ставь лайк))

Помогите набрать подписчиков, взаимно!

Author ItalianScire ( ago)
what a waste of time!

Author Kathy Wilder ( ago)
Ccc c can cc B.B. BnnjnjjuI . Man. N br Hi

Author John Null ( ago)
Mr. rogers looks like beavis from beavis and butthead.

Author John Null ( ago)
Idk first 20 min all I heard was fart fart fart toot toot toot.

Author John Null ( ago)
Can someone just give it to me in a nutshell. I don't have the attention span to listen to the full 5 hours.

Author Cold war holdover ( ago)
Dear google trending algorithms, this isn't trending. This is just political bullshit that no one wants to see. We the people don't think Russia hacked the elections or influenced them in any meaningful way. We come to this site for cats, to hear how the world is going to shit, and to enjoy music and game play. Not to listen to politicians grasp at straws or have alphabet shove their political views down our throats. Your time will eventually come when you need to be replaced. How fast that is, is up to you.

Author Olov Wallin ( ago)
Gover(Control)... ment(Mind)

Author PIlotrcm ( ago)
Conservatives - "2.3 K views, how is this trending?"
Well this video is good for us. It's important. I know you prefer "ow!! My groin!". Where simplistic stupid videos of pure entertainment suits you.

Author PIlotrcm ( ago)
Norway....socialism done right

Author PIlotrcm ( ago)

Author N2OPDX ( ago)
MABY just maby. they USA leaked this info themselves.

Author SuperCruiser72 ( ago)
OMG! Everyone stop giving the slightest fuck about how/why this is trending and how many views this has!!! That's nowhere near relevant, dammit! Stop giving a fuck about that. Right fuckin' now!

Author Josh Buchfink ( ago)
#3 on trending? What the boost? YouTube is bullshit.

Author pambrzoska ( ago)
This is such a farce! Where is your proof of all this Russian aggressions? U.S. is instigating the world!

Author Not Found ( ago)
Look at youtube forcing liberalism down people's throats. 5k views and trending? SERIOUSLY?

Author Not Found ( ago)
My boring channel has videos with 10x more views than this AND THIS IS TRENDING.

Author Benny Heflinger ( ago)
Can you hack our election less plz ?

Author Pierre TTR ( ago)
Can somebody TLDR this for me?

Author ClassicDoc ( ago)
2800 clicks, 1000 likes and dislikes, trending at #3, yet nobody bothered to watch 5 hours of boring shit in wich nothing relevant is revealed...

Author TroopperFoFo ( ago)
Can someone please tell me why have a connection with Russia is bad? They are just another country.

Author The AlienMan ( ago)
When I want my propaganda I head straight to YouTube's Treading section.

Author Quinn Benson ( ago)
corruption is rampant; doesn't matter which party you belong to, money talks.

Author sclogse1 ( ago)
Seems a basic question isn't being asked. Did the F.B.I. ask Don where he got his wire tap intel? Pretty basic, no? Mr. King wants to reaffirm that a leak must have come from the F.B.I. to get to the N.Y. TImes. Unless...the F.B.I. is bugged. Or the closed hearings rooms are bugged.

Author Kelhori Elhori ( ago)
American people gel President Trump NO one all

Author Guillermo Rodriguez ( ago)
God damn when will the democrats finally take the L???????????????

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