Dolphin Emulator 2018 - Pokemon Colosseum (GC)

Have finished the game 100%.
Just a quick battle on battle mountain stage 10.

Game Name: Pokemon Colosseum on DolphinWx SVN 2018 32 bit.

Settings are shown in the video.

Graphical Issues: Shadow rendering issues, brightness issues.

Sound Issues: Out of sync sometimes

Speed Issues: Varies, but playble (major graphical events slow it down. eg. during battles)

Region: NTSC

The popup message is nothing.

Any questions, just ask!


Rate plz :)

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 8:13
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Author DarkTyphlosionKiller (8 months)
here is the link for pokemon colosseum and for dolphin
emulator =D Oh Yea if u want
the dolphin svn r2018 here took me 4ever 2 find but got it :)

Author jayraj sarvaiy (9 months)
i want charizard in pokemon colosseum using cheats, but how?

Author isaac hernandez (9 months)
I need the game link to

Author SbTditdatdwt (9 months)
Dewd 2018? R u kidden me.

Author DISTINCTSh0ts (3 years)
hey mate can you send me a link or sumthing to the pokemon colosseum link
please begging to play it i havent played in years thanks

Author Jefferson Sales (3 years)
need a good board? because mine is not

Author Kidd Curry (2 years)
Do you remember what download links you used? if so could you send the the
links. I can't find a good pokemon colosseum link with an iso file for my

Author gerry lisi (5 years)
thanx i got it working, how to i get a memory card in slot A?

Author stoopkid80 (4 years)
How do you get it?

Author HardElectroIndustry (3 years)
ho-oh and espeon agains 2 rock and water pokemon? lol

Author Pie Life (1 year)
Its Probably because hes recording

Author Austyn Prettyman (4 years)
download link?

Author vpandaa360 (3 years)
i download one of the files for pokemon Colosseum then i extract it to its
own folder but when i do this it comes up with'you need a disk' please can
someone help me ? is it just with this game or am i doing something wrong

Author Victor Vera (5 years)
gc rules!

Author 121dxslayer (3 years)
@siepkasps3 no u need an emulator its a rom

Author haloswift (4 years)
same here, have you found an answer yet?

Author eloy .martín (3 years)
ami me sale warning y nose ke de shalder y es con otro emulador dolphin
svnr r 6438 y al final lo dejo aparte lo de warning y se me peta el juego

Author Chowder908 (4 years)
@acshina37 ok but just in case i don't find the right one can you send me
the link

Author CrackKat (3 years)
trying to run pokemon XD on dolphin but its really laggy frame rate :( yet
i can run total war games just fine and stuff, got a good computer but
running dolphin slowly :( can u help

Author Joshua Deck (2 years)
please pm me and tell me the exact settings ill need cuz it wont work for me

Author Duong Lam (4 years)
@Chowder908 No. Just install it in windows.

Author Pman (2 years)
I have Dolphin and the game and it runs with great fps but the sounds and
music sound like they are missing some instruments... what's up with that?

Author JFK piano (5 years)
Where can you download 2018? I can't find on dolphin's site

Author Zayne Black (1 year)
pass me the link to download the game

Author omran al othman (3 years)
plz man send me the game :D plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz T_T

Author BottleTop (4 years)
Is this the only game that is slow on dolphin? it's the only one I have and
if they're all slow I'm deleting the whole thing

Author xXKaKeBoKsEnXx (1 year)
Link for download to the game guys: adf(dot)ly/6Tr9A Password for the
WinRAR: thetechnoace

Author DJOKERELBEATMAKER18 (4 years)
i got a dell desktop with 2gb ddr3 ram pentium d dual core @ 2.8ghz n 128mb
ati radeon n i cant run this game can somebody tell what iswrong i runs
really slow with alot of lagg n i would like 2 kno how 2 fix it

Author draco123321 (5 years)
wow tht lagged alot

Author EinTheCenturion (2 years)
where did you get the Colosseum emulator? I have dolphin I just cant find a
place to download it :(

Author Patrick Lange (4 years)
@johannes12021991 because your PC can't handle the emulator. Get at least
2GB ram and Dual Core processor speed of over 2.00Ghz. Only 1GB and 1.80Ghz
is way too slow for this emulator. Also what video card you have?

Author bubba30100 (4 years)
whats relicanth is not in the pokedex

Author n8rtw (4 years)
where do i get the rom from? can u post a link or add in desc.?

Author Moisés Augusto (2 years)
o seu é o 2 ou 3.0

Author The Metal Dragon (1 year)
I still have my camecube so I brought pokemon colosseum and finished it XD

Author narutofan4l (4 years)
damn, i can only get it up to 40% never goes past it :( lowest it goes it
like 16 >.<

Author Jorge Torres (4 years)
jajajajaja this video is a stupid the game is a very slow i`m play game in
game cube no in emulator is a stupid YOU SUCK

Author carlosfcomen (3 years)
why you have 2 ssbm?

Author bezzlebub999 (5 years)
dude can u send me the download link for this game

Author venom581 (4 years)
where you obtain quilava and croconaw? that now are ferigaltr and
thyplosion are from the red, green and blue members that dont let you get
out of Phenac city but you can obtain one only where you catch that 2?
because i chose baylef

Author DieTenkaichiMeister (5 years)
I've got a problem: It looks like OGL is better than D3D9 but when I play
with OGL it's a bit faster, but everything is black and full of pixels.
WIth D3D9 it's perfect, but slow

Author Damaster524 (3 years)
How would you create a save file for the games on Dolphin?

Author Unstable Sparkey (3 years)
@deezeezs You could just use a torrent eh.

Author reepaz (1 year)
It doesn't read my memory card.

Author Tobias Larsen (4 years)
I need a link :)

Author rettep12345 (4 years)
Where 2 download?

Author RileyRivalle2 (3 years)
@TheNoobformers: Your starters in the game are Espeon and Umbreon, both.
Later you'll be able to catch other pokémon, including many starters in
their evolved form (Bayleaf, Croconaw etc), and maybe other forms. It's not
like any gameboy game, though it is an RPG.

Author Chowder908 (4 years)
@acshina37 were can i get the directx thing and how do i put it on my
dolphin emulator

Author MasterKnight (3 years)
donde lo descargaste ??

Author TicTacRobber (3 years)
how do you get FPS 37+, i only have, eg. 2 - 13... :[ Have you any tips for
me? Sry for my english..i can`t speak and write it well..

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