Dolphin Emulator 2018 - Pokemon Colosseum (GC)

Have finished the game 100%.
Just a quick battle on battle mountain stage 10.

Game Name: Pokemon Colosseum on DolphinWx SVN 2018 32 bit.

Settings are shown in the video.

Graphical Issues: Shadow rendering issues, brightness issues.

Sound Issues: Out of sync sometimes

Speed Issues: Varies, but playble (major graphical events slow it down. eg. during battles)

Region: NTSC

The popup message is nothing.

Any questions, just ask!


Rate plz :)

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Runtime: 8:13
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Author DarkTyphlosionKiller ( ago)
here is the link for pokemon colosseum and for dolphin
emulator =D Oh Yea if u want
the dolphin svn r2018 here took me 4ever 2 find but got it :)

Author SbTditdatdwt ( ago)
Dewd 2018? R u kidden me.

Author jayraj sarvaiy ( ago)
i want charizard in pokemon colosseum using cheats, but how?

Author isaac hernandez ( ago)
I need the game link to

Author DJ_Venom/Danido ( ago)
for everyone: filecrop(.)com > search Pokemon Colosseum > download Part 1
(1GB) and 2 (300 MB) > Enjoy :)

Author PlayingGamesWith DutchGamers ( ago)
do you need a wii controller?

Author Lili Pika ( ago)
Le lien de logiciel et du jeu stp j'aimerais trop avoir coloseum

Author Caolan Robinson ( ago)
really slow unplayable unfortunately my wii wont play gc games so its my
only option

Author phil gotengco ( ago)
help!! plzz!! once i was playing, wen i clik the ITEMS in pokemon
collisium, it doesnt respond, it ask me , " look online for a sollution ,
or close the program .. wat to do plzzz help .. >.<

Author bobby jones ( ago)
my dolphin emulator doesnt work keeps sayin missin input and i cant install
in for some reason

Author videowizard404 ( ago)
Go to Coolrom com, and search pokemon colosseum

Author Forza Catania e Palermo ( ago)
so this game actually works on dolphin. nice to see, although it doesnt
seem to run 100% (ex. audio and some lag) most likely due to the fact that
the dolphin emulator hasn't been perfected yet. Is it possibile to load GBA
pokemon into collesseum via emulators on the computer?

Author sonicspindash555 ( ago)
when i open the program it says that i dont have a ids thing please help

Author Irvin Lopez ( ago)
Mine runs at 60 fps its so fun to play

Author Merrik Kachu ( ago)
Its Probably because hes recording

Author Puribas ( ago)
How do you tolerate that lag?

Author Frankie Miller ( ago)
use emuparadise (just google that) they have direct downloads to games.

Author reepaz ( ago)
It doesn't read my memory card.

Author riley murdoch ( ago)
my proplem is the keyboard dosent press the butons in game

Author F.Copier(Fake-Man) ( ago)

Author Mhkek Agendo ( ago)
its so slow :'(

Author xXKaKeBoKsEnXx ( ago)
Link for download to the game guys: adf(dot)ly/6Tr9A Password for the
WinRAR: thetechnoace

Author Zayne Black ( ago)
pass me the link to download the game

Author Moisés Augusto ( ago)
o seu é o 2 ou 3.0

Author Zakaria Ismaili (625 years ago)
plz pm me the link or send me the file

Author jasoniscool14 ( ago)
mines sound so static-e

Author Tibrak1 ( ago)
Could you put links in the descritption plz I can't find one that works

Author mulecc ( ago)
ikr i've been searching for ages and cannot find anything good.

Author Kidd Curry ( ago)
Do you remember what download links you used? if so could you send the the
links. I can't find a good pokemon colosseum link with an iso file for my

Author pokedude707 ( ago)
Dude what are your PC Specs?

Author ShifdraGaming ( ago)
I wish I could fix the music, but it doesn't seem like anyone knows how.
Its making this game really annoying to play.

Author Pman ( ago)
I have Dolphin and the game and it runs with great fps but the sounds and
music sound like they are missing some instruments... what's up with that?

Author VolutedTadpole ( ago)
MMM! I'm just loving this 17 fps! (I'm not mocking your computer or video
at all, I can barely run past 20 ^_^")

Author takutak balkens ( ago)
Can you connect with it through VBA and trade pokemon from LeafGreen and so

Author sExIgOs ( ago)
i have the same problem. WE NEED HELP!!!!!

Author Wil Pan ( ago)
can u help me? I wan to play Pokemon colosseum so I Downloaded everything I
needed. everything went smoothly first but then when I payed again. The
games just stops ahhh "Reacting" properly. like after a Battle, the cam
just keeps on spinning or when I go to PC to heal, The Nurse doesn't give
back my pokemon. they just stand there not doing anything. maybe you can
help me

Author VR Clan ( ago)
When I use this the sound is really jittery and keeps breaking up every
second. Any idea why?

Author Joshua Deck (2012 years ago)
please pm me and tell me the exact settings ill need cuz it wont work for me

Author CrackKat ( ago)
trying to run pokemon XD on dolphin but its really laggy frame rate :( yet
i can run total war games just fine and stuff, got a good computer but
running dolphin slowly :( can u help

Author Riley Rivalle ( ago)
@TheNoobformers: Your starters in the game are Espeon and Umbreon, both.
Later you'll be able to catch other pokémon, including many starters in
their evolved form (Bayleaf, Croconaw etc), and maybe other forms. It's not
like any gameboy game, though it is an RPG.

Author justin engevik ( ago)
link for download ?

Author TheStpatricksday ( ago)
where do i download the game?

Author Dương Phạm Ánh ( ago)
i can't open item?

Author michaelkelller617 ( ago)
can u play this on dolphin with out a gamecube controller?

Author eloy .martín ( ago)
ami me sale warning y nose ke de shalder y es con otro emulador dolphin
svnr r 6438 y al final lo dejo aparte lo de warning y se me peta el juego

Author kelvinaaa ( ago)
how to connect dolphin and vba?? I would like to trade pokemon from gba
emulator to pokemon xd....... could anyone help me??

Author HardElectroIndustry ( ago)
ho-oh and espeon agains 2 rock and water pokemon? lol

Author UnstableSparkey ( ago)
@deezeezs You could just use a torrent eh.

Author omran al othman ( ago)
plz man send me the game :D plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz T_T

Author Jefferson Sales ( ago)
need a good board? because mine is not

Author Milotic1999 ( ago)
Hey, How did you download the game to your PC?

Author Tyler Greene ( ago)
what website do you go to get Save files for the Dolphin Emulator?

Author kuroko1 ( ago)
how save the game?

Author superknuckles1 ( ago)
@bazfeb1234 please post the link to collosseum

Author rowenlovesyou ( ago)
i have a dolphin too but it has no PAD & WIIMOTE where do i get it?

Author Kenny Angle ( ago)
where did you download pokemon colosseum

Author MKTutoriales ( ago)
donde lo descargaste ??

Author honestbob456 ( ago)
nice, you have ho-oh

Author vpandaa360 ( ago)
i download one of the files for pokemon Colosseum then i extract it to its
own folder but when i do this it comes up with'you need a disk' please can
someone help me ? is it just with this game or am i doing something wrong

Author omran al othman ( ago)
on pc?? if it's plzz g me the link man

Author Laser211521 ( ago)
its all slow and choppy, theres a lotta frames being droped

Author carlosfcomen ( ago)
why you have 2 ssbm?

Author SlipperyMole ( ago)
Link for game please, i have this game, but i think its a 64 bit which is
why its slow, ive looked at hundreds of videos about the best configuration
and it makes no difference so i want the 32 bit version. My computer is a
32 bit

Author Damaster524 ( ago)
How would you create a save file for the games on Dolphin?

Author eddieAK907 ( ago)
the description would help so much more with a link to where we can
download it.

Author siepkasps3 ( ago)
do i need to put this on a disk?

Author AftrTheMoment ( ago)
Does anyone have the link?

Author bballer798 ( ago)
my computer runs the game but none of the writing shows up. Anyone know how
to fix it?

Author MatikNa2 ( ago)
I want to play this game for a long time ;/ but my emulator doesen't work

Author Brandonf65 ( ago)
Would you mind uploading your save file? The "MemoryCardA.raw" one. Also,
to all the people asking where to download, the only legitimate answer is
to go buy a GDR drive and copy your already existing games. So stop asking.

Author WhaoIfeelgood ( ago)
my sound fails horribly, my pc is fast enough to play the game 100% but the
sound is all screwed up, it get's stuck or something and then it skips some
frames, really annoying. can you help me?

Author FloraFern ( ago)
how and where do you get a pad and the wiimote?

Author EisBraut ( ago)
e cade o site horiivel nota

Author Tobias Larsen ( ago)
I need a link :)

Author Xaryar A-ry ( ago)
im facing problem in plugins please help me

Author n8rtw ( ago)
where do i get the rom from? can u post a link or add in desc.?

Author Ryner Jay ( ago)
thats alot of games lol

Author Charmed20077 ( ago)
Where did you get the rom?

Author stoopkid80 ( ago)
How do you get it?

Author Mihai Alexandru ( ago)
what its the name of program

Author narutofan4l ( ago)
damn, i can only get it up to 40% never goes past it :( lowest it goes it
like 16 >.<

Author Erek Chernicky ( ago)
@bazfeb1234 i have the same problem. let me know if you fix it

Author Julie Tommo ( ago)
hello you can send me the link of Pokemon Colosseum? i don't found it!

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
ok i got it running now its just a black screen and sometimes i can here
the game but i don't see it

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 ok neproblem every time the screen pops up to play the game it
says FBManager::Create FAIL: Depth Color Texture how do i fix thise

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 is it called DXSDK_Jun10 with an icon with a blue circle with a
yellow x in the middle of it?

Author Duong Lam ( ago)
@Chowder908 Just be friend is enough! Google the word " directx end users
runtime". It should appear as the first found page. The version of this
directx should be 9.29.1962, released on 06/08/10.

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 o and if it works i will 1 subcribe you 2 friend request (if you
want one) 3 thumbs up on all your videos 4 good comments on all your videos

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 ok but just in case i don't find the right one can you send me
the link

Author Duong Lam ( ago)
@Chowder908 No. Just install it in windows.

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 ok do i have to put it in eney spacific folder in the dolphin

Author Duong Lam ( ago)
@Chowder908 Directx End Users Runtime from microsoft. You can google
"latest directx from microsoft". It is released in June 2010. Install it.
Then you can start Dolphin normally

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
@acshina37 were can i get the directx thing and how do i put it on my
dolphin emulator

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
i have downloaded the diectx thing 5 different ones but it still says the

Author Duong Lam ( ago)
@Chowder908 you have to download then install the latest directx to fix the

Author Chowder908 ( ago)
i'm having problems everytime i click on the game it says can't init any
PAD plugins Couldn't init the core. check your configuration how to i fix
it plz help

Author rettep12345 ( ago)
Where 2 download?

Author mancasoko ( ago)
My game speed is 26% and fps is only 7 ... how to speed up ... i use
dolphin R 5474

Author sithsombra ( ago)
Im getting an error problem

Author PaintNETutorial ( ago)
@BottleTop it isnt really slow, it is just slow in this video, because he
has, a bad pc, and he's recording, with takes the speed from the PC. Srsly,
my english sucks, but on my PC it's really fast. I've a gamer PC.

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