Chef Ramsay's Funniest Moments on Kitchen Nightmares UK | COMPILATION

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  • kim taetae
    kim taetae 52 minutes ago

    I wonder what Gordon would do if he sees the guy who made the Lobsters in Extrem Cheepskate.

  • Mr Nice Guy
    Mr Nice Guy 1 hour ago

    3:43 Gordon skates on the trolley

  • MTgamer
    MTgamer 2 hours ago

    They are touching coins when there cooking???? Are you guys stupidly unhygienic

  • LKVideos
    LKVideos 6 hours ago

    3:27 was looking away for a moment, thought he slapped the shit out of one of them

  • Coffieman1234
    Coffieman1234 8 hours ago

    Now why can't the American version be as smooth and well structured as the British version? I'm tired of all the bullshit drama.

  • Vantas Cancerous
    Vantas Cancerous 8 hours ago

    90% of the subs here are for the fucking memes

  • Sean Barrera
    Sean Barrera 10 hours ago

    Gordon has the most sensitive and keen food pallet of all.

  • RamenJunk
    RamenJunk 12 hours ago

    Why is Gordon smoking asparagus in the thumbnail?

  • brooke dobbs
    brooke dobbs 15 hours ago

    "donkeys dick swinging back and forth- gordan ramesy 2017

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 16 hours ago

    Gordon talking about swinging donkey d*cks. Hilarious!

  • Creamated Biscuit
    Creamated Biscuit 19 hours ago

    The U.K. Version is much better. Friendlier, less dramatic, and overall just a butter show

  • RyanAdam Golder
    RyanAdam Golder 19 hours ago

    That piggy bank must be rich now! Lmaooo

  • alex bust
    alex bust 19 hours ago

    2:20 😂

  • Katie Lee Vlogs
    Katie Lee Vlogs 20 hours ago

    everyone in my year hates Ramsay and idky but I fucking love him.

  • Perla Rivera
    Perla Rivera 22 hours ago

    Sounds like a nature documentary 😂😂😂😂

  • ItzFlixx - Agario and More

    Come to my school and taste the food please I despise it so much.

  • BaconIsLife Baby
    BaconIsLife Baby 1 day ago

    ill fuck you gordon

  • Core ART
    Core ART 1 day ago

    7:07 Lord Petyr Baelish reporting to the kitchen!

  • Tom K
    Tom K 1 day ago


  • TSU Beast
    TSU Beast 1 day ago

    Ramsay finds water disgusting

  • Nicholas Heath
    Nicholas Heath 1 day ago

    2:05 Seeing some serious Robin Williams vibes there

  • Dead Soul
    Dead Soul 1 day ago

    D O N K E Y

  • M Trujillo
    M Trujillo 1 day ago

    imagine having the best chef in the world come to your restaurant eat your food and he vomits right after eating it infront of you

  • yue wen
    yue wen 1 day ago

    sci fi sperm????

  • Lazzer wolf
    Lazzer wolf 1 day ago

    wich episode of kitchen nightmares is this

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 1 day ago

    Rough in the start, but that chef was one of the best potential chefs I've seen in the entire series!

    FALCON FTW 1 day ago

    yor face looks like freaken but

    FALCON FTW 1 day ago

    you are freaken peace of shit

    FALCON FTW 1 day ago

    can you do any better

    FALCON FTW 1 day ago

    wow you are bitch cus your not thankful for the food you have

  • Art Lover 101
    Art Lover 101 1 day ago

    The piggy bank was actually a REALLY good idea!

  • Leah Luna
    Leah Luna 1 day ago

    The U.K. Version seems so much harsher than the American one because there's no music to soften the swear words, and we don't dare censor Ramsay 😂

  • Ghostzlayer00
    Ghostzlayer00 1 day ago

    3:53 That old guy was like "Wtf??"

  • Good Old Dragon
    Good Old Dragon 1 day ago

    "Someone get him a drink."

  • xXMINOXx
    xXMINOXx 1 day ago

    who else clicked on this video because they thought gorden vomited

  • Furoki fur
    Furoki fur 1 day ago

    Ramsay is a saint and he curses like a demon.

  • Illuminatus Illumini Illuminati

    If I had one penny for every time Ramsay got mad or cursed I'd be rich.

  • David Solt
    David Solt 2 days ago

    that supermarket looks odd

  • Naejah Wallace
    Naejah Wallace 2 days ago

    3:42 i knew there was a little kids in you

  • Christian Santas
    Christian Santas 2 days ago

    UK version seems more ”real”

  • Glacier The Ice Dragon

    Gordon never gets sick.

  • Misty Stewart
    Misty Stewart 2 days ago

    okay now Ramsey just being over dramatic and he needs to be thankful that he is able to eat

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man 2 days ago

    Sci-Fi Sperm

  • Matthew Flores
    Matthew Flores 2 days ago

    have you sat around a donkeys dick. if you have gimme a like

  • Jack Strandberg
    Jack Strandberg 2 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like he's trying to hold in a projectile puke

  • Arren Goh
    Arren Goh 2 days ago

    "sci fi sperm"

  • Cadaver The Crapfest

    Smoking asparagus

    That's the greatest cute comical thing I've seen on Gordon Ramsay's show

  • hyphz
    hyphz 2 days ago

    Did they use music from Deus Ex Machina 2??

  • Little Monochrome
    Little Monochrome 2 days ago

    Ok but the way he slides around on that cart made me laugh cause I do the same exact fucking thing.

  • The Cute Cupcakes
    The Cute Cupcakes 2 days ago

    Gordon: throws up Chef: That makes me want to throw up Me: Then do not look at him Omfg


    you fucking donkeys

  • luis salaberts
    luis salaberts 2 days ago

    That lady Ramsey goes to the market she hot I'll do her

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 2 days ago

    0:25 Can i forego the meal and just have the girl, thank you.

  • Jeffery Li
    Jeffery Li 2 days ago

    "OK, so every time I swear, I put a penny in the jar." 1minute later..... "damn, I'm broke!"

  • Nasteha Cabdi
    Nasteha Cabdi 2 days ago

    Why did he have to say a donkeys dick

  • George Nicholls
    George Nicholls 2 days ago


  • Event Hʘriךּon
    Event Hʘriךּon 2 days ago

    you know shit is about to get real when ramsey busts out a swear jar

  • Frank Underwood
    Frank Underwood 2 days ago

    Gordon smokes like a rookie

  • Miguel Casas Arrojo

    5:03 She´s about to cry

  • B. Emma
    B. Emma 2 days ago

    If I was once chillin' in a supermarket and saw Gordon shopping as well, I'd get a f**king heart attack like that old man almost did when he tapped him on the shoulder.

  • Thayne Solcher
    Thayne Solcher 2 days ago

    I really love the moments of Ramsay being hopeful and inspiring, because it contrasts so well with all the times he deals with these awful people and their terrible Ideals.

    That last clip is the kind of thing that makes me think some people aren't awful, even if they look it at first.

  • Oddly Satisfyíng
    Oddly Satisfyíng 2 days ago

    Ramsay: "Fucking donkeys dicks swinging in their faces".
    The Chef: Trying not to laugh!!!
    Me: LMAO!!!!

  • sheta luta
    sheta luta 3 days ago

    he would be better if hw wouldn't use "spam-impure "words ! that is the bad thing in him.

  • North Nightowl
    North Nightowl 3 days ago

    6:27 its hard to break a habit of a life time 😂

  • Spoods
    Spoods 3 days ago

    Ramsay was hitting a blunt in the thumbnail

  • Chloe P
    Chloe P 3 days ago

    I love how Gordon managed the chef in the last clip, putting a jar out do that he has to pay up if he smoked, and I love how Gordon got involved with it too

  • BobTheBacon
    BobTheBacon 3 days ago

    holy shit the UK version is so much better

  • R King
    R King 3 days ago

    he spit and swallow

  • FreakinHobbs
    FreakinHobbs 3 days ago

    A day in the life with lahwf.

  • Eelis Lehtinen
    Eelis Lehtinen 3 days ago

    ahead main insurance xctooil file football diplomatic reject friend

  • Blythe Guvenen
    Blythe Guvenen 3 days ago

    Ramsay trying not to swear is like a fish trying not to swim

  • James grant
    James grant 3 days ago

    This dude is a fucking Savage 😂😂

  • Georgia Skinner
    Georgia Skinner 3 days ago

    One time my cafeteria served us one corn dog and some beans. That was all we got to eat we had to buy anything extra.

  • hellfireansulfer
    hellfireansulfer 3 days ago

    fish cakes at sushi express are good. It's like almost sweet with spicy mustard sauce or something

    AIBAS BNG 3 days ago

    hes saying the f word too much its annoying

  • quafeen
    quafeen 3 days ago

    2:20 "well it's our wow factor" "THAT'S A WOW FACTOR?!?"

  • akshay sharma
    akshay sharma 3 days ago

    Sci fi sperm. I am dead.

  • Fahd Farooq
    Fahd Farooq 3 days ago

    i think ramsay went broke after this XD

  • dingFAching
    dingFAching 3 days ago

    What's that song that plays at 8:17 when they start smoking the asparagus?

  • Jojo Mormile
    Jojo Mormile 3 days ago

    Gordan looked like a kid at the supermarket that wants to play xbox

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson 3 days ago

    he's like a child with a trolley 3:42 xD

  • Alles Gute
    Alles Gute 3 days ago


  • John Mellon
    John Mellon 3 days ago

    Lol, I love that woman at the beginning who's backing up Ramsey.

  • Rinfernal Masuka
    Rinfernal Masuka 3 days ago

    The guy at 2:06 looks like Neville Longbottom

  • Uwot Mate
    Uwot Mate 4 days ago

    not funny.

  • Noob Life
    Noob Life 4 days ago

    The Donkey Dick swinging in your face is the wow factor lolololololol

  • Trotem
    Trotem 4 days ago

    im really scared of Gordon

  • Willow Scott
    Willow Scott 4 days ago

    Fuck me... 😐 p.s. fucking donkey dick

  • mike jakob
    mike jakob 4 days ago

    5:24 they say gordon lost over 40 pounds that day

  • bryan ho
    bryan ho 4 days ago

    I'll tell you that the f*cking subtitles suck a bison's dick. f*ck off upstairs

  • Stefan Athersych
    Stefan Athersych 4 days ago

    "sci-fi sperm"

  • TheKillerTaco
    TheKillerTaco 4 days ago

    How does Gordon know what sperm tastes like???

  • Verbal Dk
    Verbal Dk 4 days ago

    Donkey Dicks are hilarious... If I was owner, I would change the name of the meal to Donkey Dick on menu cards. I would even consider to rename restaurant to DoDi.

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 4 days ago

    LMFAO 2:18-2:25

  • Jawson Maple
    Jawson Maple 4 days ago


  • Superness Awesomeness

    Jesus Christ this guy is actually a god

  • Aldusha
    Aldusha 4 days ago

    "Hello my name is NINOOOOOOOOOOO"

  • Orli Akpo
    Orli Akpo 4 days ago


  • rogelio olivaresa
    rogelio olivaresa 4 days ago

    UK version > US version only cause fuck the overly suspenseful music in the US version

  • ok ko
    ok ko 4 days ago

    That whistle at 8:09 got me screaming 😂

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