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Author Milton Lewis (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Tiffany Bell (3 months)
I luv this song when I'm down it helps me because everyone needs God to
show them the way awesome..

Author Demetrius Banks (1 year)
So amazing. I grew up on this music and still Love it. Show me The Way
Lord. Sang Robert!!

Author mzbabygirl32 (4 years)
@mkdken LOL! Mkdken you know it's the truth..

Author Charles Gardiner (3 years)
Hey could you put up all of the songs from this concert i would really
appreciate it

Author nicole lamb (5 years)
I love this song =)

Author Gwendolyn Hillard (3 years)
@prettygah12 Where did you purchase the DVD?

Author apachette07 (3 years)
My daddy used to sing with them sometimes. And there is a video of him
singing this very song on Youtube. He passed away on the 29th of April and
this was his favorite song to sing. He loved Willie Neal and I loved my
daddy. Thanks for uploading this.

Author Wisteria Webb-Robinson (4 years)
@pannellctp I am a huge Willie Neal Johnson fan and I want to know if you
know where I can get this DVD.

Author Eddie Dat Dude T (3 years)
my grandma has tha whole vhs type of this

Author lashuan1980 (4 years)
Also,you can hear this song from The Keynotes album "HE BROUGHT ME JOY" and
you will definitely love the new guys called The 7 Sons Of Soul singing
tribute song to Willie Neal and The Keynotes,and the young guys are
good...god bless.

Author PopRocksV (5 years)
Someone in this building gonna need you....

Author TheAdawg32 (2 years)
omg my pastor at my church sing this on sunday.

Author 1987corine (4 years)
RIP willie neal johnson... Representing Tyler, Texas that's my hometown

Author electicwizlive (4 years)
Do you have the video thats my son from this same concert?,."A Good
Mama",.. Willie really put it down doing that by himself (without Paul).
Can you please post it if you do?. God Bless. Love those Keynotes!

Author Clarence Washington (3 years)
As I'm going through now, this is my prayer. "Show me the way."

Author JayDrummerBoy (4 years)
please post "Thats My Son" and "You Cant Make It To Heaven" from this
concert..and Lord Ill Do

Author David Mclean (3 years)
willie was and still is my man.

Author jordanthechow . (4 years)
God is good yall an he will definately show us the way to the kingdom of

Author mike wilkes (3 years)
please we need to keep this music alive post as many videos as we can,
everybody todays so called gospel music is destroying the true message

Author lol029770 (5 years)
does anyone know wat kind of bass larry mccowin has on this recording

Author LaShonne Darnell (2 years)
Amen brother......

Author lol029770 (5 years)
@JayDrummerBoy pannellctp has posted all the songs because they have the
dvd "he brought the joy" and this song was on there but if u want more off
of that recording check out your record store the name of this recording is
"Live in Jackson,MS at Jackson State University"

Author mickeyforu26 (3 years)
we sing this in our church it brings the power of god in i love it

Author prettygah12 (3 years)
this is like my favorite line up of the gospel keynotes like ever! I have
the DVD and VHS to this concert, and this is my favorite concert ever :)
All of them are my favorites but jeff and robert were my favorites :) lol
R.I.P to Willie and Geno they're missed we need more gospel like this I
grew up on this type of stuff when my late grandaddy would play

Author D.L.1779 (5 years)
thanks for putting it back on youtube this my fav. song

Author Gwendolyn Hillard (3 years)
@prettygah12 THANK YOUUU!!!!

Author mrmelody26 (4 years)
sang willie

Author rabmusic (4 years)
@lol29770 the bass seems to be a Kramer aluminum neck model (or custom
version). He played it for years.

Author mzbabygirl32 (4 years)
I love me some Willie Neal Johnson. He is right you have to get ugly for
the Lord.. Yes Yes Lord, please show me the way.

Author prettygah12 (3 years)
@gcw15 your welcome :)

Author J Elias (4 years)
This is the Gospel Keynotes Live at Jackson State University. I absolutely
love that whole video. Its a must have if you are a quartet lover as I am.

Author deterrion jackson (2 years)
is this eddie murphy father?

Author WILLIAM KING (4 years)

Author Angelina (4 years)
I love diz group n plz LORD show me da way can't do it all by myself
without ur help

Author lashuan1980 (4 years)
This is the first song that i heard at a gospel singing when i was 9 years
old sung by the The Sensational Melotones from Somerset,New Jersey and they
was good..

Author Darrius Hollins (3 years)
SANG JEFFERY! lol That was my favorite line when he allow Jeffery the
background singer lead a song.

Author Le'Shawn TR (3 years)
Robert died?..when and how?

Author prettygah12 (3 years)
@gcw15 I purchased it on netflix

Author Le'Shawn TR (2 years)
yea i didn't think he was i was just asking the question cause i see the
name Robert and Gino up there with RIP believe me im not trying to kill no
body off, i met him in Durham NC years ago when they performed im a huge
fan of him

Author gwenettasumling (3 years)
My, My , My! My aunt use to go to these concerts and get the videos of all
of these great legendary singers. And it has been over 20 years since I saw
these videos. Love it

Author JayDrummerBoy (5 years)
Moreeee from this tape!

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