Naats "Mere Aqa aao k muddat hui hai" (Shehryar Khan)

Listen Na'at "mere Aqa Ao ke muddat hui hai" in melodeous voice of brother Shehryar Khan

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 7:20
Comments: 73

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Author jamof80 (7 years)
I used to listen this naat many times in one go but never want to stop
it.This guy got tremandeous effect in his voice.ALLAH bless him bles
him.Thanks you mate.

Author nadeemjp (6 years)
masha allhah jzak allaha dear brothers any body plz reply me the place
where this mehfil don

Author trustpeepz (7 years)
mahsallah.. whoever this is.. has a beautifull voice.

Author Mohammed Zafran (2 years)
SubhanALLAH-Pain in the voice

Author jamof80 (6 years)

Author khtanaz (7 years)

Author jtippu (7 years)
mashallah, subhanallah he got such a pain in his voice, brought tears into
my eyes instantly far better read and painful than the original by Shahbaz
Qamar Fareedi. can I download it somewhere in audio format (MP3, wma)?

Author imanumeed (7 years)

Author Attiq Tahiri (6 years)

Author Sajni Jii (7 years)
Masha Allah.bohat khobsurat naat he or apki awaz b bohat nice he.God bless

Author Rexdale1801 (5 years)
Mashallahh! Does anyone know where i can get a mp3 or the video itself?.i
want to upload it to my ipod..if u can help that'll be greatly appreciated..

Author Abieha Khawaja (6 years)
bohot aala Jazak Allah u khayrun

Author Yasir Nawaz (7 years)
allah aip ko jezaiy khier dy.

Author Fassi piya (7 years)
You have deep pain in your voice. May ALLAH bless you. fassi (dublin)ireland

Author bilal3636 (4 years)

Author rizi khan (7 years)
Masha' Allah his voice is perfect and gives releif to the listners. How it
is possible to get this Naat in MP3 format? Khan

Author Mohammed Zafran (2 years)

Author farali786 (7 years)
Jazak Allah, Bohot khoobsorat awaz hai aapki bhai. U got so much pain in
your voice, mashallah, pata chalta hai ke yeh dil ki awaaz hai. Keep it up
and post more stuff of yours. Inshallah

Author ShahSuper5 (4 years)
keep it up subhanallah

Author haidar786 (7 years)
subhan allah ahsan al jazza

Author dardetanhai (3 years)
MashALLAH. he read so beautifully ....i am just lovin it ......subhanALLAH

Author geemanigee (6 years)
Subhan Allah! Masha Allah! Jazak Allah! Kiya hia mazay aye ga agar yehi
naat Jab "Shehryar Khan" Sahib bolay aur un per Ishq-e-Nabi (SAW)Ka Rang
Bhi Chara ho ga. (Insha Allah) Sony pe sohaga Phir "Yeh Dil Jab sey
Ishq-e-Nabi main Para Ha" Ka LUTF he kuch aur ho ga. AAmin! Can Anyone tell
this msg to "Shehryar Khan" Sahib

Author kisidin2007 (6 years)

Author sincerman (6 years)
Mashallah brother..i love ur voice im pray for u..God blees u brother im
living in ireland every morrning im listening ur naat....thnaks man.

Author Adeel Bashir (7 years)
subhan like u...i like..this naat...i like all da
peoples......i like...all da muslims.......i like
...everyone.....keep...that up.....ALLAH humare madad karein.

Author PunjabiFighters (5 years)

Author freedomsww (7 years)
MASHALLAH.. I just cant get enough of this naat.. the more i listen to it
the more i love it, ALLAH has given him sucha great, sweat voice which
touch the soul. Plz brother i wud really appriciate it if u cant upload
more naats by sheheryar brother. "May ALLAH BLESS MUSLIM UMMAH AND ALWAYS

Author Sadi Sidra (5 years)
Subhanallah bohat achi naat or bohat achi avaz hy keep it up Shaheryar bhai

Author Sheroze Ali (1 year)
subhan'allah really heart touching. beautiful voice. this seriously made me

Author zwaqas20032 (7 years)
nice very nice

Author hifdjjl (5 years)
brother Salam, This is Shaheryar Khan and I have recited this naat. First
time I have appeared my self in this area. I like your comments and
inshallah I will care about it next time. I really appreciate u. God bless
u and please pray for me.

Author Rexdale1801 (4 years)
heart warming naat..simply calms down the soul...MASHALLAH!!

Author Mehmood Siddiqui (7 years)

Author Tooba J (5 years)
Mashalllah, bohat khubhsorat awaz he, mujhe apne khalo yaad aaye, unki bhi
subhanallah se bohat khubsurat awaz hey!

Author jamof80 (7 years)
u r topman.i proud on u.plz upload any other naat by u. ALLAH bless u.

Author Muhammad Ajmal Khan (7 years)
MAy Sha Allah

Author manicheeta (7 years)
SUBHAAN-ALLAH.. may allah bless all of muslim ummah

Author zeshan ali (7 years)
MashaLLAh Brother this is awsome ,May GOD bless us like these kind of young
naat khwans. JazakALLAH

Author Salu Balu (7 years)
wow mashallah

Author Adeel Ahmad (4 years)
Masha Allah. Unable to stop my tears.

Author funkyasscrack (2 years)
Simply praising the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Author kartooos (7 years)
mashaallah just wonderful

Author PL4Y3R5 (5 years)
best voice mashallah. where is he from

Author LightOfMustafa (5 years)
nice voice, but please respect the adaab of rasulullah (s). Next time, wear
a hat on your head at least if not the beard.

Author LightOfMustafa (5 years)
w/salaam. thanks for the feedback. sorry if my previous comment was a bit
harsh, but good to see that you understand. May Allah bless you brother.

Author safdar150 (3 years)

Author younm004 (7 years)
MASHALAH..janab.. may ALLAH bless you....bohat achi awaz hai app ki..

Author fuqeedecent (6 years)

Author Yasir Nawaz (7 years)
very spirtuall voice

Author Tamour Hassan (4 years)

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