MadeinTYO - Skateboard P ft. Big Sean

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  • games games
    games games 1 day ago


  • Zoey Brooks
    Zoey Brooks 2 days ago

    dont judge but i feel big sean made this song a whole lot better💙💙

  • Baba's yiros
    Baba's yiros 3 days ago

    Anyone thing he stole yo gotti's from Down in the DMs ??

    THE TRUTH 3 days ago

    This guy looks like a ventriloquist's dummy..

  • TruePro$
    TruePro$ 3 days ago

    MadeinTYO look like Big Sean's little brother

  • jk and dk nation
    jk and dk nation 4 days ago

    lit bru 💥💥💥💵💵💵💵

  • Goob Reviews
    Goob Reviews 4 days ago

    madeintyo is shorter than my penis

  • alfred buhl
    alfred buhl 5 days ago

    audio vizulizer on chroma keyboard is the shit on this music!

  • Zyleak
    Zyleak 5 days ago

    2017 quality to 2000 crap toaster quality

  • Swish Productions
    Swish Productions 6 days ago

    his collar is taller than him

  • alex pinedo
    alex pinedo 6 days ago

    this guy is like 4ft nothing

  • Hanson Lu
    Hanson Lu 6 days ago

    what song in the beginning lmao

  • Jordan Kunkel
    Jordan Kunkel 7 days ago

    what was that song that played in the beginning?

  • Alpynii
    Alpynii 7 days ago

    is this slim jxmmy ?

  • christan scruggs
    christan scruggs 7 days ago

    im the 1000th comment

  • levi
    levi 8 days ago

    how did no one in comments talk about TYO big ass forehead on thumbnail

  • Swizi
    Swizi 8 days ago

    dear blacks

    please keep your ghettoness out of skateboarding

  • L U N A I R E F I N E


  • L U N A I R E F I N E

    XXL my nigga show diz nigga your in unique​ 🌊

  • Rice Dogg
    Rice Dogg 9 days ago

    MadeinTYO looking 14 in these vids

  • Yamanashi Takanawa
    Yamanashi Takanawa 9 days ago

    You know you short as shit when big Sean looks tall compared to you

  • Cache Knock
    Cache Knock 9 days ago

    Uzi × Swae Lee hybrid.

  • Krystion B
    Krystion B 9 days ago

    That big ass forehead Madeinyto, Damn. "You don't have dreams, you have movies"😰

  • Sam B
    Sam B 9 days ago

    so glad he made it to 2017xxl freshman class

  • RoseMary Flawful
    RoseMary Flawful 10 days ago

    first thing I saw was his forehead

  • T&T KIKS
    T&T KIKS 11 days ago

    r u trying to rhyme?

  • Roug Empr
    Roug Empr 11 days ago

    anyone else notice that midgets are amazing rappers?

    FAZE SAVAGE 11 days ago

    Not to be mean or anything but is that guy a midget

  • Tim Hardaway Jr
    Tim Hardaway Jr 11 days ago

    This should be way popular

  • Silvian Virvescu
    Silvian Virvescu 11 days ago

    This nigga is shorter than his own career

  • Silvian Virvescu
    Silvian Virvescu 11 days ago

    Nigga looks so short

  • Samantha Blues
    Samantha Blues 11 days ago


  • Someone who loves anime Bb

    Here before 1M

  • ItsZuri
    ItsZuri 11 days ago

    1 like = loyal fan
    sub=goodlook for years
    both= millionaire 💴

  • Joshua Garibay
    Joshua Garibay 11 days ago

    what was the intro song?

  • alexxandfreddyx molina

    Xxtentacion was on the music

    MIKEDOES 12 days ago

    how did this guy get to have big sean on his track.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 12 days ago

    Lol big Sean looks more like a kid then before

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K 12 days ago

    What I dont understand, Is why hasnt this got more views and why has MadeInTYOVEVO have more subs. This is honestly one of the best songs these days.

  • Lolo Bs Kda
    Lolo Bs Kda 13 days ago

    intro song plz

  • Mr_Deluxe_Edish
    Mr_Deluxe_Edish 13 days ago

    That Pastel jacket!

  • Dominic Figueroa
    Dominic Figueroa 13 days ago

    Only time when you see don with a grill

  • NizieForce
    NizieForce 14 days ago


  • ivan dennis
    ivan dennis 14 days ago

    midgets anthem

  • Deshawn Smile
    Deshawn Smile 14 days ago

    niggas move to the bay and steal our slang like everybody else

  • Andrew Ruiz
    Andrew Ruiz 15 days ago

    Big Sean came on the beat hard asf tho bruh

  • joey boes
    joey boes 15 days ago

    this is underrated

  • malachi jackson
    malachi jackson 15 days ago


  • Oswaldo Hernandez
    Oswaldo Hernandez 16 days ago

    song at 00:14 please someone I need help finding that song

  • Dominic Figueroa
    Dominic Figueroa 16 days ago

    1:45 when your mom yellin at you in your face

    CTRAIN BEATS 16 days ago

    yo i make chill beats sometimes if you've got a moment - much love to you comment readers ! scroll gang

  • Hector Soria
    Hector Soria 17 days ago

    is he actually a dwarf or shorter than the average male

  • Anna Garcia
    Anna Garcia 17 days ago

    Damm the car they sitting on for big seans verse reminds me of the car off of back to the future lol

  • Cody Morrissey
    Cody Morrissey 17 days ago

    welcoming all retards : this shit sucks

  • Cody Morrissey
    Cody Morrissey 17 days ago


  • YoungGodMai
    YoungGodMai 18 days ago

    1.XO TOUR LIF3:Lil Uzi Vert

  • Ratu Tuisawau
    Ratu Tuisawau 18 days ago


  • Nuclear Potato
    Nuclear Potato 18 days ago

    big sean went in

  • OG.Dessy
    OG.Dessy 18 days ago

    this deserves more views tf

  • FlipZ
    FlipZ 18 days ago

    Madeintyo makes big Sean look like the hulk

  • Powchain S
    Powchain S 18 days ago

    Jesus peice are my favorite piece to be rapper or being rich have real ones to be real one

  • Thewayoftheroll
    Thewayoftheroll 19 days ago

    The different between how deep their voice hit me hard I don't even know why lol

  • Relegence
    Relegence 19 days ago

    Lyrics are trash but the beat is fire

  • Youtuber (not)
    Youtuber (not) 19 days ago

    this song is fire even though MadeInTYO seems like hes 4'5"

  • Saniah Suarez
    Saniah Suarez 19 days ago

    Whoever says this is trash needs a life sry if I hurt your feelings 😬😞

  • Yahshua Martinez
    Yahshua Martinez 19 days ago

    This song is so Underrated.

  • Selene Garcia
    Selene Garcia 19 days ago

    this song go hard but I wouldn't have clicked the video if it didn't say ft big sean

  • azfanatic44
    azfanatic44 20 days ago

    nice to see him blow up finally

  • Stayfriendly lul
    Stayfriendly lul 20 days ago

    this nigga sucks

  • jelonswagg
    jelonswagg 20 days ago


  • Christian P
    Christian P 20 days ago

    I like the track. The beat is crazy, but damn...them white bitches in the back can't dance at all.

  • Keyon Roberts
    Keyon Roberts 20 days ago

    tyo short as a mf

  • sky fina
    sky fina 21 day ago

    madeintyo deadass looks like metro boomin

  • Dawson Luciano
    Dawson Luciano 21 day ago

    What that song in the beginning

  • Lanιѕe Danιelѕ
    Lanιѕe Danιelѕ 21 day ago

    whats the name of the song in the beggining

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 21 day ago

    1:35 tell me why dude with the glasses look like PontiacMadeDDG

  • feat. Waka
    feat. Waka 22 days ago

    im realizing this is really like a set with actors

  • Legendary King
    Legendary King 22 days ago

    this song is not a hit

  • Joshua Lorenzo Del Rosario

    this mv deserves more views...

  • evan mathis
    evan mathis 22 days ago

    u know what's weird me and this guy have the same birthday

  • KamiKavi
    KamiKavi 22 days ago

    big Sean like the big brother helping his lil baby brother

  • Jacob Conner
    Jacob Conner 22 days ago

    tis is lit

  • Kendrick Lacle
    Kendrick Lacle 22 days ago

    One hit wonder

    • Wow
      Wow 19 days ago

      Kendrick Lacle Über Everywhere is a hit tho wyd

  • Soccer Fan Listening To Rock

    TraceUrban! hahaha

  • Everardo  Padilla
    Everardo Padilla 22 days ago

    this deserves more attention

  • Aj58
    Aj58 22 days ago

    you're for head is bigger than my future

  • david abdo
    david abdo 22 days ago

    lil uzi wanna be

  • Axion Galaxy
    Axion Galaxy 22 days ago

    see bruh people like this need more subs very underrated

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 22 days ago

    skateboard P = PALACE?

  • RyGuy
    RyGuy 22 days ago

    Who's here before 500,000 views?

  • Tyronn Lue
    Tyronn Lue 23 days ago

    too bad this never blew up

  • Jack 47
    Jack 47 23 days ago

    The flex with the pastelle jacket

  • shortstackJMD96
    shortstackJMD96 23 days ago

    Tokyo got the body of a 7 year old.

  • reebokfanatic
    reebokfanatic 23 days ago

    man needed big sean and still aint got 1mill lmao

  • yungmatt009
    yungmatt009 23 days ago

    A nigga thought that was Markelle Fultz in the thumbnail

  • ragii
    ragii 23 days ago

    I thought the real Pharrell was back :'(

  • imlilbox
    imlilbox 23 days ago

    Somtimes madeinTYO be looking 18, somtimes he be looking like he 30

  • firaasmy gls
    firaasmy gls 23 days ago

    what is the name of the song at the start

  • Sayntp FazhionTM
    Sayntp FazhionTM 24 days ago

    This song was so dope as hell and l like the vid as well

  • terri brannon
    terri brannon 24 days ago

    here before 1 million views

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