GIMP tutorials photo editing - Background Removal
GIMP 2.6 tutorial for beginners - Background Removal. This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to remove the background from an image. The tips and tricks in this tutorial can be useful for other drawings as well. GIMP version 2.6.11 was used for this video.

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Author Lon W. ( ago)
Excellent. Went through a couple of your other lessons quite a while back
because I was not ready for this one. Let some time pass to let the wave
calm in my brain. Went back into GIMP and did some stuff on my own just
playing around. Let that smooth/calm. Tonight I watched this video and will
let it absorb over a sleep. Am ready for this now. Do not know what it is
about with my memory, but I understand now?!?
Originally loaded the GIMP software to learn back ground removal. Couldn't
really understand this vid for some odd reason... since this time has
passed, while watching this video the second or fifth time, seems as though
I will be able to do background changes. Thanks for the upload, hey?

Author Clark Goodrich ( ago)
Wow. Great presentation! Thank you.

Author JoshHowarthGaming ( ago)

Author Sandy Shadowcatcher ( ago)
Thank you so much! This was detailed and easy to follow. It really made a
difference for me!!

Author CyesEye ( ago)
Excellent tutorial with easy to follow instructions. Also appreciate the
lack of distracting comments which have nothing to do with the subject.
Same with lack noises such as clearing of throat, sniffing etc. 5 stars all
the way.

Author Ice Mbj ( ago)
I'm kind of beginner of using Gimp. When i found this video, i was like
"okay i think i will need it" and then it turned out to be some kind of
rocket science :s

Author mariusz nowak ( ago)
Great video thanx

Author mark weber ( ago)
I am just starting with using GIMP software wished I had seen this two
weeks ago

Author januaryman ( ago)
That was amazing! Thank youso much. I will try this out ASAP.

Author Erick Killian ( ago)
Perfect!!! Thank you for the assist!!! GIMP is starting to become my new
best friend!!!

Author drake i ( ago)
Just discovered ANOTHER problem. When I use the color picker, the color it
chooses is NOT EVEN the same color (much darker!!!) WTH? But here's
something else: I opened a different file to see if it would do the same
thing, but NOTHING WAS WORKING. It was as if there was a "lock" on the file
and the program wouldn't let me do ANYTHING!! (Well, I could enlarge the
view, but no other editing tools were working.) THIS IS DRIVING ME

Author drake i ( ago)
Can someone HELP??? I must have hit a wrong button, because when I "zoom"
in I don't get a sharp picture, I get one with hazy, jagged "pixel"
squares. This wasn't happening before; it just started. Any ideas what I
did wrong??? PLEASE!!!

Author Blu Femscout (Shooting Starz) ( ago)
Thanks a lot! And you sounded like the guy who spoke in Source Filmmaker

Author The Radman ( ago)
wow, you've made it so much easier for me - thanks

Author MasiPlaySRB ( ago)
Help me!When i click delete background is black not transparent!

Author desouki1 ( ago)
short, clear, understandable - simply said: a masterly made tutorial.

Author Vegard Hanssen (enkii) ( ago)
I could not delete the alpha layer not matter what I tried. Finally I just
right clicked on the image and chose "Cut". That worked like a charm. Good

Author Crescent Transit 54 ( ago)
I need help removing the bike rack bus picture anyone hope the web helps

Author khalid Ayoub ( ago)
Excellent tutorial

Author Elle Casey ( ago)
This was a big help. Thanks!

Author Van Rhodes (270 years ago)
Very helpful and well done. Thx

Author Pascale Janssens ( ago)
Formidable, merci beaucoup.

Author Rickbischoff Transmit ( ago)
thnx!!! ...again :)

Author KG x Heretic ( ago)
Wow, gimp is shit, all that effort to get rid of a fucking background,
should be something simple like object select etc

Author Nanzulov (1818 years ago)
Luv you.

Author Ellay Branton ( ago)
So easy to follow! I've had to stick to finding similarly lit images so the
separation is easier, but still, this was so much better than a lot of the
other tutorials. They go too fast for a newb like me!

Author SkillCult ( ago)
excellent, thank you.

Author Wheaten Karma Gaming ( ago)
Thank you so much for this!

Author The Viewing Experience ( ago)
Very clear tutorial, nice to listen to aswell. Thanks for this!

Author DGsilverfox ( ago)
Never thought it could be that simple Thanks a lot. 100%

Author Brad Wood ( ago)
Thank you so much. 

Author Serenity Silver ( ago)
Finding the layers, paths.... tab you have set up on the right is where
I've been stuck for weeks of watching this. Toggling between removing the
background layer without those options has proved "impossible".

Author Wizard Homer ( ago)
Its amazing how frustrated I get when not getting these things to work. Im
at the edge of throwing the monitor out of the window! And I see myself as
a calm person.

Author Ndjb Lbd ( ago)
best how to - thank you

Author Patrick Farnon ( ago)
Nice one, intelligently explained in detail,step by step.

Author G Nagy ( ago)
Very clearly explained. Thank you.

Author Helene Kierkegaard ( ago)
Thank you! Amazing tutorial! 

Author MrLightPanda ( ago)

Author Jorge Quintero Project ( ago)
Great!!! Thank you.

Author TALENTguyDOTCOM ( ago)
Very useful video. thanks!!

Author dianclay ( ago)
Thank you slow enough to see what you clicked and the view was readable to
see what the buttons looked like...not like some I have tried to learn from
again Gret and clear instruction vidio WATCH THIS ONE!

Author Gebel Baucham ( ago)
This was UNBELIEVABLY helpful! Thank you so much for this.

Author Tutterzoid ( ago)
Thanks for sharing! You make it look so easy :)

Author Louise Richey ( ago)

Author William Jones ( ago)
thank you so much omg 

Author Arindam Das ( ago)
Thank you sir, excellent tutorial.

Author saddika hishan ( ago)
exellent work

Author snoozz336 ( ago)
When I press the delete key it does absolutely nothing.

Author delirious44 ( ago)
how do I alternate between 2 images I'm cropping and layering on gimp , for
instance I upload one image and crop it then I open another image as a
layer and crop that how do I go back to the original image? 

Author nuevo ( ago)
amazing tutorial. clear, simple and to the point.

Author Babji Karri ( ago)
Excellent video,congratulations on the clarity and economy of explanation.

Author t britt ( ago)
Where is your tutorial on how to repast that image onto a new background?

Author t britt ( ago)
This was very helpful thanks

Author Joshua Wade ( ago)
Exactly what I wanted :-)

Author Captain Keith Godfrey ( ago)
This is the right way to do a tutorial! Clear accurate no mumbling no
cursor flashing everywhere ... what a change from so much stuff on so
called tutorials well done ! and thank you 

Author Monica Roberts ( ago)
That is so MANY steps. Is there an easier way to remove the backgroud on
photo's that are not as detailed? 

Author Johnny The Blaze ( ago)

I'm so glad & happy you took me thur this process.
Now this will help me so much better than erase the background inch by
Supurb Excellant ...........thanks

Author Ex. Gamer ( ago)
nice tutorial. thanks

Author gimposer ( ago)
Thank you for doing this tut... this is awesome... cheers...

Author Goatsheep Creep ( ago)
omg thank you this helped me so much i could figure out how to make an
image transparent and you saved me

Author Black Spurr ( ago)
The image layer (without the black) is a free floating object without a
background, so you could paste the ostrich into your selfie if you wanted.

Author Neil Antonio ( ago)
So, I understood the tutorial. But, one question I have - After doing all
of this, are you able to snag that image and paste it onto a different

Author antuan734 ( ago)
How to fix a transition from picture to background so that it doesn't show
as a pasted on image? This video here is good, but not exactly what I need.

Author Publish N Prosper ( ago)
Very helpful, hopefully I can remember everything or else I'll have to view
it again.

Author Neil Moorhead ( ago)
Wonderfully clear and very easy to understand. 

Author kave mustermann ( ago)
Thank you so much :)

Author Cedy B ( ago)
What I liked about this tutorial was the clarity and the time to explain.
Most tutorials especially for beginners assume that the student has a basic
knowledge and thus the student is lost almost immediately. I liked this
tutorial because it only assumed one thing and that was when almost at the
end, the 'Delete Key' was mentioned. I know this may seen picky but for a
total beginner like myself this did give me a problem. Now I know how to
delete by checking elsewhere my problem was solved.
I only add this comment because I used to teach the those with learning
difficulties and with them you don't assume anything with the first lesson.
I truly hope you don't mind me mentioning this.

Author Nathan Bash ( ago)
When you used the airbrush tool it did nothing from the looks of it.

Author Sarah Elizabeth ( ago)
Bloody amazing video!

Author brett dull ( ago)
That is slick.. you described it perfectly.. and when this method will work.
Thanks for the info!

Author Swindon Canary ( ago)
Plain and simple, just as I like it !

Author Jenbatoong Luong (642 years ago)
I couldn't agree more with other comments regarding how it is so easy to
follow the step. The demonstration is easy to understand and follow. The
explanation is clear, detail, informative... I have a language barrier,
yet, I have no problem understanding the tutorial. Also, I do appreciate
the demeanor and the tenure of the person who do the tutorial, he is very
knowledgeable, yet, not by any mean arrogant or conceited. Thank you for
doing this tutorial.

Author Kenneth Merrin ( ago)
I love these tutorials so clear and precise just makes learning GIMP so

Author Akhil Raj ( ago)
easily understandable ...done a good job brother...t.q. for d tutorial

Author Dana Alexander ( ago)
Thank You Straight to the point clearly understood just great.Please make
more tutorials on the gimp software. Mainly on the fusions of all the

Author Ryan James ( ago)
This was excellent. I played while working, stopping along the way. It
worked wonderfully and I was able to do everything as you said it.
The program is intimidating, but you made it pleasurable. Your voice is so
soothing. I will look at your other videos.

Author Ian Shevvy ( ago)
Thank you - a great tutorial! What about removing background when there is
no brightness contrast between backgrounds and foregrounds? Is there any
simple method to do it especially with a hairy contour similar to the
example from this tutorial?

Author IPMAHN ( ago)
Job well done sir.

I will be giving this a try later on today.

Author Keith Dawes ( ago)
Thank you a clear tutorial. I have now subscribed to you chanel.

Author MASTERSAIS ( ago)

Author ticklewit ( ago)
very informative and nice tutorial. i was using a manual selection tool all
along to remove background and was always underwhelmed at the results.
thank you very much for this nice tip.

Author bob nuck ( ago)
y u no fuzzy select?

Author Izzy Wooz ( ago)
Where's the delete key?

Author Kollol Barua ( ago)
easy to follow

Author dbzgundam (1325 years ago)
very useful, thanks so much!

Author Juan Carlos Marin ( ago)
Simply amazing. I never saw the background removed this way before.
Thanks for sharing.

Author Parthak Pillai ( ago)
good vid

Author Renee Williamson ( ago)
I did everything you said, but when I did the step of finally deleting the
background, the entire picture deleted and the checkerboard pattern covered

Author Corey Dealin ( ago)
Awesome tutorial thank you im also subscribing! keep up the good work

Author wo.OlysqUid ( ago)
so extremely helpful! very clearly explained thank you!!!

Author michael paul ( ago)
I am just starting with Gimp. I really appreciate the tutorials. I have
worked with zoner and other programs for years, and I really look forward
to getting to know the program.

Author KaiaMar ( ago)
Thanks for posting. I use Gimp with Blender but I only know a little bit
about it. This is a very helpful channel.

Author Edwin Coenegrachts ( ago)
I only get a white or a black background or another color. I don't get a
transparent background. Is there something I missed? I don't seem to get a
transparent background whatever I try.

Author Loic COBBINA ( ago)
i really appreciate the tutorial

Author Lori Carpenter ( ago)
this was very easy to follow and very clear. thank you.

Author Sithembele Siko ( ago)
A very easy to follow tutorial, thank you!!!

Author thuecl ( ago)
Your tutorials are fantastic! Easy to understand, easy to follow - and they
are not too long! Thank you so much! :-) 

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