Undercover Gordon Ramsay Tries To Be Annoying | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

  • Added:  23 days ago
  • Chef Ramsay's undercover character tries different tactics to get as much attention as possible.

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    FOX has ordered THE F WORD, a bold new food variety show from award-winning chef and series host Gordon Ramsay. Based on his hit U.K. series of the same name, each distinctive and fast-paced hour will combine good food and good cooking with Ramsay’s passion, energy and humor into a one-of-a-kind LIVE series. THE F WORD is scheduled to premiere in 2017 on FOX.

    On THE F WORD, foodie families from across the U.S. will battle it out in an intense, high-stakes cook-off. In addition to impressing Ramsay, each team must win over the hearts and taste buds of the diners, celebrities and VIP guests whom they’re serving.
    Throughout each hour-long episode, cooking competition meets variety show as Ramsay chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.

    Undercover Gordon Ramsay Tries To Be Annoying | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD
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  • Runtime: 6:6
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Comments: 564

  • Authentic
    Authentic 10 hours ago

    Maria's thinking "Jeez Gordon, you've really let yourself go"

  • Swift MCPro
    Swift MCPro 1 day ago

    It's like Gordon's smurfing in csgo but he's a professional player.

  • joephel cabradilla

    hes really amazing chef as wow .........

  • ANA
    ANA 1 day ago

    She wasn't sure if it was Gordon in that fat suit or if it was nino

  • Innovative innovation

    Gordon should have his own show just doing these, its fun!

  • Orangeapplekiwi Games

    I think Gordon is awesome

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 2 days ago

    Fat Gordon is best Gordon

  • Marcus Harmon
    Marcus Harmon 2 days ago

    Wrong I was a critical cutter at a chicken factory and I can break down a chicken thousands of times a day as good lol

  • Ironjagg
    Ironjagg 2 days ago

    he looks like a lamb sauce

  • Emerald Beast Gaming

    They should've tanned his arms, but its understandable as he needs to wash his hand ( By tan I mean spray)

    NZHALKO2 3 days ago

    wow the makeup is very well done

  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco 3 days ago

    Today we're making lamb sauce
    Gordan: Fuck me
    What was that?

  • MrFpunk
    MrFpunk 4 days ago

    Dudes just a natural ballbuster.

  • Ricky Guzman
    Ricky Guzman 4 days ago

    helooks like a fatter version of pablo escobar

  • Jahric Lago
    Jahric Lago 4 days ago

    Wow, that Robert Ramsay is soooooo hot! 😍😍😍

  • No Ghh
    No Ghh 4 days ago

    Gordon's eyes look small and his cheeks are bigger. He's taking botax.

  • limescale onetwo
    limescale onetwo 5 days ago

    that was cool. proud teacher.

  • Apeeps
    Apeeps 5 days ago

    this like stalking your gf on high level

  • Michael Angel
    Michael Angel 5 days ago

    0:12 the place looks so amazing .
    which place is it?

  • Kristen
    Kristen 5 days ago

    So easy to see through the cover -.- . Either its an act or these people are retards.

  • Monkey D Garp
    Monkey D Garp 6 days ago


  • victor vaquero
    victor vaquero 6 days ago

    *hey guys it's gordon here*

  • Cloudia Tong
    Cloudia Tong 6 days ago

    They need to come up with click bait titles. Should have called this a prank because more people need to see this

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael 6 days ago

    he kinda looks like pablo escobar in 'narcos'

  • MusicforMe123
    MusicforMe123 6 days ago

    I love it, Gordon you are the man. I love the Institute of Culinary Education, great chefs and great school.

  • tobias andree
    tobias andree 6 days ago

    Bamboozeld again

  • clorax bleach
    clorax bleach 6 days ago


  • Choco Later
    Choco Later 6 days ago

    For those numnuts who says about Ramsay that he is arrogant. Let me tell you this. He speaks a Chef language. To understand what he is on about you need to learn the alphabet first before you criticize him. ''A'' for Appetite you fucking idiot. ''B'' for Bullshit you fucking idiot. ''C'' for C'mon you fucking idiot. ''D'' for Donkey you fucking idiot. ''E'' for Exactly you fucking idiot. ''F'' for Fuck Off Will you? ''G'' for Get Out you fucking idiot. ''H'' for Hallelujah you fucking idiot. ''I'' for An Idiot Sandwich (google that). And so on. I let you figure the rest of the alphabet by working in the kitchen ;)

  • Azshcaft Sefardim
    Azshcaft Sefardim 7 days ago

    hey whats wrong with his hair

  • How's your day?
    How's your day? 7 days ago

    Did I just smile while watching a Gordon Ramsay video?

  • Almero
    Almero 7 days ago

    id love to see more of this pranks

  • Pug's World
    Pug's World 7 days ago

    His name is ramsey not Ramsay ;)

  • Ruby and Sapphire
    Ruby and Sapphire 7 days ago

    omg his disguise looks like my dad with more hair 😂😂

  • Achmad Rionov
    Achmad Rionov 8 days ago

    get a disguise and visit NINOOOOO

  • Robert Feelson
    Robert Feelson 8 days ago

    Why is James his go-to name when he pretends to be someone else?

  • prosketch OFW
    prosketch OFW 8 days ago

    Wonder if Maria will take her fat suit off after the shoot

  • Highscores withpat
    Highscores withpat 8 days ago

    Hes got some President Donald Trump hair going on there, lol.

  • i Khan
    i Khan 8 days ago

    plastic surgery Mr ramsay

  • ninhung1234 nguyen
    ninhung1234 nguyen 8 days ago

    Maria i am your father

  • Sam Up
    Sam Up 8 days ago

    4:54 "Maria, I'm ur MASTER CHEF".

  • PEDOreo
    PEDOreo 9 days ago

    Funny enough, he look younger with lesser wrinkles as a disguised old man than he actually is.

  • Dominic Bravenboer
    Dominic Bravenboer 9 days ago

    I'm certain these disguise shows must be bullshit. It's so easy to tell when some one is wearing make up or even a wig. If you basically had a whole latex mask put on the average person wouldn't even have to look twice to tell that it was fake. Humans are incredibly good at recognising patterns, so the difference between human skin and latex/make up would be pretty easy to tell apart.

  • Jan camacho
    Jan camacho 9 days ago

    Epic. That reaction was superb

  • Daily Vlog & Recipe

    He is so lovely 😊 too

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja 9 days ago

    I was cringing SOOO HARd

  • take my advice
    take my advice 9 days ago

    Who watched it again and again 😀

  • That One Derp
    That One Derp 9 days ago

    Well, people do have bad hairdays...

  • Mörten SmallGra
    Mörten SmallGra 9 days ago

    man chuck norris wouldn't be able to choke out those veins!

  • Hulka
    Hulka 9 days ago

    More episodes like this please!

  • KavDemon
    KavDemon 9 days ago

    Ya Cheeky Bastard! xD

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran 10 days ago

    He's not aging well

  • P4N
    P4N 10 days ago

    he look like a gaben,because his face make me think that he think that half life 3 is raw......

  • Henry Clinton
    Henry Clinton 10 days ago

    He looked like Ghandi's Flip Flop !!!

  • Lin Weilin
    Lin Weilin 10 days ago

    Why does that chef Robert Ramsay looks kind of like Josh dun ???

  • Pasan H
    Pasan H 10 days ago


  • Controversy Owl
    Controversy Owl 10 days ago

    Why does Gordon's hair make it look like he was doing a headstand on a basketball?

  • mikey4410
    mikey4410 10 days ago

    hahaha superb

  • normal fags
    normal fags 10 days ago

    ahhh ALWAYS in disguise

  • Alpha Performance Porsche

    He fooled them, What a suprise lol

  • Harley Reynolds
    Harley Reynolds 11 days ago

    Stretch dominate permanent scholarship point elderly sir immediately below elementary.

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner 11 days ago

    Gordon couldn't disguise his voice if he had a gun to his head!

  • C R
    C R 11 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't mention Beef Wellington hehehehehehe xD

  • Prince R
    Prince R 11 days ago

    4:38 that moment when you don't know what the fuck to do.

  • TheN00b623
    TheN00b623 11 days ago

    Cody's Lab? Cody? Is that you?

  • Politically Incorrect

    There are people who actually still believe this fake shit?

  • Neal M
    Neal M 11 days ago

    I am just a retired teacher, with an obvious wig, here with my niece and a bunch of cameramen who are following me around.... totally blending in.

  • Bush craft Jon
    Bush craft Jon 11 days ago

    how funny it would have been if they all talked mega shit about him lol

  • Z.HUNTER 38
    Z.HUNTER 38 11 days ago

    he looks like a fat Walter white lol

  • Kabir Ahmad
    Kabir Ahmad 11 days ago

    That's the best disguise I've ever seen. It looks so real unlike a lot of others we see on tv show hidden pranks.

  • Noah Stone
    Noah Stone 11 days ago


  • Profatoe
    Profatoe 12 days ago

    Wow codyslab really gained some weight recently

  • Daryl Rosenberg
    Daryl Rosenberg 12 days ago


  • Djordje Ristic
    Djordje Ristic 12 days ago

    His hair is same as Trump's

  • professorquarter
    professorquarter 12 days ago

    He looked like Penn Jillette.

  • HarrLable
    HarrLable 12 days ago

    I wanna go to ICE but i'm broke and I live on the opposite side of the country 😩

  • AcaPilya Chill
    AcaPilya Chill 12 days ago

    Can I put a hilarious icon?

  • SquareDonut NL
    SquareDonut NL 12 days ago

    0:16 ''To become somebody else, to become.. something else.'' - Oliver Queen

  • vshazam
    vshazam 12 days ago

    These experts/bosses in disguise are always so cringey to me. Maybe because as the viewer I'm all ready in on it, so it just feels like it's pretty obvious to everyone.

  • Jun123
    Jun123 12 days ago

    He loves his chefs.

  • Colton 0000
    Colton 0000 12 days ago

    I think that the dude that did the makeup was the guy that made the original Daft Punk helmets

  • FlorJr Agullana
    FlorJr Agullana 12 days ago

    how do you feel?
    Gordon: I feel fat.
    me: 😂

  • Armisrael Xonura
    Armisrael Xonura 12 days ago

    Ramsay looks like a fluffy grampa witch that suit

  • Zheka K.
    Zheka K. 12 days ago

    It couldn't went better. Very well done

  • Oliver Carter
    Oliver Carter 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: a spy to rival that of James Bond

  • PrivateMemo
    PrivateMemo 12 days ago

    he looks like gronkh. (he's the biggest german youtuber)

  • Fitco
    Fitco 12 days ago

    Cyrano de Bergerac is that you?

  • iriorton
    iriorton 12 days ago

    i liked this fake video!

  • Nathan drake
    Nathan drake 12 days ago

    wow it's funny that Gordon can be your worst nightmare or a very nice person

  • asamusicdude
    asamusicdude 12 days ago

    Fat hipster

  • Dollopmen Suraa
    Dollopmen Suraa 12 days ago

    That ass though

  • Purple Face
    Purple Face 13 days ago

    This was posted on me birthday. My cockles are warmed indeed Chef Ramsay.

    • Purple Face
      Purple Face 13 days ago

      Why is chubby Ramsay so nice and huggy?

  • Ib Khan
    Ib Khan 13 days ago

    Such BS. His own head chef didn't recognise his mannerisms, face, voice nor his skills. And not one person saw any of the 'hidden' cameras? Either this is clearly yet another set up, the kitchen is full of stooges or these Americans truly do judge on the way people look. Either way, utter BS.

  • TheAlex Styles
    TheAlex Styles 13 days ago

    Woman: so how do you feel?
    Gordon: FAT


  • Joshua Macabali
    Joshua Macabali 13 days ago

    He looks like Penn from Penn and Teller

  • ASJAndrew
    ASJAndrew 13 days ago

    And... when will Gordan pretend the ingredients?

  • James K
    James K 13 days ago

    Can gorden pay my mortgage off with his spare change?

  • Elvin Ding
    Elvin Ding 13 days ago

    GAYLORD sign at 2:29

  • Shin Chipowski
    Shin Chipowski 13 days ago

    nigga didnt even took a bath

  • John Lee
    John Lee 13 days ago

    Tries To Be Annoying???

  • lukefreeman
    lukefreeman 13 days ago

    maria is a slut

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