learn how to kill a pig your self. fresh meat is better. this pig on the video is a 200 lbs pig............HOW TO BUTCHER A HOG

como matar un marrano. aprende a matar un puerco y disfruta de carne fresca. este marrano en el video peso 200 lbs.......


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Author Rachel Natal Marroquin ( ago)
ok !!!!! I can't eat pig anymore

Author Taybe Taybe ( ago)
Fuck your mother and your sister give me your sister i fucking your ass 

Author ana_e3lamy_hore ( ago)
a dirty animal
I don't know how do people eating pigs 😒

Author RadicalBeast ( ago)
I'm barfing now.

Author Z ( ago)
Makin' bacon

Author xX_Menma_Xx ( ago)
i came here to see the killing not the slicing ;(

Author Mich gan ( ago)

Author Jeannie Proctor ( ago)
Holy shit!! All I can say! Nice job.

Author Koffe Vann ( ago)

Author The Real Chef Pooh ( ago)
99 Hunter

Author Bilal Azeez ( ago)
fuck you

Author Ang Choong Meng ( ago)
Pls don't kill the animal fucker

Author Kasparov Uremakl ( ago)
he knows where all the joints and parts are.

Author Kasparov Uremakl ( ago)
daaum professional rite there

Author Salvador Alegría ( ago)
soy yo o la niña cuando tocio o es el cuerpo del marrano

Author Adam Gonzalez ( ago)
Amazing bro! thanks for sharing this video. not a lot us know what it
takes. Cue cue cue cue.

Author MultiSecreat ( ago)
Hasnt been bleed properly how did you kill it.

Author Skip Bayless ( ago)
This guy is a pro.

Author Abraham Gutierrez ( ago)
good job .

Author Tamerlane ( ago)
the pig was already dead. video should be called "how to gut a pig"

Author GD PhUsIeT ( ago)
Y u so evil:(

Author felix baumgartner ( ago)

Author Bleranda Sherifi ( ago)

Author Illuminati ( ago)
WHO would let their kid seeing THIS like fr

Author Charles Agana ( ago)
hey thats my cousin

Author Ayden Burton ( ago)
that sad for the big

Author Juan Rangel ( ago)
stupid man why would people kill pigs thats mean in then they laf

Author Metin2 Player ( ago)
wtf is so fast

Author Socorro Ignacio ( ago)
yum and disgusting

Author Richard Johnson ( ago)
I'm impressed.This guy obviously works in a slaughter house.I wonder how
many he can do in a 12 hour shift.

Author kkitsunefv ( ago)
31 métodos insanitaros

Author SPIDER ( ago)
I don't eat pork 🐷

Author Aaron Sullivan (1137 years ago)
Drops the mic at the end of the video. (knife)

Author Tissue one ( ago)
This is my favorite Pig processing video.
Theres no one on earth who can process Pigs like my Uncle here in the video.
I don't know his name, but I'm sure we're related.

Author Patrick Antony Rakotoson ( ago)
his knife game is dope af

Author NeroX ( ago)
I love how everybody likes his sharp knife (though it looks pretty sharp)

Author Elisha Brown ( ago)
stop killing the animal stupid

Author Je hebt gezworen dat je mij reactie gaat liken XD ( ago)

Author Je hebt gezworen dat je mij reactie gaat liken XD ( ago)
Lol :/

Author Melissa Merrill ( ago)
you sick spicks! ! I hope you get gutted! !!! and in front of your fuckin
kids!? hopefully they will gut you sick fuck!

Author SUPURB DUDE 101 ( ago)
its already dead soooo

Author Paul Andrei ( ago)
Good work

Author Unni Michael ( ago)
Too Fast.....

Author haven Drennen ( ago)
woowww that is soo sad

Author G. V. ( ago)
This guy's skill is amazing, mesmerizing to watch! All the other pig
slaughter vids I've seen with the pig hoisted up and skinned, 7 minutes
later they're still skinning it, never mind the gutting and butchering.

Author Keegan Russ ( ago)
El cue cue cue cue HAHAHAHA

Author Daniel Montenegro ( ago)

Author lRideWithMe yu ( ago)
WOW.. THat knife was so very sharp!! :D

Author Tobi Diggett ( ago)
it's a living creature

Author Tobi Diggett ( ago)
why do we like pork so much

Author Ken Kaneki ( ago)
Sorry I don't know pigs very well where is the bacon on it?

Author Dean Price ( ago)
im hungry as fuck now seeing this ... nice job :P

Author Albert 805 ( ago)
you sir are a bad ass. good job

Author Puppycakez ( ago)
That has to be the sharpest knife I've ever seen.

Author donald parker ( ago)
This guy is an expert

Author George Gomez ( ago)
I have been butchering for over 30 years and I gotta are a MASTER
of the craft primo! ¡¿Y arriba de todo...delscalso?! ¡jajaja! me cai de
admiracion y risa ¡Excellente!

Author Liam Barnes ( ago)
Jesus Christ can you do chickens and cows too.

Author Vaital V ( ago)
Very tidy work.

Author Georgia hog dogs ( ago)
Damn! !! good job sir !

Author Diamond boy 999 ( ago)
That is so gross😖

Author Monty Berglund ( ago)
don't you think you are brutalising the pig enough already?

Author Anthony Sanchez ( ago)
The man has skills!

Author Steffan Foster ( ago)
best ive seen so far

Author TOXIC ZOMBIE ( ago)
Damn that's a sharp knife

Author Randy Rhoads ( ago)
I love pork chops

Author Dominic Beesley ( ago)
that makes me sick ewwwwwwww

Author Gabby Junio ( ago)
it's already dead ,,,^_^,,,

Author Dainius Dainius ( ago)
like ISIS :D

Author elmore tan ( ago)

Author Mike Wins ( ago)
This dude is sonic fast... and that fucking knife... damn...

Author C.R. Whitlock ( ago)
That knife is amazing.

Author psfanboy79 ( ago)
looks like an art form

Author psfanboy79 ( ago)
looks like an art form

Author Lai Sisoukraj ( ago)
wow he is awesome!! what a man!!

Author TheCrazySociopath ( ago)
That's some speed you got there :)

Author fornicating_Cowboy ( ago)
art work

Author Tom Is awesome ( ago)
should have just roasted it whole

Author HADOUKENX ( ago)
damn !! so freaking fast man !

Author ravenwda007 ( ago)
that is one sharp knife.

Author Eifersucht Kim ( ago)
eso si ke es descuartizar como dios manda.

Author g4do ( ago)
Wow ! Fast !

Author Mark Osorio ( ago)
For 2 I ment was

Author Mark Osorio ( ago)
Well the pig 2 as already dead cause before he started to cut you could
tell that the pig was dead

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)
I si tu fueras un marrano te gustaría que te maten

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)

Author Henry Rights (HoneyBeeFromCountryside) ( ago)
This guy's got some knife skills =]

Author maly ( ago)
Cuaaaa cuaaaa cuuaaaa ni que fuera PATO!!!

Author Ella Stevens ( ago)
This butcher not kill pigs(slaughter)

Author Casey T ( ago)
I think you mean how to GUT and PREP a pig.

Author Jose Terra ( ago)
el que sabe, sabe..

Author Sakhar Alsaifi ( ago)

Author Mark Bermingham ( ago)

Author Ayesha Muthuveloe ( ago)

Author Jeremiah Allison ( ago)
How to butcher a pig*

Author Arjan Schouwenburg ( ago)
well this dude got some skills!

Author Santos Gomez ( ago)
wow. i think he is from el salvador. they speak like me. lol. 

Author womsterr ( ago)
Holy shit this guy is good

Author kral ayhan ( ago)
ich habe so etwas noch nie gesehen ein richtiger profi am werk.der kerl
ist SAU schnell und macht saubere arbeit.

Author Bertsbug ( ago)
You have some crazy butcher skills. Damn that knife is sharp

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