learn how to kill a pig your self. fresh meat is better. this pig on the video is a 200 lbs pig............HOW TO BUTCHER A HOG

como matar un marrano. aprende a matar un puerco y disfruta de carne fresca. este marrano en el video peso 200 lbs.......


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Author Roberto Orejel (11 months)
This nigga snaps. #food

Author santos trevino (8 months)
I see comments from some fucking retarded tree hugging hippies, FUCK YOU,
and if you're vegetarian FUCK YOU ANALY. This is a way of life for some
people and if the man wants to put it in youtube let him, this is America
everybody has his/her right. You all post comments and we must get
dickslapped with them and I cant tell you to remove them as putridly
retarded and stupid as they may sound, such as but not limited to OMG "poor
pig", "that was cruel", and "I'm a slaughter you" THE 60's DIED HIPPIE,
THEY'RE GONE nobody sings California dreamin' around a bonfire anymore
fucking veagan hippies or retards. AGREE WITH ME OR GO TO HELL!!!

Author Debbie Pena (7 months)
It was dead already. Don't you mean "how to butcher a pig fast"?

Author Sammy Morales (7 months)
You made me break my phone I through it and then through up

Author Rob Smith (8 months)
that was brutal. I'm going to write a death metal song about it

Author TheFate23 (7 months)
animals are friends not food!!!!

Author fahad fajer (6 months)
bad animal to eat and its really disgusting .. yaaak

Author Hung Tran (2 months)
Fuck you shame on your fucking life killing animals I wanna kill you 

Author Lapine DZ (2 months)
damn that sharp knife

Author mase ofspades (6 months)
quaaaaack, quack quack...what the fuck was up with that guy. 0_0

Author Antonio Montana (5 months)
Nice work amigo..very skilled and precise like a surgeon.

Author 123myballsitch (6 months)
wow hes skilled . good job

Author Rico Olarte (7 months)

Author NOBUNAGA1991 (8 months)
Wow, that was rather impressive. I'll be assisting my family with such a
procedure this weekend, so I am searching for videos on this matter to get
the idea of what i might expect.

Author Alex Gebhard (5 months)
Pig surgery gone wrong

Author Judge Roy Bean (4 months)
Now that guy knows how to butcher a hog!!!

Author Eggbert Souse (4 months)
Wow! That is a sharp knife!!

Author ThisIsTurok97 (8 months)

I cant taste that rib sandwich at McDonalds!!!!

soo delicious!!!

Author Robert-Yves Mazerolle (7 months)
Amazing efficiency & speed. 

Author D Rebolledo (3 months)
this guy is awesome and so skilled with the knife

Author christopher innella (7 months)
I think I just became a vegan

Author Cameron Snyder (5 months)
Damn Fine Job.

Author Scarlett Savage (8 months)
Pretty cool but nasty too

Author Timothy Clark (7 months)
That's a wicked sharp knife

Author Anne Boleyn (7 months)
This video is HORRIBLE and I will mark it as INAPPROPRIATE. 

Author Jerry Wan (4 months)
so fast

Author Ardzgmz2010 (7 months)
min 1:45 Daddy: when I grow up older, I am going to work! says proudly
the kid in the background assuring that he will provide for the family when
he grows up. :)

Author Shiv Patel (8 months)
Poor guy

Author Soya Muto (7 months)
Fuck what other people say this is life!We need to survive,and i know ur
going to say y not plants and fruits and not meat?yes,u can be vegen if u
want but most people did this in time when there was no fast food
resturants to go or even afford and mostly mexico does their food and
slaughtering the best,unlike america doing shitty slaughtering which tastes
bad xD,anyways we have to harvest meat for eating and nowadays putting on
meal menu for mcdonalds Big Mac xD,anyways u get my point and
That guy has nice slicing

Author aestone100 (7 months)
Uh....the pig is already dead. "how to kill a pig fast".....uh I have no
idea because you never showed it...DISLIKE

Author John Jones (5 months)
That was pretty good. Really sharp knife and knowing what to cut is the

Author Margarita Castillo (7 months)
Thats mean made me cry and god made animales to live and it was alreedy

Author lucas dunn (5 months)
You sure this guy don't work for the Mexican cartels dismantling human Skilled with the knife AND axe! Orale!!!

Author LeftyLucyRightyTyty (8 months)
Impessive blade...impressive skills...

Author NalgaFaces213 (5 months)
Damn fine job! I'm such a carnivor the whole time I was like, of yea that
chunk will grill up nicley. And the skin? Chicharones o que lol

Author usus9us (7 months)
You should be a shame 

Author Derek A (4 months)
What I have seen can not be unseen (•_•)

Author Anne Boleyn (7 months)
and Santos YOU CAN GO TO HELL....

Author mas nabil (13 days)

Author luqman haqim noorazli (1 month)
F***ing pig dead 

Author Miko Hanzo (2 months)
5:40 Why is the pig still squealing??? NOT fast

Author Chuey Bacca (8 months)
This guy is fast. Good work.

Author jiff jhjy (4 months)
Ewe shit those gores coming out

Author Lee Bennett (8 months)
Nicely Done Sir...!

Author ChrisTheShyBoy (8 months)
why the pig didn't scream when u were cutting off its legs?

Author Adam Farias (8 months)
Like a boss

Author Elkana Capelle (5 months)
this guy is pro

Author Carlos Rodriquez (7 months)
Wow this guy it's really talented good on you mate

Author dcmretro (4 months)
Holy shit that is a SHARP knife! I'm coming for dinner!!!

Author johnclockwork (7 months)
i'd be more impressed if he could put it all back together =) 

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