learn how to kill a pig your self. fresh meat is better. this pig on the video is a 200 lbs pig............HOW TO BUTCHER A HOG

como matar un marrano. aprende a matar un puerco y disfruta de carne fresca. este marrano en el video peso 200 lbs.......


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Author ana_e3lamy_hore ( ago)
a dirty animal
I don't know how do people eating pigs 😒

Author RadicalBeast ( ago)
I'm barfing now.

Author Z ( ago)
Makin' bacon

Author xX_Menma_Xx ( ago)
i came here to see the killing not the slicing ;(

Author Mich gan ( ago)

Author Jeannie Proctor ( ago)
Holy shit!! All I can say! Nice job.

Author Koffe Vann ( ago)

Author The Real Chef Pooh ( ago)
99 Hunter

Author Bilal Azeez ( ago)
fuck you

Author Ang Choong Meng ( ago)
Pls don't kill the animal fucker

Author Kasparov Uremakl ( ago)
he knows where all the joints and parts are.

Author Kasparov Uremakl ( ago)
daaum professional rite there

Author Salvador Alegría ( ago)
soy yo o la niña cuando tocio o es el cuerpo del marrano

Author Adam Gonzalez ( ago)
Amazing bro! thanks for sharing this video. not a lot us know what it
takes. Cue cue cue cue.

Author MultiSecreat ( ago)
Hasnt been bleed properly how did you kill it.

Author Skip Bayless ( ago)
This guy is a pro.

Author Abraham Gutierrez ( ago)
good job .

Author Tamerlane ( ago)
the pig was already dead. video should be called "how to gut a pig"

Author GD PhUsIeT ( ago)
Y u so evil:(

Author felix baumgartner ( ago)

Author Bleranda Sherifi ( ago)

Author Illuminati ( ago)
WHO would let their kid seeing THIS like fr

Author Charles Agana ( ago)
hey thats my cousin

Author Ayden Burton ( ago)
that sad for the big

Author Juan Rangel ( ago)
stupid man why would people kill pigs thats mean in then they laf

Author Metin2 Player ( ago)
wtf is so fast

Author Socorro Ignacio ( ago)
yum and disgusting

Author Richard Johnson ( ago)
I'm impressed.This guy obviously works in a slaughter house.I wonder how
many he can do in a 12 hour shift.

Author kkitsunefv ( ago)
31 métodos insanitaros

Author Karon Wilson ( ago)
I don't eat pork 🐷

Author Aaron Sullivan (1137 years ago)
Drops the mic at the end of the video. (knife)

Author Tissue one ( ago)
This is my favorite Pig processing video.
Theres no one on earth who can process Pigs like my Uncle here in the video.
I don't know his name, but I'm sure we're related.

Author Patrick Antony Rakotoson ( ago)
his knife game is dope af

Author NeroX ( ago)
I love how everybody likes his sharp knife (though it looks pretty sharp)

Author Elisha Brown ( ago)
stop killing the animal stupid

Author Je hebt gezworen dat je mij reactie gaat liken XD ( ago)

Author Je hebt gezworen dat je mij reactie gaat liken XD ( ago)
Lol :/

Author Melissa Merrill ( ago)
you sick spicks! ! I hope you get gutted! !!! and in front of your fuckin
kids!? hopefully they will gut you sick fuck!

Author SUPURB DUDE 101 ( ago)
its already dead soooo

Author Paul Andrei ( ago)
Good work

Author Unni Michael ( ago)
Too Fast.....

Author haven Drennen ( ago)
woowww that is soo sad

Author G. V. ( ago)
This guy's skill is amazing, mesmerizing to watch! All the other pig
slaughter vids I've seen with the pig hoisted up and skinned, 7 minutes
later they're still skinning it, never mind the gutting and butchering.

Author Keegan Russ ( ago)
El cue cue cue cue HAHAHAHA

Author daniel montenegro ( ago)

Author lRideWithMe yu ( ago)
WOW.. THat knife was so very sharp!! :D

Author Tobi Diggett ( ago)
it's a living creature

Author Tobi Diggett ( ago)
why do we like pork so much

Author Ken Kaneki ( ago)
Sorry I don't know pigs very well where is the bacon on it?

Author Dean Price ( ago)
im hungry as fuck now seeing this ... nice job :P

Author Albert 805 ( ago)
you sir are a bad ass. good job

Author Puppycakez ( ago)
That has to be the sharpest knife I've ever seen.

Author donald parker ( ago)
This guy is an expert

Author George Gomez ( ago)
I have been butchering for over 30 years and I gotta are a MASTER
of the craft primo! ¡¿Y arriba de todo...delscalso?! ¡jajaja! me cai de
admiracion y risa ¡Excellente!

Author Liam Barnes ( ago)
Jesus Christ can you do chickens and cows too.

Author Vaital V ( ago)
Very tidy work.

Author Georgia hog dogs ( ago)
Damn! !! good job sir !

Author Diamond boy 999 ( ago)
That is so gross😖

Author Monty Berglund ( ago)
don't you think you are brutalising the pig enough already?

Author Anthony Sanchez ( ago)
The man has skills!

Author Steffan Foster ( ago)
best ive seen so far

Author TOXIC ZOMBIE ( ago)
Damn that's a sharp knife

Author Randy Rhoads ( ago)
I love pork chops

Author Dominic Beesley ( ago)
that makes me sick ewwwwwwww

Author Gabby Junio ( ago)
it's already dead ,,,^_^,,,

Author Dainius Dainius ( ago)
like ISIS :D

Author elmore tan ( ago)

Author Mike Wins ( ago)
This dude is sonic fast... and that fucking knife... damn...

Author C.R. Whitlock ( ago)
That knife is amazing.

Author psfanboy79 ( ago)
looks like an art form

Author psfanboy79 ( ago)
looks like an art form

Author Lai Sisoukraj ( ago)
wow he is awesome!! what a man!!

Author TheCrazySociopath ( ago)
That's some speed you got there :)

Author fornicating_Cowboy ( ago)
art work

Author Tom Is awesome ( ago)
should have just roasted it whole

Author HADOUKENX ( ago)
damn !! so freaking fast man !

Author ravenwda007 ( ago)
that is one sharp knife.

Author Eifersucht Kim ( ago)
eso si ke es descuartizar como dios manda.

Author g4do ( ago)
Wow ! Fast !

Author Mark Osorio ( ago)
For 2 I ment was

Author Mark Osorio ( ago)
Well the pig 2 as already dead cause before he started to cut you could
tell that the pig was dead

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)
I si tu fueras un marrano te gustaría que te maten

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)

Author Sofia Sanches ( ago)

Author Henry Rights (HoneyBeeFromCountryside) ( ago)
This guy's got some knife skills =]

Author maly ( ago)
Cuaaaa cuaaaa cuuaaaa ni que fuera PATO!!!

Author Ella Stevens ( ago)
This butcher not kill pigs(slaughter)

Author Casey T ( ago)
I think you mean how to GUT and PREP a pig.

Author Jose Terra ( ago)
el que sabe, sabe..

Author Sakhar Alsaifi ( ago)

Author Mark Bermingham ( ago)

Author Ayesha Muthuveloe ( ago)

Author Jeremiah Allison ( ago)
How to butcher a pig*

Author Arjan Schouwenburg ( ago)
well this dude got some skills!

Author Santos Gomez ( ago)
wow. i think he is from el salvador. they speak like me. lol. 

Author womsterr ( ago)
Holy shit this guy is good

Author kral ayhan ( ago)
ich habe so etwas noch nie gesehen ein richtiger profi am werk.der kerl
ist SAU schnell und macht saubere arbeit.

Author Bertsbug ( ago)
You have some crazy butcher skills. Damn that knife is sharp

Author Jay Gaskin ( ago)
Your title for film is wrong its already dead 

Author Jeff Weirdo (845 years ago)
Wow that guy cut through that pig like butter and is it just me is that pig
dead already and it has no bones

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